Chapter 1831 – Gold-striped Kui Ox

At the peak of Oracle Mountain.

At this moment, many figures were standing before a grand and ancient hall. There were both men and woman amongst them, and even though their appearances were different, all of their auras were extremely formidable.

They were engaged in idle chatter, and they seemed to be waiting for something.


Suddenly, a wave of fluctuation arose in space, and then two figures appeared from within. It was exactly Wu Xuechan and Chen Xi.

“Eldest Senior Brother.”

“Eldest Martial Uncle.”

“Martial Ancestral Uncle.”

All of these men and woman came forward and bowed to Wu Xuechan, yet there were three types of methods of address.

Obviously, there were first generation, second generation, and third generation disciples amongst these men and woman.

Wu Xuechan smiled as he nodded. “There’s no need for formality.”

Meanwhile, all of their gazes had descended onto Chen Xi and carried curious expressions.

“Martial Ancestral Uncle, is this our Young Martial Ancestral Uncle? But why is he only at the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm?” A tall and robust black clothed man spoke with a booming voice. He had a rugged appearance, a dense beard, two eyes that were large like bronze bells, and possessed a mighty imposing aura.

“Bull, don’t be disrespectful!” A refined middle aged man that wore the robes of a scholar berated.

“It’s fine.” Wu Xuechan smiled, and then he introduced to the others. “This is that Little Junior Brother of mine, Chen Xi.”

“Junior Brother Chen Xi.”

“Martial Uncle Chen Xi.”

“Martial Ancestral Uncle Chen Xi.”

For a time, all the men and woman bowed towards Chen Xi, and there were three types of methods of address as well, causing it to seem very unique.

Chen Xi hurriedly returned the courtesy as well and greeting them.

Meanwhile, he’d clearly distinguished that there were at least 10 Imperial Monarchs amongst these men and women while the other 10 plus were Universe Enlightened Ancestral Gods.

Chen Xi couldn’t help but sigh endlessly with emotion because of this. Because if he wasn’t wrong, then there were around eight Imperial Monarchs that addressed him as ‘Martial Uncle’!

Obviously, those second generation disciples were existences that had already stepped foot into the Imperial Monarch Realm.

To put it in more specific terms, all of these men and woman ought to be disciples of the Third Founding Ancestor, Wen Daozhen’s, line.

“Little Junior Brother, there’s no need to be surprised. These fellow disciples heard that you’d returned to the sect for the first time, and they intended to meet you. Normally, they wouldn’t have the time to gather here, and only you receive such great honor and are able to draw them over.” Wu Xuechan smiled as he teased. As he spoke, he started to introduce these men and women to Chen Xi.

Chen Xi was stunned, and a wisp of warmth flowed out from his heart. He knew that his Eldest Senior Brother wanted to utilize such a method to allow him to swiftly integrate himself into the sect, so as to avoid the embarrassing situation of meeting a fellow disciple from the sect yet not recognizing that disciple.

In next to no time, the introductions were complete.

Chen Xi was finally clearly aware that these men and women really were disciples from Wen Daozhen’s lin. However, it was merely a portion of them, and there were still some that were in closed door cultivation and weren’t aware of Chen Xi’s return.

“Bull, where are you going?” Suddenly, a refined middle aged man in a scholar’s robe frowned as he spoke.

Presently, Chen Xi was clearly aware that this middle aged man’s name was Wen Chongshan, and he was a second generation disciple of Chen Xi’s Third Martial Uncle, Wen Daozhen. At the same time, he was a Seventh Star Imperial Monarch.

The Bull that Wen Chongshan spoke of was called Tu Meng, and he was a descendant of the primeval ferocious beast, Gold-striped Kui Ox that had become a disciple of Wen Chongshan and become a third generation disciple of Oracle Mountain.

Meanwhile, everyone noticed that Tu Meng had actually turned around and started walking towards the distance without saying a single word.

“Master, I’m going back to cultivate. I originally thought that the Young Martial Ancestral Uncle would be an extraordinary figure, but who would have imagined that his strength is just like mine. It’s truly disappointing.” Tu Meng replied in a booming voice and spoke frankly. He didn’t conceal the disappointment in his heart at all and seemed to be very straightforward.

