Chapter 1858 – The Young Martial Ancestral Uncle’s Order

On the 22nd day of the third month.

The heavily injured Gu Yan seemed to have very bad luck, yet it wasn’t bad as well.

He was said to have very bad luck because while his injuries hadn’t healed completely, he’d been noticed by Donghuang Yinxuan’s group and they launched a pursuit against him.

Yet he was said to not have bad luck as well because during the process of this pursuit, he’d been rescued by Yea Chen and Yu Jiuhui who’d passed by.

However, his luck couldn’t be said to be good because he was rescued by two disciples of the Dao Institute, so it could only be said to be not bad.

When they witnessed this scene, many cultivators in the outside world were astounded.

It was common knowledge that the Dao Institute had always maintained an impartial attitude amongst the five extremes of the Imperial Region. No matter if it was towards Oracle Mountain, Nuwa’s Dao Palace, the Sovereign Sect, or the Divine Institute, the Dao Institute always adopted a strategy of helping no one.

Under such circumstances, Yea Chen and Yu Jiuhui who were extremely influential disciples of the Dao Institute had suddenly rescued the heavily injured disciple of the Oracle Mountain, Gu Yan, from the hands of Donghuang Yinxuan’s group. So, everyone couldn’t help but have doubts because of this.

What does this mean?

Could it be that the Dao Institute has changed its attitude and is drawing close to Oracle Mountain?

At this moment, even Lei Fu and Chi Song’zi’s expressions couldn’t help but turn gloomy when they witnessed this scene, and a wisp of coldness surged from their eyes.

“Haha! I never expected that after Chen Xi joined forces with Kong Youran to eliminate so many disciples of your Dao Institute, the disciples of your Dao Institute would actually be so kindhearted to take the initiative to rescue a disciple of Oracle Mountain. How extraordinary.” Chi Song’zi laughed coldly, and his voice reverberated through the hall.

Actually, it wasn’t just Chi Song’zi and Lei Fu, even Wen Ting and Yu Zhen had never imagined that such a scene would actually occur, so they couldn’t help but be extremely puzzled in their hearts.

Huai Kong’zi had returned to Convergence Hall many days ago. At this moment, he was seated at the central seat of the host, and only Imperial Monarch Ying Qin wasn’t in the hall any longer.

In other words, since Imperial Monarch Ying Qin had left with Huai Kong’zi the other day, he seemed to have vanished and never made another appearance.

However, this clearly didn’t cause the others in the hall to be alarmed at all.

At this moment, when Huai Kong’zi heard Chi Song’zi words that carried a dense ridiculing and questioning tone, he seemed to be rather calm instead.

He merely pondered deeply for a brief moment before he said, “This is only the actions of two little fellows, and it doesn’t represent the attitude of my Dao Institute. Perhaps they just can’t bear to see a respectable opponent like Gu Yan being removed from the second round of the Dao Discussion.

Chi Song’zi laughed even more coldly when he heard this, and he chuckled. “I hope it’s as Fellow Daoist said, otherwise, it would cause us to be bitterly disappointed.”

His voice carried a wisp of a threatening tone.

Huai Kong’zi seemed as if he hadn’t discerned this at all, and he smiled and said, “Fellow Daoist can be at ease.”

Chi Song’zi grunted coldly and didn’t continue.

Lei Fu, on the other hand, frowned, and he glanced at Huai Kong’zi while seeming to be lost in thought. He felt that since Huai Kong’zi returned to Converge Hall a few days ago, Huai Kong’zi attitude seemed to have faintly undergone some changes.

It wasn’t just Lei Fu, even Wen Ting and Yu Zhen had noticed it as well, but they were utterly unable to determine exactly what Huai Kong’zi thought in his heart.

But no matter what, Wen Ting still heaved a sigh of relief in her heart when she saw Gu Yan had been jointly rescued by Yu Jiuhui and Yea Chen.

Presently, only Chen Xi, Gu Yan, and Tu Meng remained from amongst the disciples of Oracle Mountain. So, if a mishap occurred to Gu Yan, then Oracle Mountain would have suffered a crushing defeat during the first round.

