Chapter 184 – Grand Dao of Slaughter

Chapter 184 – Grand Dao of Slaughter

It was already impossible for Chen Xi to not get involved, yet Han Guyue’s words had even aroused dense killing intent in his heart.

“Kneel down! Young man, since you’re young and ignorant, you only have to hand over all the treasures before kneeling down and kowtowing in apology. Perhaps you’ll still have a slim chance of survival if you do this, otherwise, you’re bound to lose your life on the spot.”

An initial-stage Golden Core Realm cultivator by Han Guyue’s side stood out. This cultivator had snow white hair and wore a Daoist robe, causing him to seem sagelike, and there was even a glittering and translucent jade green hairpin in his hair.

The appearance of this white haired cultivator was exceedingly handsome and young, his entire body revolving with an aura of arrogance and contempt, and he seemed like a supreme king that was looking down at the tiny common people on the ground.

“Brother Han Bai, you want to capture this fledgling kid first?” Another initial-stage Golden Core Realm cultivator laughed. “Didn’t you hear the Young Master? This kid almost injured the Young Master, so you’re probably unable to deal with him.”

“Hmph! Is that so? Then I’ll let you see how an eagle kills a rabbit!” Han Bai took a step forward in midair, and then he glanced coldly at Chen Xi. “Kid, make a move. If I don’t allow you to witness true strength…”


Right when Han Bai who had hair that was white as snow hadn’t finished speaking, and the remnants of his voice was still reverberating in the air, a swish sounded out in the air. His right arm was suddenly severed and seemed to have encountered a sharp attack, and his right arm’s flesh and blood drifted down from midair.

“AH!” Han Bai emitted an enraged howl filled with pain, yet a strand of bone piercing coldness arose instantly within his heart. Just now, if it wasn’t for him acting swiftly and instinctively dodging, he wouldn’t have only lost an arm.

“Want to flee? Die!” An icy cold and indifferent voice resounded explosively in Han Bai’s ears as a cold light suddenly appeared out of thin air, and the sharp and matchless tip of the sword that contained fierce and boundless killing intent condensed on it instantly pierced through his throat and left behind a bloody hole. Moreover, the killing intent on the blade effused out to spread from his throat to his entire body. Instantly, it was as if his entire body was fiercely raked by countless blades, and his flesh and bones transformed into innumerable fingernail sized bits that scattered down from the sky.

It was like a rain of blood, dazzling and tragic, bloody and brutal!

“Didn’t you want me to hand over my treasures? Your storage Magic Treasure, your golden core, I’ll take them all!” Chen Xi’s figure appeared at the place Han Bai had just been killed at, then his hand grabbed out and instantly grabbed onto a storage ring that was like white jade and a completely golden chicken egg sized golden core, and then he casually threw it into the Buddha’s Pagoda.

“Nice! It’s actually a golden core! This is extremely rare and extremely precious. After all, under the circumstances that a Golden Core Realm cultivator knows he can’t escape death, he would detonate his golden core, and even Rebirth Realm cultivators have no choice but to avoid the explosion, as they’re deeply afraid of being injured by it.” Within the Buddha’s Pagoda, Ling Bai held onto Han Bai’s golden core, and he jumped about joyfully in excitement and cried out loudly.

“Elder Han Bai!” Meanwhile, the Han Clan Patriarch, Han Guyue, and all the elders beside him shouted out violently, and even Han Wenjun and Xiao Jun were shocked as a strand of indescribable terror soared up into existence in their hearts.

Silently and swift like a bolt of lightning, an initial-stage Golden Core Realm elder with exceedingly high position had been annihilated, and his golden core seized. Moreover, he’d utterly not reacted to the attack. How huge a humiliation was this? How unimaginable was this ability?

At the same time, Tantai Zixuan and the other 10 plus Golden Hall Realm cultivators by her side were all stunned, and they almost thought they were seeing things.

When Chen Xi made a move to annihilate the Blackscale Armored Tiger in Emeraldcloud Gorge, everyone had witnessed his exceedingly ferocious battle ability. However, when they really saw him annihilate an initial-stage Golden Core Realm cultivator, they finally understood that Chen Xi’s strength was entirely not something they were able to imagine.

