Chapter 186 – Slaughter Dao Territory

Chapter 186 – Slaughter Dao Territory

The heavens and the earth were covered in boundless darkness. Killing intent shot into the sky as wails and howls drifted in the air, and everything that was filled with an intent of slaughter. Death surged, roared, and raged here.

This place was separated from the outside world, a territory belonging to Han Guyue, and he was the owner, ruler, and supreme being on this heaven and earth!

This was a Dao Territory!

It was a completely new stage of the Dao that could only be formed by accumulating the energy of a Dao Insight to the limit, to the point it was deep within the limit. Once it was executed, one was able to occupy a position of superiority within one’s own territory by separating the enemy’s senses from the myriad of things in the heaven and earth, causing one’s enemy to be in a weak position of being at the mercy of one’s judgment.

Moreover, a Dao Territory was condensed from a cultivator’s own comprehension of the Heaven’s Dao, thus when an enemy fell deeply into it, their minds would suffer the suppression of the boundless Dao Insight, causing their battle strength to be greatly weakened, and it was an extremely terrifying ability.

“How can this be possible!? When did this old fool Han Guyue comprehend a Dao Territory?”

“Dao Territory! We’re finished! We’re completely finished!”

“Old Bastard Han has a cultivation at the advanced-stage of the Golden Core Realm and is holding the mysterious sickle Magic Treasure.  Now, he’s even executed his own Dao Territory. Will we still be able to survive today?”

The instant they fell into the Slaughter Dao Territory, the four Golden Hall Realm guards that remained by Tantai Zixuan’s side instantly went pale, their gazes emitted boundless terror, and their will to fight was completely nonexistent.

Chen Xi was shocked in his heart as well, as he clearly felt that his connection with the heaven and earth had been severed. Moreover, his soul and mind had suffered a type of terrifying suppression that caused him to have no choice but to divert a portion of his mental strength to resist it before barely being able to mitigate this shapeless pressure. Even then, the fierce killing intent that ceaselessly gushed over from all directions still irritated the skin on his entire body to feel icy cold, and it caused his hair to stand on end.

How formidable!

This is the Dao Territory Stage?

Chen Xi had once experienced Luo Xiu’s Blood Corrosion Dao Territory, yet when compared with Han Guyue’s Slaughter Dao Territory that was before him, it was obviously much weaker. Both of them were utterly not on the same level, and it was like the difference between the heavens and the earth.

“Junior! You can be proud of being able to force me to utilize my Slaughter Dao Territory, but all of you must die today. I’m going to extract your dirty souls and torture them day and night, and cause all of you to suffer endless torture, humiliation, and be forever unable to be reborn!” Within the pitch black world, Han Guyue appeared out of thin air as he shouted out towards the sky. He stood on roiling black mist with the pitch black sickle in his hand, and his blood colored cape fluttered in the wind. In the pitch black night sky, his entire body had merged flawlessly with the Slaughter Dao Territory, causing him to be even more like a god of slaughter with raging killing intent.

“Chen Xi, if you don’t want these people to die, then put them in the Buddha’s Pagoda. They’ll only be a burden if you leave them by your side! Moreover, give the other two golden cores in the Buddha’s Pagoda to me, and we’ll annihilate this old dog together this time. I’ve already discerned that he didn’t comprehend his Dao Territory by himself, and it’s instead formed by relying on the black colored sickle Magic Treasure in his hand. Once we annihilate him, we’ll seize this Magic Treasure, and perhaps you’ll be able to comprehend the Slaughter Grand Dao and allow your strength to increase once more.” Ling Bai’s tone was extremely serious as a trace of violent madness flashed wildly in his eyes.

“Alright!” Chen Xi agreed without the slightest hesitation. During the countless battles in the Crack of Despair, he’d already formed trust and tacit understanding that was without reservation with Ling Bai, so he utterly didn’t consider the meaning within Ling Bai’s words before agreeing to it.

Without asking if Tantai Zixuan and the others agreed, and at practically the instant he agreed to what Ling Bai said, Chen Xi had flicked his sleeve, sending Tantai Zixuan and the others into the Buddha’s Pagoda before they could even react. At the same time, he passed the golden cores he obtained from killing Han Bai and the black haired old man to Ling Bai.

