Chapter 1833 – The Past and Present

Before the ancient hall, Gu Yan, Hua Yan, and the other third generation disciples were sizing Chen Xi up with curiosity, because amongst them, only Tu Meng had met Chen Xi before this.

However, they just found out moments ago that Tu Meng had been defeated by a single attack from this Martial Ancestral Uncle of theirs that had returned to the sect for just five years of time.

So, when they faced Chen Xi at this moment, all of them were rather respectful and didn’t dare act recklessly.

“Wen Ting will be leading the group when all of you head over to participate in the Dao Discussion, and she’ll be in-charge of everything during the Dao Discussion.” Wu Xuechan instructed from the side.

Wen Ting? A pretty and tranquil figure couldn’t help but appear in Chen Xi’s mind. When he returned to Oracle Mountain five years ago, he’d met her once, and he knew that she was a peak Eighth Star Imperial Monarch that was only a step away from stepping foot into the ranks of Ninth Star Imperial Monarchs.

However, Chen Xi noticed at this moment that when Gu Yan and the others heard that Wen Ting would be leading the group, all of their figures stiffened while their faces couldn’t help but reveal a wisp of a strange expression. It seemed like they were fearful yet felt admiration as well, and it was a very complicated expression.

This caused Chen Xi to be unable to help but be slightly stunned.

“Eldest Martial Uncle, Young Martial Uncle.” Right at this moment, a tranquil voice resounded before Wen Ting who wore green clothes, had long hair that hung loosely on her shoulders, and a clear and beautiful appearance strode over from afar.

“Wen Ting, you’re here.” Wu Xuechan smiled.

“Eldest Martial Uncle, can we set out?” asked Wen Ting.

Wu Xuechan looked at Chen Xi and said, “Little Junior Brother, do you have any other matters to attend to?”

Chen Xi pondered for a moment before he pulled Wu Xuechan to the side, and then he said in a low voice via voice transmission, “Eldest Senior Brother, Senior White, Ye Yan, and the others….”

Before he could finish speaking, Wu Xuechan smiled and said, “Don’t worry. All of them obtained fortune from the Ancestral Dragon Daolord, and they’re currently in closed door cultivation. I’ll naturally take care of them on your behalf.”

Chen Xi nodded and said, “Then I’ll trouble Eldest Senior Brother.”

Wu Xuechan patted him on the shoulder and said, “Little Junior Brother, even though there’s no need to worry about any journey during this trip, but the matters of the world are unpredictable. You must be careful. Especially when it’s against the Sovereign Sect, you must never let your guard down.”

Chen Xi smiled and said, “I understand.”

When he spoke up to here, Chen Xi hesitated for a moment before he said in the end, “Eldest Senior Brother, Junior Brother has a request.”

Wu Xuechan spoke lightheartedly. “Go ahead.”

Chen Xi took a deep breath and said, “All those years ago in the Immortal Dimension, my father, Chen Lingjun, brought my mother along as he secretly travelled to the Ancient God Domain. But up until now, I haven’t heard any news related to them. So, I want to ask you to help me search for information about them.”

Chen Xi had always suppressed this matter at the bottom of his heart throughout these years, and he couldn’t restrain himself from asking it now.

Wu Xuechan listened seriously, and then he actually revealed a rare moment of silence.

After a long time, he said, “Little Junior Brother, leave this matter to me. I’ll naturally give you an explanation once you’ve returned from the Forgotten Grounds of Chaos.”

Wu Xuechan’s silence allowed Chen Xi to acutely sense that this matter was slightly unusual. However, when he heard Wu Xuechan agree, it still caused Chen Xi to heave a sigh of relief in his heart.

He stopped thinking about it, and then he cupped his hands and bowed as he said, “Eldest Senior Brother, thank you!”

Wu Xuechan smiled and said, “You’re just too polite. But when you mentioned this, it made me recall that there were a few little fellows from Nuwa’s Dao Palace amongst the cultivators that came to the Ancient God Domain with your Third Senior Brother and the others all those years ago.”

