Chapter 1830 – Five Years Later

It was common knowledge that term ‘the five extremes of the Imperial Region’ represented the five ancient sects in the Ancient God Domain that could be considered as supreme, and it was impossible to find another existence in the entire Ancient God Domain that could rival these five great powers.

Yet now, the five extremes of the Imperial Region had actually simultaneously released news about their intention to join forces and hold a Dao Discussion. As soon as information about this was released, it was like a world shocking storm that swept throughout the Ancient God Domain at inconceivable speed, and it caused an unprecedentedly mighty stir in the Ancient God Domain.

For a time, discussions about the Dao Discussion seemed to have become the hottest topic that the entire Ancient God Domain paid attention to.

“A grand Dao Discussion of such scale is simply unprecedented. It’s sufficient to leave behind a striking mark in the history of the Ancient God Domain!” Many people exclaimed with surprise, and they were shocked by the extravagance displayed by these five great powers.

“This matter isn’t simple. After all, since the ancient times until now, Oracle Mountain and Nuwa’s Dao Palace have always been enemies with the Sovereign Sect and Divine Institute, and they’re like fire and water and have been enemies for generations. Now, they actually put their enmity aside and joined forces, so there’s definitely a secret behind all of this.” Someone exclaimed with surprise and felt that this Dao Discussion was slightly unusual.

“I heard that the cooperation this time was lead and formed by the Dao Institute that has always maintained a neutral position, and the final objective of this Dao Discussion is to select a group of the best Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm disciples to head to the Forgotten Grounds of Chaos and establish a new Region.” There were also some that were well-informed, and they provided an explanation about the Dao Discussion.

“A new region! How many years has it been since a new Region has appeared in the Ancient God Domain? No wonder the five extremes were able to form a collaboration this time. So, it turns out that all of it was for the sake of establishing a new region!”

“Now it would seem like the participants of this Dao Discussion will definitely be the best Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm experts within the five extremes of the Imperial Region?”

“It doesn’t stop there. Once the Dao Discussion is held, it would probably be sufficient to attract all the experts in the top 100 of the Universe Enlightened Chart to participate!”

“That’s really like a gathering of a storm of experts. No matter what, I’m filled with anticipation towards the Dao Discussion that’s being held this time!”

Discussions like these were practically occurring in every single region within the Ancient God Domain, and it clearly displayed the influence of this piece of information that was released by the five extremes of the Imperial Region.

Moreover, some cultivators that intended to observe this Dao Discussion to the end had even set out a long time ago, and they converged towards the Imperial Region from all directions.

It was obvious that on the day the curtains to this Dao Discussion were drawn, it was bound to draw over an enormous number of spectators.

In the Tower of Beginnings.

It was already Chen Xi’s fifth year of cultivating here.

He was completely unaware that the entire Imperial Region had already fallen into a shocked state, and its attention had been drawn over by the Dao Discussion that was about to begin.

At this moment, Chen Xi was still immersed in his cultivation, and he was completely unaware of the passage of time.

During these five years of time, his cultivation in qi refinement, his comprehension of the Dao, his cultivation in the Dao Heart, his cultivation in the Sword Dao…. Practically everything had undergone a qualitative transformation.

This meant that his overall combat strength had undergone successive tremendous advancements during these five years of time!

Yes, it was an incessant improvement and not just a single improvement!

Advancing into the perfection-stage of the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm allowed his foundation and vitality to leap dramatically, and when compared to the past, his combat strength had clearly improved by a great deal.

Attaining perfection in the advanced-stage of Dao Comprehension allowed the might he possessed in battle to undergo another improvement.

If the transformation of his cultivation in the Dao Heart, the improvement of his cultivation in the Sword Dao, and the strengthening of his soul were included, this how could his combat strength remain stagnant without improving?

When all of these improvements and transformations were added together, it allowed Chen Xi’s current comprehensive strength to attain an inconceivable and world shocking state!

As for exactly how strong Chen Xi was now, even he was probably unable to determine it.

After all, his advancement this time was too extraordinary, and it was unlike the past. He hadn’t just achieved a breakthrough in his cultivation, and it was a comprehensive improvement of all the types of energy he possessed!

It wasn’t luck that allowed Chen Xi to accomplish this.

On one hand, it was because his foundation was too deep and solid while all the energies he possessed had already been tempered to an extremely flawless state, so he was already at the border of advancement.

On the other hand, it was closely related to the assistance of the Ten Treasures Wine that his Eldest Senior Brother Wu Xuechan had given him.

But most importantly, it was the Tower of Beginnings!

This treasure stood towering in a vital area of the Oracle Mountain, and it was personally established by Fuxi himself. Now, it even had Di Shun residing within it.

Merely this alone was sufficient to prove exactly how extraordinary the tower was, and it was absolutely not something an ordinary Natural Spirit Treasure could compare to.

Moreover, after Chen Xi entered it, he’d experienced all sorts of difficulties and obstructions all along the way to finally arrive on the last star at the end of the 3,000km of space within the tower and was enveloped by the Grand Daos of the world. Up until now, only he alone had obtained such a place of cultivation, so to benefits he gained were immeasurable.

This was obvious from Founding Ancestor Di Shun’s extremely shocked appearance.

In short, perhaps the comprehensive transformation Chen Xi experienced during these five years of time was related to fortune, but it was absolutely not related to luck.

“Little Junior Brother.” Suddenly, a warm voice resounded, and it jolted awake Chen Xi who was immersed in his cultivation. Eldest Senior Brother?

