Chapter 1853 – Fighting Side By Side

The atmosphere within Convergence Hall was extremely strange.

When they saw the conflict that erupted within the Dao Cauldron World, both the Sovereign Sect’s Lei Fu and the Divine Institute’s Chi Song’zi were surprised, and then they looked at Yu Zhen simultaneously before they glanced at Huai Kong’zi while a wisp of a strange smile couldn’t help but suffer the corners of their mouths.

As great figures from the Sovereign Sect and Divine Institute, they naturally earnestly wished for such an incident to occur. Because how could they not feel pleasure when they were able to rely on the forces of the Dao Institute to eliminate a disciple of utmost importance from Nuwa’s Dao Palace.

If it wasn’t out of consideration for their identities, they would wish for nothing more than to celebrate.

Huai Kong’zi’s expression was gloomy. If it was possible, he would rather see those disciples give up that Ancient Dao Engraved Cauldron than fight Kong Youran.

In this way, wouldn’t they have indirectly played the role of a blade in the Sovereign Sect and Divine Institutes hands?

If it was at any ordinary time, Huai Kong’zi wouldn’t be so against this incident. But it just so happened that he’d already noticed that this Dao Discussion was filled with the aura of a plot. Moreover, it had aroused displeasure in Yu Zhen a long time ago. Now, such an incident had occurred, and it was obvious how furious Yu Zhen would be in her heart.

Most importantly, Kong Youran couldn’t be compared to an ordinary disciple at all!

The more he thought about it, the more Huai Kong’zi’s head ached. He finally understood that while it seemed wonderful on the outside to be the host of the Dao Discussion, but the pressure he endured and helplessness he felt was beyond the imagination of others as well.

Earlier, because the disciples of the Dao Institute had occupied a clear advantage in the Dao Discussion and became the biggest winners of the Dao Discussion for now, it had caused both the Divine Institute and Sovereign Sect to be displeased.

Now, even Nuwa’s Dao Palace had been completely offended.

At this instant, Huai Kong’zi truly wished for nothing more than to wash his hands of the Dao Discussion and leave.

“Hmm?” Right at this moment, Wen Ting brows suddenly raised as she spoke. “Why has Young Martial Uncle….”

As soon as these words were spoken, and everyone within the hall was stunned. When they recovered from their shock, they noticed that Chen Xi’s figure had actually approached the border of the battlefield!

In an instant, Huai Kong’zi was completely stunned while terror ran through his body. He thought bitterly in his heart. Could it be that even Oracle Mountain is going to be completely offended this time?

“HAHA! Hahaha!” Lei Fu and Chi Song’zi had exercised restraint for a long time, yet they were unable to control themselves in the end and roared with laughter that was especially ear piercing within this deathly silent hall.

Wen Ting frowned, and then she said to Yu Zhen, “Perhaps there’ll be a favorable turn of events. There’s no need to be too disturbed by it.”

Her voice revealed a strand of confidence.

Yu Zhen was stunned, and then she said, “I understand. Your Young Martial Uncle isn’t ordinary. If he’s able to lend a hand, then perhaps he’ll be able to resolve this danger.”

Wen Ting smiled, yet she sighed in her heart. Her confidence was mostly faked. Because no matter how confident she was in Chen Xi’s combat strength, she couldn’t avoid feeling slightly worried and anxious when facing such a situation.

After all, the opponents were an entire 20 plus Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm experts!

Lei Fu and Chi Song’zi were stunned as well upon hearing the conversation between Wen Ting and Yu Zhen, and then they couldn’t help but laugh soundlessly.

Obviously, they felt that Wen Ting and Yu Zhen were consoling themselves, and it was utterly impossible to change anything at all.

Wen Ting and Yu Zhen chose to disregard this, and they shot their gazes at the battlefield in unison.

Huai Kong’zi had shot his gaze over as well. However, his thoughts were unlike the others. He merely hoped that those disciples of his Dao Institute knew when to stop and avoid causing the matter to become even more severe.

“Senior Brother, there’s no need to be so anxious.” Imperial Monarch Ying Qin suddenly spoke from the side and tried to console Huai Kong’zi.

Huai Kong’zi grunted with an emotionless expression, and he directly disregarded Imperial Monarch Ying Qin.

Imperial Monarch Ying Qin’s face froze, and then he rubbed his nose with embarrassment and didn’t speak anymore. However, he was slightly indifferent in his heart. Isn’t it even better that our Dao Institute occupies an extraordinarily great advantage? What’s there to be worried and anxious about?

The battlefield in the Dao Cauldron World.

Just as numerous cultivators had expected, along with the passage of time, Kong Youran who was originally extraordinarily formidable clearly showed faint signs of being unable to hold on and was on the verge of being suppressed.

On the other hand, the disciples of the Dao Institute grew increasingly courageous as the battle progressed while their morale shot into the sky like a rainbow. Under the command of Li Lufeng that was in the lead, they ceaselessly besieged Kong Youran and seemed as if they were confident in their ability to defeat her.


Suddenly, an extremely resounding cry resounded through the heavens and the earth, and it surged throughout the surroundings.

In the next instant, everyone felt something flash before their eyes, and then five rays of divine light suddenly shot out from Kong Youran’s body.

Green, yellow, crimson, black, and white!

They were brilliant, vast, and filled with a boundless, primitive, ancient, and pure aura of the Dao.

As soon as they appeared, they shot directly into the nine heavens and illuminated the world with extremely dazzling and resplendent light.


Kong Youran had actually transformed into a peacock that was gorgeous to the extreme. Her body was suffused with five colored divine radiance while she soared into the sky with a flap of her wings, and she emanated monstrous divine might!

“Five Colored Divine Light!”

