Chapter 1838 – Disrespect Will Not Be Tolerated

The red robed middle aged man with a cold and sinister expression was the Sovereign Sect’s red robed Grand Priest, Lei Fu, and he was a Ninth Star Imperial Monarch.

At the same time, Lei Fu was leading the Sovereign Sect’s group that was participating in the Dao Discussion, whereas, the 40 Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm experts from the Sovereign Sect that stood behind him were the cultivators that were participating in the Dao Discussion.

At this moment, Lei Fu and the others had come uninvited, and it was absolutely not anything good.

The atmosphere in the hall became deathly silent.

Chen Xi and the others had cold and indifferent expression, and they sat cross-legged before the table without moving at all. They had no intention to stand up and welcome these ‘guests’ at all.

Imperial Monarch Rong Xun was slightly surprised and bewildered. He gazed at Ying Qin that stood at the entrance of the hall and seemed to be puzzled by why Ying Qin would bring the cultivators of the Sovereign Sect here.

However, Lei Fu and the others hadn’t noticed the delicate atmosphere in the hall at all, and they’d already entered the hall now.

Wen Ting clearly recognized Lei Fu, so when she heard Lei Fu, she didn’t even raise her head before she spoke indifferently. “It really has been over 10,000 years. Unfortunately, your Senior Brother Wei Zhe died in order to protect you, otherwise, you’d probably be unable to stand before me today.”

Her voice was calm like water, yet it carried a faint wisp of ridicule, and it reverberated endlessly in this spacious and silent hall.

Lei Fu’s eyes suddenly turned cold, and then he smiled spuriously and said, “Fellow Daoist Wen Ting really has a good memory. Since my Senior Brother Wei Zhe perished at your hands, I’ve been constantly waiting for an opportunity to take revenge for him. Unfortunately, you, Wen Ting, have been constantly holed up in Oracle Mountain and have never shown yourself, causing me to bitterly endure it for so many years. Such a feeling is really painful.”

His gloomy and hoarse voice revealed a strand of indescribable resentment, and it swept through the hall like a cold gale, causing Chen Xi and the others to be shocked in their hearts.

The senior brother of that red robed Grand Priest, Lei Fu, actually perished at Wen Ting’s hands over 10,000 years ago?

If it’s like that, then could Lei Fu have come here this time for the sake of revenge?

Even Imperial Monarch Rong Xun and Imperial Monarch Ying Qin seemed to be unaware of this matter, so their expressions had changed slightly at this moment.

The atmosphere in the hall became even more deathly silent. The air here seemed as if it had frozen, and it was oppressive to the point of being suffocating.

“So, in this way, you’ve come to take revenge for your Senior Brother?” Wen Ting had finally raised her head, and her starry eyes looked directly at Lei Fu who stood in the distance while a wisp of an undisguised arc of ridicule arose on the corners of her mouth. “However, your current ability is utterly insufficient.”

Wen Ting was an Eighth Star Imperial Monarch, yet she looked a Ninth Star Imperial Monarch in the eye now and revealed her disdain towards him without concealing it at all. This caused others to feel that it was slightly absurd and unexpected.

However, those disciples of Oracle Mountain seemed to be very calm and as if it within reason. They were very clearly exactly how formidable Wen Ting was.

Even Chen Xi wasn’t surprised because he frequently surmounted levels and realms of cultivation to kill his enemies. Coupled with the fact that he was clearly aware now that all the disciples of Oracle Mountain weren’t ordinary experts, so he would naturally not think anything was wrong with this.

However, the faces of those disciples from the Sovereign Sect sank when they heard these words.

Lei Fu’s expression was the same. His gaze was vicious as he gazed at Wen Ting, and he said in a ghastly tone. “How would we know without giving it a try?”

Wen Ting withdrew her gaze, and she didn’t spare Lei Fu another glance. She raised the teacup on the table and took a light sip before she said, “I advise you that it’s best that you don’t give it a try. All those years ago, your senior brother was two levels higher than me in terms of cultivation, yet he was still unable to survive in the end. Do you think you’re even more formidable than your senior brother?”

