Chapter 1860 – His Luck Is Exhausted

Beneath the same night sky. At the peak of a precipitous mountain, the bright moon hung high above it and enveloped it in clear silver radiance.

“Actually, up until this point in the Dao Discussion, no matter if it’s my Sovereign Sect or your Divine Institute, we’ve already occupied an extremely great advantage. The only regret we have is we’ve still been unable to eliminate Chen Xi until now.” Leng Xinghun had his hands behind his back as he stood proudly at the edge of the peak, and his clothes and blood red hair fluttered as if he was about to rise along with the wind.

“That can’t be helped. After all, we haven’t encountered him throughout these three months of time.” Donghuang Yinxuan lay lazily on an ancient tree with long dark green roots, and he had his hands behind his head to rest upon them while he gazes at the full moon in the sky with narrowed eyes.

He had a carefree bearing and seemed as if he didn’t take anything seriously. He was like a completely different person when compared to the cold and proud Leng Xinghun.

“Don’t you think this is… slightly unusual?” Leng Xinghun frowned as he asked.

“There are many unusual things. I can’t be bothered to think so much about them.” Donghuang Yinxuan spoke casually.

Leng Xinghun turned around to glance at Donghuang Yinxuan, and he seemed to be displeased by Donghuang Yinxuan’s attitude.

But he merely shook his head in the end and said, “Chen Xi isn’t the same. I heard from the seniors in the sect that his destiny is impossible to determine, and he’s the ninth Comprehender of the River Diagram. You ought to be clearly aware about what this means.”

Donghuang Yinxuan’s eyes narrowed. He remained silent for a moment before he suddenly smiled. “No wonder your Sovereign Sect is so desperate to deal with him. So, it turns out that another fellow like Ancestor Fuxi has appeared in this world.”

Leng Xinghun shook his head and said, “No, he’s unlike Fuxi. My Sovereign Sect has been constantly paying attention to him since he started cultivating in the three dimensions. He isn’t just a disciple of Oracle Mountain, and he isn’t merely a Comprehender of the River Diagram.”

“Oh?” Donghuang Yinxuan’s interests seemed to be aroused, and his eyes lit up as he said, “Exactly what is different about him?”

“I can only tell you that he might be related to the Third Netherworld Emperor. As a descendant of the Donghuang Clan, you ought to be clearly aware of what this means,” said Leng Xinghun in an indifferent tone.

“The Third Netherworld Emperor….” Donghuang Yinxuan repeated these words while his relaxed and carefree expression had gradually become serious at this moment, and he revealed an extremely rare dignified imposing aura.

“This is only one of them. That kid carried numerous secrets. All I can confirm is that if he’s allowed to grow, then he’ll absolutely become a huge disaster to both your Divine Institute and my Sovereign Sect!” Leng Xinghun spoke word by word in an indifferent tone. He wasn’t joking nor was he exaggerating. Donghuang Yinxuan was natural able to discern this.

“I never expected that this fellow actually carries so many secrets.” After a short while, Donghuang Yinxuan sighed lightly.

“So, tomorrow is our last chance, and we must eliminate him no matter what!” Leng Xinghun spoke calmly yet every world he spoke was filled with killing intent.

“Looks like….” Donghuang Yinxuan took a deep breath and muttered. “We can only do that.”

“Senior Sister Kong, I’m slightly worried about Chen Xi.” At the banks of a vast and surging river, Shi Yu stood on a rock and couldn’t help but sigh while he gazed at the moonlight reflected on the surging waves.

He’d found out about the situation Chen Xi was in from Kong Youran, and he knew that the Sovereign Sect had even utilized an ultimate treasure like the Luck Reversing Disk in order to deal with Oracle Mountain.

“Tomorrow is the last day. At that time, we’ll assist him with all our strength if something really occurs.” Kong Youran sat the side while she placed her fair and delicate feet into the water, and she said casually, “Of course, the precondition is that we’re able to find him.”

“That’s exactly what I’m worried about.” Shi Yu frowned as he spoke.

“There’s no point in being worried. Let’s leave everything to fate.” Kong Youran fell silent for a short while before she seemed to be lost in thought as she said, “However, I think it isn’t so easy to deal with Chen Xi.”

Numerous people were unable to calm down on this night.

But no matter what, along with the passage of time, the final day would arrive in the end.

A scorching sun formed from a Suncrow soared out from the clouds, dispersed the darkness, and illuminated the entire Dao Cauldron World.

It was the last day of the Dao Discussion’s first round that would be carried out for three months, and everything would come to an end when the veil of night descended!

The sky had just lit up when Tu Meng awoke from his meditation, and then he swiftly stood up and stretched his body while facing the sun.

After that, he shook his head and left the spot with large strides. He flashed through the air as he mumbled.

“It’s the last day. Please don’t allow any mishaps to occur….”

“Alas. I’m just too curious. Why haven’t I seen Young Martial Ancestral Uncle and the others until now? Could it be that they’ve been eliminated?”

“No, no. Even I was able to persist until now. Young Martial Ancestral Uncle and the others are too much stronger than me, so they’re definitely fine.”

Tu Meng’s figure that was tall and robust like a mountain dashed swiftly through the open plains while facing the morning sun.

However, no one knew that Tu Meng who had a straightforward temper had a bellyful of annoyance at this moment.,

Actually, everyone in the outside world noticed that Chen Xi’s luck was very good lately, but very few people noticed that Tu Meng was the most fortunate.

Since the Dao Discussion had begun until now, he hadn’t fought a single person, and even if it was after he’d obtained an Ancient Dao Engraved Cauldron, he was still not noticed by others.

