Chapter 1835 – Conspiracy

Chi Song’zi glanced at everyone within the hall before it finally descended onto a white clothed man that stood at the front on his right.

This person had long hair that was tied into a ponytail, a warm expression, and a trace of a smile hanging on the corners of his mouth. He gave others a relaxed and carefree feeling.

The aura he emanated was similarly warm like a warm breeze, and it was extremely comfortable. It was completely different from the cold and fierce bearings that the other disciples possessed and seemed to be very unique.

He was the Eldest Powerseal Disciple of the Divine Institute, Donghuang Yinxuan!

A dazzling figure that was reputed to be the ‘Unique Ray of the Divine Institute’. He had cultivated for 3,000 years and advanced triumphantly all along the way until becoming unmatched now!

Donghuang was an extremely ancient surname. During the primeval times, it even represented a form of supreme honor, and it was respected by all the gods!

Even if it was now, the Donghuang Clan was a renowned Eternal Clan in the Imperial Region, and only Eternal Clans like the Shaohao Clan and Dongyi Clan could compare to it.

Donghuang Yinxuan was a peerless figure that possessed the most outstanding natural talent amongst the direct line descendants of the Donghuang Clan, and he was born with a ‘Dark Dao Battle Physique’ that was rare in the entire world!

At this moment, even Chi Song’zi’s eyes couldn’t help but reveal a trace of warmth when he looked at Donghuang Yinxuan, and he said, “Yinxuan, what about you?”

Donghuang Yinxuan smiled and spoke casually. “The Oracle Mountain’s Gu Yan can be considered one, right?”

If one didn’t listen carefully, then one would think he was acting perfunctorily because of his carefree tone.

When he heard this name, Chi Song’zi pondered deeply for a moment instead, and then he nodded. “This Gu Yan matured slowly, and he’s the number one disciple amongst the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm disciples of Oracle Mountain. He can be considered as a formidable opponent indeed.”

Donghuang Yinxuan smiled yet didn’t speak further.

“Grand Elder, when we speak about Oracle Mountain, I feel the it isn’t Gu Yan who we should be most vigilant towards.” Suddenly, a black clothed Powerseal Disciple spoke. He had light violet long hair, fair and supple skin, and an angular face that was extraordinarily handsome. Every single move he made carried a steady and composed imposing aura, and his calm bearing carried an arrogant and overbearing aura within it.

He was exactly the Third Powerseal Disciple, Gongsun Mu!

“Oh?” Chi Song’zi seemed to be lost in thought.

“In my opinion, the person we should be most vigilant against during this Dao Discussion is Chen Xi!” Gongsun Mu spoke in a low voice. “That kid is the 14th disciple of the Master of Oracle Mountain, and he was only known to the world lately. But it’s undoubtable that his strength isn’t just formidable to an ordinary extent.”

Chen Xi!

When they heard this name, the reactions of everyone in the surroundings varies. Some smiled lightheartedly, some were disdainful, some were doubtful, some revealed a wisp of a solemn expression, and so on and so forth.

The reason was that Chen Xi had appeared for too short a period of time, and the impression all of them had towards him was very indistinct. Up until now, the news they heard about him was mostly related to his identity as a Personal Disciple of Oracle Mountain.

But there was very little news that was about the specifics related to him.

Up until now, everyone present here were merely aware that Chen Xi had slaughtered many Spirit God Exalts in the Desolate Manku Ruins all those years ago, and that was the first time he’d appeared beneath the gaze of the world.

After that, news of a great deal of incidents related to him had spread from the Ancient God Domain, like killing the descendant of the Ye Clan, Ye Feng, annihilating Imperial Monarch Nandu….

But all of these were rumors in the end, and no one was able to determine if Chen Xi was actually as formidable as the rumors said.

However, compared to this, the understanding these disciples of the Divine Institute had towards Chen Xi was even deeper. Because five years ago, their peer, the 13th Powerseal Disciple Taba Chuan, had fought Chen Xi, and he’d suffered a setback.

Even though that battle had been stopped by Gongsun Mu, all of this allowed the disciples of the Divine Institute to be clearly aware that this personal disciple of Oracle Mountain’s Master did indeed possess a formidable combat strength that ordinary experts were unable to reach.

But it was only that.

In the opinion of many of them, Chen Xi was far unworthy of being paid attention to when compared to Leng Xinghun, Kong Youran, Yea Chen, Yu Jiuhui, and the others.

So, that was the reason why they’d revealed various reactions when they heard Gongsun Mu mention Chen Xi’s name in such a serious manner.

“Continue.” Chi Song’zi attitude was slightly strange instead. He seemed to be extremely interested in this, yet also seemed to be preparing something.

“He’d fought Junior Brother Taba once. In my opinion, even if I fought him, I would only have 50% confidence in being able to defeat him.” Gongsun Mu pondered for a moment before he spoke seriously. “The thing that especially arouses my vigilance is that this kid keeps an extremely low profile and conceals his strength, causing others to be utterly unaware of his ability. Precautions absolutely have to be taken against such an opponent.”

His words revealed a rare solemn tone, and it caused many of the others to be slightly surprised before their expressions became much more serious as well.

“Senior Brother Gongsun is right. When I fought him, the pressure he gave me during the battle was on par with Senior Brother Donghuang.” Taba Chuan who’d remained silent all along spoke abruptly, and it caused everyone in the surroundings to be utterly shocked. None of them had imagined that Taba Chuan would actually take Chen Xi to be an existence on the same level as Donghuang Yinxuan!

“You’re correct.” Chi Song’zi suddenly sighed, and then his expression turned cold and indifferent to the extreme. “The only reason I asked all of you this question was actually to warn all of you about Chen Xi!”