These actions happened in an instant, and it was swift to the point Han Guyue utterly didn’t have the time to stop it.

“Hmm? This is…” When he saw Tantai Zixuan and the others vanish, Han Guyue’s pupils constricted, and then he realized something, causing a ball of bright light to shake out explosively from his gaze as he cried out in surprise. “You have an Immortal Artifact!?”

Only an Immortal Artifact was able to open up a boundless space that could hold anything in the world. This was a characteristic of an Immortal Artifact, common knowledge that had been passed down since ancient times. Even though Han Guyue had never seen an Immortal Artifact, but as the Patriarch of a clan, how could he possibly not have any knowledge about Immortal Artifacts?

It’s actually an Immortal Artifact! If I’m able to possess it, then after I advance to the Earthly Immortal Realm, I don’t have to take the pains to think about searching for a Magic Treasure to overcome the Heavenly Tribulation with.  Ascending to become a Heavenly Immortal isn’t far beyond my reach! It’s truly a fortuitous encounter bestowed by the heavens. Even though I’ve lost all the elders, with this Immortal Artifact, everything is worth it! Instantly, the gaze Han Guyue shot at Chen Xi had changed, his burning gaze didn’t conceal his greed in the slightest, and it was as if he was looking at a plump little lamb.

“Junior, I’ll give you one final chance. Hand over the Immortal Artifact, and I can spare your life. How about it?” Han Guyue was blazing with covetous thoughts. He was completely unworried that Chen Xi had room to resist, as even if Chen Xi had an Immortal Artifact, Chen Xi’s cultivation was utterly unable to utilize it, and it didn’t create the slightest threat to him.

“Do you think it’s possible?” The corners of Chen Xi’s mouth curled into a trace of a piercingly cold smile as he spoke word by word. “Cut the crap! Bring it! Let me experience exactly how terrifying your Slaughter Dao Territory is!”

During these past few years, he’d always not known the right way to comprehend Dao Territory. At this moment, he wanted to use Han Guyue’s Dao Territory to properly figure out the might of a Dao Territory and establish a foundation for when he condensed a Dao Territory in the future.

“Good! Good! Good! Eternal killing intent, converge in my heart. The instant killing intent appears, kill all evil!” Han Guyue exploded into rage. He took a step forward as the killing intent on his entire body spread out with a bang, and it transformed into countless angular and sharp pitch black lights that appeared out of thin air before Chen Xi. These pitch black lights seemed to be numerous sharp swords that contained monstrous killing intent, and they crisscrossed both horizontally and vertically to form a large net that descended down upon Chen Xi, and it actually wanted to mince him into a pile of mush.

This was the might of a Dao Territory. Within the Dao Territory, every single inch of space was controlled in the heart of its owner, with a single command in the heart, endless attacks would appear out of thin air, and it caused one to be utterly unable to guard against it.

“Bring it on!” Chen Xi was neither sad nor happy, his mind instantly entered a high state of concentrations, and the sword moves in his hand moved along with his heart as he successively executed the Xun Sword of Wind and Zhen Sword of Lightning.

The Xun trigram represented wind, and the Zhen trigram represented lightning. Wind and lightning interweaved together, causing the might of his attack to instantly skyrocketed by a few times, and the strong gale and violent lightning surged out, seeming to have to tear apart all the darkness in the surroundings and return a bright heaven and earth to this world!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

A string of sharp sounds of explosions resounded out, and Han Guyue’s attacks were completely blocked by Chen Xi, yet the top-grade yellow-rank sword in Chen Xi’s hand shattered inch by inch along with this, shattering into nothingness.

It was so strong that even the terrifying strength that contained killing intent mixed within had shaken him, to the point that his vital energy and blood roiled, causing him to feel an oppressive feeling in his chest and almost spit blood.

How formidable! Although the Xun Sword of Wind and Zhen Sword of Lightning haven’t been combined by me, it was still blocked by me in the end… A trace of brightness flashed within Chen Xi’s eyes, his heart unrestrained and fearless as a sword once again appeared within his hand, and he took a step forward and executed his Divine Windwing Flight to charge towards the distant Han Guyue.

He vaguely had the feeling that after he experienced this battle, the eight great sword moves of his Myriad Convergence Sword Technique would perhaps be able to be fused in pairs and attain a completely new level. At that time, would its might increase explosively by more than double?

