Chapter 1851 – Karmic Luck

It wasn’t just Huai Kong’zi that was unable to arouse any happiness, all the Imperial Monarchs within Convergence Hall were displeased in their hearts as well.

The red robed Grand Priest of the Sovereign Sect, Lei Fu, and the Educator Elder of the Divine Institute, Chi Song’zi didn’t have the mood to ridicule Oracle Mountain and Nuwa’s Dao Palace.

At this moment, their expressions were gloomy while a wisp of anger had surged out from their hearts.

Even if they clearly occupied an advantageous position when compared to Oracle Mountain and Nuwa’s Dao Palace that had suffered heavy losses, their losses were extremely huge as well, in the end!

This had exceeded their expectations.

Everything was originally going according to their plans, but never had they imagined that they’d still lost so many disciples under such circumstances!

On the other hand, the participating disciples from Oracle Mountain and Nuwa’s Dao Palace had mostly fallen into sieges where they were all alone and without any support. However, all of them actually successively erupted with shocking combat strengths and won these battles where they were outnumbered, causing the Sovereign Sect and Divine Institute to suffer great losses.

Especially Chen Xi, just he alone had eliminated 15 disciples from the Sovereign Sect and 14 disciples from the Divine Institute!

This was something that they’d never expected at all!

It was also at this moment that Lei Fu and Chi Song’zi had finally realized that while they’d planned everything accurately, they’d overlooked a single thing — Chen Xi’s combat strength!

Before this, they merely felt that Chen Xi had just advanced into the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm for only a few tens of years, so no matter how formidable his combat strength was, it would at most be on par with disciples like Tu Meng and Hua Yan from Oracle Mountain.

However, everything that occurred now proved that Chen Xi was the greatest trump card that Oracle Mountain had dispatched this time!

They’d witnessed every single one of Chen Xi’s battles throughout this month of time, and they finally understood that the combat strength Chen Xi possessed was entirely sufficient to compete with existences like Leng Xinghun, Kong Youran, and Donghuang Yinxuan!

As for exactly how formidable Chen Xi was, even all of these old fellows were unable to see through him.

Fortunately, the Dao Discussion had only run for less than half its total length, and the Sovereign Sect and Divine Institute still occupied an obvious advantage.

Lei Fu and Chi Song’zi weren’t worried that Chen Xi would be able to stir up trouble.

Because even though numerous disciples from their Sovereign Sect and Divine Institute had been eliminated during this month, all those that remained were elites amongst elites, experts amongst experts!

It was even to the extent that Lei Fu was confident that if Chen Xi encountered Leng Xinghun, then Chen Xi was bound to suffer!

Of course, Chi Song’zi thought the same way as well.

Actually, the true source of Lei Fu and Chi Song’zi’s rage wasn’t all of this, and it wasn’t even related to Oracle Mountain and Nuwa’s Dao Palace.

Their fury came from the Dao Institute!

If one made a detailed comparison of the situation in the Dao Discussion throughout this month of time, one would notice that amongst the disciples of the five extremes of the Imperial Region, the Dao Institute had the smallest losses, and it had become the biggest winner in this month of time!

Not to mention Lei Fu and Chi Song’zi, even most cultivators in the outside world hadn’t expected this at all.

“Amazing! What outstanding methods! Is this move of the Dao Institutes called reaping benefit while two parties contend with each other?” Lei Fu’s expression was gloomy as he sneered.

“Now it would seem like all the participating disciples of the Dao Institute have concealed their strengths deeply, and they are very skilled in the strategy of borrowing force to destroy.” Chi Song’zi grunted coldly.

Both of them spoke successively and didn’t conceal their ridicule and anger at all, and it caused Huai Kong’zi and all the Instructing Elders of the Dao Institute to be displeased in their hearts.

“Fellow Daoists, it’s just common strategy in battle, and it isn’t as complicated as both of you think. Not to mention that everything that has occurred within the Dao Cauldron World is the doing of the disciples of our sects, and there’s no interference of outside forces at all. So, it has naturally not gone against the rules of fairness and impartiality.” Huai Kong’zi took a deep breath and spoke in a low voice.

“Haha. Fellow Daoist, there’s no need to misunderstand. We were just sighing with emotion about how your Dao Institute’s methods this time are truly extraordinary. However, it’s slightly dishonorable as well. I trust that all the Fellow Daoists in the outside world have noticed, so there’s no point in arguing about it.” Lei Fu spoke indifferently, and he fell silent after he said all of this.

Even though Huai Kong’zi didn’t provide another explanation when he heard this, his expression turned even more unsightly.

Just as Lei Fu had said, the actions of their Dao Institute’s disciples within the Dao Cauldron World was slightly embarrassing indeed, and the outside world was probably condemning it right now.

All of this gossip was naturally unable to affect Huai Kong’zi’s mental state, and this was utterly not the thing that hurt and infuriated him the most.

It was… a fact that he’d roughly determined instead!

When he thought up to here, Huai Kong’zi couldn’t help but glance at Imperial Monarch Ying Qin that sat at the seats to the side, and he noticed that Imperial Monarch Ying Qin still seemed carefree at this moment. Huai Kong’zi couldn’t help but feel complicated emotions in his heart.

During this entire process, Wen Ting from Oracle Mountain and Yu Zhen from Nuwa’s Dao Palace had remained silent, and they seemed indifferent towards all of this. Their behavior was slightly unusual.

Huai Kong’zi had noticed this unusualness, and it caused him to feel even more terrified while his mental state actually couldn’t calm down any longer.

No matter what, too many intense confrontations had erupted during this month of time, and countless exciting and shocking battles that caused one to sigh with excitement had been carried out.

