Chapter 1854 – Forcefully Resisting His Enemies

The battle erupted.

Kong Youran took the form of a phoenix that flowed with five colored divine radiance, and she dove down in a shockingly domineering manner. On the other hand, a myriad of profundities arose from within the Banisher with a raise of Chen Xi’s hand, and then sword qi surged and threw the world into disorder.

Both of them were supreme figures, and they utilized supreme techniques as soon as they entered into battle. The impetus of their attacks was monstrous, and they revealed peerless elegance.


This expanse of space seethed while various supreme techniques filled it.

Those 20 plus disciples from the Dao Institute weren’t ordinary figures as well. They withdrew divine treasures of various colors and executed profound techniques as they attacked jointly, causing them to reveal a boundless might.

For a time, the area of a over 100,000km in the surroundings was covered by divine radiance, the glow of the Dao, and the aura of treasures. A rain of light sprayed down while a divine turn rumbled, and it revealed the terrifying scenes of Fiendgods howling, space collapsing, and everything transforming into powder as if the end of the world had arrived.

When all the cultivators in the outside world who were paying attention to this battle saw such an unprecedentedly grand scene, all of them couldn’t help but feel suffocated and shocked by it.

It could be said that since the Dao Discussion had begun until now, there hadn’t been a battle that could compare with this battle.

It was even to the extent that throughout the annals of history, such a battle could be described as shocking and unprecedented!

No one had imagined that Kong Youran and Chen Xi would actually stay back and fight with those disciples of the Dao Institute.

Moreover, no one had expected that such a world shocking scene would appear as soon as the battle erupted.

At this moment, no matter if it was within Convergence Hall, the Square of Vie, or within the entirety of Ten Direction City, the outside world was deathly silent.

No one spoke. All of them opened their eyes wide as they stared fixedly at the battle while their hearts surged, and they were deeply afraid of missing the slightest detail.

They had a feeling that this battle might become the most intense battle during the first round of the Dao Discussion.

This battle would also become an eternal part of history. It would be branded with a heroic and moving brand in the annals of history, and it would influence numerous generations in the future!

In the battlefield, Chen Xi fought 11 disciples of the Dao Institute by himself. In other words, 15 disciples of the Dao Institute were besieging Kong Youran.

Obviously, in the hearts of these disciples from the Dao Institute, Kong Youran who’d made a name for herself a very long time ago was clearly more threatening that Chen Xi who’d just risen to prominence a few tens of years ago.

So, they converged more than half of their forces onto Kong Youran.

Chen Xi didn’t mind this at all. As soon as the battle began, he’d held the intention to end the battle as soon as possible, so he didn’t care about these details at all.


Suddenly, the figure of a disciple of the Dao Institute flashed, and he transformed into a golden garuda that howled through the air and crushed the heavens. Its wings slashed down like heavenly blades while its peerlessly sharp claws clawed at Chen Xi’s head. It was fierce and ruthless, and its attacks were accompanied by golden flames of the Dao!

The Banisher shook and flowed with talisman markings. Sword Insight shot out like an endless abyss, and it slashed the golden flames of the Dao into pieces. At the same time, sword qi swept out horizontally to collide head-on with the golden wings and claws, causing clanging to resound.


At the other side, a crimson furnace suddenly assaulted Chen Xi. It was clearly a Natural Spirit Treasure. The furnace emanated Yin and Yang energy that was grand and boundless, and it seemed to intend to swallow the world as it crushed down towards Chen Xi.

Chen Xi swung his left sleeve, causing an expanse of dazzling talisman markings to interweave together and transform into a mysterious Divine Talisman. It rumbled as it revolved, and then it forcefully struck the crimson furnace, causing it to shake before being blasted flying.

Chaos filled this area. A single disciples of the Dao Institute had transformed into a golden garuda while the others utilized Natural Spirit Treasures as they encircled and attacked Chen Xi from all directions.

The golden garuda was one of the ten great variant flying beasts of the primeval times, and it possessed the Goldwave Dao Flames from within the quintessence of Chaos. Moreover, it possessed monstrous ferocious might.

