Chapter 1855 – The Might Of A Divine Formation

After eliminating two, four more had swiftly came over to assist Li Lufeng and the others, and it caused the trace of an advantage that Chen Xi had obtained to be immediately undone.

The battle fell once more into an extremely intense state.

It seemed to be no different than it was before this, but after they’d witnessed the heaven defying combat strength that Chen Xi had revealed, Li Lufeng and the others didn’t dare act carelessly at all.

Compared to before, they’d simply utilized all their ability at this moment, and they were practically fighting desperately as they fought Chen Xi with their full strengths.

For a time, Chen Xi was actually unable to find another flaw to take advantage of.

But at the same time, Li Lufeng and the others were unable to harm Chen Xi at all in a short period of time, so the situation revealed an intense yet stalemated state.

“This Chen Xi is absolutely the greatest variable in this Dao Discussion! Who would have imagined that he would actually be able to accomplish this?”

After they witnessed this world shocking battle, many cultivators in the outside world sighed with emotion and felt extremely shocked in their hearts.

“Indeed. We merely converged our attention to Leng Xinghun, Donghuang Yinxuan, Kong Youran, Gu Yan, and other such figures, and we subconsciously felt that Chen Xi who’d just advanced into the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm for a few tens of years would be utterly unable to compare with them. But now it would seem like this point of view is clearly mistaken, and it’s absolutely wrong!”

“That isn’t all. In my opinion, the combat strength Chen Xi revealed even faintly shows signs of surpassing Leng Xinghun and the others. Now, if anyone still dared to say that Chen Xi is inferior to Leng Xinghun, then I would be the first to object.”

“I wonder how this Chen Xi cultivates. Isn’t his combat strength a little too heaven defying? It’s simply inconceivable.”

“It’s very simple. He’s a personal disciple of Oracle Mountain and the Grand Lord, Wu Xuechan’s, junior brother. Could it be that it’s unusual for him to reveal such combat strength?”

“I’m just curious about how the Copper Coin of Treasurefall fell into his hands. That’s… a precious treasure in the possession of the Sovereign Sect’s Master!”

The outside world was filled with animated discussion. All of them were shocked by the combat strength that Chen Xi revealed, and they were extremely astounded.

“Hmm? Kong Youran is about to display her might!”

But in next to no time, their attention was shifted over towards Kong Youran.


Five colored divine radiance flowed. The peacock that Kong Youran had transformed into flapped its wings and flashed through the sky while emanating a deafening cry. Moreover, numerous five colored pools of lightning suddenly surged into appearance around it!

The pools of lightning were ancient, grand, and branded with extremely dense markings of the Dao. Moreover, they surged with gorgeous five colored lightning.

The pools of lightning acted in cooperation with each other while residing around Kong Youran, and then they smashed down forcefully.

The space here exploded into pieces like glass that couldn’t withstand a single blow, and terrifying five colored lightning swept out. Everywhere it passed, everything before it was instantly transformed into powder!

“The Five Colored Lightning Pool!” In an instant, the expressions of many disciples from the Dao Institute had changed, and they recognized this technique as an ultimate technique that was passed down in Nuwa’s Dao Palace.

They practically instinctively utilized their full strengths to dodge simultaneously, and they didn’t dare go head-on against such an obliterating force.


However, in the end, a disciple of the Dao Institute was still unable to dodge in time. The divine artifact in his hand was forcefully blasted flying by the five colored lightning, and then his entire body was instantly drowned beneath the lightning.

If it was at any ordinary time, then he would definitely perish, and there would absolutely be no chance of survival.

However, this was the Dao Cauldron World after all. So, when such lethal danger appeared, a strand of the energy of the heavens and the earth had forcefully teleported him out of the Dao Cauldron World before he could be annihilated.

“Dammit!” The might of this strike was too vast and shocking, and it had even instantly eliminated a disciple of the Dao Institute. So, Li Lufeng and the others who were jointly attacking Chen Xi had noticed it as well, and their expressions changed while they felt shocked in their hearts.


Right at this moment, Chen Xi seized this opportunity to flick his sleeve, and an apricot yellow flag swiftly soared into the sky. It emanated a myriad of strands of Fifth-Earth divine radiance, and it actually instantly formed a Fifth-Earth Lightwave formation that rumbled as it enveloped this area.

The Fifth-Earth Apricot Yellow Flag!

A Natural Spirit Treasure passed down within the Jin Clan!


The Fifth-Earth Lightwave formation circulated at full strength, causing divine radiance to seethe and drown the entire heavens and the earth. Li Lufeng and the others were caught off guard and fell into the formation.


“Quickly break through the formation!”

Li Lufeng and the others were shocked and furious. There was utterly no need to remind them before they attacked with all their might, and they utilized their strongest abilities to break through the formation. They didn’t dare hesitate at all.

If the Fifth-Earth Apricot Yellow Flag was in the hands of anyone else, then perhaps it would be utterly unable to persist for a moment before the formation would be destroyed by Li Lufeng and the others.

But in Chen Xi’s hands, the might it revealed was completely different.

What was the strongest inheritance in Oracle Mountain?

It was the Talisman Dao!

It was formations!

A very long time ago, Chen Xi had obtained the inheritance of the Infinite Divine Talisman, and he’d attained an unprecedented height in his attainments in the Talisman Dao. At this moment, when he utilized the Fifth-Earth Apricot Yellow Flag to form a formation, its might couldn’t be compared to an ordinary formation at all.

Li Lufeng and the others were clearly aware of this as well, and they were clearly aware of how terrifying the attainments of the disciples of Oracle Mountain in the Dao of Talismans were. So, as soon as they fell into the formation, they instinctively attacked with all their strength and with their most violent techniques.

