Chapter 185 – Pitch Black Sickle

Chapter 185 – Pitch Black Sickle

The addition of the 10 plus Golden Hall Realm cultivators of the Tantai Clan caused the pressure Chen Xi suffered to instantly reduce greatly. However, right when he intended to pull out of the battlefield and kill the remaining three Golden Core Realm elders of the Han Clan, the situation changed abruptly.

The three Golden Core Realm elders of the Han Clan tried hard to chase after Chen Xi, yet were unable to do so, and boundless flames of rage had accumulated in their hearts to the point their eyes almost split open since long ago. Now, when they saw the Tantai Clan Golden Hall Realm cultivators charge over, they instantly boiled with rage, causing them to change their target and completely vent the surging flames of rage in their chests onto the Tantai Clan Golden Hall Realm cultivators.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

Although these Han Clan Golden Core Realm elders only possessed an initial-stage Golden Core Realm cultivation, Golden Hall Realm cultivators were utterly unable to go against their strength. In the blink of an eye, four Golden Hall Realm cultivators had died miserably at their hands, and every single one of them died in a single strike that was ruthless to the extreme.

This scene greatly exceeded Chen Xi’s expectations, but he understood the reason behind it soon after.

A Golden Core Realm cultivator was a figure that had condensed a golden core from the Door of Life within their bodies, and it was comparable to possessing the roots of the heaven and earth. Once one took root in the Grand Dao, this single step was like the difference between the heavens and the earth. No matter if it was strength, soul, or cultivation, all of them underwent a tremendous change.

This was a qualitative transformation, like an infant maturing into a man, like a caterpillar emerging from its cocoon as a butterfly. The strength and cultivation possessed by a Golden Core Realm cultivator was something that an ordinary Golden Hall Realm cultivator was unable to reach. This was a chasm, a natural barrier, and it was difficult to surmount!

On one hand, the reason Chen Xi was able to easily annihilate the Han Clan’s Golden Core Realm initial-stage Golden Core Realm elder, Han Bai, was because Han Bai had been careless, but most importantly, it was because Chen Xi’s cultivation was too abnormal. He’d comprehended 11 types of Grand Daos, namely the five elements, Yin, Yang, Wind, Star, Lightning, and Sky Grand Dao, and none of them were Minor Daos. Moreover, the strength of his soul had attained the stage of Divine Perception since long ago. He also cultivated the Myriad Convergence Sword Technique, that was a supreme sword cultivation technique in the heavens and the earth, and he’d experienced the tempering of countless slaughters. Everything he possessed allowed him to possess the foundation to surmount a realm and annihilate his enemies, and he was extremely abnormal and far surpassed cultivators at the same cultivation realm.

Simply speaking, it was that Chen Xi’s stage of Dao comprehension, soul, and cultivation had already attained an unbelievable level, and it was even much higher than Golden Core Realm cultivators.

If one were to speak about his weakness, then it would be the quality of his True Essence. Before he experienced the tempering of the Yin and Yang qi of the heaven and earth, he was far from being able to go against Golden Core Realm cultivators. However, after he absorbed the Inner Core of the Six-Winged Blood Dragonbat, this weakness wasn’t a weakness any longer. Because although the quality of his True Essence hadn’t been increased, its amount was a few times more than a Golden Hall Realm cultivator, and it was almost able to rival and be equal with an ordinary Golden Core Realm cultivator.

However, Chen Xi being able to achieve this didn’t mean that other Golden Hall Realm cultivators were able to as well. If it was in Pine Mist City, the strength of those Tantai Clan Golden Hall Realm cultivators was sufficient to open up a sect and widely recruit disciples, yet when facing a Golden Core Realm cultivator, they were instead like ants trying to topple a giant tree, exceedingly weak. Thus, being easily annihilated like dry branches was understandable.


Right at this moment, another Tantai Clan Golden Hall Realm cultivator was annihilated on the spot and had died in a tragic state, and it heavily shook the morale of the cultivators on Chen Xi’s side, whereas, the Han Clan cultivator’s morale surged, and their attacks grew more and more ferocious. If they were unable to turn around the situation soon, Chen Xi and Tantai Zixuan’s group would have no chance of survival.

