Chapter 1863 – Eight Extreme Divine Formation


Eight divine talisman diagrams resided at all eight directions. Grand, obscure, and boundless fluctuations arose from them while gorgeous and resplendent divine radiance flowed and completely covered this area.

They cooperated with each other from afar and linked together to form a flawless grand formation of divine talismans. As soon as it was formed, it connected with the energy of the heavens and the earth before revealing all sorts of terrifying phenomena.

The praise of the gods, sages reading scriptures, a myriad of golden flowers descending, brilliant light shooting into the sky, strands of the tune of the Dao resounding through the world…. It caused this area to transform into what seemed like a paradise!

This was the might of divine talismans when they connected to the energy of the heavens and the earth and summoned the strength of the gods. It was utterly impossible to accomplish this without the attainments of a Talisman Emperor in the Talisman Dao.

“A formation!”

“Amazing! Under such circumstances, only setting up a formation would allow them to have a chance to avoid this calamity!”

“This is the inheritance in the Talisman Dao from Oracle Mountain? It really is a rare sight. Such an aura is already capable of shocking the world and looking down upon most practitioners of the Talisman Dao in the entire world!”

“That’s the Divine Talismans! The core inheritance of Oracle Mountain! It’s truly unimaginable that Chen Xi’s attainments in the Talisman Dao have actually arrived at such a height. As expected of the Grand Lord, Wu Xuechan’s, junior brother.”

“Don’t get happy too soon. It’s only a formation in the end. I don’t think that Chen Xi can rely on it to obstruct Donghuang Yinxuan and Leng Xinghun’s footsteps.”

When they witnessed everything that Chen Xi had set up, it instantly caused countless uproars to arise in the surroundings. Some exclaimed with admiration while some were indifferent.

But no matter what, most of the cultivators in the outside world felt their breath being taken away from witnessing the inheritance in the Talisman Dao from Oracle Mountain.

How could they have the opportunity to witness this scene at any other ordinary time?

It was too rare!

After he completed all of this, Chen Xi didn’t stop.

Under the surprised gazes of everyone, he withdrew numerous treasures that emanated divine radiance and were suffused with Chaotic Qi.

Surprisingly, they were all Natural Spirit Treasures!

“My god! That’s the Pei Clan’s Fifth-Earth Apricot Yellow Flag!”

“Look, quickly! That’s the Jin Clan’s Dragon Origin Pearl!”

“Wait, isn’t that the Luo Clan’s Blackspirit Sword?”

“It isn’t just those treasures. The Divine Blood Desolation Bell, the Ancient Soul Refinement Mirror, the Copper Coin of Treasurefall, the Overarching Heaven Net….”

When they witnessed this scene, the outside world seethed with excitement while exclaims of shock arose throughout the outside world. It had caused a mighty uproar.

The face of practically every single cultivator was covered in shock and disbelief.

Who could have imagined that so many Natural Spirit Treasures were actually hidden in Chen Xi’s possession?

Moreover, most of these Natural Spirit Treasure were renowned precious treasures that came from top-rate powers in the Imperial Region.

Yet now, so many Natural Spirit Treasures had appeared in Chen Xi’s possession. So, the shock it caused was obvious.

There was no lack of members from the top-rate clans like the Gongye Clan, Kunwu Clan, Di Clan, Pei Clan, Luo Clan, and so on and so forth present here.

So, their faces instantly turned gloomy when they witnessed this scene, and a wisp of uncontrollable rage surged from their hearts.

Because those were the treasures of their clans!

Now, all of them had been utilized by Chen Xi, and it caused their hearts to be on the verge of bleeding, yet they couldn’t do anything about it.

Chen Xi had seized all of these Natural Spirit Treasures while he was at the Desolate Manku Ruins all those years ago. If Chen Xi was an ordinary cultivator, then they would have probably captured and killed him numerous times by now.

But it just so happened that Chen Xi was a personal disciple of Oracle Mountain, so they could only suffer such a huge loss and not dare ask for those treasures from Chen Xi.

“What exactly does this fellow, Chen Xi, intend to do with so many precious treasures?”

In next to no time, everyone felt extremely curious.


Chen Xi flicked his sleeve. The Fifth-Earth Apricot Yellow Flag suddenly transformed into a ray of light that shot into the Yellowearth Divine Talisman.

In an instant, the imposing aura of the entire divine talisman rose explosively, and it became even more indestructible.

Gu Yan and Tu Meng were the first to react. They immediately discerned that Chen Xi intended to utilize these Natural Spirit Treasures as the cores of the formation and completely improve the might of these divine talismans!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Sure enough, Chen Xi continued in the next moment, and he placed those Natural Spirit Treasures in the other seven divine talismans.

After he completed all of this, the aura of the entire grand formation had swiftly risen steadily, and it became even more grand and boundless.

At this point, Chen Xi finally stopped and sat on the ground while gasping for breath. Moreover, his countenance had paled slightly.

Since he started setting the formation up until now, all of this seemed easy, yet it actually exhausted more than half of Chen Xi’s strength. If he didn’t have the Divine Dark Parasol Tree’s support and hadn’t attained the third forging of the True Heart Sutra, then he wouldn’t even be able to complete all of this.

“Martial Ancestral Uncle, what’s the name of this formation?” Tu Meng asked curiously.

Chen Xi said casually, “Just call it the Eight Extreme Divine Formation.”

As he spoke, he took a deep breath and sat down cross-legged.

The grand formation had been completed, he had to take control of it in order to completely activate its might.

“I only hope we’ll be able to rely on this formation to persist until the Dao Discussion comes to an end….” Chen Xi’s gaze was dark as he gazed towards the distance outside the formation.

