Chapter 1849 – Worrying

Looks like this really is a plot that was prepared for a long time! Chen Xi stood at the peak of a mountain as he gazed towards the distance, and his expression gradually turned indifferent as he recalled everything that had occurred in this period of day and night.

At this moment, it was deep into the night, and dawn was at hand. Everything was deathly silent, and the heavens and the earth emanated a strand of a strange aura of silence.

If Gu Yan and the others suffer any mishaps, then all of you… will pay the price! After standing in silence for a long time, a wisp of terrifying killing intent surged out from Chen Xi’s eyes and it flashed momentarily before vanishing.

In the next moment, his figure flashed, and he left the mountain peak and continued forward.

He couldn’t stay on the spot because he really didn’t have the mood to settle down at a spot until he found Gu Yan and the others.

It wasn’t long before a strand of golden light tore through the ink black night sky, and it appeared in the sky. It was a Suncrow, and it had swiftly transformed into a scorching sun that illuminated the entire Dao Cauldron World.

The veil of night retreated, and daybreak arrived.

A new day had arrived.

A new day arrived.

However, no matter if it was the great figures of the Ancient God Domain that were spectating from the Square of Vie or the numerous cultivators in Ten Direction City, there were still many that were discussing everything that had occurred last night.

They were discussing the peak battle where Chen Xi defeated five enemies by himself.

That battle had truly exceeded their imagination. It was like a miracle, and they had no choice but to pay attention to it.

However, in next to no time, a sudden wave of exclaims destroyed this atmosphere.

“What’s that?”

“My god! How could this have happened?”

“It seems to be a disciple of Oracle Mountain!”

These exclaims of surprise rose and fell. Moreover, it wasn’t just the attention of the cultivators in Ten Direction City that was drawn over by this wave of exclaims, and the spectators in the Square of Vie were the same.

Within Convergence Hall.

Huai Kong’zi’s pupils constricted abruptly while the corners of his mouth couldn’t help but twitch.

Wen Ting, Yu Zhen, Lei Fu, Chi Song’zi, and all the other great figures from the five extremes of the Imperial Region had shot their gazes towards the Divine Screen of the Heavens.

In merely a short moment, the wine cup in Wen Ting’s hand was silently crushed into powder yet she seemed to have not realized at all, and her clear eyes were surging with a wisp of coldness.

Yu Zhen’s beautiful brows raised as she glanced at Wen Ting with slight worry.

The gloomy expressions of Lei Fu and Chi Song’zi eased up greatly at this moment, and it was even to the extent that both of them laughed coldly in a complacent manner.

“Karma has arrived.” Lei Fu was unable to resist in the end and chuckled as he spoke.

It was merely three words, but as it resounded amidst the silent atmosphere in this spacious hall, it vividly displayed his delighted state of mind.

Within the Dao Cauldron World, the morning sun hung high in the sky, and it emanated brilliant and resplendent light.

However, at this moment, an expanse of a vast and luxuriant mountain range had been transformed into a scene of desolation. The ground had cracked apart and spatial turbulence whistled through the surroundings. Signs of destruction and chaos were everywhere, and it was horrifying.

An extremely intense battle had obviously occurred here, and it had transformed this area in an expanse of desolate ruins that was devoid of any vitality.

At this moment, a single figure stood all along amidst the ruins. His entire body was bathed in blood while injuries covered his entire body. There wasn’t a single inch of skin on his body that was intact, and his face was ghastly pale to the extreme.

When looked at from afar, he was like a man made from blood, and as the dazzling sunlight shone upon his body, the blood and injuries on his body were especially clear and bright red, causing others to shudder with terror.

It was truly difficult to imagine how he was actually still able to persist in standing after suffering such heavy injuries, and his backbone was still straight like a spear. He revealed an unyielding spirit.

Especially his eyes, they even revealed a resolute and composed expression!

If Chen Xi was here, he would definitely be able to discern to his shock that this was Ai Dongqing that was ranked at the 5th amongst the third generation disciples of Oracle Mountain!

Huff~ Huff~

At this moment, Ai Dongqing was gasping for breath like a fish that was struggling at the bottom of a dried river.

Unfortunately, even if his will was extraordinary, and his endurance was shocking, he was unable to suppress the violet energy that was ceaselessly rampaging through his entire body.

On the contrary, along with the passage of time, this violent energy was ceaselessly spreading throughout his body, and it brought boundless torture and pain to him.

However, he didn’t exclaim with pain nor did he cry out loudly with rage, and he just persisted silently like this.

In the end, a miracle didn’t occur.

Ai Dongqing’s figures that was standing up straight like a spear crashed to the ground.

I’m really unwilling to leave just like this! When he noticed a strand of the energy of the heavens and the earth surge out and forcefully transport his figure out of the Dao Cauldron World, Ai Dongqing couldn’t help but sigh at the bottom of his heart.

Numerous figures flashed before his eyes.

They were all disciples of the Sovereign Sect.

Earlier, Ai Dongqing had been encircled and crushed by them.

Not long after Ai Dongqing’s figure vanished in the Dao Cauldron World, numerous figures appeared out of thin air on the desolate battlefield.

The person in the lead had a mighty and impressive appearance. His long hair was red like blood, and as he stood there casually, he was like an imperial overlord that had descended to the world.

He was exactly the number one expert of the Sovereign Sect, Leng Xinghun!

“Eldest Senior Brother, why didn’t you eliminate him earlier?” One of them asked.