This caused the others to be unable to help but be flabbergasted.

However, Wen Chongshan’s face sank, and he berated. “You slow-witted bull! You actually dare to go against your seniors! What would others think of you? You get right back here and quickly apologize to Martial Uncle Chen Xi!”

“I refuse!” Tu Meng seemed to be extremely stubborn. He straightened up his neck and cried. “Unless… unless Martial Ancestral Uncle fights me, and I’ll be convinced of his strength if he’s able to defeat me!”

As he spoke, he opened his enormous eyes and gazed at Chen Xi in a provocative manner.

“You stupid cow, you’re simply….” Wen Chongshan was exasperated, and he raised his hand with the intention of teaching this worthless disciple of his.

The others hurriedly stopped him when they saw this.

“Martial Nephew Wen, could it be that you still don’t understand Tu Meng’s temper? That kid is very stubborn, yet his heart is extremely warm.” Wu Xuechan smiled as he spoke.

Wen Chongshan laughed bitterly and said, “How could I not? But this fellow is too slow-witted and doesn’t know anything about formalities. He actually dared to disrespect Martial Uncle Chen Xi, and that’s truly infuriating.”

“Master, that isn’t provocation, it’s merely slight disappointment towards Young Martial Ancestral Uncle’s strength. I’m unable to hide my thoughts and speak my mind. I had no intention of giving offence.” Tu Meng shouted in a gruff voice.

“You….” Wen Chongshan’s face sank, and he slightly regretted his decision to bring this idiot, Tu Meng, to meet Chen Xi.

“Alright, since you’re not convinced of my strength, then let’s… spar?” Chen Xi who’d remained silent until now suddenly smiled as he spoke.

He couldn’t keep out of the matter at a time like this. After all, it was the first time he was meeting his fellow disciples from Oracle Mountain, and he had to make a suitable display because only in that way would he be able to better integrate himself into the sect.

Tu Meng’s eyes lit up, and he rubbed his palms together as he said, “That’s perfect! Just because of these words alone, I won’t let Martial Ancestral Uncle lose too horribly.”

Just these words alone angered Wen Chongshan to the point the corners of his mouth shivered. This slow-witted and idiotic cow is simply beyond saving!

The others couldn’t help but chuckle.

But there were also some third generation disciples that couldn’t help but have misgivings in their hearts. Even though Tu Meng was someone that didn’t hold back in his speech and was a frank and honest person, his strength was undeniably formidable. He was an existence that firmly occupied a position in the top three amongst all the third generation disciples at the perfection-stage of the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm.

A few tens of years ago, he’d already possessed the strength to advance into the Imperial Monarch Realm, but he’d always been suppressed by his master, Wen Chongshan, and he was prohibited from advancing because his master said that it wasn’t the right time.

If it wasn’t for that, Tu Meng would have probably become an Imperial Monarch a long time ago.

Tu Meng’s position at the 13th of the Universe Enlightened Chart was a clear indication of how heaven defying his strength was.

Under such circumstances, if Chen Xi were to lose at Tu Meng’s hands, then it would be a loss of face.

“Then let’s begin.” Chen Xi couldn’t help but smile as he strode forward.

“Eldest Martial Uncle, what do you….” Wen Chongshan couldn’t help but feel slightly worried, and he looked at Wu Xuechan.

“It’s fine, it wouldn’t hurt to let them have a spar.” Wu Xuechan waved his hand and smiled as he spoke. “Otherwise, Tu Meng will probably remain unconvinced. In that way, he would feel uncomfortable in his heart if he was asked to participate in the Dao Discussion with Junior Brother Chen Xi.”

Only now did Chen Xi understand that Tu Meng was actually going to participate in the Dao Discussion just like him.

Wen Chongshan stopped attempting to persuade them against the battle when he heard this, and he just gazed at Tu Meng and spoke in a slightly warning tone. “Bull, know your limits and don’t be disrespectful!”