“Kong Youran was actually forced to utilize the inheritance within the Peacock King’s bloodline!”

In an instant, a mighty uproar resounded in the outside world as all the cultivators were extremely shocked.


The five colored divine radiance flowed like a river of stars, and in an instant, it swept away one of the disciples of the Dao Institute that was closest to Kong Youran.

As the divine radiance flowed, that disciple didn’t even have the chance to struggle before he was eliminated by a strand of the energy of the heavens and the earth!

This scene caused Li Lufeng’s face to instantly turn gloomy, and he said in a grim voice, “Attack with full force and crush her!”

There was no need for him to remind them before those disciples of the Dao Institute utilized all their ability to besiege her at full force, and they didn’t dare slack off at all.


The battle grew even more intense. Under the frenzied suppression of those disciples from the Dao Institute, the trace of advantage that Kong Youran obtained with great difficulty had quickly vanished.

It was even to the extent that she showed signs of being suppressed once more.

It couldn’t be helped. There were truly too many disciples of the Dao Institute, and all of them possessed peerlessly shocking strengths. Under such circumstances, it was already very rare for Kong Youran to be able to persist until now by herself and even eliminate one of their companions.

She’s finished!

The same thought flashed in the hearts of many cultivators in the outside world.

Li Lufeng couldn’t help but heave a sigh of relief in his heart when he saw this. However, before he could feel happy, a wisp of extremely sharp sword qi suddenly descended from the sky. It swiftly transformed into a myriad of droplets of sword qi that rumbled as they rained down!

This had occurred too quickly, and it had truly exceeded their expectations. So, it caused the expressions of those disciples from the Dao Institute to change slightly, and they instinctively chose to dodge.

Kong Youran seized this opportunity to finally break free of their encirclement, and with a flat of her wings, she hovered in midair in the distance.

The expressions of Li Lufeng and the others turned gloomy when they saw this, and they were extremely furious. Their siege which was on the verge of success had actually been spoiled by someone at such a moment, so how could they not feel furious?

However, never had they imagined that Kong Youran actually didn’t choose to leave and flee, and she shot her gaze towards the side instead.

“Chen Xi, are you wiling to join forces with me and eliminate these shameless fellows?”

It was Chen Xi that attacked just now? The hearts of Li Lufeng and the others shook. Only now did they suddenly notice a tall figure was standing in the distance since an unknown period in time. This figure had a handsome appearance, clothes that fluttered with the wind, and dense black hair that hung loosely on his shoulders. Shockingly, it was Chen Xi!

“Chen Xi!”

“It’s actually him!”

In the outside world, some cultivators that hadn’t noticed Chen Xi earlier were extremely shocked when they witnessed this scene.

In their hearts, if Kong Youran represented the number one expert in the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm of Nuwa’s Dao Palace, then Chen Xi was definitely the deserving number one expert in the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm of Oracle Mountain!

Yet now, he’d actually lent a hand and seemed to intend to fight side by side with Kong Youran. This had exceeded the expectations of many cultivators as well.

“This kid, Chen Xi, really came at the wrong time. Even if he joins the battle, they would probably be unable to do anything to those disciples of the Dao Institute.”

“The wisest choice would be for both of them to seize this opportunity to flee right now.”

Many great figures frowned. They weren’t as excited as the other cultivators, and they calmly analyzed the situation of this battle instead.

The Convergence Hall was completely deathly silent. No one spoke as all of them were paying full attention to the development of the situation.

Chen Xi couldn’t help but feel slightly surprised when he heard Kong Youran’s invitation.

His original intention was to help Kong Youran break free of their encirclement, and he didn’t intend to fight these disciples from the Dao Institute to the death.

However, when he heard Kong Youran, Chen Xi instantly determined that Kong Youran didn’t have any intention to flee. Obviously, she’d been utterly infuriated by these disciples of the Dao Institute, and she wouldn’t change her mind.

“Chen Xi, if you go against our Dao Institute now, then the consequences would be so severe that you’ll probably be unable to bear it.” Li Lufeng took a deep breath and spoke in a low voice. “If you leave now, then we’ll take it as everything from before had never happened, and we’ll let bygones be bygones. However, if you refuse to realize your errors, then don’t blame us for being merciless!”

The threatening tone in his voice wasn’t concealed at all.

Chen Xi placed his hands behind his back and spoke indifferently. “Are you threatening me?”

“So what if we are? If you continue acting arbitrarily, then don’t even think of leaving today!”

“Exactly! Be a little smarter and vanish right now!”

“Dammit! We’ve already decided to forgive your offence from before, yet you are actually acting ungratefully! You really don’t know what’s good for you!”

Some of the others roared loudly before Li Lufeng could speak, and they spoke aggressively and didn’t take Chen Xi seriously at all.

Li Lufeng’s heart sank as he immediately realized that the situation was bad.

Sure enough, Chen Xi suddenly grinned in the next moment. “Since it’s like that, then I would seem too useless if I didn’t stay behind.

“You should have done that since the beginning.” Kong Youran spoke softly.

In an instant, the atmosphere was confrontational, and it was even more tense and oppressive than before. Even the cultivators in the outside world couldn’t help but become nervous.

“Attack!” Li Lufeng knew the matter was irredeemable, so he immediately decided and shouted explosively.


At practically the exact instant he spoke, all the disciples of the Dao Institute seemed to have been impatient since a long time ago and attacked ferociously.

“You better hold on.” Kong Youran seemed to be very calm when she saw this, and she even had the time to instruct Chen Xi.

“Just take care of yourself.” Chen Xi smiled while he spoke with a calm voice that carried a strand of a powerful and arrogant aura.

Especially his black eyes that were deep like the starry sky. At this moment, a wisp of an extremely cold and murderous glow had suddenly shot out from them!

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