Chapter 1843 – Fight For Supremacy

After he activated the Divine Screen of the Heavens, Huai Kong’zi returned to the hall, and he instructed the Instructing Elders of the Dao Institute, Rong Xun, Lin Heng, Ying Qin, and the others, the entertain Wen Ting and the others well.

However, Huai Kong’zi himself had hastily entered into the depths of the hall, and in the blink of an eye, he’d entered into a Secret Realm that was filled with Chaotic Qi.

“Martial uncle Cai Ya, the first round has begun.” Huai Kong’zi bowed and spoke.

“Go on. No matter what unexpected event occurs during the Dao Discussion, you must remember to uphold fairness, and you absolutely can’t side with any side, including our own Dao Institute.” Cai Ya’s aged voice resounded.

“Yes.” Huai Kong’zi cupped his hands, accepted his orders, and left.

Right when he left, an aged figure appeared amidst the boundless Chaotic Qi, it was merely indistinctly visible.

“Dean, what do you think?” The aged figure looked towards the depths of the Chaotic Qi and asked in a light voice.

“Allow them to scheme against each other. Our Dao Institute can’t interfere in it and can’t be bothered to interfere. It’s fine so long as everything is done according to the rules.” After a long time, a sigh resounded from the depths of the boundless Chaotic Qi, and it was filled with a tone of compassion and worry for the world.

“Scheme?” The aged was stunned, and then he acutely noticed that the situation seemed to be slightly unusual.

Unfortunately, that voice hadn’t resounded again.

This caused the aged figure to stand on the spot and stare blankly as he pondered deeply for a long time. In the end, he couldn’t help but sigh and mutter. “Indeed, on the surface, this competition is being carried out to fight for the fortune to enter the Forgotten Grounds of Chaos. But in reality… isn’t it another game where Oracle Mountain and Nuwa’s Dao Palace are up against the Sovereign Sect and Divine Institute?”

At practically the exact same time.

Oracle Mountain.

Wu Xuechan stood on the peak of the mountain. His gaze was deep as he looked silently at the ocean of clouds that roiled without end.

“If Master was still here, then we wouldn’t be in such a passive state.” After a short while, Wu Xuechan suddenly sighed.

“The methods of the Sovereign Sect’s Master are difficult to deduce indeed. However, we may not necessarily lose in this fight.” Suddenly, a voice that was filed with a cold and indifferent tone resounded.

Along with this voice, the Second Founding Ancestor of Oracle Mountain, Di Shun, arrived swiftly on a green lotus, and he arrived by Wu Xuechan’s side.

“Martial Uncle, I’m just worried about Little Junior Brother.” Wu Xuechan frowned and said, “He possesses the River Diagram, and his father, Chen Lingjun, was even the junior brother of the Sovereign Sect’s Master while he reincarnated in the three dimensions. Coupled with the fact that I killed the Divine Sovereign Priest Mo Lin a few years ago. Under such circumstances, the Sovereign Sect will definitely seize this opportunity to cause trouble for him.”

“Don’t forget that Chen Lingjun was once your junior brother, Daoist Sheng Ji. Since this kid, Chen Xi, was able to come so far, he has long since possessed a path towards the Dao of his own. No matter what happens, so long as it isn’t an utter calamity, then everything would just be like a whetstone for him.

“A blade will only get sharper the more it rubs against a whetstone.

“This kid, Chen Xi, is the same.”

Di Shun had his hands behind his back as he spoke calmly. “Actually, instead of the Dao Discussion, I attach most importance to the Forgotten Grounds of Chaos.”

A wisp of shocking divine light flashed abruptly in Wu Xuechan’s eyes, and he said, “Martial Uncle, could it be that this unexpected event will erupt from the Forgotten Grounds of Chaos?”

A wisp of a complicated expression suddenly arose in Di Shun’s eyes, and he said, “Perhaps. That place is too unfathomable, and no one dares to speak irresponsibly about it.”

