Chapter 183 – Leaving The Gorge

Chapter 183 – Leaving The Gorge

“Brother Jun, that kid appeared out of nowhere and ruined our plans. What should we do next? Are we still going to kill Tantai Zixuan?” Xiao Jun’s voice transmission revealed a trace of terror.

“There’s no need to panic. My Father and the other elders are already lying in ambush outside Emeraldcloud Gorge, and it’s precisely for the sake of avoiding any unforeseen events from happening. At that time, they’ll just kill this kid as well.” Han Wenjun’s expression was ominous to the extreme, and as he recalled his earlier appearance of being terrified by Chen Xi to the point of wetting himself, an intense feeling of humiliation gushed into his heart. He’d never suffered such humiliation since he was a child, and this feeling was simply more painful than taking his life.

“So Brother Jun still has a backup plan. Great, once that bitch Zixuan walks out of Emeraldcloud Gorge, it will be the moment she loses her life, and then I don’t have to serve by her side any longer.” Xiao Jun looked at Han Wenjun with an expression of adoration, and her gaze was like honey as she spoke with infatuation. “At that time, I’ll forever accompany by Brother Jun’s side and serve Brother Jun for my entire lifetime.”

“Alright, but let’s talk about it after we settle this matter. So long as I’m able to seize the Emeraldcloud Command Token, everything in this land of treasures will become the possession of the Han Clan, and it’s undoubtedly a heavy blow to the Tantai Clan. Seizing this opportunity to completely swallow the Tantai Clan will surely allow my Han Clan to dominate Oceanic City and look down upon all powers in the city.” The more Han Wenjun spoke, the more excited he became, and he seemed to have already seen the scene of the Tantai Clan being annihilated.

“But, Brother Jun, the father of that bitch Zixuan is a Half-step Rebirth Realm expert. I heard he’s been in closed door cultivation during all these years for the sake of charging into the Rebirth Realm. If he finds out that we kill his daughter…”

Before Xiao Jun finished speaking, Han Wenjun laughed coldly and interrupted her. “Half-step Rebirth Realm? Hmph! He isn’t at the Rebirth Realm in the end, not to mention, that old fool Tantai Hong is probably already dead now.”

“What?” Xiao Jun’s pupils constricted abruptly.

“Hmph! What’s there to be surprised for? If we didn’t kill that old fellow, how would we dare kill Zixuan at a time like this?” Han Wenjun laughed complacently as he looked at Xiao Jun’s shocked expression, and he sighed unhurriedly. “Unfortunately, an exquisite beauty is going to perish today.”

“Brother Jun, can you tell me how did you do it? Tantai Hong is a Half-step Rebirth Realm cultivator, and he’s simply an overlord that’s unshakeable in Oceanic City.” Xiao Jun spoke with a burning gaze. She understood the power behind Han Wenjun, and it was utterly unable to do anything to Tantai Hong by relying on their own strength. Since they did this, then they’d surely called over a formidable external assistance. But she wasn’t sure whether the external assistance was from the power she knew of.

“This… You’ll know in the future.” Han Wenjun replied with a smile.

Xiao Jun’s gaze flickered, yet she was laughing coldly in her heart, as if she’d known since long ago that Han Wenjun would reply like this.

Right at this moment, Tantai Zixuan and Chen Xi had finished discussing to satisfaction, and she waved at the over ten Golden Hall Realm guards before walking towards the outside of Emeraldcloud Gorge.

The Emeraldcloud Gorge was exceedingly huge, coupled with the layer upon layer of restrictions that covered the surroundings. Only Tantai Zixuan, that held the Emeraldcloud Command Token, was able to lead everyone out.

Chen Xi followed at the back of the group, and all along the way, he found out that all these people were from Oceanic City. Besides the white clothed young man Han Wenjun, the other 10 plus Golden Hall Realm cultivators were guards of the Tantai Clan.

This caused Chen Xi to be unable to refrain from sighing with emotion. The guards of a clan already possess strength at the Golden Hall Realm, such a power had already greatly surpassed all the powers of Pine Mist City.

The young woman called Xiao Jun was the personal maidservant of Tantai Zixuan. But he wasn’t sure whether it was his misconception or not. Chen Xi kept having the feeling that this young woman was slightly out of the ordinary, and the aura she emitted vaguely felt familiar to him.

“Chen Xi, didn’t you notice that young woman’s aura is slightly out of the ordinary?” Ling Bai said via voice transmission, “Could it be that you’ve forgotten the 32 Bloodcrescent Devil Sect disciples you killed while participating in the Hidden Dragon Rankings?”