“Don’t worry, Master. I definitely won’t make Young Martial Ancestral Uncle lose too embarrassingly.” Tu Meng patted his chest and spoke in a totally unconcerned manner.

Not only did these words not allow Wen Chongshan to feel at ease, it infuriated him to the point of wishing for nothing more than to bash up this slow-witted idiot instead.

“Young Martial Ancestral Uncle, make your move. I’ll let you strike three moves first!” Tu Meng shouted loudly while his rugged face was covered in an arrogant and violent expression, and his robust figure seethed with an oppressive imposing aura.

In an instant, he seemed to have transformed into a primeval war god.

The others couldn’t help but feel but sigh helplessly when they saw this. This fellow, Tu Meng’s, way of speech is truly infuriating. He’s even able to make such actions seem so justified and courageous.

Some might even think that he’s humiliating Chen Xi.

“Three moves?” Chen Xi smiled and said, “There’s no need, how about we decide the outcome with a single strike?”

A single strike? Everyone was stunned while many people started feeling doubt in their hearts. Chen Xi wouldn’t have been provoked by Tu Meng to the point of getting angry from embarrassment?

Tu Meng was stunned as well, and then he grinned. “Martial Ancestral Uncle, don’t get angry.”

“You don’t dare?” said Chen Xi.

These casual words immediately caused Tu Meng to shout. “How could I not dare? Since Martial Ancestral Uncle spoke in this way, then I won’t hold back!”

As he spoke, a strand of bright golden talismans rumbled and effused out from his entire body, and then it enveloped him while emanating a powerful and terrifying imposing aura.

The heavens and the earth were in disorder, the airflow in the surroundings rumbled, and this expanse of space wailed. It seemed to be unable to endure the might that came from Tu Meng.

One could faintly notice that numerous mysterious totem tattoos had appeared on Tu Meng’s skin throughout his body, and they seemed to have come to life and sounded like the furious howls of Fiendgods and the sorrowful cries of the world. It was extremely terrifying.

This was the might of the totem inherited in the Gold-striped Kui Ox clan. After it was fused with the inheritance in the Talisman Dao from Oracle Mountain, its might had long since outshined its previous form, and it was sufficient to destroy the ages and swallow the world!

Obviously, Tu Meng didn’t dare be careless because of their agreement to end the battle with a single strike, and he’d utilized his full strength with the intention of crushing Chen Xi!

Wen Chongshan’s eyelids twitched violently when he saw this. He knew that this bull was about to go berserk, and he opened his mouth with the intention of saying something yet was restrained by Wu Xuechan who smiled at him.


Right at this moment, Tu Meng suddenly flashed out like a Kui Ox that stood towering on the moon. He raised his arm that was thick and muscular like it was made of stone, and it was like he was raising the sun and moon while a myriad of golden talismans were held between his fingers as his palm smashed down towards Chen Xi!

In an instant, the expanse of space between Chen Xi and Tu Meng had suddenly exploded into pieces as it was unable to endure such terrifying force.

This strike was too shocking indeed. If it was five years ago, then perhaps Chen Xi would feel a trace of pressure, but now….

He merely smiled and stood on the spot without moving an inch. He just stretched out a single palm and slapped it out lightly in a way that didn’t carry any aura of battle or force.

It was even to the extent that this palm strike seemed to be too calm, indifferent, and light. It caused others to be unable to help but feel slightly worried, and they had an unsteady feeling.

“Does Martial Ancestral Uncle intend to admit defeat?” The third generation disciples frowned.

They’d utterly not noticed that when existences at the Imperial Monarch Realm like Wen Chongshan witnessed this palm strike of Chen Xi’s, their pupils had constricted successively!

It was even to the extent that even Wu Xuechan couldn’t help but be slightly stunned, and he seemed to be somewhat surprised.


All of this took a long time to describe yet actually occurred in an instant. When Chen Xi struck with this palm strike, Tu Meng’s full forced strike had already smashed down, and a rain of blazing golden talismans that covered the sky had completely drowned their figures beneath it.

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