Wu Xuechan was stunned, and then he said with a smile, “Nevermind, I won’t think too much about it. At this moment, I presume the Dao Discussion has already begun. Let me see exactly what sort of tricks the Sovereign Sect and Divine Institute can play this time.”

Di Shun smiled as well. “With Chen Xi there, all schemes will be confusing and impossible to determine. We can only wait and see.”

The Sovereign Sect.

At the most supreme Boundless Sovereign Realm.

The heavens and the earth here were grey and dim, boundlessly vast, and indistinct. It seemed like nothing existed here, not even space, and everything had fallen into an ‘empty’ state.

The Dao was everywhere, so it was empty!

However, a moment later, an old man with a hunched figure that was thin like bamboo, a face that was densely covered in wrinkles, and an extremely muddy pair of eyes had suddenly appeared in this deathly silent expanse of the heavens and the earth.

Surprisingly, it was the Divine Sovereign Priest Xu Tuo!

“Sect Master, the Dao Discussion has begun, and everything is being carried out as expected. Nothing unexpected has occurred.” Xu Tuo spoke with a hoarse and low voice, and it drifted through the empty world as if he was muttering to himself.

“Nothing unexpected happened? That’s slightly unusual.” At practically the exact same moment that Xu Tuo finished speaking, a grand voice that was filled with a boundlessly dignified aura and didn’t contain even a trace of emotion had suddenly surged through the heavens and the earth.

Xu Tuo raised his head while his muddy eyes suddenly became extremely deep and bright at this instant. He seemed to be lost in thought as he said, “Sect Master, you mean that Oracle Mountain and Nuwa’s Dao Palace have already made preparations?”

“That would be something normal. Remember, never think that they are very simple. After all these years, we were merely able to force Fuxi to leave, and if we want to eliminate them, then it doesn’t just require time and patience, it requires great fortune as well.

“Without this critical factor, it’s impossible accomplish anything.” The voice of the Sovereign Sect’s Master was calm, far, and like the Heaven Dao reading its decree aloud, and it was filled with a deterring force that struck directly at the heart.

“A critical factor.” Xu Tuo sighed and was slightly dejected.

At this moment, he was completely unaware that the Dao Institute’s Daolord Cai Ya and Oracle Mountain’s Wu Xuechan had both sighed at this very time and moment towards the Dao Discussion that couldn’t be deduced at all.

It was a mental state of being unable to deduce or control. No matter how lofty their cultivations were, all of them would encounter such a problem.

This was like it was said, ordinary men have their own problems while gods have their own struggles as well.

“There’s no need to worry. The cataclysm hasn’t arrived. This fight for supremacy is merely a fight for victory, it’s merely a fight for Karmic Luck.” The voice of the Sovereign Sect’s Master continued to resound. “Go on. Take good care of the Luck Reversing Disk and everything will be solved with ease.”

“Yes.” Xu Tuo nodded, and then his thin figure hunched once more while his eyes became muddy again. He seemed like an old man that was on the verge of death, and he hobbled towards the distance and swiftly vanished within this grey colored world.

“After so many years, it’s time for a battle.”

This was the emotional sigh spoken by the Founding Ancestor of Nuwa’s Dao Palace on this very day.

“It’s extremely difficult for such divine luck to appear in the Ancient God Domain. The Dao Discussion is a minor matter, yet the meaning it carries is sufficient to affect the Ancient God Domain for countless years!” At the same time, the Dean of the Divine Institute sighed with emotion as well.

“180 peerless Universe Enlightened Ancestral Gods, yet only 25 can obtain a Ancient Dao Engraved Cauldron and enter the second round in the end. Aren’t the rules a little too cruel!?”

“Yeah, 155 people are being eliminated in an instant. This Dao Discussion is bound to be extremely intense. I wonder exactly how many people from the five great supreme powers will be able to obtain Ancient Dao Engraved Cauldrons.”

“It’s hard to say. It’s hard to say indeed.”

