Chapter 1839 – Here For Him

As soon as he finished speaking, Leng Xinghun turned around and looked at Lei Fu before he said, “Martial Uncle, let’s go.”

Lei Fu was just about to speak when a voice suddenly sounded out once more from outside the hall, and it caused him to immediately shut his mouth and look outside the hall.

At this moment, everyone within the hall was stunned. Someone is coming again?

All of them shot their gazes over in succession.

“Fellow Daoist Lin Heng, there’s no need to worry. My Divine Institute merely came here to pay a visit to the Fellow Daoists of Oracle Mountain, and we don’t have any other intentions.”

“Since Fellow Daoist Chi Song’zi has provided such a guarantee, then please go ahead.” Along with this voice, a group of figures appeared outside the hall.

The person in the lead was an old man in grey robes. He had a firm expression, and he was an Instructing Elder of the Dao Institute called Lin Heng.

At Lin Heng’s side was the Educator Elder of the Divine Institute, Chi Song’zi, who wore a black robe, had grey hair and an indifferent expression that was filled with a dignified aura!

The 18 Powerseal Disciples and 36 Black Officers of the Divine Institute were all following behind Chi Song’zi, and it was a formidable array as well.

“The Divine Institute’s Chi Song’zi!”

In an instant, no matter if it was the group from the Sovereign Sect or the group from Oracle Mountain, all of them had recognized the person that had arrived.

The members of the Sovereign Sect had varying expressions, whereas, the expressions of the members of Oracle Mountain turned cold and indifferent.

Amongst the people present here, only Imperial Monarch Rong Xun’s heart was full of bitterness. The Sovereign Sect just arrived, yet the Divine Institute arrived right after. What’s going on today?

He couldn’t help but glance at Imperial Monarch Ying Qin, yet he saw the latter shake his head lightly to display that he didn’t know why the Divine Institute had suddenly arrived.

This caused Imperial Monarch Rong Xun to become even more cautious in his heart. He faintly felt that the matter today was too strange, and the Sovereign Sect and Divine Institute had probably been communicating with each other in secret.

“Eh, what a coincidence! Everyone from the Sovereign Sect actually arrived here a step before us.” Meanwhile, Chi Song’zi and the others noticed Lei Fu and the others who stood within the hall, and they couldn’t help but greet them.

“Haha! Fellow Daoist Chi Song’zi, long time no see.” Lei Fu roared with laughter.

The Sovereign Sect and Divine Institute had come uninvited, and they could barely be considered guests. However, at this moment, they’d started to engage in small talk amongst themselves instead. If one wasn’t aware of the situation within this hall, then one might think that they were the true masters of the hall.

Even Imperial Monarch Rong Xun who was the organizing host was slightly unable to bear the sight of such attitude, and he frowned and sighed before he said with a smile to Wen Ting, “Fellow Daoist Wen Ting, please forgive me for this incident.”

Wen Ting spoke indifferently, “Your Dao Institute didn’t make proper arrangements, yet you ask my Oracle Mountain to be forgiving. I’m afraid that I’m unable to do so.”

Her tone revealed a wisp of displease, and it caused Imperial Monarch Rong Xun’s expression to stiffen while he felt extremely angry in his heart. Qing Yin and Lin Heng really shouldn’t have done this. How could they have brought the Sovereign Sect and Divine Institute here?

He’d decided that once all of this was over, he would definitely report everything that happened today to the Grand Instructing Elder, Huai Kong’zi.

Huai Kong’zi was under orders to preside over the Dao Discussion, and he had to be notified of everything that occurred here!

Right at this moment, Wen Ting suddenly stood up, and she glanced at the members of the Sovereign Sect and Divine Institute before she said indifferently. “I never expected that it would actually be so bustling today, and all that shouldn’t have come have arrived here.”

Just these words alone caused the eyes of Lei Fu and Chi Song’zi who were engaging in small talk between themselves to focus, and then they looked at Wen Ting.

The atmosphere in the hall became deathly silent.

Those that shouldn’t have come have arrived here. These words were utterly blunt. Obviously, Wen Ting was already slightly furious now.