“Kill! Kill this kid!” Han Guyue was an expert after all, and he recovered from his explosive rage in the blink of an eye. Immediately, he swung out his palm, causing it to instantly transform into a myriad of large palms that grabbed out explosively in the air. Every single large hand was condensed from vast True Essence and four types of profound Dao Insights were even flowing about on them, the Overgrowth Dao, Raging Flame Dao, Windhowl Dao, and Slaughter Dao.

Amongst these four Dao Insights, the first three were minor Daos and were respectively a type of the Wood Grand Dao, Fire Grand Dao, and Wind Grand Dao, whereas, the final Slaughter Dao was instead an extremely formidable Grand Dao! After all, life, age, sickness, death, decay, annihilation, slaughter… All of them were similarly types of Grand Daos of the Heavens. This Slaughter Grand Dao was attained by comprehending the killing intent of the heavens and the earth and transforming it into one’s own. It stressed upon killing above all and was extremely formidable. When cultivated to the extreme, it would even allow one to kill anything in one’s path and sweep through all opposition.

However, this Slaughter Grand Dao was extremely difficult to cultivate, and its difficulty wasn’t inferior to an Earthly Immortal overcoming his Heavenly Tribulation. Han Guyue had only comprehended a trace of superficial knowledge of it by chance.

But even then, when utilized at this moment, the myriad of large hands seemed as if they were possessed by the god of slaughter, causing a killing intent that made one’s heart palpitate in fear and feel despaired to be effused out and shatter the space in the sky. The heaven and earth seemed to be filled with boundless ‘杀’ characters that dripped with blood, and just this imposing aura was able to crumble the will and mind of enemies, and collapse and shatter any desire to survive.

Han Guyue was worthy of being a Patriarch of a clan. An advanced-stage Golden Core Realm cultivator attacking without utilizing the Magic Treasures in his possession had already possessed such might, and he was simply more than two times mightier than the Su Clan’s Su Leng!

Ghastly killing intent that seemed like the purest slaughter intent of the heaven and earth assaulted his face, causing Chen Xi to instantly be unable to help but feel suffocated. He didn’t dare hold his strength back any longer, and the boundless killing intent that he’d tempered from experiencing countless slaughters in the Crack of Despair effused out from his body. His entire body seemed like a fearsome weapon that had descended to the world, and it actually dispersed more than half of the Slaughter Dao Insight within Han Guyue’s large hand images!

“Kill!” Chen Xi flashed out like a bolt of lightning, his Wind Dao Insight and Sky Dao Insight combining flawlessly, causing his entire body to seem like a translucent phantom that avoided Han Guyue’s attacks while charging towards him.

Han Guyue’s strength was exceedingly strong, as he’d advanced to the Golden Core Realm a long time ago, and even if Chen Xi was confident in fighting him, Chen Xi would fall into layer upon layer of encirclements. It was difficult for a pair of fists to go against four, and the consequences were unimaginable. So his thoughts were exceedingly simple, and that was to first kill the other elders of the Han Clan before battling Han Guyue.


Chen Xi’s figure seemed to have fused into space, and the sword in his hand was like a lance in the hand of a fiend. Every single stab of his sword would carry along a string of dazzling blood that was like a string of exploding firecrackers, and it was tragic, beautiful, and enchanting.

In the past, he was capable of annihilating Golden Hall Realm cultivators by relying on his Violet Palace Realm cultivation, and when he advanced to the Golden Hall Realm, he’d absorbed the Inner Core of a Six-Winged Blood Dragonbat, causing the thickness of his True Essence to be more than ten times that of an ordinary Golden Hall Realm cultivator. Coupled with the numerous difficult and dangerously fierce battles he experienced in the Crack of Despair, annihilating ordinary Golden Core Realm cultivators was an extremely easy thing for him now.

Moreover, the Myriad Convergence Sword Scripture he cultivated was a supreme sword technique in the heaven and earth, and the eight great sword moves within the scripture had long ago been tempered to the point of perfection in countless battles, causing it to attain great heights. Every strike he stabbed out contained a Grand Dao and caused various scenes to form, like a surge of gales, scorching flames in the sky, the two poles of Yin and Yang, raging lightning…

Eight types of completely different Sword Daos combined with his own powerful cultivation and abundant combat experience had entirely exploded out at this moment, completely displaying his ability!