“If I’m able to enter the second round of the Dao Discussion, then I’ll definitely let those bastards from the Sovereign Sect and Divine Institute feel my might!” Tu Meng gnashed his teeth and spoke ferociously.

“Of course.” Gu Yan’s gaze was piercingly cold as well, and he had a murderous look in his eyes.

Earlier, he’d been constantly encircled and attacked, and he’d almost been eliminated from the Dao Discussion. All of this hadn’t happened because his combat strength was weak, and it was instead because the enemy was too huge in number.

If it was a one on one battle, then he wouldn’t be afraid even if it was against Leng Xinghun or Donghuang Yinxuan!

“Be careful, they’re here.” Chen Xi suddenly spoke at this moment.

“A formation?”

“This kid is pretty formidable. He knows that it’s impossible to escape, so he intends to make a last stand.”


The Clearvoid Vessel appeared out of thin air, and it arrived before the Eight Extreme Divine Formation.

When they saw the scene before their eyes, the eyes of Leng Xinghun and Donghuang Yinxuan had narrowed, whereas, the expressions of the other disciples were slightly unsightly.

It was common knowledge that Oracle Mountain was renowned for its Talisman Dao, and none could rival it. Under such circumstances, it would be impossible for anyone to feel happy upon encountering such a grand formation formed by divine talismans.

“Is anyone amongst you capable of discovering a flaw in this formation?” asked Leng Xinghun.

The disciples of both sects exchanged glances, and then they remained silent.

There was no lack of existences skilled in the Talisman Dao within their groups. However, how could they dare to vainly attempt to break open the formation before disciples of the Oracle Mountain?

Leng Xinghun frowned when he witnessed this, and then he suddenly looked at the formation and said coldly, “Chen Xi, do you think that a single formation would be sufficient to allow all of you to avoid elimination?”

“How would I know without giving it a try?” Chen Xi spoke indifferently. He was able to clearly see Leng Xinghun and all the others from within the formation.

“You’re overestimating your ability!” A disciple of the Sovereign Sect couldn’t help but speak in a grim voice. “If you have the guts, then stop acting like a coward. Could it be that the disciples of your Oracle Mountain only possess such ability?”

“Ptooey! Do you not know shame?! I’ve never seen such shameless and despicable people like all of you. If all of you hadn’t ganged up on me, then I would have fucking skinned all of you alive by now!” Tu Meng spat fiercely before Chen Xi could speak.

Leng Xinghun frowned and stopped such a meaningless exchange of abuses. He said indifferently, “Chen Xi, I can give you one last chance. Our objective is only you. So long as you’re eliminated, then we can let those two companions of yours go. What do you think?”

“Absolutely not!” Gu Yan and Tu Meng spoke simultaneously.

Leng Xinghun paid no attention to this, and he just gazed at the formation as if he was waiting for Chen Xi’s answer.

“Why don’t I raise a condition as well?” Chen Xi spoke calmly.

Leng Xinghun didn’t hesitate at all and answered. “Go ahead.”

Chen Xi said indifferently, “How about you and Donghuang Yinxuan give up in this Dao Discussion with me? It’s worth it to eliminate me in exchange for both your eliminations.”

A wisp of a ghastly glow arose in Leng Xinghun’s eyes, and he was truly infuriated.

“There’s no need to waste your breath. If this continues, then it would only waste even more time.” Donghuang Yinxuan took a deep breath and said, “Let’s go all out. We’ll be able to resolve all of this before the veil of night descends.”

“Alright.” Leng Xinghun was silent for a short moment before he lightly spat out a single word from between his lips.

In an instant, Leng Xinghun and Donghuang Yinxuan attacked ferociously.

The former withdrew a black jade ruler while the latter withdrew an ancient bronze sword, and they attacked the formation successively.

At this moment, both of them had withdrawn their respective divine artifacts at the first possible moment. Obviously, they intended to go all out and destroy this formation in the shortest amount of time possible!

This battle had erupted abruptly, and the crux of the battle was the Eight Extreme Divine Formation.


When it suffered their attacks, the entire formation suddenly started fluctuating. Circle after circle of ripples arose while divine radiance flowed from it and illuminated the heavens and the earth.

At practically the exact same moment, Chen Xi didn’t hesitate at all to activate the might of the divine formation, and he resisted these attacks with full force.

“Its might doesn’t seem to be as formidable as we expected.” This attack allowed Leng Xinghun to roughly determine the might of this formation that stood before him, and a wisp of a cold arc couldn’t help but form on the corners of his mouth.

“Attack together! Don’t hold back at all!” He instructed in a low voice, and then he attacked once more.


The other disciples didn’t dare slack off at all, and they attacked successively with all their ability. For a time, this expanse of the heavens and the earth was filled with world shaking rumbling as all sorts of divine artifacts soared into the sky and emanated extremely dazzling and blazing radiance.

In the divine formation, Chen Xi’s expression was solemn while he sat cross-legged on the ground, and he controlled the formation to ceaselessly disperse and defend against the attacked that charged towards it.

Divine energy seethed throughout his body while his entire body emanated blazing divine radiance. The divine energy in the universe within his body was like a torrent that ceaselessly surged into the formation and maintained its circulation.

Unfortunately, this was the Dao Cauldron World, so there weren’t any sources of energy that could act as the foundation of the formation. If he was in the outside world, then Chen Xi would be entirely capable of relying on the energy of the heavens and the earth as the source of the formation’s energy, so dealing with all of these attacks would be as easy as blowing off dust.

However, fortunately, he had the Divine Dark Parasol Tree within his body, and it was sufficient to ceaselessly provide divine energy to him, and it made up for this flaw to a large extent.

But the disadvantage of this was that once the divine energy Chen Xi possessed was unable to endure the consumption required to maintain the formation’s circulation, then they would be in danger!

This was what Chen Xi was most worried about!

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