“Kill!” Chen Xi decided promptly to charge towards an initial-stage Golden Core Realm elder of the Han Clan without the slightest hesitation. This was an awe-inspiring black haired old man who’d already killed three Golden Hall Realm cultivators of the Tantai Clan, and he was extremely ruthless and vicious.

“Junior, it has already come to this, yet you still think you’re able to continue with your unbridled behavior? Die!” Behind him, Han Guyue’s icy cold voice that was filled with killing intent sounded out abruptly, and then a strand of ghastly and terrifying killing intent assaulted him, stimulating the skin on Chen Xi’s back to the point of feeling pain as if it was sliced by sharp blades.

“Then I’ll show you how unbridled I can be!” A trace of ruthlessness flashed within Chen Xi’s eyes. With a command in his heart, an enormous mountain appeared out of thin air with a bang.

This mountain was 3km tall with overflowing violet qi, and it was able to form a gravitational field that covered an area of 3km. When one was within the gravitational field, it wasn’t inferior to carrying a 150,000kg enormous rock on one’s shoulders, causing the pressure one felt to increase explosively and them to move slowly. Those with comparatively weaker strengths would instantly be crushed into a pool of mush and meet a fate of doom. It was exactly the semi-finished earth-rank Magic Treasure, Colossal Copper Mountain!

“Hmm?” A muffled grunt sounded out from behind him, and Han Guyue had obviously fallen into the gravitational field. Moreover, Chen Xi had already sensed that the attack that assaulted him from behind had weakened greatly.

What he wanted was precisely this effect. In no more than one tenth of an instant, he’d already executed the Zhen Sword of Lightning and slashed towards the black haired old man.


Seeming like a descending thunder from the nine heavens and carrying a might like a bolt of lightning that was imposing and swift, ‘Zhen’ was lightning, an irresistible force, and a myriad of its variations was condensed in an instant. Once it struck, it was capable of destroying anything, and its ruthlessness and speed was sufficient to rank at the first position in the Myriad Convergence Sword Scripture.


This move struck down like the god of thunder fiercely swinging down his hammer, and the black haired old man intended to resist, yet was occupied by the Tantai Clan Golden Hall Realm cultivators by his side, causing him to utterly have no room to turn and flee. Instantly, his entire body was slashed into bits by this sword strike before being blazed into nothingness, only leaving behind a golden core that revolved as it floated in midair, and it was grabbed by Chen Xi and tossed into the Buddha’s Pagoda.

“Dammit! Want to trap me with a semi-finished earth-rank Magic Treasure? Fuck off!” In the distance, Han Guyue’s hairs stood on end with anger when he saw another Golden Core Realm elder of the Han Clan being killed, and his arms shook as a pitch black Magic Treasure that was shaped like a sickle appeared in his hand. The sickle was 3m long, its blade a pitch black and cold crescent moon that was peerlessly sharp, and its surface of fully inscribed with endless profound runes that seemed like talismans, inscriptions, and mysterious spells, and black lights revolved around it to condense into innumerable ‘杀’ characters. At the instant it appeared, it caused the surrounding space to collapse and shatter inch by inch, and the hills and plants in an area of 50km seemed as if their vitality was sapped out, causing them to wither and crumble into bits before scattering in the air.

This Magic Treasure was simply like the sickle in the hands of the god of death that reaped the souls of the dead, and its killing intent that caused one’s heart to palpitate with fear flawlessly combined with the Slaughter Grand Dao on Han Guyue’s body, causing him to seem like the god of death that had walked out from the Netherworld and arrived in the world of men to reap the souls of the dead!


A shocking scene appeared with a light swipe of this pitch black sickle, it was like a spirit of the night had unfolded its sharp claws, and the Colossal Copper Mountain was like a piece of paper that was instantly sliced into two halves, causing its spirit energy to disperse and crippling its effect, then it fell down from midair to shatter into countless bits on the ground.

The Colossal Copper Mountain that the Roc King had nurtured and refined for a few thousand of years and was a step away from transforming into an earth-rank Magic Treasure, was actually not a match for a single strike of this pitch black sickle!