A perfection-stage Golden Hall Realm elder of the Han Clan, an existence that was only a step away from stepping into the Golden Core Realm, yet at this moment, he saw a boundless ocean roar towards him before his entire body was swallowed by the myriad of waves, and a bloody hole was pierced through his throat, causing him to lose his life on the spot.


Raging lightning filled with a piercingly cold aura of annihilation struck down, and another Han Clan elder’s head was shattered by the sword light to become a headless corpse before falling to the ground and transforming into a pool of mush.

Amongst the 16 elders of the Han Clan that had come over this time, besides Han Bai that had died earlier, another seven of them died instantly. All seven were cultivators around the perfection-stage of the Golden Hall Realm, however, they utterly weren’t in time to withdraw their Magic Treasures before being killed by Chen Xi, and the state of their death was tragic to the point it caused one to be unable to bear the sight.

“Uncles, even if that Han Clan takes all of you in, they probably wouldn’t give all of you important tasks, and it would even be to the extent of finding various excuses in the future to clear all of you out. All of you will forever be unable to become a higher-up of the Han Clan. Why don’t all of you fight with me now and help Fellow Daoist Chen Ke to kill our enemies together? So long as we successfully escape, I promise that the treatment all of you enjoy will be increased by five times!”

Chen Xi’s great display of martial prowess and killing their enemies like slaughtering chickens caused Tantai Zixuan to be bedazzled. But she also knew that if Chen Xi were to be killed at this moment, then the end that was waiting for them was bound to not be any better. So she instantly glanced at the 10 plus Golden Hall Realm guards by her side and said swiftly. “Not to mention that Han Guyue is obviously talking sheer nonsense and deceit. I’ve already sent a request for help to my Father, and perhaps he’ll come save us soon!”

“Young Miss, you’ve misunderstood. How could we have the intention to betray the Tantai Clan? We’ll kill our enemies with you and find an opportunity to escape!”

“Yeah, that Han Clan is really detestable. They actually dare try to seize our Tantai Clan’s Emeraldcloud Command Token and use false statements to coerce us. If we don’t kill them, they’d think we’re afraid!”


The 10 plus Tantai Clan Golden Hall Realm guards hesitated for a short moment before speaking out resolutely. On one side, they were covetous of the promise Tantai Zixuan made, and on the other hand, they were afraid that the Patriarch, Tantai Hong, hadn’t died, and would seek revenge in the future.

But most importantly, it was still because of Chen Xi. Chen Xi’s almost all powerful method of annihilating his enemies was noticed by them, and with a matchlessly mighty expert present, perhaps they would be able to turn around the situation if they went all out!

“Kill!” Tantai Zixuan was instantly reassured in her heart, and she shouted out with a delicate voice and held a pair of shuttle shaped Magic Treasures as she flashed out to attack Xiao Jun.

She hated this maidservant that betrayed her to the utmost degree. Not only had Xiao Jun betrayed her, Xiao Jun had even passed the countless precious materials gathered in Emeraldcloud Gorge to the Han Clan. Who wouldn’t be enraged by an exceedingly shameless traitor like this?

“These fellows finally made a move!” Chen Xi secretly heaved a sigh of relief. The sword moves he struck out with grew swifter and fiercer, yet he’d never let down his guard, because along with the battle entering a deadlock, the pressure he felt instantly rose greatly, and his situation became dangerous as well.

All of this pressure was caused by Han Guyue and the other three Golden Core Realm elders. Up until now, besides the elder Han Bai from before, all the other elders Chen Xi killed were figures at the perfection-stage of the Golden Hall Realm. As for Golden Core Realm cultivators, he’d utterly not dared to challenge the edge of their blades.

It wasn’t that he was unable to defeat them, but it was instead because he couldn’t guarantee to be able to annihilate them with a single strike. Once he got tangled with them, he would surely lose his speed and then become pinned down. At that time, it would even be impossible for him to flee.

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