“Hmm? You’re actually able to block one of my attacks? I’ll let you properly experience exactly the strength of the Golden Core Realm and the Slaughter Dao Territory next!” When he saw that not only had Chen Xi survived his attack, Chen Xi had even charged over to attack him, Han Guyue couldn’t help but sneer in his heart as the pitch black sickle in his hand swept out horizontally.

Everywhere it passed, pitch black dark lightly shot out abruptly. These dark lights were formed from Slaughter Dao Insight. The instant they appeared, they seemed as if they’d torn open the Netherworld that suppressed vengeful spirits and demons, and they instantly transformed into ferocious ghosts, spirits, bones, and other types of ghostly creatures that contained monstrous killing intent. Moreover, some of these ghostly creatures even held Soulhook Chains, spiked clubs, butcher’s knives, spiked discs, and other terrifying weapons. All of these were transformed from killing intent, yet seemed material, and it was extremely terrifying.




Countless shouts crisscrossed together to form the sound of slaughter that resounded in the heaven and earth, and all these ghostly creatures that were transformed from Slaughter Dao Insight covered the heavens and the earth as they charged at Chen Xi.

“The Dao of Lightning eliminates spirits and clears away evil, judging the heaven and the earth. The Dao of Fire incinerates everything to remold the future. How can a Dao of Slaughter that doesn’t annihilate evil speak of slaughter!?” Chen Xi let out a long howl, his figure moved freely amongst the endless ghostly creatures, and his sword was like lightning and fire as the Li Sword of Fire and Zhen Sword of Lightning interweaved together, moving forward mightily with an awe-inspiring sense of justice to eliminate all evil!

Swish! Swish!

The path of the lightning was like a jet as the glow of fire burnt the sky. Everywhere the surging sword moves passed, the boundless ghostly creatures would be completely obliterated, seeming to be like icy that melted into water and snow that dissolved under the sun, and they were utterly unable to injure Chen Xi in the slightest.

It’s actually the Myriad Convergence Sword Scripture! This detestable kid has actually successfully cultivated the number one most difficult to cultivate sword technique in the world? Such natural endowments are simply rare to see in a thousand years. If I allow him to escape today, how extraordinary would he be once he grows up? Han Guyue’s pupils constricted. Never had he imagined that within his own Dao Territory, this little fellow that was only at the Golden Hall Realm was actually able to persist until now, and even had the strength to counterattack?!

Looks like I have to use a killer move. This kid must be eliminated, otherwise, he’s bound to be a calamity for the Han Clan in the future! Han Guyue didn’t have the slightest trace of taking things lightly in his heart any longer. His figure flashed out while holding the pitch black sickle in his hand, and he was like a specter that fused completely into one with the Slaughter Dao Territory as he charged to assault Chen Xi.

At this moment, Chen Xi was killing to his heart’s content. The comprehension towards the eight great sword moves of the Myriad Convergence Sword Scripture in his heart had completely surged into his mind, and it purified his knowledge, perception, and comprehension of the Sword Dao over and over again… Endless variations were developing within Chen Xi’s mind at an unbelievable speed.

The Gen Sword of Mountain and Dui Sword of Marsh combined to form the Mountain Marsh Sword Dao.

The Li Sword of Fire and the Zhen Sword of Lightning combined to form the Lightning Fire Sword Dao.

The Xun Sword of Wind and the Zhen Sword of Lightning combined to form the Tempest Sword Dao.

Every pair of sword moves had combined to form a completely new Sword Dao. The eight great sword moves combined in pairs that repeated endlessly to form a few tens of completely new Sword Daos that were complicated, profound, and vast like the ocean, and they simply exhausted the variations of the heaven and earth and were indescribably extraordinary.


Right when Chen Xi’s comprehension in his sword technique was in a state of transformation, a wisp of peculiar sound resounded out explosively at the side of his ear. This sound seemed to be able to draw out the fear at the bottom of one’s heart and able to cause one’s soul to tremble in fear, and it was filled with the aura of slaughter and annihilation.

Suddenly, a wisp of dark light swiped by silently, and it seemed to have surmounted the boundary of space to open up a bloody slash on Chen Xi’s chest, causing his flesh and skin to split open and reveal the white bones within.

It was exceedingly terrifying!

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