Needless to say, all of this was like a miracle, and it seemed to be very inconceivable.

Even Tu Meng himself was extremely depressed. He felt like only he existed within the entire Dao Cauldron World. He was unable to find Chen Xi and the others, nor had he encountered an opponent, and he felt extremely lonely because of this.

Of course, Tu Meng was very clearly aware that it wasn’t because he was unable to encounter any opponents, and it was instead because he’d turned around and fled before they noticed him.

The reason he was able to accomplish this was a profound secret technique passed down within his Gold-striped Kui Ox Clan. It allowed him to smell the aura of others from an extremely far distance.

It was precisely with the assistance of such a secret technique that he’d successively avoided his opponents.

Tu Meng was madly thirsty for battle and was afraid of nothing, but he wasn’t an idiot. He was very clearly aware that if he didn’t be careful while he was all alone, then the consequences would be absolutely unimaginable.

So, he’d fled over and over again, and he seemed extremely cowardly.

However, Tu Meng felt that he was absolutely not a coward. For the sake of proving this, he’d decided that one he entered successfully into the second round of the Dao Discussion, he would look for an opponent to have a proper battle and allow all the cultivators in the outside world to see if he, Tu Meng, was really a coward or not.

Unfortunately, on this final day of the Dao Discussion, Tu Meng’s luck seemed to have instantly vanished, and it wasn’t long before he noticed that a group of people were approaching from extremely far away.

Tu Meng practically instinctively turned around and fled.

However, in merely a short moment, he stopped. Because at this instant, he noticed that another group of people were coming from that direction.

Tu Meng’s face immediately sank, he spat fiercely on the ground, and then he changed his direction with the intention of fleeing. However, unfortunately, he was a step too late.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

A wave of dense whistling resounded as space suddenly fluctuated from all directions, and then numerous figures appeared.

Surprisingly, it was Leng Xinghun and Donghuang Yinxuan who were in the lead of these two groups!

Tu Meng’s face sank when he saw them.

“Hmm? It actually isn’t Chen Xi?”

“Looks like we accidentally noticed a fish from the Oracle Mountain that escaped our net. Our luck can’t be considered to be bad as well.”

Leng Xinghun and Donghuang Yinxuan spoke successively while their tone carried a wisp of surprise. They seemed to have never imagined that this fellow they surrounded by chance would actually be Tu Meng.

“Ptooey! A fish that escaped your net? All of you look like plump and juicy prey to me!” At this moment, Tu Meng was ready to risk everything, and he glanced casually at Leng Xinghun at the others as he spat with disdain.

Even though he spoke like this, extremely surging golden radiance suddenly arose from his entire body, and his imposing aura instantly rose to its peak state. He was like a primeval war god that had awakened from his deep sleep, and it was an extremely shocking sight.

Leng Xinghun merely smiled when faced with this, and he was completely indifferent. He turned around and said to the others, “All of you don’t interfere. Allow me to subdue this dumb cow!”

As he spoke, he suddenly strode forward, and he swung his palm like a blade and chopped it down at Tu Meng.


A blood red ray of light flashed through the sky in a casual manner. It seemed to be ordinary, yet it caused Tu Meng’s expression to change swiftly as he’d sensed a strand of the aura of danger.

“Subdue me? Who the fuck do you think you are!?” Tu Meng roared loudly as he withdrew an extremely enormous golden axe.


Space shattered into pieces as Tu Meng went head-on against Leng Xinghun.

This enormous golden axe was extremely dazzling. It was 3m long, shaped like a full moon, and its edges were peerlessly sharp. Moreover, it was branded with dense obscure markings of the Dao that surged with golden radiance.

Tu Meng had clearly utilized his full strength and didn’t dare hold back at all when facing an opponent like Leng Xinghun.


However, in merely an instant, the axe in his hand shook while a strand of colossal force surged over from the axe. It shook him to the point the vital blood in his entire body roiled while he couldn’t help but stagger a few steps back, and the ground beneath him cracked apart like spiderwebs that swept towards the surroundings before it collapsed and shattered.

In an instant, Tu Meng’s expression turned solemn to the extreme.

Merely this strike had allowed him to realize that the gap between his own combat strength and Leng Xinghun wasn’t just a little.

“Hah. Your strength is much inferior to your Eldest Senior Brother Gu Yan. Nevermind, I can’t be bothered to waste time with you, so I’ll send you out of the Dao Cauldron World right now!” As he chuckled, Leng Xinghun took another step forward, and his blood red hair fluttered while a dazzling bloody glow shot out from his eyes.

He made a grabbing motion in midair, and it was like a dragon grabbing a crane. It formed a strange seal that shot down towards Tu Meng.


This expanse of space exploded into pieces while numerous thick and large blood colored chains appeared out of thin air. There were thousands of them, and they formed a dense mass that was covered in extremely terrifying blood red divine radiance.

When looked at from afar, it was like tentacles had surged out from an ocean of blood in purgatory, and it seemed as if it intended to drag this expanse of the heavens and the earth into purgatory as well. It was extremely shocking.

“The Sovereign Sect’s ‘Bloodgod Restriction’? It really is formidable.” A wisp of surprise arose in Donghuang Yinxuan’s eyes.

On the other hand, at this moment, Tu Meng’s heart had sunk to rock bottom. This attack was too terrifying, and it had completely sealed off his paths of retreat.

It was even to the extent that he was clearly aware that if he was restrained by those blood red chains, then even his soul would be unable to escape!

What should I do? Could it be that I’ll really be eliminated on the last day?

A strand of extremely strong unwillingness surged out from Tu Meng’s heart.

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