The shock on their faces grew deeper.

“A few days ago, the Divine Sovereign Priest Xu Tuo personally formed an agreement with our Divine Institute to utilize any and all means during the Dao Discussion to deal with that kid and stop him from entering the Forgotten Grounds of Chaos!” As soon as he spoke, Chi Song’zi provided them with a piece of terrifying information.

“At that time, it wouldn’t just be our Divine Institute. All of the forces of the Sovereign Sect will make this their objective as well, and we’ll utilize all our strengths to suppress the disciples of Oracle Mountain that are led by Chen Xi!”

Every single word he spoke was like a thunderclap that shook the hall, and it caused all the disciples to fall into silence. They’d finally started to take Chen Xi seriously.

They weren’t aware of the reason, but since it was able to make their Divine Institute and the Sovereign Sect act in unison, then it was clearly not an ordinary matter!

“Of course, everything should be done according to the rules of the Dao Discussion because our final goal is to enter the Forgotten Grounds of Chaos.” Chi Song’zi spoke indifferently and said, “Did all of you hear me clearly?”

“Understood!” All of them spoke in unison.

“Then set out with me.” Chi Song’zi flicked his sleeve and walked out of the hall with large stride.


The Sovereign Sect.

Within the Secret Realm of Great Suffering.

Divine Sovereign Priest Xu Tuo sat cross-legged on a mountain of bones, and a surging and roaring ocean of blood that stretched boundlessly into the surroundings was beneath the mountain.

It was like the scene of purgatory.

Divine Sovereign Priest Xu Tuo’s figure was emaciated while his face was densely covered in wrinkles and mottled with the marks of time. When looked at from afar, he was like an old man that was on the verge of passing away, and there was nothing special about him.

Even his eyes seemed to be completely muddy.

Suddenly, figure flashed past the ocean of blood from afar and teleported over. The figure knelt on the mountain of bones and said respectfully, “Divine Sovereign Priest, the Red-robed Grand Priest, Lord Lei Fu, has departed, and 40 Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm elders including Elder Leng Xinghun have left with Lord Lei Fu.”

“Has the news been passed to Lei Fu?” Xu Tuo spoke with an extremely aged voice, and it even seemed to be slightly weak.

“Yes.” The figure replied respectfully.

“You can leave.” Xu Tuo waved his hand.

“Yes.” The figure turned around and teleported away.

“Xu Tuo, has any news come from the Dao Institute?” Not long after the figure from before left, a voice that was filled with supreme dignity and seemed to exist everywhere had suddenly swept through the entire mountain of bones.

For a time, the surging ocean of blood had fell silent and motionless. The heavens and the earth had returned to deathly silence, and they seemed to be submitting to this voice.


Divine Sovereign Priest Xu Tuo who seemed to be extremely old had stood up swiftly while his originally muddy eyes surged with a wisp of dark light. It seemed like the door to hell had been opened up within his eyes!

“Sect Master, everything is ready.” At this moment, Xu Tuo actually revealed a rare wisp of respect when facing the question from this voice.

“Very good. Come to the Boundless Sovereign Realm. Once the Dao Discussion begins a month from now, you’ll be in-charge of heading over to utilize the Luck Reversing Disk!”

“Yes!” A strand of shocking light erupted abruptly from Xu Tuo’s eyes. He seemed to be delighted, yet also seemed to have been waiting to be summoned for a long time.

In the next moment, his figure transformed into a strand of black smoke and shot into the sky.

The Dao Institute.

The Ancient Inheritance Hall.

“Everyone, the Dean has ordered that I’ll be in-charge of presiding over the Dao Discussion.” The Grand Instructing Elder of the Dao Institute, Huai Kong’zi, spoke in a low voice. He had a long white beard, a solemn bearing, and was a Ninth Star Imperial Monarch. He dealt with things in a fair and impartial manner, and he commanded extremely great prestige in the Dao Institute.

“We’ll be troubling Daoist Brother with that.” Many other instructors of the Dao Institute were standing within the Ancient Inheritance Hall, and all of them spoke successively when they heard this.

“Everyone, the Dao Discussion being held this time isn’t ordinary at all, and we must not be careless. According to the Dean’s instructions, all of you must act according to the rules. Otherwise, you’ll be personally punished by the Dean.” Huai Kong’zi instructed them word by word.

The hearts of all the instructors shook when they heard this.

“Alright, there’s still a month before the Dao Discussion begins. Please make sufficient preparations. I’ll be troubling all of you to receive the Fellow Daoists of the other four great powers when they arrive.” Huai Kong’zi waved his hand and put an end to the instructions he was giving them.

After that, he turned around and left the Ancient Inheritance Hall and travelled hastily to a Secret Realm in the Dao Institute.

“Martial Uncle Cai Ya, everything related to the Dao Discussion has been prepared. Now, all that’s there to do is wait for this grand even to begin.” Huai Kong’zi stood within the Secret Realm as he bowed and spoke.

“You did well. Remember that the rules of the Dao Discussion can’t be exposed in advanced before the Dao Discussion begins.” A heavy voice resounded in the Secret Realm. “This is done for the sake of preventing any mishaps from occurring and spoiling the fairness of the Dao Discussion.”

“Don’t worry Martial Uncle, only Junior Brother Ying Qin and I are aware of the Dao Discussion’s rules, so there’s no need to worry about it being leaked.” Huai Kong’zi spoke in a low voice.

“Ying Qin?” That heavy voice went silent.

This caused Huai Kong’zi’s heart to jerk, and he said, “Martial Uncle, is there something wrong?”

“Nevermind, you can leave.” That voice sighed. “I hope… I was just overthinking things.”

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