Chapter 1848 – Shocking The Entire City

Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm experts capable of cultivating to the point of possessing the strength to participate in the Dao Discussion were definitely world shocking existences, and the mental state and endurance of such figures were absolutely extraordinary.

However, that Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm expert from the Sovereign Sect let out an extremely miserable shrill cry, and after he was blasted flying, he didn’t even have the chance to struggle before he’d been forcefully eliminated from the Dao Discussion.

Exactly what sort of terrifying attack did he encounter?

What sort of pain did he suffer?

No one was aware.

Nor did anyone know how he lost so quickly!

So, when they witnessed this scene, numerous cultivators were amazed and felt extremely shocked.

They were unable to imagine that this was accomplished by Chen Xi.

After all, he was in a battle against five opponents, so nobody looked favorably upon Chen Xi who was all alone. When they saw he was able to resist them by himself, it had exceeded their expectations, and when they saw such a scene now, it even caused them to be astounded. It was unimaginable to them.

But no matter what, that expert of the Sovereign Sect had been eliminated in the end.

This was a fact!

In the Convergence Hall, the wisp of a grin on the corners of Lei Fu’s mouth had frozen, his pupils had constricted, and his expression had suddenly turned gloomy.

Chi Song’zi was stunned, and a wisp of surprise and doubt arose in the space between his brows while he puckered his lips and kept silent.

When they saw this, everyone within the hall finally understood the meaning behind Wen Ting’s words from before.

Those that court death will never face a good outcome in the end?

These words seemed to have come true.

Yu Zhen glanced at Wen Ting with surprise, and she praised. “Your Young Martial Uncle is extraordinary indeed.”

“Of course.” Wen Ting grinned. Truthfully speaking, Chen Xi’s ability to accomplish this had given her a pleasant surprise.

Most importantly, she noticed to her surprise that the show had only just begun!


In the Dao Cauldron World, the battle was still going on. The heavens and the earth rumbled, and the world was in chaos.

The defeat of that expert from the Sovereign Sect was like a sign, and it caused the equally matched situation to suddenly lean down in Chen Xi’s favor.


After a short moment, a wisp of sword qi shot into the sky. Its cold glow dazzled the nine heavens and shook the stars!

This sword strike was truly too dazzling, and it was really terrifying. A Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm expert of the Sovereign Sect didn’t even have the chance to let out a shrill cry before he suddenly transformed into a wisp of white light, and he was forcefully teleported out of the Dao Cauldron World!

This meant that the Laws of the heavens and the earth that filled the Dao Cauldron World had determined that expert of the Sovereign Sect was unable to endure the might of this strike nor could he avoid it, so he would definitely die upon being struck by it!

“Another has been defeated!”

The hearts of many cultivators in the outside world jerked, and they gasped.


Before they could recover from their shock, Chen Xi moved with profound footwork with the Banisher in his hand, and he like a peerless exalt of the sword as peerless Sword Insight flashed through the sky and crushed another expert!

Exclaims of surprise!



In the outside world, so long as it was a cultivator that had witnessed this scene, then every single one of them was astounded. They were deeply shocked by the peerlessly overbearing methods that Chen Xi revealed.

Earlier, when Chen Xi entered into battle with those five experts of the Sovereign Sect, most cultivators realized that Chen Xi’s combat strength was extraordinarily formidable.

But they’d never imagined that he would actually be able to accomplish this while being outnumbered!


After merely a short moment, another expert of the Sovereign Sect was eliminated. His entire chest had been cut open, and if the energy of the heavens and the earth hadn’t appeared in time to transport him away by force, then he would have almost lost his life.

At this moment, the atmosphere in Convergence Hall instantly became deathly silent to the limit, and it was silent to the point a falling needle could be heard.

Only Wen Ting muttered in a light voice. “That’s the fourth.”

The dust and dirt dispersed.

The last remaining expert of the Sovereign Sect had realized that the situation was bad, and he turned around and tore through the sky to flee.

If one looked carefully, one could clearly discern that his face was livid while his eyes were filled with terror and anger. Even if he was fleeing, his hands still trembled uncontrollably.

He was really afraid, he was terrified.

He’d never imagined that he would actually encounter such a terrifying opponent like Chen Xi from amongst those of the same cultivation realm. It was simply like facing a lofty mountain that couldn’t be shaken, and it caused him to feel a strand of despair and powerlessness.

When he watched his companions being horribly defeated and eliminated one by one and when he clearly noticed the might possessed by the sword qi Chen Xi execute, even his strong Dao Heart couldn’t help but tremble, and he was unable to maintain his composure.

It felt like he was a sheep that was facing a lion that had launched a slaughter in silence!

This sort of feeling wasn’t unfamiliar to him. But after cultivating for so many years until now, he’d only felt it from his Eldest Senior Brother, Leng Xinghun.

In other words, Chen Xi was the second existence that caused him to feel such despair and helplessness!


I must flee!

This Chen Xi is too terrifying. Perhaps… he can only be crushed if Eldest Senior Brother Leng Xinghun makes a move against him?

This expert of the Sovereign Realm was breathing rapidly like a fish that was on the verge of suffocating, and he yearned to escape this dangerous place. The further the better.

“Do you think you’ll be able to flee today?” A calm and indifferent voice suddenly resounded. But when it resounded in the ears of that expert from the Sovereign Sect, it was no different than a thunderclap.

His entire figure stiffened while his expression changed abruptly. He practically didn’t hesitate to utilize the bronze chain in his hand to attack Chen Xi ferociously.