“In my opinion, even though it’s impossible to determine exactly how many Universe Enlightened Ancestral Gods from each of the five great powers will obtain an Ancient Dao Engraved Cauldron, but I dare to say that the Sovereign Sect’s Leng Xinghun, the Nuwa’s Dao Palace’s Kong Youran, Oracle Mountain’s Gu Yan, the Divine Institute’s Donghuang Yinxuan, and the Dao Institute’s Yea Chen will definitely be able to enter smoothly into the second round.”

“Isn’t that obvious?”

“Heh. All of you are truly too simple. There isn’t a single ordinary figure amongst all the experts participating in the Dao Discussion. Don’t come too conclusions too early!”

The gazes of everyone within Ten Direction City had converged onto the Divine Screen of the Heavens, and all of them were discussing the first round of the Dao Discussion.

“Where’s Chen Xi?” At the seats for the spectators on the Square of Vie, Shentu Yanran, Le Wuhen, Yuqiu Jing, Zhuanyu Shui, and the others were staring at the Divine Screen of the Heavens while searching for Chen Xi’s tracks.

“Don’t worry. Chen Xi is the junior brother of Oracle Mountain’s Grand Lord, Wu Xuechan. He possesses heaven defying ability. He definitely won’t be eliminated during this round of the Dao Discussion.” Shentu Qingyuan smiled as he spoke from the side. Even though he spoke in this way, his gaze was similarly searching through the Divine Screen of the Heavens.

All the scenes within the Dao Cauldron World was revealed on the Divine Screen of the Heavens, and it allowed others to clearly witness everything that was occurring within the Dao Cauldron World.

“Look, quickly!” Shentu Yanran’s eyes lit up as she stared at a certain spot.

The others looked over. Sure enough, they saw a tall figure on a gorge between mountains in the Dao Cauldron World.

“Alright, now we can finally see exactly how formidable this fellow has become in these past few years!”

“Right, I heard the First Star Imperial Monarch, Ye Nandu, from the Eternal Ye Clan perished at this fellow’s hand. I have to personally witnesses his strength this time.”

Le Wuhen, Yuqiu Jing, and the others revealed expressions of excitement and anticipation.

At this moment, the dense expanse of cultivators seated on the Square of Vie and came from the various top-rate powers throughout the Ancient God Domain were searching for people they knew. All of them were filled with anticipation that the people they knew would be able to persist until the end and obtain the final victory.

The Dao Cauldron World.


Chen Xi’s figure flickered like an ethereal shadow, and he moved through the landscape.

He didn’t utilize his will out of cautiousness, and he utilized the Daoseal Mark within his soul. Because once he utilized his will, at the same time that he noticed his enemies, his tracks would be exposed as well.

On the other hand, the Daoseal Mark was different. It was shapeless, invisible, and extremely hidden. He didn’t just have no need to worry about being detected by others, he could even capture the conversations of his opponents that were carried out via voice transmission.

180 people were teleported to different corners of this Dao Cauldron World. This is slightly difficult to deal with…. Chen Xi acutely noticed that the Dao Cauldron World was extremely unique. There was a strand of invisible energy of restriction that caused him to be utterly unable to utilize the unique secret technique of Oracle Mountain to contact Gu Yan, Hua Yan, Tu Meng, and the other participating disciples.

When facing such a thing, Chen Xi could only consider it as part of the test, and it wasn’t just he who encountered such a situation. Even the disciples of the other powers would probably be in such a situation as well.

Unfortunately, Chen Xi didn’t know that at the exact same time, the disciples of the Sovereign Sect and Divine Sect actually seemed as if their hearts were connected, and as soon as they arrived at the Dao Cauldron World, they very tacitly converged towards the same area!

This was obviously slightly unusual.

Unfortunately, all of this occurred in an extremely secretive manner, and the others in the outside world would have utterly not imagined that the Dao Cauldron World would have such restrictions. So, they didn’t notice that anything was off.

Only Huai Kong’zi frowned imperceptibly, and he glanced at Imperial Monarch Ying Qin with a slightly doubtful faze.

The latter had a calm expression and was conversing in a low voice with Imperial Monarch Lin Heng who stood by his side.

In the end, Huai Kong’zi sighed in his heart, and then he shook his head and thought no more about it.

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