Chapter 1837 – Unexpected Meeting

“Those were the disciples of Oracle Mountain!” At this moment, the dense ocean of cultivators before the entrance to Ten Direction City were sure that the group that had left with Imperial Monarch Rong Xun was definitely from the Oracle Mountain.

This was obvious from the treatment the group had received. Ordinary cultivators had to queue up obediently and allow themselves to be inspected upon arriving here before they could enter the city.

However, the group from Oracle Mountain was different. Not only were they welcomed by an Imperial Monarch Realm Instructing Elder from the Dao Institute, they flew directly into the city!

“Oracle Mountain, the most mysterious supreme sect in the Ancient God Domain. After so many years, their disciples have finally made an appearance in the world.”

Many people sighed with emotion. Comparatively speaking, Oracle Mountain was truly too mysterious. If the Dao Discussion being held this time was unprecedentedly grand, most of the cultivators in the world would probably have no chance to witness a trace of the disciples from Oracle Mountain.

“According to my Ancestor, that personal disciple of Oracle Mountain, Chen Xi, will be participating in this Dao Discussion. I truly look forward to that.”

“Haha. I heard that according to rumor, this Chen Xi offended many great powers of the Imperial Region during the recent years, and the Sovereign Sect has long since taken him to be like a thorn in their flesh. I really look forward to the battles between Chen Xi and the Sovereign Sect’s Universe Enlightened Ancestral Gods during the Dao Discussion.”

“Hmph! According to my knowledge, Chen Xi was merely at the Domain Enlightened Spirit God Realm a few tens of years ago. Now, even if he has advanced into the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm, how could he possibly go against the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm experts of the Sovereign Sect? Don’t forget that the Sovereign Sect dispatched a peerless figure like Leng Xinghun this time!”

“How laughable! Chen Xi isn’t the only one that came from Oracle Mountain. No matter how formidable Ling Xinghun is, there’ll be someone that can go against him.”

“That’s enough. We’ll naturally know the answer once the Dao Discussion begins.”


While the crowd was in animated discussion, the space in the distant sky suddenly shook violently, and then a black lightning cloud surged out from within space. The glow of lightning flickered within it, and it was dazzling and resplendent.

Surprisingly, numerous figures with shocking imposing auras were standing on the black lightning clouds.

The person in the lead was a middle aged man who wore a red robe, had a sinister and cold expression, and an icy cold and murderous aura. He was like a great god of devils from the primeval times, and he emanated oppressive divine might.

“The Sovereign Sect’s Red-robed Grand Priest Lei Fu!”

“The Sovereign Sect’s group has arrived!”

The clamorous noise before the entrance to the city had instantly stopped, and it fell deathly silent while the faces of everyone couldn’t help but surge with a wisp of deep fear.

To the cultivators of the entire Ancient God Domain, the name, the Sovereign Sect, was like a curse, and it represented coldness, mercilessness, and slaughter!

No one dared to rashly make noise when facing the disciples of such a supreme sect.

Fortunately, as soon as the Red-robed Grand Priest Lei Fu’s group had arrived, they were welcomed away by an Instructing Elder of the Dao Institute, and they instantly vanished within Ten Direction City.

At this point, the cultivators outside the entrance heaved sighs of relief, and they seemed as if a heavy weight had been lifted from their shoulders.

This clearly showed how great the pressure they felt from the Sovereign Sect’s arrival was.

“I never expected that as soon as Oracle Mountain arrived, the Sovereign Sect would be right behind. If the disciples of these two powers encounter each other, then I wonder what’ll happen.” Someone sighed with emotion, and it caused many people to chime in.

It was common knowledge that the relationship between the Sovereign Sect and Oracle Mountain was like water and fire, and they’re been enemies for generation. So, if they encountered each other, then the scene would be extremely interesting.

It wasn’t long before a wave of intense fluctuation arose once more from the distant sky. After that, a bronze treasured carriage pulled by nine Ancient Golden Wyrms rumbled as it crushed through the sky and arrived here.

“Who has come this time…?”

The hearts of everyone in the surroundings shook, and they looked over in succession.

Ten Direction City was bound to be very bustling today.

But all of this wasn’t related to Chen Xi.

At this moment, their group had entered Ten Direction City under Imperial Monarch Rong Xun’s lead.

If one looked down from the sky, then Ten Direction City was simply like a world. It was unimaginably enormous with streets that crisscrossed like a spiderweb. Moreover, there were row upon rows of houses and streams of cultivators moving through the streets. They were like a dense mass that formed a moving tide, and such a scene was rather magnificent.

On the other hand, there was an extremely striking building at the center of the city.

The building was shaped like a ancient square shaped cauldron. It was countless kilometers in length and breadth, and it shot above the nine heavens!

When looked at from afar, the enormous and ancient building seemed like a primeval Roc that resided in the city. It was unimaginable enormous, and it emanated an ancient aura that caused reverence to arise in the hearts of others.

“That’s where my Dao Institute resides, and the Dao Discussion will be held there.” Imperial Monarch Rong Xun pointed towards the distance as he spoke with a smile.

That’s the Dao Institute? Chen Xi’s eyes narrowed. He acutely noticed that the ancient building had fully merged with the heavens and the earth, and the pitch black building’s surface was branded with countless complicated restrictions and markings of the Dao. Moreover, the aura it emanated caused Chen Xi to be extremely shocked in his heart.

As they spoke, Imperial Monarch Rong Xun had brought their group to an ancient and secluded expanse of buildings.

The atmosphere here was tranquil, and it was merely 4,000km away from the Dao Institute. It was in the inner city of Ten Direction City, and only members of the Dao Institute were able to step foot here.