Chen Xi’s heart shook and he instantly came to an understanding. The aura emitted from this Xiao Jun was indeed extremely similar to those people, and there was a trace of a faintly gloomy and bloody aura.

The Bloodcrescent Devil Sect had once caused a rain of blood in the Darchu Dynasty 3,000 years ago, and it intended to encroach upon the heaven and earth to become the overlord of the entire territory of the Darchu Dynasty. At that time, the Bloodcrescent Devil Sect possessed 36 formidable Earthly Immortal Realm elders, and the disciples under their sect numbered in the millions. If it wasn’t for the Emperor Chu at that time gathering all the experts in the dynasty, the current Darchu Dynasty would probably have already become the heavens and earth of the Bloodcrescent Devil Sect!

When he was at the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect, Chen Xi had seen with his own eyes that once the reappearance of the Bloodcrescent Devil Sect was spoken of, the faces of the Du Clan Patriarch, Song Clan Patriarch, Duanmu Clan Patriarch, and Daoist Wen Xuan darkened, and their expressions were severe and serious. Thus, exactly how terrifying the fearsome might of the Bloodcrescent Devil Sect was could be seen from this.

Most importantly, he’d killed 32 disciples of the Bloodcrescent Devil Sect during the Hidden Dragon Rankings and ruined their plan to subdue the Buddha’s Pagoda, and it could be said that he’d completely offended the Bloodcrescent Devil Sect. At this moment, when he inferred that Xiao Jun might be a member of the Bloodcrescent Devil Sect, Chen Xi’s heart instantly became vigilant, and he asked, “Should we notify the others?”

“Haha, the time hasn’t arrived yet. Chen Xi, you have to watch out, there might be a base of the Bloodcrescent Devil Sect settled in Oceanic City.” Ling Bai joked.

How could Chen Xi have the mood to talk nonsense with him? Chen Xi was only curious. If Xiao Jun is a member of the Bloodcrescent Devil Sect, then why is she hiding by Tantai Zixuan’s side? Could it be that she’s conspiring for something?

Not long after, a pitch black stone wall that was 300m tall and possessed an unknown length spanned before everyone.

Chen Xi acutely noticed that boundless restrictions had been set up on the pitch black stone wall. It was like the veins on trees and the grains on rocks, densely filling every inch of space, and it emitted an indistinct obscure aura, yet it revealed an energy that caused one’s heart to palpitate in fear. With Chen Xi current knowledge in the Dao of Talismans, although he was barely able to make out the exceedingly high ability of crafting a myriad of restrictions into one whole on the rock wall, he was far from being able to set it up.

“We can finally leave.” Zixuan lightly smiled. She held an exceedingly verdant command token as she waved it with a raise of her hand, and a green ray of light revolved before opening a door that led to the outside on the pitch black rock wall.

The instant they walked out from this door, Chen Xi saw an enormous and boundless mountain range, an abandoned gorge, and ghastly black mist that suffused the surrounding without an end in sight, and it seemed like the door that led to the faraway netherworld.

“What strong poisonous baleful qi!” This was Chen Xi’s first reaction when he walked out of the restriction in Emeraldcloud Gorge and saw the scene before him. The black colored mist that suffused the air was a poisonous baleful energy that contained toxic poison, and it caused his body to be suffused with traces of bone piercing coldness.

“This is the outer area of Emeraldcloud Gorge. This black mist contains a few thousand types of toxic poisons, and there’s utterly no one that’s able to survive within it. Only a Rebirth Realm cultivation is able to withstand it, and ordinary cultivators would only die if they enter. It’s equivalent to a natural barrier of the Emeraldcloud Gorge.” Zixuan smiled as she explained to Chen Xi.

While she was speaking, a few tens of colorful lights appeared in the distant sky outside the gorge.

These lights swiftly approached them and arrived in the blink of an eye, and when they came close, Chen Xi was able to notice that these cultivators were led by a tall and mighty middle aged man. The middle aged man wore a blood colored cape that seemed as if it got its color from being tainted by blood. His body was tall and impressive looking, and anyone who encountered his gaze would tremble with fear.

“Hmm? Why has Uncle Han come? He even brought over so many elders, it seems as if the entirety of Han Clan’s experts have been deployed?” Tantai Zixuan noticed with a glance that the tall and mighty middle aged man was precisely the Patriarch of the Han Clan, Han Guyue, a formidable figure at the advanced-stage of the Golden Core Realm, whereas, amongst the 16 elders behind him, four had already attained the initial-stage of the Golden Core Realm, and the other 12 were around the perfection-stage of the Golden Hall Realm.

“Father!” Right when Tantai Zixuan was shocked, the nearby Han Wenjun cried out in pleasant surprise before bringing along the maidservant Xiao Jun to flash towards Han Guyue.

