Chapter 1829 – Comprehending The Quintessence

The pressure was extremely great!

Chen Xi felt as if every single inch of his skin was crushed by divine mountains, and he was on the verge of being squashed into pieces.

However, every single time he was on the verge of being unable to hold on, a strand of warmth would surge from within his body, and it would help him deal with a portion of the pressure and providing him with a trace of strength continue forward.

Just like that, he moved forward incessantly. Even though his movements were slow and difficult, but he hadn’t stopped at all.

The stars all along the way grew lesser and lesser, and there were even periods where he didn’t see a single star.

However, Chen Xi didn’t pay any attention to this.

At this moment, his mind and heart were completely concentrated on moving forward, and even he was slightly curious about why he would persist like this and be so resolute.

It’s merely a single advancement, can’t it be accomplished just about anywhere?

However, every single time he was about to stop, a trace of strong unwillingness couldn’t help but arise in his heart, and it was precisely this trace of unwillingness that urged him to continue persisting.

Perhaps, it was precisely this persistent nature of Chen Xi’s that allowed him to attain his current accomplishments, and it allowed him to possess a combat strength that was impossible for his peers to attain.

After an unknown period of time and right when Chen Xi felt that he was only a thread away from collapse, he suddenly noticed that there was no path ahead.

There was only a single star.

There was only a single star in this expanse of space. It was completely round, and hazy clear colored radiance surged on its surface.

When he looked through the layer of clear light, Chen Xi noticed to his surprise that the ground of the surface was covered in numerous extremely thick and large divine chains!

It was a dense mass of divine chains that simply seemed like a spiderweb, and it enveloped the entire star!

All of them were divine chains of the Grand Dao. Every single one of them represented a Law of the Grand Dao, and they contained the quintessence profundities of the Grand Dao.

It was truly impossible to imagine exactly what sort of shocking scene could be witnessed beneath the surface of the star.

When looked at from afar, it was like the entire star was shackled by divine chains of the Grand Dao. The dense aura of the Grand Dao and dazzling and resplendent divine chains of the Grand Dao were interweaved together, and it formed a peerlessly rare and marvelous spectacle.

Anyone that witnessed this scene would feel that it was mysterious and arouse reverence in their hearts.

Chen Xi was no exception.

He didn’t know what this star’s name was. But he was very clearly aware that this star was different from all the stars he’d seen all along the way here!

It was too special, unique, and it emanated an aura that aroused reverence in the hearts of others.

At this moment, Chen Xi stopped in the end.

Because this was the end of the 3,000km within the Tower of Beginnings!

The unique and mysterious star had naturally become Chen Xi’s only objective, and he had no other to choose from.


When Chen Xi moved his figure and finally arrived on the star after moving at an extremely slow speed, an indescribably terrifying aura of the Grand Dao smashed down towards him.


Chen Xi was unable to endure it, and he fell backwards to the ground while he suddenly coughed up a mouthful of blood.

However, at this moment, he didn’t have the time to pay any attention to all of this. He didn’t hesitate at all to circulate his entire cultivation, sever the distracting thoughts in his mind, and instantly enter into a state of cultivation.


The critical factor of advancement that was already growing restless in his body and on the verge of escaping his control was finally vented at this moment, and the vital energy in his entire body rumbled like thunder as it swept throughout his body.

At this instant, the divine energy in the universe within his body, the various Divine Daos that he’d grasped, the Heart Infant that sat cross-legged in his Dao Heart….

All the energy he possessed actually entered into a rare moment of circulating simultaneously!

One could clearly notice that it seemed like Chen Xi’s body was burning at this moment, and it emanated powerful divine radiance that swept out like a storm and illuminated the starry sky.

However, in the time of a mere few breaths of air, numerous dazzling divine chains suddenly surged out from the star. They were like vines that concealed Chen Xi’s entire body within them, and they concealed the phenomena being revealed by Chen Xi.

Swish! Swish!

The dense expanse of divine chains ceaselessly extended out, coiled around him, and emanated a hazy and dazzling aura of the Divine Dao. They ceaselessly surged towards the place where Chen Xi cultivated, and this scene was extremely inconceivable.

In next to no time, even the divine chains fell into deathly silence, and there was no further movement in the surroundings. It seemed like Chen Xi had vanished from this star, and not a trace of him could be found.

“The 3,000th kilometer of the path. Now, a disciple has finally taken that step!” On the green lotus in the sky, Founding Ancestor Di Shun stood with his hands behind his back as he sighed lightly, and his eyes were filled with emotion.

The Tower of Beginnings was a Natural Spirit Treasure that was born from an ancient quintessence of Chaos, and then it was obtained by Fuxi.

The uniqueness of this treasure was reflected by the fact is contained the energy of 3,000 types of Grand Dao, and it provided inconceivable benefits to comprehending the Dao and cultivating.

However, its most mysterious aspect was the last star at the end of the 3,000km long expanse of starry sky within the tower.

This star was covered in the Daos of the world, and it formed boundless auras of the Dao. While one resided on it, it was like residing within the quintessence of Chaos. So, one was able to comprehend the most primitive and complete profundities of the Grand Dao!

At this moment, the place Chen Xi was cultivating at was exactly that last star!

Besides that, he was the first disciple to step foot here amongst all the disciples of Oracle Mountain that stepped foot into the tower throughout the years.

So, when Di Shun witnessed this scene, even with his extraordinary mental state, he still couldn’t help but sigh endlessly with emotion.