“Fellow Daoist Wen Ting, I can only ask all of you to stay here for some time before the Dao Discussion begins.” Imperial Monarch Rong Xun led them into an ancient building, and then he said, “This is my Dao Institute’s welcoming area. If you have any requirements, then feel free to give orders to those servants.”

“Alright.” Wen Ting nodded.

Imperial Monarch Rong Xun led Chen Xi and the others into an ancient hall. After they took their seats, he instructed some attendants to serve tea, and then he glanced at Chen Xi and the others before he said with a smile, “I never expected that your Oracle Mountain actually dispatched 10 disciples this time. It’s truly slightly surprising to me.”

“The Dao Discussion isn’t a competition of numbers, so it’s useless to bring many along.” Wen Ting answered indifferently.

Imperial Monarch Rong Xun was stunned, and then he nodded and said, “I forgot that your Oracle Mountain is unlike the other powers. Even though the disciples in your sect are few, all of them are peerlessly outstanding figures. This isn’t something that the other powers can compare to.”

“Fellow Daoist Rong Xun, we’ve been friends for a few thousand years. Is there any need for polite remarks? Feel free to speak your mind.” Wen Ting glanced at him before she spoke.

Imperial Monarch Rong Xun immediately roared with laughter and said, “Since it’s like that, then I’ll be frank.”

He gradually restrained his expression to transform it into a solemn expression, and then he said, “Just as it was in the past, my Dao Institute will maintain neutrality during this Dao Discussion and won’t participate in any disputes. Only by doing this can the impartiality and fairness of the Dao Discussion be guaranteed. I hope Fellow Daoist Wen Ting understands this.”

A wisp of a cold smile suddenly suffused the corners of Wen Ting’s mouth. “Rong Xun, I never asked you to help my Oracle Mountain with anything, right?”

Imperial Monarch Rong Xun immediately realized that she’d misunderstood, and he hurriedly said, “Fellow Daoist Wen Ting, you ought to know that wasn’t what I meant. It’s because that my Dao Institute’s Dean has already given the order that if any unfair incidents occur during the Dao Discussion, then he’ll personally stand out and hand out the punishment! This is also my reminder to you. Everything can only be done according to the rules during this Dao Discussion, and the rules absolutely can’t be broken.”

Wen Ting waved her hand and said, “There’s no need to speak any further. I’m clearly aware of all of this. Hasn’t your Dao Institute always been like that? The so-called neutral attitude of your Dao Institute is merely to remain at an awkward position in the middle between my Oracle Mountain and Nuwa’s Dao Palace side; and the side of the Sovereign Sect and the Divine Institute. Only your Dao Institute is capable of doing something like neither getting on friendly terms nor offending either side.”

Imperial Monarch Rong Xun’s face froze, and he was slightly speechless.

“Rong Xun, as the person leading the group from Oracle Mountain this time, I only want to say that since the Dao Institute intends to guarantee fairness in the Dao Discussion, then everyone must act according to the rules. If someone breaks the rules, then our Oracle Mountain will absolutely not allow it.” Wen Ting spoke indifferently with a calm voice, but she revealed a domineering air instead.

“Of course.” Imperial Monarch Rong Xun nodded.

As the two of them spoke, Chen Xi and the other nine third generation disciples were watching and were unable to interfere in the discussion.

At this moment, when he heard Wen Ting repeatedly mention fairness and the rules during the Dao Discussion, Chen Xi couldn’t help but be slightly bewildered.

Could it be that someone would dare to break the rules during such an unprecedentedly grand event?

“Before we set out, Eldest Martial Uncle, Founding Ancestor Di Shun, and Founding Ancestor Wen Daozhen had relied on the Stellar Oracle Wheel to carry out a deduction. They noticed that the Dao Discussion was filled with variables, yet they were unable to deduce the specifics. So, they asked us to be cautious and vigilant.” Wen Ting’s voice transmission sounded out by Chen Xi’s ears. Obviously, she’d seem through his confusion.

Variables! Chen Xi’s eyes narrowed imperceptibly, and he said in his heart, Looks like this Dao Discussion isn’t as simple as I imagined.

Right at this moment, a gloomy and low voice suddenly sounded out from outside the hall. “Fellow Daoist Ying Qin, this is where the Fellow Daoists from Oracle Mountain are resting?”

“Exactly.” A bright voice resounded right after.

“Senior Brother Ying Qin? Why has he come here?” Imperial Monarch Rong Xun was stunned.

A wisp of cold light suddenly arose in Wen Ting’s eyes, and then they recovered to their previous state while her expression was composed and tranquil as always.

In next to no time, a wave of footsteps resounded in the hall.

“I’m sorry for disturbing Junior Brother Rong Xun and the Fellow Daoists from Oracle Mountain, the Fellow Daoists from the Sovereign Sect have come to pay a visit!” Along with a bright voice, a middle aged man in an embroidered robe who had a fair and clean shaved face walked into the hall.

Obviously, he was the ‘Senior Brother Ying Qin’ that Imperial Monarch Rong Xun mentioned.

However, at this moment, Chen Xi directly disregarded him, and Chen Xi’s gaze shot directly towards the group behind him.

The first person that entered Chen Xi’s gaze was a thin red robed middle aged man who had a sinister and cold expression and a ghastly and grim imposing aura.

After that, there were actually 40 Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm Experts following him in a formidable array.

It really is the members of the Sovereign Sect! The expressions of Chen Xi and the others turned cold and indifferent, yet they felt slightly surprised and bewildered in their hearts. Why have they come here now?

“It really is Fellow Daoist Wen Ting. If I think about it carefully, it has been an entire 13,634 years since we last met.” Amidst a hoarse and gloomy voice, the thin red robed middle aged man had his hands behind his back as he strode into the hall, and his cold eyes shot over slowly towards Wen Ting.

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