Chen Xi instantly had a bad premonition in his heart when he saw this scene. These people… have come with bad intentions!

Actually, it wasn’t only Chen Xi. At this moment, Tantai Zixuan and the other ten plus Golden Hall Realm cultivators had realized that something was off, and they were all anxious and doubtful.

This was the outer area of the Emeraldcloud Gorge. Why has the Han Clan’s Patriarch come over here for no reason? And he has even brought so many experts from his clan?

“Xiao Jun, what’re you doing. Return quickly!” When she saw her little maidservant suddenly leave her side and follow Han Wenjun, Tantai Zixuan couldn’t refrain from frowning as she reproached.

Xiao Jun grinned, yet disregarded Tantai Zixuan, and she turned around to look at Han Guyue before holding a Hundred Treasure Bag with both hands and saying, “Uncle Han, these are the various materials gathered in Emeraldcloud Gorge this time. Please check and accept it.”

“HAHAHA! Good! Good! Good!” Han Guyue laughed loudly into the sky, and he raised his hand to receive it before praising. “Xiao Jun, you’ve done well this time and can be considered to have done a great merit. I’ll surely reward your properly once we return.”

Xiao Jun smiled sweetly and glanced at Han Wenjun before saying, “Uncle Han is too kind. All of this was Brother Jun’s contributions, and Xiao Jun doesn’t dare seek credit.”

As soon as these words were spoken, it once again caused Han Guyue to laugh loudly.

Tantai Zixuan instantly understood everything when she saw this scene, and her beautiful face was covered in both shock and rage. She seemed to not dare believe it, yet everything before her eyes told her extremely brutally that all this was true, and it was without the slightest falseness!

“All of you… All of you planned this long ago? Uncle Han, could it be that you aren’t afraid of offending my Father and cause a battle between our two clans?” Tantai Zixuan was directly angered to the point her chest rapidly rose and fell as she questioned with a cold voice.

The nearby Chen Xi couldn’t help but sigh. Does this even need to be asked? Since he has come prepared, he’d probably already arranged everything properly.

Sure enough, as Chen Xi had expected, Han Guyue laughed as he said, “My good niece, you’re probably unable to see your father again. You should obediently hand over the Emeraldcloud Command Token, otherwise, don’t blame uncle for being merciless.”

“What do you mean?” Tantai Zixuan’s heart jerked. Could it be that something has happened to Father? Impossible! He already possesses a cultivation at the Half-step Rebirth Realm, so how could he possibly be harmed by these bastards that harbor evil intentions?

Han Guyue disregarded Tantai Zixuan instead, and he raised his eyes to sweep the 10 plus Golden Hall Realm cultivators by Tantai Zixuan’s side and say coldly, “Everyone, your Patriarch has already fallen, and the Tantai Clan will be eradicated from Oceanic City. I take pity on the difficulty all of you went through to attain your cultivations and will give all of you a chance. Side with my Han Clan. Otherwise, die!”

What? Could it be that it’s true?

The 10 plus Golden Hall Realm cultivators of the Tantai Clan had pale expressions as they seemed to be in disbelief, and they had terrified expressions of losing the pillar of their clan.

Tantai Zixuan said anxiously, “Uncles, don’t listen to the nonsense he speaks. How could my Father possibly die so easily at the hands of the Han Clan? He, Han Guyue, thinks too highly of himself!”

“Hmph! Little girl, looks like you refuse to submit. I’ll tell you the truth, the person that dealt with your father this time was a Rebirth Realm cultivator. Tell me, is it possible to survive by relying on your father’s cultivation?” Han Guyue grunted coldly, and the meaning within his words was like a sledgehammer that fiercely smashed onto the hearts of every Tantai Clan cultivator present.

“This…” The 10 plus Tantai Clan Golden Hall Realm cultivators were all hesitant.

“Father, there’s also that kid, you must kill him. This fellow wantonly gathered numerous treasures in the Emeraldcloud Gorge. So long as you kill him, those treasures will all be ours!” Han Wenjun suddenly pointed at Chen Xi as he spoke with a loud voice, and his pair of eyes emitted undisguised complacency and resentment.

“Yes, Uncle Han, that fellow almost killed Brother Jun. He’s truly detestable. You have to avenge Brother Jun.” Xiao Jun suggested from the side as well.

“Almost killed my son?” Han Guyue muttered before his face abruptly went cold, and he shouted explosively at Chen Xi. “Junior, kneel down! Hand over all the treasures willingly! In this way, you’ll be able to have a chance of survival, otherwise, no one in the entire heaven and earth is able to save you!”

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