Chapter 1840 – Desire For Battle

The members of the Sovereign Sect and Divine Institute left with rage, and the originally confrontational atmosphere within the hall had immediately vanished without a trace.

“Thank you.” Wen Ting gazed at the Dao Conferral Elder of Nuwa’s Dao Palace, Yu Zhen, as she spoke.

“Even if I didn’t come over, with your ability, Chi Song’zi and Lei Fu wouldn’t dare to fight desperately with their lives on the line. Not to mention that the fellow Daoists of the Dao Institute were at the side, and they would definitely not watch as a battle erupted. So, why thank me?” Yu Zhen puckered her lips and smiled, and her voice was extremely soft and gentle.

Both of them seemed to have a good relationship, so as they spoke, Wen Ting had already led Yu Zhen and the others into the hall.

“Chen Xi! Dammit! It really is you!”

Before Yu Zhen’s group could take their seats, a voice suddenly resounded, and it carried extreme excitement.

At this instant, Wen Ting’s gaze suddenly turned cold while the faces of Gu Yan, Hua Yan, Tu Meng, and the other disciples of Oracle Mountain turned grim while, and their gazes shot over in succession towards the source of the voice.

It was a disciple of Nuwa’s Dao Palace that spoke. He had a rather handsome figure, an imposing appearance, and eyes that were brilliant like stars.

Amongst the disciples of Nuwa’s Dao Palace that came with Yu Zhen, 35 were beautiful women with graceful bearings, and they were like a host of stars that surrounded the moon, causing that man to seem extremely conspicuous and unique.

When they noticed that it was this man who spoke, Yu Zhen and all the cultivators of Nuwa’s Dao Palace couldn’t help but be stunned. They were slightly surprised and muttered in their hearts. Could it be that there’s enmity between him and Oracle Mountain’s Chen Xi?

Imperial Monarch Rong Xun’s eyelids twitched imperceptibly while he felt bitter in his heart. Doesn’t this Chen Xi have a bit too many enemies? Is there any power in this world that he doesn’t dare offend?The atmosphere was slightly strange.

But the man seemed to have not noticed it at all. He was excited to the point his eyes glowed, and he stared at Chen Xi while he walked over in large strides.

“Stop right there!” A cold light arose abruptly in Wen Ting’s eyes. She was just about to make a move when she noticed to her astonishment that Chen Xi actually revealed a wisp of excitement at this moment, and he suddenly stood up and started roaring with laughter.

“No wonder before we left Oracle Mountain, Eldest Senior Brother said that I might reunite with old friends during the Dao Discussion. But I never expected that it would actually be you!”

Surprisingly, the man was Shi Yu!

All those years ago, he was the Eldest Dao Protecting Disciple of Nuwa’s Dao Palace in the three dimensions, and he’d once ventured into the God Attainment Region with Chen Xi and formed a deep friendship with Chen Xi.

“Dammit! Dammit! It actually really is you, Bastard!” Shi Yu moved forward and struck a forceful punch on Chen Xi’s shoulder. After that, he couldn’t help but roar with laughter. “After so many years, I’ve finally encountered someone familiar in the Ancient God Domain.”

Chen Xi smiled extremely brightly as well. A reunion between old friends, and especially friends that had fought together was truly delightful.

The others couldn’t help but be slightly stunned when they saw this, and they finally came to an understanding. So, they were friends….

At this moment, no matter if it was the members of Nuwa’s Dao Palace, the members of Oracle Mountain, or Imperial Monarch Rong Xun, all of them couldn’t help but heave sighs of relief.

It couldn’t be helped, the Sovereign Sect and Divine Institute had arrived aggressively and arrogantly in succession just now, and both of them had targeted Chen Xi. So, they were truly worried that such an incident occurred again.

Fortunately, all of their worries were unnecessary.

However, never had they imagined that Chen Xi would actually know Shi Yu, and their relationship was clearly not ordinary at all.

“Martial Uncle, since a friend of yours has arrived, then take a seat and catch up.” Wen Ting smiled as she suggested.

Chen Xi hurriedly said, “Right, quickly take a seat.”

However, this hall was bound to not be only this bustling today.