The influence of these battles was so great that it could absolutely not be described with a few words.

On the other hand, the Dao Discussion was still going on in the end.

The identity of the final victor and the identity of the 25 disciples that would stand above the rest and enter the next round of the Dao Discussion. Both would only be revealed in two months of time!

The Dao Cauldron World.

Beneath the veil of night, Leng Xinghun had his hands behind his back as he stood on the spot for a long time, and then he sighed lightly. “Looks like we really underestimated the strength possessed by the disciples of Oracle Mountain.”

At his side, the 13 remaining disciples of the Sovereign Sect remained silent.

No one spoke another word, and merely the whistling of the wind resounded through the silent heavens and the earth.

As they recalled everything throughout the past month, even if they were unwilling, they had no choice but to admit that all 10 participating disciples from Oracle Mountain were really extraordinarily formidable existences.

If it wasn’t for that, they wouldn’t have suffered such heavy losses.

“There are only two months remaining, and we can’t continue fighting like this. Otherwise, it would only allow the other powers to benefit in the end.” After a long time, Leng Xinghun spoke abruptly while a deep glow arose in his eyes. “From tomorrow onward, we’ll rest for a period of time. We’ll stop splitting up, and all of you’ll follow me to search for Ancient Dao Engraved Cauldrons. It wouldn’t be too late to make another move against Oracle Mountain once the time is right.”

“Yes!” The others accepted their orders upon hearing this.

“Senior Brother Donghuang, we’ve obtained news that the Sovereign Sect’s group has already changed their strategy. What should we do from now onward?” Zhu Qianyu spoke in a low voice at another area.

“Under such circumstances, the wisest choice would be to lay low for a period of time. I heard that the Dao Institute has become the biggest winner instead. Haha, even I feel slight admiration towards these friends of ours from the Dao Institute.” Donghuang Yinxuan smiled and spoke slowly. “We’ll do as I just said. We only have 22 members left, and we can’t continue fighting like this. Let’s set out together from now onward.”

Zhu Qianyu, Gongsun Mu, Taba Chuan, and the others nodded.

“Senior Brother Shi Yu, there’s still no news of Senior Sister Kong until now. I’m worried… many of the others are also worried that she has suffered misfortune.” A woman in a plain dress spoke with worry.

“I understand.” Shi Yu puckered his lips while he revealed a gloomy expression, and the space between his firm and sharp brows was filled with a murderous aura.

There were six other female disciples from Nuwa’s Dao Palace by his side, and they only formed a group of seven if he was included.

Yet this could already be considered as fortunate.

After all, the seven of them had converged together with great difficulty during this month of time, and they’d encountered countless dangers on the way.

At this point in time, they were even unable to determine exactly how many of the 40 participating disciples from Nuwa’s Dao Palace still remained.

However, they were able to roughly determine that the situation wasn’t hopeful at all!

Because just like Chen Xi, they’d sensed the smell of a plot from the numerous sieges they suffered.

“That damnable Sovereign Sect and Divine Institute. They’d clearly planned this for a very long time, and they’ve definitely utilized some sort of shady methods during the Dao Discussion!” After remaining silent for a long time, Shi Yu’s rage deepened the more he thought about it, and he couldn’t help but curse.

“Senior Brother Shi Yu, it isn’t just them. The Dao Institute seems to have been aware of this since the beginning.” The woman reminded.

Shi Yu was stunned, and the he laughed bitterly and said, “So, in this way, only our Nuwa’s Dao Place was kept in the dark?”

When he spoke up to here, he shook his head again and said, “No, I’m afraid the Oracle Mountain’s Chen Xi and the others are definitely in a similar situation as us.”

The woman and the others remained silent while their hearts felt heavy.

“But all of you don’t have to worry. Senior Sister Kong Youran will definitely be fine. What we have to do now is maintain our strength and exercise forbearance while concentrating on searching for Ancient Dao Engraved Cauldrons. Moreover, perhaps we’ll be able to converge with Senior Sister Kong Youran in a few days.” Shi Yu couldn’t help but speak out when he noticed the atmosphere had fell slightly heavy and silent, and he consoled all of them. However, he sword in his heart. We must demand an explanation after this round of the Dao Discussion comes to an end!

Beneath the veil of night and within an expanse of wilderness, Chen Xi was walking by himself.

A month has passed…. After a long time, he raised his head with an indifferent expression on his face, and he gazed at the full moon that hung above in the night sky while his eyes that were deep like abysses were suffused with an icy cold and bone-piercing glow under the reflection of the moonlight.

He’d defeated countless opponents during this month of time, experienced numerous fierce battles, yet hadn’t encountered a single disciple from Oracle Mountain until now.

Could it be that an existence capable of turning Karmic Luck around really exists in the world? Chen Xi was still unable to figure out why his Karmic Luck had been so bad throughout this month of time, and he’d been besieged successively yet hadn’t encountered a single disciple of Oracle Mountain.

This was too unusual!

Chen Xi very firmly believed that because of how special his fate and destiny were, no one was capable of affecting his Karmic Luck.

However, he was unable to determine if the Karmic Luck of Gu Yan, Hua Yan, Tu Meng, and the others within the Dao Discussion had been changed without them noticing.

Changing Karmic Luck requires one to be a Daolord that has started comprehending the Grand Dao of Destiny at least, right? If it’s really like that, then who would be capable of accomplishing this while the Dao Discussion is being watching by countless people? Chen Xi was unable to figure it out.

The more it was like that, the more furious he felt in his heart, and his expression grew even more indifferent while his killing intent seethed even more!

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