Indeed, it was merely a breakthrough to the perfection-stage of the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm. In terms of importance, it wasn’t really great, but Di Shun was very clearly aware that after Chen Xi emerged from this period of cultivation, it would absolutely provide immeasurable benefits to Chen Xi’s future path towards the Dao!

This was the crux of the matter.

Chen Xi felt unprecedentedly shocked from inside out.

In his senses, time seemed to have stopped, but his own strength was transforming without end, causing him to feel like he’d broken through the barrier of time and stood aloof from the world.

Moreover, he seemed as if he’d been drowned within the myriad of Daos in the world or was wandering through an ocean of the Grand Dao, and he was able to very clearly sense the profundities of all the Grand Daos.

A transformation!

Chen Xi sensed that all the energy he possessed were undergoing an indescribable transformation.

At this moment, it was like he’d returned to the quintessence of Chaos, and he was rebuilding himself and improving himself.

The path of cultivation was a path of ceaseless transformation and evolution. It was to allow one’s life to attain a qualitative improvement, escape the shackles and chains that restrained it, compete for victory with the heavens and earth, compete in brilliance with the sun and moon, compete for supremacy with the Grand Dao, and compete with the ages for lifespan, so as to allow one to exist eternally.

This was the final objective of all cultivation, and it was called the Ultimate Path!


The numerous divine chains that were formed from the Grand Dao seemed like dazzling waterfalls that covered his entire body while the aura contained within them seeped into Chen Xi’s body, transformed into surging energy of Divine Dao laws, and ceaselessly transformed and condensed within his body.

This was a transformation of his comprehension in the Grand Dao. The universe within his body and the Daos of the world echoed with each other from afar and reflected each other, thus allowing Chen Xi’s control of them to become even more perfect.

The stages in the Divine Dao were divided into the basic-stage, initial-stage, advanced-stage, peak-stage, and perfection-stage. Every single stage was like a threshold that was even more difficult to surmount than ascending into the heavens. So, every single step one took was extremely difficult, and it was impossible for one without a great will and extraordinary fortune to accomplish.

Yet now, Chen Xi had already attained the advanced-stage in his comprehension of the Grand Dao, and he could be considered a top-rate expert amongst his peers.

After all, normally speaking, most Universe Enlightened Ancestral Gods lingered around the initial-stage when it was in terms of Dao comprehension.

Only those extraordinary figures were able to attain the advanced-stage while at the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm.

But Chen Xi was completely different.

The Divine Dao he possessed were controlled with the Talisman Dao, and he utilized over 10 types of supreme Grand Dao profundities as the core of his path of cultivation.

These Grand Daos included the five elements, Yin, Yang, Wind, Lightning, Star, Oblivion, Obliteration, Light, Darkness, Paramita, Creation, Eternal, Devour, and so on and so forth.

Merely this alone was sufficient to make other cultivators appear dim and inferior in comparison, and they were unable to rival Chen Xi.

But it was precisely because of this that the advancement of Chen Xi’s comprehension in the Dao was much more difficult and obscure than other cultivators.

Otherwise, with his extraordinarily high comprehension ability and natural talent coupled with the numerous fortuitous encounters he’d encountered, it would absolutely be impossible for him to merely possess a comprehension in the Grand Dao that was at the advanced-stage.

But it was also precisely because of this that Chen Xi’s path towards the Dao was even more steady, and his path towards the Dao was much farther and wider than others.

The most important point was that it allowed him to bring forth a combat strength that far exceeded his peers!

Now, at the end of the 3,000km expanse of space within the Tower of Beginnings and atop this star was covered in the profundities of the Grand Dao so the world, Chen Xi’s level of Dao Comprehension was the first to be tempered, and it was undergoing an obvious transformation. This outcome was something that even he hadn’t expected.

At this moment, his mind and heart were clear and without any desire, and he was fully concentrated on comprehending and figuring out the changes in his Divine Dao Laws.

Those chains of the Grand Dao that coiled around him were reflected within his mind, and it allowed him to clearly sense the most primitive, simple, and intrinsic secrets of the Grand Dao.

When the most intrinsic forces of the heavens and the earth were reflected in the minds of others, they seemed very complicated, dense, and extraordinarily obscure.

The reason was that they possessed a myriad of variations, and they could regroup to form wind, cloud, lightning, electricity, ground, fire, Yin, Yang, and even mountains, lakes, and everything else in the world.

However, so long as one fully comprehends them, then one would notice that their intrinsic force was the most basic, primitive, and ancient!

At this moment, it was the most intrinsic side of the Grand Dao that was reflected in Chen Xi’s heart, and the simple and primitive aura of the Dao even caused him to become lost within it.

Time silently flowed by amidst this state of comprehension where he was completely oblivious even to himself.

On the first year of his cultivation, Chen Xi’s level of Dao Comprehension had transformed, and he attained perfection in the advanced-stage. It was also during that same year that his cultivation broke through and attained perfection in the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm.

On the third year of his cultivation, Chen Xi’s cultivation in the Dao Heart had broken through to the third forging of the True Heart Sutra, and the heart Infant that was originally clear and young like a child had grown into a youth that was starting to reveal how extraordinary he was.

On the fifth year of his cultivation, Chen Xi grasp of the Sword Dao had attained the 3rd level of the Sword Emperor Realm, and his combat strength advanced once more.

It was also on this fifth year that news that the five extremes of the Imperial Region were holding a Dao Discussion had swept through the world like a storm, and it aroused the attention of the entire Ancient God Domain.

For a time, news related to the Dao Discussion had become the hottest topic of discussion in all the various powers.

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