However, her expression was still tranquil and indifferent at this moment, and there wasn’t a trace of fluctuation in her voice. “Chi Song’zi, speak. Why have all of you come here?”

Chi Song’zi frowned and said, “Fellow Daoist Wen Ting, this isn’t the way to treat your guests.”

Wen Ting’s face remained emotionless as she said, “I’m not your friend, and the Divine Institute isn’t my Oracle Mountain’s friend. Don’t flatter yourself.”

Chi Song’zi face froze, and his eyes surged with a cold glow before he suddenly said with a smile on his face, “Wen Ting, there’s no need to get angry. The Dao Discussion hasn’t started, so getting angry now is a little too early.”

He paused for a moment and continued. “We came here this time because we heard your Oracle Mountain has a new personal disciple. Supposedly, he’s even the Grand Lord, Wu Xuechan’s, junior brother, that’s extremely extraordinary, and it caused me to be unable to help but want to come and have a look.”

Another group that’s here for Chen Xi!

Gu Yan, Hua Yan, Tu Meng, and the other third generation disciples of Oracle Mountain were slightly surprised. They’d never imagined that their Martial Ancestral Uncle would actually be so famous, and it wasn’t just the Sovereign Sect that had come for him, even the Divine Institute wanted to meet him.

Of course, this sort of visit was bound to be with malicious intent!

Wen Ting had obviously realized this, and she frowned slightly while a wisp of worry appeared in her heart. No matter if it was the Sovereign Sect or the Divine Institute, both of them had arrived aggressively and arrogantly, and they didn’t conceal it at all as they targeted Chen Xi.

This sort of situation caused her to faintly feel a trace of unusualness.

On the other hand, as the person concerned in all of this, Chen Xi was very clearly aware that the Sovereign Sect’s hate for him was completely understandable. After all, he’d killed countless disciples of the Sovereign Sect in the three dimensions, and even if it was after he entered the Ancient God Domain, many disciples of the Sovereign Sect had died because of him.

For example, the five Divine Spirit Generals.

Coupled with the fact that he’d spoiled the collaboration between the Sovereign Sect, Ye Clan, and Shaohao Clan, it would be strange if the Sovereign Sect didn’t hate him under such circumstances.

As for why the Divine Institute targeted him, Chen Xi had guessed some of the reasons behind it. It was probably related to the fact that he’d spoiled the collaboration between the Divine Institute and the Shentu Clan. But he’d never imagined that they would actually be so impatient to go against him.

“Senior Brother Yinxuan, Senior Brother Qianyu, and brothers and sisters. Look over there, that’s the personal disciple of Oracle Mountain and the Grand Lord Wu Xuechan’s Junior Brother, Chen Xi. Five years ago, Junior Brother Taba fought him, but a victor wasn’t determined in the end. However, no matter what, this Fellow Daoist Chen Xi’s strength is very extraordinary.” Meanwhile, Gongsun Mu who stood in the crowd spoke abruptly, and he smiled as he introduced Chen Xi to his companions.


In an instant, those disciples of the Divine Institute and the Black Officers shot their gazes towards Chen Xi in unison.

This sort of feeling made Chen Xi frown while a trace of displeasure arose in his heart. It was like he was an animal that was being observed.

“Martial Uncle, if it makes you uncomfortable, then I’ll kick them out right now.” Wen Ting glanced at Chen Xi and seemed to have noticed that something was off with Chen Xi’s mood, so a wisp of sharp light immediately surged out from her eyes.

She hadn’t spoken via voice transmission. So, as soon as her voice arose, it entered clearly into the ears of everyone within the hall, causing the faces of those members of the Sovereign Sect and Divine Institute to turn gloomy.

“What? Not only does Fellow Daoist Wen Ting not welcome us, you even intend to make a move and kick us out?” Chi Song’zi spoke coldly while his thin and indifferent face was covered in a dignified expression. “That’s going a bit too far.”