Just these words alone caused Lei Fu’s expression to swiftly change slightly, and the atmosphere here grew even more gloomy and murderous.

When he noticed the confrontational atmosphere here that faintly showed signs of erupting into a battle at any moment, Imperial Monarch Rong Xun couldn’t sit still any longer. He hurriedly stood up and said, “Fellow Daoists, everyone has come for the Dao Discussion this time, and you absolutely can’t spoil the Dao Discussion because of some personal affairs. I presume that both of you’re absolutely unwilling to see the consequences of that.”

Wen Ting smiled and neither agreed nor disagreed.

Lei Fu took a deep breath when he heard this, and then he said with a smile, “Fellow Daoist Rong Xun, you’ve misunderstood. I came here this time merely with the intention of allowing the disciples of my sect to get to know the disciples of Oracle Mountain that are participating in the Dao Discussion, so as to avoid mistaking others for them during the Dao Discussion.”

As he spoke, he moved his gaze from Wen Ting, and it descended onto Chen Xi and the others. After that, his brows raised, and he revealed a wisp of a strange expression. “10 people? Haha, your Oracle Mountain really is confident as always.”

His voice revealed a wisp of ridicule.

“Martial Uncle Lei Fu, I don’t think it’s confidence but arrogance.” Suddenly, a disciple of the Sovereign Sect spoke in a gloomy voice. He wore a black robe, had a emaciated face, a hawk nose, and an icy cold and wild bearing.


“Who do you think you are to actually call us arrogant? Why don’t we have a spar here? The loser has to kneel before everyone and beg for forgiveness, alright?” Tu Meng slapped the table and stood up, and he spoke in a booming voice, and his large eyes stared fiercely at the man with a hawk nose.

The face of the man with the hawk nose sank, and he laughed coldly. “What’re you making so much noise for? If you want to fight, then I’ll naturally allow you to experience my ability once the Dao Discussion begins. But we didn’t come here now to fight.”

As he spoke, he swept the disciples of Oracle Mountain with his gaze, and then he said in a low voice, “Who’s Chen Xi? Stand out and let me have a look at you!”

These words were filled with an ordering tone, and it seemed extremely insulting.

“Bastard! Is the name of my Martial Ancestral Uncle something you’re worthy of using?” Tu Meng’s pointed at the man as he shouted loudly.

Martial Ancestral Uncle?

Unexpectedly, the method of address Tu Meng utilized caused the man with a hawk nose to be slightly stunned. After that, he suddenly chuckled sarcastically and spoke to the companions by his side. “Did all of you hear it clearly? A kid at the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm actually became their Martial Ancestral Uncle. Hahaha.”

The others revealed a wisp of a strange expression as well, and many of them laughed with ridicule.


Suddenly, Wen Ting swung her hand casually. The man with a hawk nose wasn’t even able to react before his face was struck forcefully by an invisible slap, and it struck him to the point his face swelled up, blood sprayed from both his mouth and nose, and even a few of his teeth flew out from his mouth.

After that, he let out a shrill cry while his figure flew over 30m back, and then he rolled on the ground like a bottle gourd while twitching without end.

This scene had occurred too swiftly, and it had exceeded everyone’s imagination. As an Imperial Monarch, Wen Ting had actually attacked just like that, and it was even against a Universe Enlightened Ancestral God from the Sovereign Sect.

Even the red robed Grand Priest Lei Fu hadn’t expected this, and he wasn’t able to lend a hand in time.

“Wen Ting! What’s the meaning of this!?” Lei Fu’s face was livid as he spoke coldly. “How domineering of you to bully a disciple!”

“A little disciple like him actually dared to disrespect my Martial Uncle. I’m already tolerant enough by not killing him.” Wen Ting spoke indifferently. “If this happens again, then you, Lei Fu, can wait to bury that disrespectful little fellow.”

Everyone was shocked in their hearts. They were clearly aware that based on Wen Ting’s character, she would absolutely do as she said, and she wasn’t exaggerating at all.