Chen Xi was stunned, and then he instantly recalled that his Eldest Senior Brother was speaking about Shi Yu, Xiangliu Li, and those four Spirit Palace Masters of Nuwa’s Dao Palace, Yuan Che, Kong Lin, Yun Su, and Yuchi Wan.

It wasn’t just them. Chen Xi had also immediately recalled that Meng Xinghe, Hua Jiankong, Zhao Taici, Ao Jiuhui, and Chi Cangsheng had followed his Third Senior Brother as well.

Besides them, even the three Immortal Kings from the Xuanyuan Clan, Xuanyuan Shao, Xuanyuan Fengchen, and Xuanyuan Tabei had gone to the Ancient God Domain with his Third Senior Brother as well.

When he thought up to here, Chen Xi couldn’t help but feel extremely dazed.

Before he could ask, Wu Xuechan seemed to have seen through his thoughts and said with a warm voice, “Don’t worry. After they arrived at the Ancient God Domain, besides Meng Xinghe and Hua Jiankong who’d remained in our Oracle Mountain to cultivate, the others obtained their own fortune and entered various paradises of cultivation to cultivate.”

According to Wu Xuechan, Zhao Taici had headed to the ancient sect in the Imperial Region, the Phoenix Ascension Palace, to cultivate.

Midnight Immortal King, Dian Dian, had joined the Great Void Temple to cultivate.

Ao Jiuhui had been taken in by the Azure Dragon Clan in the Imperial Region.

As for the others like Xuanyuan Shao, Xuanyuan Fengchen, and Xuanyuan Tabei, Wu Xuechan had made arrangements for them to cultivate in an ancient sect of the Imperial Region, the Divine Mountain of Creation.

Only Chi Cangsheng was slightly special. He wasn’t willing to join any sect, and he left swiftly all by himself and went to travel and cultivate by himself.

Hua Jiankong was Meng Xinghe’s disciple, whereas, Meng Xinghe was the Dean of Dao Emperor Academy in the past, so his inheritance came from Ji Yu’s line.

Even though Ji Yu was Fuxi’s mount, in the eyes of Wu Xuechan and the other disciples, he was like a ‘Martial Uncle’ to them, and they were extremely respectful to him.

So, Meng Xinghe and Hua Jiankong had stayed behind to cultivate in Oracle Mountain. However, they were in closed door cultivation and were unable to meet Chen Xi.

After he found out about all of this, Chen Xi heaved a sigh of relief, and then he said with a smile, “Now that I speak about it, I really can’t wait to meet them.”

Wu Xuechan smiled and said, “You’ll have plenty of chances in the future. However, you might be able to encounter a few old friends when you head over to participate in the Dao Discussion.”

Chen Xi’s eyes lit up. Old friends?

“Quickly go on, don’t make them wait for too long. Even though there’s still a month before the Dao Discussion begins, it takes quite a bit of time to travel from Oracle Mountain to the Central Holy Court.” Wu Xuechan smiled as he urged Chen Xi to leave.

Chen Xi turned around. Sure enough, he saw Wen Ting and those nine third generation disciples looking at him.

He instantly didn’t dare delay any longer, and he cupped his hands and said, “Then that’s that. Eldest Senior Brother, farewell.”


On this day, Oracle Mountain activated its teleportation formation, and it teleported Chen Xi and the others away as they began their journey to participate in the Dao Discussion.

Nuwa’s Dao Palace.

“I heard from the Founding Ancestor that after you cultivated behind closed doors for so many years, you’ve already recovered your past memories. Then… do you still remember who you are now?” A ancient black altar stood towering on a divine mountain that was suffused by five colored divine radiance. A woman spoke lightly before the altar, and her voice carried a trace of a complicated tone.

She had a slender and delicate figure, wore a dress that fluttered in the wind, jet black hair that was coiled into a bun, and wore an exquisite garland. Moreover, her entire body was covered by strands of light silver radiance that made her seem like a goddess that had emerged from a painting.

Shockingly, this woman was Xiangliu Li!

At this moment, a man was squatting before Xiangliu Li with a frown and a distressed expression on his face. When he heard this, he couldn’t help but speak lightheartedly. “I’m naturally me. Who else could I be?”