During the primeval times, the ancestor of flying beast had even slaughtered a Daolord of the Buddhist Sect and swallowed a senior of the Dragon Clan alive. It was wild, heaven defying, and peerlessly ferocious!

That disciple of the Dao Institute was clearly a descendent of the Golden Garuda Clan, and he’d fully grasped the supreme inheritances within his clan. Only an existence like Chen Xi who’d attained an unprecedented height in the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm was able to be fearless in battle against him.

The strengths of the other disciples from the Dao Institute were on par with this golden garuda as well. They attacked Chen Xi from different directions and utilized all their ability, and their strengths were extremely shocking.


At this moment, Chen Xi fought them by himself. The glow of treasures filled the surroundings while sword qi seethed, and it spread throughout the world. He’d utilized his true ability.

Since the Dao Discussion had begun, it was the first time Chen Xi had such an experience, so he naturally didn’t dare face it casually.

Conversely, in this situation where he was completely surrounded, the rage that had accumulated in his heart for a long time had erupted completely. He utilized all his strength to fight without sparing any effort, and he grew stronger as the battle progressed!

The imposing aura he emanated grew steadily along with this, and it grew more and more intense. Even if he was within a tight encirclement, no one was able to cover up his brilliance.

“Hmph!” A cold grunt that sounded like a thunderclap resounded. Li Lufeng who was the most senior amongst the disciples of the Dao Institute had set out. His figure shook while the glow of the Dao surged throughout his body, and he crushed space into pieces as he strode over.

A jade bottle flew up from his fair and slender palm, and then a Taichi Diagram suddenly condensed within the bottle. After that, black and white qi sprayed out and smashed down towards Chen Xi.

The Natural Spirit Treasure — Yin and Yang Bottle!

Chen Xi’s eyes narrowed while the Banisher let out a clear howl, and then he suddenly struck with the Ocean Cliff Style. Sword Insight surged like a boundlessly powerful ocean that advanced with great strength, and it revealed an aura of advancing bravely and crushing all.


It forcefully dispersed Li Lufeng’s attack, causing a rain of light to spray throughout the surroundings.


At practically the exact same moment, Chen Xi’s figure was like an extraordinary dragon that left its lair, and the Banisher carried monstrous sword qi as it forcefully slashed apart a jade fan that assaulted him and transformed it into pieces!


The destruction of the jade fan caused its owner to suffer backlash, and he suddenly coughed up a mouthful of blood while he staggered backward.

“Hmm?” Li Lufeng’s face sank. He hadn’t expected that Chen Xi would be so formidable and would actually have the strength to attack and injure a companion of theirs while being suppressed like this.

“Utilize the Slaughter Formation!” Li Lufeng shouted explosively.


The Yin and Yang Bottle in his hand grew even more crystalline and translucent. It sprayed even vaster amounts of black and white Yin and Yang energy, and it transformed into a dragon that shook its body as it emerged.

At practically the exact same time, the nearby disciples of the Dao Institute shouted loudly in unison. They stood separately at different spots and formed a profound talisman formation diagram. Their auras echoed with each other from afar, and they actually seemed as if they’d fused into one, causing their energy to completely converge into Li Lufeng.

In an instant, this expanse of the heavens and the earth wailed with sorrow while a strand of a terrifying and horrifying aura swept out and filled every single inch of space here.

Chen Xi could clearly see that the two strands of Yin and Yang energy that Li Lufeng emanated had actually condensed into an expanse of grey flames that shot swiftly towards Chen Xi!

“Chaotic Flames of Karma!” Someone exclaimed with shock in the outside world, and his expression changed violently while he seemed extremely shocked.

Flames of Karma could incinerate all karma and sin in the world, and it could purify all evil. It incinerated all sin into nothingness. The might of such Chaotic Flames of Karma was unparalleled, it was born from within the Grand Dao of Chaos, and it was a form of the Flames of Karma that belonged to the Grand Dao!

The grey glow of flames was completely soundless, and it surged with a strand of mysterious and obscure fluctuations that instantly enveloped Chen Xi’s entire body while causing the heavens and the earth to become muddy!

The figures of numerous cultivators in the outside world shook. They couldn’t believe that a top-rate disciple of Oracle Mountain like Chen Xi would actually be on the verge of suffering calamity right now.