“Doing that would be letting him off too easily.” Leng Xinghun spoke in a light voice while he played with an Ancient Dao Engraved Cauldron in his hand, and he spoke in a casual tone. “Wouldn’t it be better to utilize this fellow from Oracle Mountain to show all the cultivators in the outside world what the consequences of offending our Sovereign Sect is?”

The other four cultivators of the Sovereign Sect finally came to an understanding about why Leng Xinghun didn’t eliminate that fellow earlier.

“Come. Even though this fellow’s combat strength wasn’t bad, it’s unable to compare with figures like Gu Yan and Hua Yan in the end. However, his luck wasn’t bad as he actually obtained an Ancient Dao Engraved Cauldron.” Leng Xinghun smiled as he put away the cauldron in his hand, and then he placed his hands behind his back and left.

“That Leng Xinghun is really ruthless!”

When they witnessed all of this, many cultivators in the outside world were extremely horrified, and they were terrified by Leng Xinghun’s cruel methods of torture.

“Hmph! If it was a one on one battle, then that disciple from Oracle Mountain might not have been eliminated. Not to mention that it’s only a Dao Discussion. Is there any need to be so cruel and ruthless?” Some were displeased by the Sovereign Sect’s actions.

“This is unavoidable. Don’t forget that the Sovereign Sect and Oracle Mountain have been enemies for generations. Since the ancient times until now, they’ve always been in in confrontation like water and fire, so it’s naturally impossible for battles between their disciples to be friendly.” Someone else sighed as he realized that Leng Xinghun’s actions were probably a warning for everyone else.

“Oracle Mountain only has 10 disciples participating in the Dao Discussion, and they’re all dispersed throughout the Dao Cauldron World and acting on their own. When compared to the Sovereign Sect and the Divine Institute, the situation they’re in is slightly dangerous.”

“Even though Chen Xi has successfully dealt with that encirclement from before, Ai Dongqing was eliminated from the Dao Discussion. If such a situation continues, then more and more disciples from Oracle Mountain will probably be eliminated!”

“If one observes carefully, one can notice that no matter if it’s the disciples of the Sovereign Sect or the Divine Institute, all of them are acting in groups, and they’re targeting the disciples of Oracle Mountain that reside in various different areas. They’ve clearly joint forces with the intention of eliminating the disciples of Oracle Mountain first!”

This was the common view of most cultivators. They’d determined that the situation within the Dao Cauldron World was really not promising for the disciples of Oracle Mountain.

Wen Ting had naturally realized this as well.

But she didn’t say anything. She just stared at the Divine Screen of the Heavens with a calm and icy cold expression. No one was able to guess what she was thinking.

On the first day of the Dao Discussion, everyone was shocked by the victory Chen Xi obtained in a battle where he was outnumbered.

Yet on this second day of the Dao Discussion, after they witnessed Leng Xinghun’s cruel methods, everyone had started to feel extremely worried for the situation the disciples of Oracle Mountain were in.

Chen Xi was completely unaware of all of this.

He travelled all along the way with the hope of finding the tracks of a disciple from Oracle Mountain, but when the veil of night had descended once more, he’d still gained nothing.

This caused Chen Xi’s expression to grow even more indifferent, and he even seemed to be completely expressionless.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

When it was deep in the night, Chen Xi’s heart suddenly jerked when he arrived at the peak of an extremely precipitous mountain.

Right at this moment, a vast group of figures that were at least over 30 in number had flashed through the sky extremely far away from him.

“The disciples of the Dao Institute.” Chen Xi’s eyes narrowed. He was just about to flash away and retreat. However, he’d never expected that right when he intended to leave, the disciples of the Dao Institute suddenly changed their direction and flew towards the side.

Because he possessed an Ancient Dao Engraved Cauldron, Chen Xi didn’t believe that they hadn’t noticed him. However, they actually reacted in such a way, and it caused Chen Xi to be unable to help but frown.

These fellows intend to avoid battle? But isn’t doing that a little too conservative? Chen Xi acutely realized that there was something off about their reaction, but he was unable to determine exactly where the problem was.

Could it be that they’d heard the Sovereign Sect is targeting the disciples of my Oracle Mountain, so they’re unwilling to interfere? In the end, after thinking about it for some time, Chen Xi felt that this reason was barely rational.

Suddenly, a wisp of an extremely cold glow arose in his eyes. Because he’d suddenly realized that all the disciples of the Dao Institute had actually converged together and were acting together!

Normally, this wasn’t a problem at all, but in the Dao Cauldron World, it seemed to be very unusual.

After all, he’d seen the disciples of the Sovereign Sect converged together, and he’d seen the disciples of the Dao Institute converged together, yet he just so happened to be unable to contact the disciples of Oracle Mountain. This was obviously unusual!

Looks like the Dao Institute knew of this plot since the beginning…. A wisp of indescribable anger surged out from Chen Xi’s heart. For the very first time, he started to doubt the fairness of this Dao Discussion.

If you’re unable to provide an explanation after this round of the Dao Discussion ends, then don’t blame my Oracle Mountain for not letting it slide! Chen Xi took a deep breath to forcefully restrain the rage and killing intent in his heart, and then he vanished within the boundless night sky.

All the participating disciples of the Sovereign Sect were once again converged together beneath the veil of night.

“So, since last night until now, five of our companions have been eliminated, yet merely Ai Dongqing was eliminated from the Oracle Mountain’s side?” Leng Xinghun’s voice carried a trace of coldness and fierceness.

The others remained silent like cicadas in the winter.

Leng Xinghun changed the topic and asked abruptly. “Has there still been no movement from the Divine Institute?”

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