Right at this moment and before they could even sit down and talk to their heart’s content, a bright and clear voice suddenly resounded from outside the hall.

“Chen Xi, you sold me out for a few divine crystals the other day. Now that you’re in the territory of my Dao Institute, let me see what sort of explanation you’ll give me.” The words spoken by this voice seemed to be slightly threatening, and it was clearly from someone that had come to take revenge.

In an instant, no matter if it was the members of Nuwa’s Dao Palace or Oracle Mountain, all of them frowned. Someone is here again, and to seek revenge?

Only Imperial Monarch Rong Xun’s expression changed abruptly, and he was actually unable to maintain his calm. He suddenly stood up and cried out. “What’re you doing here kid!”

His voice hadn’t finished resounding through the air when a figure appeared outside the hall. It was a man with long jet black hair that hung loosely on his shoulders. He had crystalline and fair skin, a handsome and angular face that seemed as if it was carved, and his eyes seemed like an eternal veil of night that was still, ancient, and indifferent.

He didn’t emanate a world shocking imposing aura, and it was extremely ordinary and simple. His entire body was filled with the aura of ‘returning to simplicity like the Grand Dao’.

Surprisingly, it was the descendant of the Imperial Region’s Yea Clan — Yea Chen!

“Yea Chen?” In an instant, most of the members of both Oracle Mountain and Nuwa’s Dao Palace recognized the black clothed man, and they couldn’t help but be slightly surprised. When did a grudge form between Chen Xi and Yea Chen?

“Yea Chen, what’re you doing here instead of cultivating in the Dao Institute?” Imperial Monarch Rong Xun frowned and spoke in a low voice.

“What am I doing here? I’ve naturally come to see this fellow that forgot all moral principles in the face of wealth, Chen Xi!” Yea Chen’s face was gloomy, and he walked in with his hands behind his back.

At this moment, Chen Xi smiled instead and said, “You succeeded in escaping your marriage?”

Just these few words caused Yea Chen’s face to stiffen, and then he actually sighed abruptly and said in a slightly dispirited manner, “Can you not tear open the wounds in my heart as soon as we meet?”

As he spoke, he actually completely disregarded the strange gazes that everyone in the surroundings shot at him, and he just directly sat before a table.

He poured a cup of wine for himself and finished it with a single gulp. Only then did he smack his lips and look at Chen Xi as he said, “Don’t just stand there. Drink with me.”

“This is a friend of yours as well?” Shi Yu spoke with bewilderment from the side.

Everyone else was curious as well. They felt that the relationship between Chen Xi and Yea Chen seemed to be slightly strange.

“Sort of.” Chen Xi thought for a moment before he spoke.

“What do you mean sort of? We aren’t friends. Even if you include today, we’ve only met three times.” Yea Chen puckered his lips as he spoke. He drank another cup of wine before he said, “However, we aren’t enemies as well. At most, we can be considered as opponents. I really look forward to being able to fight you during the Dao Discussion.”

All the others had discerned that Yea Chen didn’t have any ill intent, so they let down their guards and took their seats.

Chen Xi walked over to the table and sat down as well. He looked at Yea Chen and seemed to be lost in thought as he said, “Why did you just have to choose me as your opponent?”

Yea Chen raised his wine cup and pondered deeply for a moment before he said, “Because amongst the cultivators participating in this Dao Discussion, only you and I are the same kind of people.”

Everyone else couldn’t help but be slightly surprised when they heard this. Is this a form of acknowledgement of Chen Xi’s strength?

“Why do you say that?” Chen Xi continued with another question.

“It’s very simple. Besides us, oh right, and that fellow, Yu Jiuhui. Besides the three of us, is there anyone amongst the participants of the Dao Discussion that advanced into the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm recently?” Yea Chen said flatly, “Even though the time one utilized to cultivate can’t represent everything, it’s sufficient to determine the natural talent and endowment that a cultivator possesses. For example, Leng Xinghun, Donghuang Yinxuan, and the others do indeed possess extremely formidable strengths, but they’ve cultivated for too long. All of them are like old geezers. So, I can’t be bothered to compare myself with them.”

“I just advanced into the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm recently.” Shi Yu couldn’t help but say this.