A world shaking sound of collision resounded. A wail resounded from the extremely long, thick, and icy cold bronze chain was that branded with countless dense markings of the Dao, and it was like a dead snake that had lost all its might.

That expert from the Sovereign Sect intended to struggle, yet he suddenly felt pain come from his throat, and it was like a pair of iron pincers had grabbed ahold of his throat. The vital blood within his entire body was suppressed by enormous and copious strength, and he completely lost all his strength.

When he raised his head, he saw a handsome face had appeared before him.

He was instantly completely dispirited.

“Tell me how you found me, and I’ll let you go right now.” Chen Xi spoke calmly with a voice that was completely devoid of emotion.

That person was stunned, and then a wisp of dense ridicule suddenly suffused the corners of his mouth. “Idiot. This is only a Dao Discussion. Do you think you can kill me?”

Chen Xi frowned and said, “You saw what happened to those four companions of yours. Even though they’ve been eliminated from the Dao Discussion, their souls and Dao Heart have suffered a heavy injury, and it isn’t so easy to completely recover from that. This means that their future charge into the Imperial Monarch Realm might be affected.”

That person’s pupils constricted when he heard this, and he gritted his teeth and said, “You… how ruthless!”

Chen Xi said indifferently, “No matter how ruthless I am, I can’t compare to your Sovereign Sect.”

Under the veil of night and in the sky above the battlefield that was in utter ruins, Chen Xi stood by himself while holding the throat of that expert from the Sovereign Sect, and he raised the fellow.

A perfectly round moon that emanated clear radiance resided above them.

This scene didn’t seem bloody, yet it revealed a force that shook the heart.

That person was silent for a long time before he suddenly sneered and said, “Chen Xi, just go ahead. I’ll be waiting for you in the outside world. It won’t be just you. All the disciples of your Oracle Mountain will be bound to be unable to avoid being eliminated!”

As soon as he finished speaking, he suddenly roared while a strand of violent divine energy surged within his entire body, and he seemed as if he intended to put up a desperate fight against Chen Xi.


Killing intent flashed in Chen Xi’s eyes while he exerted strength with his palm. However, he hadn’t been able to crush the throat of this expert of the Sovereign Sect. Because a strand of the energy of the heavens and the earth had surged out at this critical moment, and it was like the hand of the heavens as it forcefully blasted Chen Xi away.


In the next moment, that expert from the Sovereign Sect was forcefully taken away by that strand of the energy of the heavens and the earth, and he vanished from Chen Xi’s sight.

Chen Xi’s eyes narrowed and forcefully restrained the seething killing intent in his heart. In the end, he shook his head helplessly.

The energy of the heavens and the earth came from the Dao Transformation Source Cauldron, and it maintained the entire Dao Cauldron World. It was utterly not something he could go against.

According to Chen Xi’s inference, even an Imperial Monarch would probably be unable to resist this sort of energy of the heavens and the earth.

Unless… it was a Daolord!


Chen Xi didn’t hesitate to turn around and leave the battlefield.

The commotion created here was too great, and he possessed an Ancient Dao Engraved Cauldron as well. So, it was extremely easy for it to draw the attention of others.

This battle that erupted abruptly had come to an end at this moment.

However, a wisp of deep worry had surged out from Chen Xi’s heart. Even I’ve suffered such a surprise attack, so… what about Gu Yan and the others?

Did they encounter such danger as well?

The people in the outside world were unaware of the worries in Chen Xi’s heart. When they saw Chen Xi defeat those five Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm experts of the Sovereign Sect by himself and eliminate them from the Dao Discussion, it caused them to be unable to help but erupt into an uproar.

“Formidable! Too formidable! This is the combat strength of Oracle Mountain’s Chen Xi. If I didn’t witness it with my own two eyes, how could I have dared to believe he is already formidable to such an extent?” Someone was excited and was shocked by Chen Xi’s combat strength.

“With this battle behind him, Oracle Mountain’s Chen Xi can rival figures like Leng Xinghun, Kong Youran, Donghuang Yinxuan, and Yea Chen.”

“Extraordinary! I thought only Oracle Mountain’s Gu Yan could save the situation, but now it would seem like I’ve slightly underestimated the ability of Oracle Mountain.”

“How exactly does this Chen Xi cultivate? I heard that he was merely a Domain Enlightened Spirit God a few dozen years ago, yet he’s already formidable to such an extent now? Inconceivable! Truly inconceivable!”

This battle caused the cultivators in Ten Direction City to seethe with excitement. No one had imagined that such an unprecedented battle where one defeated his enemies while being outnumbered would actually erupt when not even two days had passed since the Dao Discussion had begun. So, it instantly lit up the fervor and excitement in their hearts.

On the other hand, Chen Xi had entered into the limelight overnight, and countless people took delight in talking about him.

Fighting five opponents by himself yet still being able to obtain the final victory. This itself was like an impossible miracle, and it was extremely shocking.

However, all of them were very clearly aware that it was just the beginning of the Dao Discussion, and the final outcome would only be determined three months from now.

It was precisely because of this that their discussions were filled with anticipation.

Convergence Hall.

Lei Fu’s face was cold as ice.

Chi Song’zi puckered his lips and remained silent.

Huai Kong’zi exclaimed with admiration in his heart instead, and he was shocked by the ability that Chen Xi revealed. However, out of consideration for the situation here, he couldn’t express it.

On the other hand, Wen Ting smiled and emptied the wine in her cup.

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