On that very night, the moon shined brightly in the sky while the stars in its surroundings were scarce.

Chen Xi sat cross-legged at the side of a precipice while the ocean of clouds roiled around him, and it was a tranquil and grand scene beneath the night sky.

His expression had become indifferent to the extreme and not a trace of emotion could be seen on it. He was like a clay statue.

Since he parted ways with Kong Youran until now, he’d still been unable to find a trace of information related to the other disciples of Oracle Mountain.

It was even to the extent that he hadn’t encountered a single opponent as well.

If merely he alone had participated in the Dao Discussion this time, then he would naturally be very happy for encounter such a situation. At the very least, he’d obtained an Ancient Dao Engraved Cauldron and didn’t have fight with his opponents to maintain possession of it, so such a situation simply couldn’t be any better.

Unfortunately, Chen Xi wasn’t alone. He was representing Oracle Mountain, and he had many other fellow disciples participating in the Dao Discussion.

This meant that he couldn’t just act based on his own interests.

The Luck Reversing Disk…. The Sovereign Sect…. All of you’ll pay for this! Chen Xi muttered in his heart while his expression was utterly indifferent, and a bone piercing and icy cold glow surged in the depths of his eyes.

Chen Xi took a deep breath before he stood up, and then he continued forward. However, right at this moment, he suddenly frowned.

“Eh!” At practically the exact same moment, an exclaim of surprise sounded out from extremely far away.

After that, two figures flashed into appearance beneath the veil of night. Surprisingly, it was Yea Chen and Yu Jiuhui.

However, when Chen Xi’s gaze swept the two of them, it had instantly descended onto Yu Jiuhui’s back.

There was a person being carried on Yu Jiuhui’s back. His clothes were dyed red with blood while his countenance was pale, and he seemed dispirited to the extreme.

However, Chen Xi instantly recognized him as Gu Yan!

In an instant, Chen Xi’s gaze turned icy cold to the extreme while a clang resounded as it drew his sword. The killing intent on the tip of his sword swept out like tidewater to cover the heavens and the earth as he pointed it at Yea Chen and Yu Jiuhui from afar.

“Put him down!” Every single word was spoken sharply like a blade and was filled with abundant killing intent. This expanse of the heavens and the earth wailed and was on the verge of collapse.

“What if I don’t?” Yea Chen was stunned, and then he couldn’t help but smile.

“Young Martial Ancestral Uncle?” Right at this moment, Gu Yan who lay on Yu Jiuhui’s back had raised his head, and his dim eyes suddenly surged with a wisp of bright light upon laying eyes on Chen Xi. But right after that, he realized that Chen Xi had misunderstood, and he spoke hurriedly. “Young Martial Ancestral Uncle, you’ve misunderstood. It was they who rescued me.”

“Why did you say that? I wanted to fight this fellow. How boring of you.” Yea Chen puckered his lips, and then he shot a glance at Yu Jiuhui.

Yu Jiuhui understood tacitly, and he immediately placed Gu Yan down from his back.

Chen Xi was stunned. He stared carefully at Yea Chen and Yu Jiuhui for a long time, and then glanced at Gu Yan who was walking towards him. In the end, he put the Banisher away and hurriedly moved over to Gu Yan.

Chen Xi helped Gu Yan down to sit on a rock at the side, and then he withdrew some medicinal pills and herbs before stuffing them in the latter’s mouth. Only then did he frown as he said, “What’s all of this?”

His voice carried a wisp of worry. According to his observation, Gu Yan’s injuries were extremely severe, and they had almost injured Gu Yan’s foundation. Moreover, the vital energy within Gu Yan’s entire body was in chaos. At this moment, even medicinal pills and herbs were utterly unable to instantly alleviate his injuries.

“When we met him, he was being pursued by the Divine Institute’s Donghuang Yinxuan.” Yea Chen and Yu Jiuhui walked over as well.

“The Divine Institute?” The coldness in Chen Xi’s eyes grew.