“What? You, Chi Song’zi doubt that I would dare to make a move? Even if you and Lei Fu join forces, it’s not enough at all!” Amidst her calm and indifferent voice, Wen Ting suddenly strode forward. Her clothes fluttered as she walked towards Chi Song’zi in a neither swift nor slow pace. Every single step she took caused the atmosphere in the hall to become slightly more murderous, and even the air carried a terrifying aura that was icy cold and bone piercing like a cold gale.

In an instant, the expressions of everyone here changed as they’d noticed that Wen Ting was truly infuriated at this moment.

Chi Song’zi’s eyes narrowed. He exchanged a glance with the red robed Grand Priest Lei Fu, and they seemed to have tacit understanding between them. In the next moment, both of them turned to face Wen Ting from two sides, forming a triangle between the three of them.

The battle was about to erupt at any moment!

The hearts of three Instructing Elders of the Dao Institute, Rong Xun, Ying Qin, and Lin Heng, constricted, and they instinctively intended to stop all of this.

However, right at this critical moment, a voice that was gentle like the spring breeze resounded from outside the hall.

“How bustling with excitement. I never expected that the Fellow Daoists of the Sovereign Sect and Divine Institute are here. What? Could it be that both of you’ve come to pay a visit to the Fellow Daoists of Oracle Mountain just like my Nuwa’s Dao Palace has?”

Nuwa’s Dao Palace!

The pupils of Chi Song’zi and Lei Fu constricted slightly in an imperceptible manner.

Wen Ting was slightly stunned as well, and then a wisp of a ridiculing arc arose on the corners of her mouth. She pointed out of the hall and said, “Now, all of you can leave. If you delay, then you are enemies of my Oracle Mountain!”

“Leave? How could they be allowed to leave. That would be letting them off too easily.” A group of people entered the hall as the gentle voice resounded. The person in the lead was a woman who wore dark purple palace clothes, had jet black hair that was coiled into a bun behind her head, a simple but elegant appearance, and a dignified and pure bearing.

“Yu Zhen, it really is you!”

“Nuwa’s Dao Palace actually sent you to lead the group this time. How truly surprising.”

When they saw the woman’s appearance clearly, both Chi Song’zi and Lei Fu were slightly surprised, and then their expressions actually became much more solemn.

Yu Zhen, a Ninth Star Imperial Monarch Realm Dao Conferral Elder of Nuwa’s Dao Palace. She seemed to speak in a soft and light voice, yet she actually had a ferocious and resolute disposition. Moreover, her strength was extremely formidable. So, how could figures like Chi Song’zi and Lei Fu not recognize her?

“Yu Zhen, let them leave. We came here this time with the intention of bringing our disciples to participate in the Dao Discussion, so we can always resolve this enmity after the Dao Discussion ends,” said Wen Ting. She clearly knew Yu Zhen.

“Oh, since it’s like that, then I’ll listen to you this time. But you have to listen to me when we make a move next time.” Yu Zhen puckered her lips and smiled.

“We’ll speak about it when the time comes.” Wen Ting smiled as well.

“What do you that we’ll speak about it when the time comes. Next time, you must listen to me no matter what!” Yu Zhen glared at Wen Ting as she spoke.

The two of them spoke and directly disregarded the Sovereign Sect and Divine Institute, causing Lei Fu and Chi Song’zi’s expressions to turn extremely gloomy.

Even their respective disciples noticed the change in the atmosphere, and they frowned and puckered their lips while keeping silent.

In the end, both of them laughed coldly, and they didn’t say anything before leading their respective disciples and leaving with rage.

When they saw this, Ying Qin and Lin Heng hurriedly bid their farewells to Wen Ting before catching up to Lei Fu and Chi Song’zi. They were in charge of welcoming the Sovereign Sect and Divine Institute, so they naturally didn’t dare neglect their duty.

In an instant, more than half of the figures in the hall had left, and it caused Imperial Monarch Rong Xun to be unable to help but heave a long sigh of relief in his heart.

He knew that today’s storm had finally been calmed.

But he was also clearly aware that based on the attitude displayed by the Sovereign Sect and Divine Institute today, the situation during the Dao Discussion would probably be even more intense than expected!

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