Even though most of them didn’t look favorably upon Chen Xi and Kong Youran’s actions since the beginning, when they saw this scene, many of them still couldn’t help but feel pity and were unable to bear to watch it.


However, the outcome exceeded the expectations of all. That area suddenly collapsed while a terrifying aura erupted from there, and they could see a mighty figure that seemed like a Fiendgod whistling up from there.

Chen Xi stretched his body while a myriad of talisman markings flowed throughout his body, and they transformed into numerous divine talisman diagrams that completely obliterated the Chaotic Flames of Karma, causing the flames to be utterly unable to approach his figure at all.

It was like the Grand Dao had covered his body, and nothing could touch him!

At the same time, Chen Xi’s figure dived down as he executed the Roc Divine Technique, and it threw space into disorder while he swung the Banisher, causing boundlessly brilliant strands of sword qi to shoot out from within it!


Li Lufeng dodged instinctively but the Golden Garuda by his side wasn’t so lucky. Its body was struck by a strand of sword qi, causing countless cracks to be blasted open on its wings before its wings collapsed amidst a wave of rumbling.

“AH!!” The Golden Garuda was directly eliminated from the Dao Discussion while amidst a shrill cry!

“Dammit!” Li Lufeng roared furiously. How could he have imagined that after they activated the slaughter formation, not only would they be unable to harm Chen Xi, Chen Xi had actually been able to destroy the Chaotic Flames of Karma and eliminated one of their companions.


Chen Xi didn’t even spare a glance at Li Lufeng. He moved swiftly like a bolt of lightning and carried a momentum of a raging ocean. The Banisher was like a ray of light that shot through the sun as it continued to slash down at Li Lufeng.

The glow of the Dao shot into the sky from Li Lufeng’s entire body. He was utterly enraged, and he utilized the Yin and Yang Bottle to collide head-on with Chen Xi.


In the next moment, Li Lufeng was blasted flying, and he was actually unable to resist Chen Xi’s attack at all.

However, another disciple of the Dao Institute seized the opportunity created by this collision to attack. He swung a golden pike and stabbed it forcefully at Chen Xi’s head.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

As if he’d expected this scene, Chen Xi flicked his sleeve, causing three bright golden copper coins to emanate an extremely clear and resounding ring before they formed into the shape of the ‘品’ character. In an instant, they restrained the golden pike in midair, and it was unable to struggle free of the restrains of the coins, causing it to be unable to advance or retreat.

“The Sovereign Sect’s Copper Coin of Treasurefall!” The expression of that disciple from the Dao Institute changed abruptly.

However, before he could react, a wisp of sword qi slashed down and enveloped his entire body. In the next instant, he was immediately carried by a strand of the energy of the heavens and the earth and was forcefully eliminated!

All the cultivators in the outside world were bedazzled and horrified by this scene.

This exchange had occurred too swiftly. Since the moment Chen Xi obliterated the Chaotic Flames of Karma, shattered the Golden Garuda’s wings with a single sword strike to eliminate it from the Dao Discussion, and then crushed this disciple of the Dao Institute with the Copper Coin of Treasurefall, all of this had occurred in a short period of a few breaths of time.

However, it was precisely within such a short period of time that two disciples on the Dao Institute’s side had been directly eliminated. Before this, who would have dared to believe that this would have happened?

He was being encircled and attacked by 11 disciples from the Dao Institute!

Yet Chen Xi was actually still able to accomplish this by himself. This was extremely inconceivable, and the shock it caused the cultivators in the outside world was obvious.

“This kid is difficult to deal with. Swiftly provide support and go all out to crush him first!” Li Lufeng roared loudly. He’d finally realized that when compared to Kong Youran, Chen Xi similarly couldn’t be underestimated at all.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

In an instant, four disciples suddenly flew off from amongst the disciples that were besieging Kong Youran, and they came over to support Li Lufeng and the others. They converged together, and then encircled and attacked Chen Xi with all their might.

The situation in the battlefield had changed abruptly, and it had become one where 13 disciples of the Dao Institute encircled and attacked Chen Xi while another 11 disciples did the same to Kong Youran!

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