Unfortunately, how could Chen Xi just watch as they broke through the formation?


In the next moment, Chen Xi had charged into the formation.


In merely the time of a few breaths of time, a strand of the energy of the heavens and the earth surged into appearance within the formation. This meant that a disciple of the Dao Institute had been eliminated!

“That Chen Xi really is skilled!”

“Isn’t that the Jin Clan’s Fifth-Earth Apricot Yellow Flag? Why has it fallen into Chen Xi’s hands just like the Copper Coin of Treasurefall has?”

“Now, those disciples of the Dao Institute seem to be in trouble!”

When the cultivators in the outside world noticed this scene, they couldn’t help but feel a wave of shock. They’d always thought that Chen Xi’s cultivation in the Sword Dao was extremely terrifying. Yet now, they finally realized that as a personal disciple of Oracle Mountain, Chen Xi’s attainments in the Talisman Dao was extremely formidable as well!

After another short moment.


A strand of the energy of the heavens and the earth fluctuated once more within the formation, and it was obvious that another disciple of the Dao Institute had been eliminated!

At this moment, even all the Instructing Elders of the Dao Institute that resided within Convergence Hall were unable to sit still. Their expressions changed while a wisp of gloominess surged into appearance in the space between their brows.

“Shit! Senior Brother Li and the others are in danger!”

“Quickly head over and lend a hand!”

All those disciples of the Dao Institute that were jointly attacking Kong Youran had noticed the unexpected event over there, and all of them roared furiously.

A few disciples immediately withdrew from the battle, circulated techniques and utilized divine artifacts to forcefully attack the Fifth-Earth Lightwave formation.


The formation shook violently, and it seemed like it was unable to endure such attacks and was on the verge of destruction.

However, before those disciples could feel happy, two shrill cries suddenly resounded.

It turned out that Kong Youran had seized this opportunity to attack ferociously, and she actually utilized the five colored pools of lightning to crush and eliminate two disciples of the Dao Institute!

All of this had occurred too quickly. There were originally 11 people that had encircled Kong Youran and were attacking her. Earlier, she’d eliminated one of them with the five colored pools of lightning, so only 10 remained in battle with her.

At this moment, before of the influence of the Fifth-Earth Lightwave formation, 3 of those 10 disciples had charged out and headed over to lend a hand to Li Lufeng’s group. However, it was exactly this action that provided Kong Youran a superb opportunity.

Perhaps it would be strenuous for her to deal with 10 disciples of the Dao Institute. But when only 7 remained right now, with Kong Youran’s ability, how could she possibly let such an opportunity to eliminate her opponents slip by?

So, in an instant, two disciples of the Dao Institute were crushed by her!



This unexpected event had taken them by surprise, and it was unimaginably swift. So, when those disciples of the Dao Institute recovered from their shock, it was already too late for them to rescue their companions.

Their expressions changed abruptly, and they roared furiously with gloomy expressions on their faces. They didn’t dare allow themselves to be distracted by attacking the formation any longer, and they fully concentrated on the battle with Kong Youran.

On the other hand, all the cultivators in the outside world couldn’t help but feel slightly astounded when they witnessed all of this.

None of them had imagined that Chen Xi and Kong Youran who they didn’t look favorably upon would actually be able to launch a counterattack under such an extremely adverse situation and successively eliminate their opponents!

When they counted it carefully, Chen Xi had already eliminated four disciples of the Dao Institute since the battle had begun, whereas, Kong Youran had eliminated three herself.

In other words, only 19 disciples of the Dao Institute remained here!

It seemed like the Dao Institute had merely lost 7 disciples, but all of this had occurred in a short period of less than 10 minutes, so their losses could be said to be extremely heavy.

If such a situation continued, then the Dao Institute’s losses would only become more and more severe.


After a short moment, another wave of the energy of the heavens and the earth fluctuated within the formation, and another disciple was eliminated.

However, at practically the exact same moment, the entire formation collapsed and dispersed into nothingness, causing the figures of Chen Xi, Li Lufeng, and the others to be revealed.

However, at this moment, there were only 10 members remaining in Li Lufeng’s group. Moreover, all of them had livid expressions while their eyes seemed to be on the verge of blazing.

In a short moment of time, they’d lost three companions in the Fifth-Earth Lightwave formation, and such heavy losses caused them to be on the verge of going mad.

“Converge together! We’ll join forces against them!” At this moment, Li Lufeng seemed to be extremely calm. He’d realized that if he split up their forces to deal with Chen Xi and Kong Youran, then it would only provide Chen Xi and Kong Youran opportunities to utilize.

In an instant, all those disciples of the Dao Institute gave up on attacking, and they converged by Li Lufeng’s side. There was a total of 18 of them. All of them had unsightly expressions, and the gazes they shot at Chen Xi Kong Youran simply seemed as if it could kill.

Chen Xi and Kong Youran didn’t pursue them. So, the battle revealed a short moment of being still.

“Amazing, you eliminated two more than me.” Kong Youran glanced at Chen Xi and sighed with praise.

“You’re too kind. I merely relied on the formation to accomplish this.” Chen Xi smiled lightheartedly.

The two of them were naturally discussing the fact that Chen Xi had successively eliminated five members of the Dao Institute, whereas, Kong Youran had eliminated three.

This wasn’t a big deal if it was done at any ordinary time. Yet it just so happened that it was exactly within such a confrontational situation of battle that the two of them had disregarded those disciples of the Dao Institute and were chatting with each other. Such an attitude caused the expressions of Li Lufeng and the others to turn even more unsightly while flames of rage blazed in their hearts.

What do these two fellows take us disciples of the Dao Institute to be?Live targets used to compare their strengths?

They’re simply going too far!

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