“You’re Shi Yu, right? I heard that you were a Dao Attendant by Senior Nuwa’s side during your previous lifetime. Now that you’ve awakened your memories, you’re no different than an old geezer, so aren’t you bullying us by trying to compare yourself with Chen Xi and I?” Yea Chen chuckled and teased.

Shi Yu instantly became slightly depressed when the matters of his previous life were mentioned, and he sighed and fell silent.

“Then what about me? Doesn’t that make me an old geezer as well?” Suddenly, a chilly voice resounded. It was a female disciple of Nuwa’s Dao Palace that spoke. She wore a multicolored cloud print dress, her long neck was snow white and slender, and she had thick and beautiful hair. Moreover, she had a peerlessly beautiful and exquisite appearance.

She sat there with an elegant bearing while a wisp of a lazy smile was formed on her moist and sexy red lips, causing her to seem to possess a unique bearing, and her dignified aura revealed a trance of extreme nobility.

Yea Chen’s eyes narrowed slightly when he saw this woman, and then he actually revealed a wisp of solemnness that was difficult to notice. After that, he smiled and said, “I presume that you’re the descendant of the primeval Peacock King, Miss Kong Youran. The descendants of the Peacock King’s line possess unique natural talent, so if I say that you’re an old geezer, then I’m afraid the entire world wouldn’t allow it.”

Kong Youran! Only now did Chen Xi realize that this woman was the number one expert in the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm within Nuwa’s Dao Palace!

Kong Youran merely grinned in response to Yea Chen’s answer and didn’t speak further.

Yea Chen couldn’t help but continue instead, and he said, “No matter how we’re differentiated, it’ll be reflected by the strength we respectively possess. The Dao Discussion is a stage prepared for all of us to fight for supremacy. At that time, if I’m lucky enough to spar with Miss Kong Youran, then please do not be stingy with your guidance.”

The Dao Discussion hadn’t even begun, yet he’d actually issued a challenge to Kong Youran!

“We’ll talk about it when the time comes.” Kong Youran puckered her lips and spoke.

“What? You think that it’s impossible for me to be a match for you?” Yea Chen frowned.

“No, I’ve just set my sights on the Sovereign Sect and Dao Institute.” Kong Youran shook her head.

Yea Chen’s brows knit together even more tightly. “So, only the Sovereign Sect’s Leng Xinghun and the Divine Institute’s Donghuang Yinxuan have the qualifications to fight you?”

Kong Youran was stunned, and she said with an interested expression. “Could it be that you’re unaware that the relationship between my Nuwa’s Dao Palace and both the Sovereign Sect and Divine Institute isn’t very good?”

Yea Chen seemed to have come to an understanding, and he couldn’t help but speak helplessly. “Competition between powers again. These things annoy me the most. Forget it, just take it as I never said anything.”

When he spoke up to here, he suddenly looked at Chen Xi and said, “You wouldn’t be thinking in the same way, right?”

Chen Xi shook his head. “I just want to obtain a spot to enter the Forgotten Grounds of Chaos. I haven’t thought too much about everything else.”

“Exactly. In the end, the objective of the Dao Discussion is to enter the Forgotten Grounds of Chaos, and everything else isn’t important.” Kong Youran deeply agreed.

“Then let’s compete when the Dao Discussion begins. We’ll see exactly who’ll be able to obtain the mere 25 spots that are available.” Yea Chen smiled lightly, and then he stood up. “Everyone, farewell.”

As soon as he finished speaking, he actually left swiftly.

“This fellow’s desire to excel is really strong.” Shi Yu chuckled.

Chen Xi smiled and didn’t say anything, but he was slightly moved by this in his heart.

After just arriving at Ten Direction City for a short period of less than half a day, he’d met the peerless existences in the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm from the Sovereign Sect, Divine Institute, Nuwa’s Dao Palace, and even the Dao Institute, and it caused Chen Xi to fully realize how formidable his opponents in the Dao Discussion would be.

He could imagine that on the day when the curtains to the Dao Discussion were drawn, numerous extremely intense and unprecedented battles would definitely occur.

Chen Xi wasn’t fearful of this. Conversely, he was filled with anticipation as well!

Life wouldn’t be too lonely when there were experts to battle.

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