“The Dao Discussion is about to begin. Have you prepared sufficiently?”

Chen Xi replied. “I’m ready to set out at any time.

“Alright, then leave the tower right away.” Wu Xuechan’s voice vanished right after this.

Chen Xi stood up immediately. He glanced at the surroundings before he suddenly stretched out his hand and grabbed a rock, and then his fingers were like blades that drew and inscribed on the rock for some time.

In the blink of an eye, a stone tablet that was shaped like a sharp talisman of the sword had appeared, and he tossed it into the ground.


In the next moment, his green clothes fluttered before he vanished on the spot.

Unlike when he arrived, when Chen Xi returned along the path he came, he hadn’t encountered even a trace of pressure, and he arrived at the entrance in a mere instant.

Right when Chen Xi arrived at the entrance, Di Shun who sat cross-legged with his eyes closed on the green lotus had suddenly opened his eyes. His eyes seemed to reflect the ages, and he stared at Chen Xi.

Presently, Chen Xi’s aura seemed to be flat as if it was natural and tranquil. There was nothing special about it. However, Di Shun was clearly aware that this was merely the imposing aura reflected on the surface.

He’d witnessed all the transformations that Chen Xi had undergone in these five years of time, and he was naturally clearly aware that Chen Xi had already arrived at an unprecedented extreme height in the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm. Even Di Shun himself was unable to determine exactly how formidable Chen Xi was now.

After a short while, a wisp of a satisfied grin appeared on the corners of Di Shun’s mouth.

“Five years of time passed in an instant, yet you, little fellow… haha, you’re like a completely different person.”

“Martial Uncle is too kind.” Chen Xi cupped his hands.

“Go on, don’t keep your Eldest Senior Brother waiting.” Di Shun waved his hand.

“Disciple will return to receive Martial Uncle’s guidance after disciple returns from the outside world.” Chen Xi bid his farewells and bowed before turning around and leaving.

“This is the might of the Imperial Sovereign Dao Root? It really is a unique treasure of the heavens and the earth, and it allowed this kid to imperceptibly possess the might of an Imperial Sovereign in the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm. Looks like the painstaking efforts of the Master of the Manku period, Xuan, and Senior Brother Fuxi weren’t wasted….” As he gazed at Chen Xi’s disappearing figure, Di Shun’s eyes couldn’t help but surge with a wisp of recollection and emotion.

A figure like him was naturally clearly aware that no matter if it was the Master of the Manku period, Xuan, or Fuxi, both of them were previous Comprehenders of the River Diagram.

Now, Chen Xi wasn’t just a Comprehender of the River Diagram, he’d even inherited Fuxi’s inheritance, the mantle Xuan left behind, and the Imperial Sovereign Dao Root. In terms of the resources and reserves he possessed, he absolutely surpassed most of his peers since the ancient times until now!

“Perhaps only in this way would that kid be able to carry forward the cause pioneered by his predecessors, forget ahead into the future, and establish a supreme Grand Dao that completely surpasses the past?” Di Shun went silent for a moment before he suddenly raised his eyes and gazed towards that last star at the end of the 3,000km area within the tower.

Chen Xi had cultivated on that star for the last five years, and now that he’d left, only a stone tablet shaped like a sharp talisman of the sword remained.

A row of words was inscribed on the stone tablet with the fingertip — “One day, I’ll definitely stand above the Heavens!”

Every single stroke was simple and unhurried, yet they revealed a firm, resolute, and indescribable boldness and will!

“One day, I’ll definitely stand above the Heavens!” Di Shun repeated these words while he recalled everything that he’d witnessed about Chen Xi during these five years of time. At this moment, his mental state that hadn’t rippled for countless years actually couldn’t help but be shaken slightly, and it was impossible to calm down for a long time.

Suddenly, Di Shun waved his sleeve, and a wisp of invisible energy covered the stone tablet on the star 3,000km away, and then it vanished beneath the ground along with the stone tablet.

“That kid.” Di Shun revealed a smile that carried deep meaning hidden behind it, and then he muttered. “He probably doesn’t know that if the Heavens find out about that, then he’ll suffer tribulation…. However, he really doesn’t have to care about that.”

Outside the Tower of Beginnings.

“Eldest Senior Brother.” When Chen Xi strode out, he noticed that his Eldest Senior Brother, Wu Xuechan, was already waiting here for a long time.

“Not bad, not bad.” Wu Xuechan sized Chen Xi up from top to bottom, and then he couldn’t help but smile. “You’re much stronger than I was all those years ago.”

Chen Xi rubbed his nose and smiled bitterly. “Martial Uncle Di Shun just praised me earlier, so please don’t do that as well, Eldest Senior Brother. Otherwise, I’ll definitely be unable to endure it.”

As soon as these words were spoken, it caused Wu Xuechan to be stunned instead. He said with surprise, “Martial Uncle Di Shun actually praised you?”

Chen Xi said with astonishment, “Is there something wrong with that?”

Wu Xuechan sighed with emotion. “You don’t know that since Martial Uncle Di Shun has resided in the Tower of Beginnings, he has never praised anyone. You’re the first person to obtain his praise.”

Chen Xi immediately laughed bitterly. “Eldest Senior Brother, let’s not discuss all of this.”

“Alright, let’s not make the others wait for too long.” Wu Xuechan smiled before he flicked his sleeve, and then he brought Chen Xi along as he swiftly vanished on the spot.

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