On the other hand, when they saw an Eighth Star Imperial Monarch like Wen Ting attacking brazenly because of the reputation of a ‘Martial Uncle’ at the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm, besides causing the expressions of those disciples from the Sovereign Sect to change, they didn’t dare make any further jokes about Chen Xi’s identity.

On the other hand, Chen Xi couldn’t help but sigh endlessly with emotion when he witnessed this. The Oracle Mountain’s style of dealing with things was like this. They wouldn’t cause trouble, yet they weren’t afraid of trouble as well, and if anyone dared to provoke them, then they would definitely dare to beat that person up!

It was just so simple and domineering. No matter if it was a member of the Sovereign Sect or anyone else, they would still beat that person up without holding back.

“Everyone, please give my Dao Institute some face and don’t get angry. Otherwise, it will make things difficult for us.” Imperial Monarch Rong Xun spoke hastily, and he grumbled in his heart. Why did that Ying Qin bring these fellows from the Sovereign Sect here? Does he not know that the Sovereign Sect and Oracle Mountain have always been mortal enemies?

“Haha! Fellow Daoist Rong Xun, there’s no need to be troubled. Didn’t they come here to see me, Chen Xi? I’m right here. Once you’ve seen enough, then please leave. We don’t welcome uninvited guests here!” Meanwhile, Chen Xi suddenly stood up and spoke indifferently, and it instantly drew over the attention of everyone in the hall.

Lei Fu was stunned, and then his eyes narrowed as he sized Chen Xi up.

Those disciples of the Sovereign Sect standing behind Lei Fu revealed various expressions as well while they observed Chen Xi as if they intended to discern something from him.

However, to their disappointment, Chen Xi’s aura was flat, and it was utterly impossible to discern anything from merely looking at him on the surface.

However, they’d firmly remembered Chen Xi’s appearance, and it was like they were marking their prey.

At this moment, even the Dao Institute’s Imperial Monarch Ying Qin was sizing Chen Xi up with a calm expression, and it was unknown what the thoughts in his heart were.

“I heard that you killed many fellow disciples of my Sovereign Sect in the three dimensions, and you even seized my Sovereign Sect’s Copper Coin of Treasurefall?” Suddenly, a disciple of the Sovereign Sect spoke.

This person seemed to be extremely unusual. He had blood red long hair that was crimson red and dazzling, skin that was fair like jade, a figure that was tall and handsome, and a pair of eyes that surged with brilliant divine radiance. The divine radiance in his eyes seemed like flames that came from hell, and it was horrifying.

As he stood there casually, he was like a spear that seemed capable of piercing through the sky. Moreover, his entire body was filled with a peerlessly arrogant aura, and he simply seemed like an overlord or exalt amongst Universe Enlightened Ancestral Gods!

“Martial Uncle, that kid is Leng Xinghun. He stepped foot into the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm over 10,000 years ago, and he was called the best in the Imperial Region. He was peerlessly famous all those years ago. Now, he still hasn’t advanced into the Imperial Monarch Realm, so he has definitely utilized some sort of secret technique to suppress his cultivation, and it was probably done for the sake of this opportunity to enter the Forgotten Grounds of Chaos.” Wen Ting’s voice sounded out by Chen Xi’s ears, allowing Chen Xi to immediately find out about the black clothed man’s identity.

Chen Xi’s eyes narrowed while his heart couldn’t help but shake. For the sake of entering the Forgotten Grounds of Chaos, he actually didn’t hesitate to suppress his cultivation for 10,000 years. This fellow is really forbearing.

However, Chen Xi spoke indifferently instead. “I killed them because they deserved death. As for the Copper Coin of Treasurefall, it was merely a spoil of the battle.”

These words were completely blunt, and it caused Lei Fu’s face to turn grim while his eyes became extremely gloomy.

Leng Xinghun was silent for a moment before he smiled and nodded. “It’s good that you admit it. I’ll seize it back from you.”

His tone was composed yet carried deep meaning, and it was filled with the intent to fight for supremacy!

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