Even though he spoke in this way, his expression turned even more complicated. After a long time, he muttered. “Dammit! I thought only Junior Sister Qing Xiuyi experienced reincarnations for 100 lifetimes, yet who would have imagined that even I, Shu Yu, had reincarnated in the three dimensions….”

Yes, he was exactly Shi Yu, the Eldest Dao Protecting Disciple of Nuwa’s Dao Palace in the three dimensions.

All those years ago, after he arrived at the Ancient God Domain with Xiangliu Li, he’d been sent to Nuwa’s Dao Palace by Tie Yunhai. After that, he was ordered to enter the restricted area of Nuwa’s Dao Palace, the Five Colored Divine Pool’ to enter into closed door cultivation.

However, even Shi Yu himself had never imagined that this closed door cultivation wouldn’t just allow his cultivation to undergo a transformation, he’d even awakened the memories of his past lifetime!

He finally understood that he was actually a Dao Attendant by the Founding Ancestor of Nuwa’s Dao Palace, Nuwa, during his past lifetime, and he was called Shi Dayu….

Shi Yu, Shi Dayu. It was just a slight difference, yet it represented two different lifetimes during his past and present lives. So, it caused Shi Yu to still be unable to accept such an absurd thing even after he’d emerged from his closed door cultivation.

How could it be like this? He’d asked this question in his heart on more than one occasion.

“I heard that all of this was arranged by the Founding Ancestor all those years ago, and it was don’t for the sake of mending the flaws in your path towards the Dao.” Xiangliu Li spoke in a light voice from the side. “You don’t have to be troubled by this. The Founding Ancestor clearly did this for your own good.”

“I know.” Shi Yu sighed, and then he stood up. “I’m just slightly puzzled, why did it just have to be in the three dimensions. This is slightly strange.”

“Senior Brother Shi Yu, the Founding Ancestor has issued a command. If you’re prepared, then head to the Dao Inheritance Hall. Martial Uncle Yu Zhen will bring Senior Brother Shi Yu and the others to participate in the Dao Discussion.” Suddenly, a slender white crane descended lightly from the sky and spoke in a clear voice.

“I’ll be there right away.” Shi Yu was stunned, and then he waved his hand. The white crane flapped its wings and vanished.

“Junior Sister Li, I don’t have much time, and I’ll have a proper chat with you once I return. At that time, I’ll personally ask the Founding Ancestor to allow us to become Dao Companions.” In the next moment, Shi Yu took a deep breath and placed his hands on Xiangliu Li’s shoulders before looking at her with a gaze of deep affection.

When she heard such frank words, Xiangliu Li’s pretty face flushed red, and she was slightly uncomfortable. Moreover, her clear eyes inadvertently revealed a wisp of pleasant surprise, and it exposed the true thoughts in her heart.

“Then…. Then I’ll be waiting for you.” Xiangliu Li lowered her head and spoke softly like the buzz of a mosquito, and she didn’t dare meet Shi Yu’s gaze that burned with deep affection.

Shi Yu suddenly pecked Xiangliu Li’s lips, and then he roared with laughter as he turned around and left with large strides.

“Junior Sister Li, you must wait for my return.”

“Ptooey!” Xiangliu Li’s face grew even hotter and red like rosy clouds, and she spat lightly while her heart was filled with happiness instead. After so many years, this fellow has finally given me a promise.

It was also on this same day that Shi Yu and another 35 Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm disciples of Nuwa’s Dao Palace had set out towards the Central Holy Court with the Dao Conferral Elder of Nuwa’s Dao Palace, Yu Zhen, and they began their journey of participating in the Dao Discussion.

It wasn’t just Oracle Mountain and Nuwa’s Dao Palace. The Divine Institute, Sovereign Sect, and even numerous top-rate powers in the Imperial Region and even the entire Ancient God Domain had set out on this same day.

Their destinations were the same, the Central Holy Court!

Because in another month of time, the Dao Discussion that had given rise to much discussion in the entire Ancient God Domain for a long time was about to begin at the Central Holy Court!

— End of Book Seventeen —

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