“It wasn’t the Divine Institute. I’d been heavily injured in my battle with the Sovereign Sect’s Leng Xinghun and the others. However, I was able to eliminate two of their disciples, so it was worth it. But I never imagined that my luck would seem to be slightly bad, and I encounter Donghuang Yinxuan’s group today. If Yea Chen and Yu Jiuhui hadn’t lent a hand, then I’m afraid….” Gu Yan gasped for breath as he spoke, and he seemed to be slightly short of breath. He hadn’t even finished speaking when cold sweat trickled down from his forehead.

A peerless Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm expert had been reduced to such an extent now, and even speaking was so taxing to him. This clearly showed how severe his injuries were.

“That’s enough. Rest for now and leave everything else to me.” Chen Xi felt both resentment and heartache. After he stopped Gu Yan from speaking, he gazed at Yea Chen and Yu Jiuhui.

“Thank you….” Chen Xi took a deep breath before he spoke.

Yea Chen smiled and said, “Are you very curious about why the two of us who are members of the Dao Institute would have rescued him?”

Chen Xi nodded calmly. “Indeed. I’m precisely unable to figure that out. Up until now, many disciples of the Dao Institute have lost at my hand.”

“That isn’t important.” Yea Chen shook his head while his expression became solemn. He said, “Because this is the Dao Discussion, and there’s be wins and losses. I wouldn’t take you to be an enemy just because of that.”

Chen Xi’s brows raised, and he glanced at Yea Chen with slight surprise as he said, “Since it’s like that, then why did you rescue Gu Yan?”

Yea Chen and Yu Jiuhui exchanged glances, and then he spoke frankly in the end. “I only hope that your Oracle Mountain doesn’t regard the Dao Institute as an enemy.”

Chen Xi’s eyes narrowed. “What do you mean by that?”

“Some have made mistakes, so there should be others to make amends for that. I only want to tell you that my Dao Institute has always adhered to an attitude of fairness and impartiality to hold this Dao Discussion. But I believe that many people had never expected that the matter would develop to such an extent.” Yea Chen sighed lightly and said, “I hate schemes the most. No matter for what reason it was done, such shady methods shouldn’t be utilized in the Dao Discussion.”

Chen Xi was able to sense that Yea Chen was telling the truth, and he even determined that Yea Chen had probably found out about some thing a long time ago. So, Yea Chen had utilized such a method in order to try and resolve the hostility Chen Xi had towards the Dao Institute.

“Once a mistake has been made, merely making amends isn’t enough. The corresponding price has to be paid as well. If you’re unable to accomplish that, then forgive me for being unable to be forgiving.” Chen Xi was silent for a long time before he spoke.

Yea Chen didn’t think Chen Xi’s attitude was excessive. He pondered briefly before he nodded and said seriously, “I trust that the Dao Institute will give both your Oracle Mountain and Nuwa’s Dao Palace an explanation.”

Chen Xi said, “Then I’ll wait and see.”

“Then it’s settled. We’ll be taking our leave first. Chen Xi, no matter what, this Dao Discussion has to continue, and I really look forward to the day I’m able to fight you. Perhaps we’ll be opponents on the next time we meet.” Yea Chen smiled lightheartedly, and then he placed his hands behind his back as he turned around and left with Yu Jiuhui.

“These two fellows aren’t bad.” Chen Xi watched them leave, and then he pondered deeply for a long time before he shook his head in the end. He stopped thinking about all of this and shot his gaze at Gu Yan.

“Young Martial Ancestral Uncle, there’s no need to worry, just leave me here. I don’t have any regrets even if I’m eliminated this time, but you must persist until the end.” Gu Yan sensed Chen Xi’s gaze, and he opened his eyes while he forced a wisp of a smile onto his ghastly pale face.

He was worried about being a burden for Chen Xi.

Chen Xi patted Gu Yan on the shoulder, and then disregarded Gu Yan’s objections as he carefully carried Gu Yan on his back. After that, he said, “Be at ease and recuperate. No one can eliminate you while I’m here.”

His voice was flat and calm, yet it emanated a strand of a firm and unquestionable force.

A wisp of warmth that couldn’t be restrained suddenly surged out from Gu Yan’s heart. He wanted to say something yet hesitated, and then he didn’t say anything in the end.

This was an order from his Young Martial Ancestral Uncle, and he wouldn’t forget it for his entire lifetime.

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