What Magic Treasure is this?

How can it possess such monstrous slaughter intent?

It’s simply a peerless weapon of slaughter!

This scene instantly caused the minds of everyone present to shake greatly, and their will to battle almost fell apart and crumbled.

Swish! Swish!However, right at this moment, accompanying two wisps of beautiful, tragic, and scarlet blood, two muffled groans sounded out, and it seemed unusually piercing in this terrifying and uneasy atmosphere. Then, everyone saw the heads of the last two Golden Core Realm cultivators of the Han Clan had actually been pierced through and had died miserably on the spot!


A 10cm tall little person that was handsome and wore white clothes entered into the bodies of the two Golden Core Realm cultivation, and when he emerged once again, there were already two golden cores that shone with a golden glow in his hand.

This little fellow was exactly Ling Bai. When Chen Xi utilized the Colossal Copper Mountain, Ling Bai had already been accumulating force and waiting since long ago, and he’d already made preparations to assassinate the Golden Core Realm cultivators in secret. After that, he seized the instant everyone’s minds were off guard at this moment to brazenly set out right away, and he was like a peerless assassin that was concealed in the sky, taking two lives the instant he made a move!

All of this wasn’t luck, as Ling Bai himself was the strongest weapon in the hands of his Master, a rare Sword Soul, and he even possessed the inheritance of the supreme Nirvana Sword Dao within him. Later on, Ji Yu had used the Soulfuse Arts to combine him with the Seventhgold Swordbamboo, and he’d already transformed into a spirit body existence that was like a Magic Treasure, yet wasn’t, providing him with the ability to cultivate and advance like humans to the point of stepping on the pathway to immortality.

Coupled with the unknown amount of Chen Xi’s treasures that he’d swallowed over these past few years and the corpse of the Six-Winged Blood Dragonbat that he refined in the end, he’d successfully advanced to the point that his strength was already equivalent to a Golden Core Realm cultivator.

At this moment, when launching an unexpected sneak attack, if he wasn’t able to kill his enemies, then how would he be worthy of the various precious treasures that he’d swallowed?

Presently, all the four Han Clan Golden Core Realm cultivators present had fallen. Moreover, they weren’t in time to detonate their golden cores before being killed. This indirectly reflected that the level of tacit understanding between Chen Xi and Ling Bai had already attained the state of being flawless.

At this moment, amongst the Han Clan members that had arrived, only Han Guyue, the sole Patriarch who’d lost all the experts he brought with him, his son Han Wenjun, and the maidservant Xiao Jun remained.

The losses at the side of the Tantai Clan was disastrous as well, only a mere four people still accompanied by Tantai Zixuan’s side, and the other Golden Hall Realm cultivators had met their doom.

“All of you… All of you deserve death, all of you must die!” A hoarse and low voice sounded out. Han Guyue held the 3m long pitch black sickle with a warped and icy cold expression, and the rage in his eyes seemed to want to melt everything in the world.

The heaviness of the Han Clan’s losses this time was utterly immeasurable. All its higher-ups had been wiped out, and it would take god knows how long for the Han Clan to recover.

Most importantly, after losing so much strength, the situation of his Han Clan in Oceanic City would become precarious, and it was constantly in danger of being annihilated.

So Han Guyue was already completely enraged, like a lion that had fallen into a state of mad rage and intended to swallow everyone up!

“Slaughter Dao Territory! Kill! Kill! Kill!” Seeming like the howls of fiends from the depths of the abyss, a golden core shot out from the top of Han Guyue’s head, and a brilliant light circulated before the heaven and earth instantly changed into a completely different scene.

The heaven and earth were completely pitch black as black mists roiled and surged like tidewater. Spirits, bones, seas of blood, tombs, and every scene that carried the aura of death and slaughter could be seen here, and the scenes changed ceaselessly.

All of this was like the deep and boundless night of ancient times where there was no light and evil grew everywhere without end. This was the Slaughter Dao Territory Han Guyue condensed based on the Slaughter Grand Dao, and its killing intent surged into the sky!

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