Chapter 1828 – Alarming The Founding Ancestor

Chen Xi didn’t sigh with emotion for too long, and he continued forward.

At this moment, he seemed to be relaxed, yet he was actually enduring extremely terrifying pressure from the energy of the Grand Dao, and this was obvious from the solemn expression he had and how he moved forward slowly.


The pressure created by the energy of the Grand Dao grew more and more terrifying, and it actually started rumbling like thunder and resounded throughout the surroundings.


Chen Xi felt his entire body shake. It was like a myriad of mountains had pushed against him, and his figure staggered back while he was almost blasted flying.

It’s growing more and more difficult…. Divine radiance flowed in Chen Xi’s eyes. He stared at the depths of the star studded sky for a moment before he gritted his teeth and continued forward once more.

The pressure was growing stronger and stronger, and even his soul and Dao Heart suffered a form of extreme pressure, causing Chen Xi to practically feel as if he was drowning and suffocating.

At this moment, he’d already exerted his full strength, but his movements forward were growing more and more slower, more and more difficult….


When he arrived here, the bones within his entire body sounded as if they were rubbing against each other from being unable to endure the heavy burden on them. Every single pore within his body emanated violent fluctuations of divine radiance, and his expression was solemn to the extreme.

It was at this instant that he noticed another star that emanated the aura of a Will brand.

Actually, he’d seen similar stars on more than one occasion during his path here. There was the Will Brand left behind by his Third Senior Brother Tie Yunhai, the Will Brand of the third generation disciple Hua Yan, and the brands of some other disciples.

However, all of them were actually unable to compare with the Will Brand on this star.

This star was completely like ice. It was translucent, crystalline, and emanated a dazzling and piercingly cold aura. Merely a single glance caused Chen Xi’s skin to feel bone piercing coldness envelope it, and it seemed to be extremely terrifying.

There was a sky blue lake on the star, and the lake was covered in ice while a palm sized black paper boat floated in the lake. It swayed amidst the ice, and it seemed extremely inconspicuous.

However, Chen Xi’s gaze had immediately been drawn over by the black little boat.

It was too special. It was completely pitch black like the veil of eternal night, and while it seemed to be extremely tiny, so long as anyone laid their eyes on it, it would cause that person to feel that the boat emanated a grand and vast aura.

It was like so long as this boat was willing, then it could carry everything in the world!

“After 18 years of closed door cultivation, every year was different. I laughed and sighed at the destiny provided by the Grand Dao is always changing like a boat that floats aimlessly.” When he saw this black paper boat, a sigh suddenly resounded in Chen Xi’s mind, and it carried a wisp of emotion and satisfaction.

Tang Xian!

Chen Xi practically didn’t hesitate to determine that this black paper boar was left behind by the Eldest Disciple of Wen Daozhen’s line, Tang Xian.

He actually comprehended the profundities of the variability of the Grand Dao while still at the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm. This Senior Brother Tang Xian of mine is an extraordinary figure as well. Chen Xi thought in his heart.


The Grand Dao was always changing, so it couldn’t be described or expressed.

All those years ago, Tang Xian clearly possessed an extraordinarily high comprehension ability in the Grand Dao that was impossible for others to react. So, it was the reason he was able to comprehend the principle behind the variation of the Grand Dao and advance into the Imperial Monarch Realm when he entered into closed door cultivation here.

Now, Tang Xiao was a Daolord already, and this cold hard fact proved how extraordinary his natural talent was.

At this moment, Chen Xi stared at the black paper boat while a great deal of comprehensions arose in his heart. He seemed to have gained something, yet it was also impossible to express.


A strand of indescribably pure and thick warmth silently swept out from the universe within his body, and it caused Chen Xi’s spirits to be refreshed.

Earlier, he’d already been pressured by the terrifying energy of the Grand Dao that filled the tower to the point it was difficult for him to take another step, and the bones within his body were unable to endure the burden placed upon them.

But at this moment, a strand of lively energy had actually been radiated out from within his body, and it relieved a great deal of the pressure he endured, causing his entire body to feel relieved.

The Ten Treasures Wine! Chen Xi immediately came to an understanding. This energy came from the Ten Treasures Wine that he’d drank earlier. According to his Eldest Senior Brother Wu Xuechan, the energy contained within this divine wine was sufficient for him to obtain extraordinarily great benefits while cultivating.

Now, when this scene occurred, it fully proved this.

Chen Xi vaguely guessed that his Eldest Senior Brother had already considered the situation he would encounter upon entering the Tower of Beginnings, so his Eldest Senior Brother had prepared the Ten Treasures Wine beforehand.

Wu Xuechan could be said to have expended much care and thought on him and had considered everything, causing a wisp of warmth to involuntarily surge out from Chen Xi’s heart.

He didn’t hesitate and continued moving forward.

All along the way, the pressure of the Grand Dao he encountered grew stronger and stronger, but as he experienced greater pressure, it allowed the energy of the Ten Treasures Wine within his body to be released, and it ceaselessly sprayed out, tempered his body, and provided Chen Xi with an incessant supple of energy.

This energy was unlike the divine energy that surged out from the Divine Dark Parasol Tree. It didn’t just simply temper and condense the foundation, it was even extremely beneficial to the strengthening of the Dao Heart and the nurturing of the soul.



When Chen Xi arrived here, the energy, essence, and spirit in his entire body surged and blazed like he was a furnace. His vital energy was utterly seething while he seemed to have arrived at an unprecedentedly peak state.

It was even to the extent that the opportunity to advance in his cultivation started move restlessly and become stronger.

This allowed Chen Xi to be very clearly aware that even if he stopped now, he could immediately start charging into the perfection-stage of the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm!

But in the end, he’d forcefully restrained this urge.

Because at this instant, he’d seen another Will Brand!

This aura arose from a sky blue star. It was like the glow of water, and it glistened brightly while circulating without end.

There was a limestone table on the star. The surface of the table was inscribed with a row of simple and ordinary writing — “Water is gentle, it provides for all yet conflicts with none. It exists everywhere. In the face of attack, the enemy is unaware what it guards; when it puts up a defense, the enemy is unaware where its defenses lie, and it’s impossible to shake!”

Signed by — Eldest Disciple of Fuxi’s line, Wu Xuechan!

In other words, this star was where Wu Xuechan had comprehended the Dao and cultivated all those years ago.

Water is gentle, it provides for all yet conflicts with none. It exists everywhere. In the face of attack, the enemy is unaware what it guards; when it puts up a defense, the enemy is unaware where its defenses lie, and it’s impossible to shake…. Chen Xi muttered and ceaselessly repeated these words while indescribable comprehensions surged into his heart.

After a long time, Chen Xi suddenly shook his head, discarded all the comprehensions he obtained, and then spared no further glance at the star before he continued striding forward.

This was his Eldest Senior Brother Wu Xuechan’s Dao, and it wasn’t his Dao. He could observe it and comprehend it, yet he wouldn’t forcefully transform it into his own.

Because he, Chen Xi, had his own Dao!

“Observing the Dao yet staying true to the heart. Obtaining profundities yet persisting one his own path. This kid isn’t much inferior to Wu Xuechan and Tang Xian from all those years ago.” At the entrance of the Tower of Beginning, Founding Ancestral Di Shun sighed with emotion.

Obviously, he’d been constantly observing Chen Xi.

“Wait!” Suddenly, Di Shun’s eyes focused while a flash of divine light arose within them. “This kid is at the advanced-stage of the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm, and he entered into the depths of the tower. Now, he has even surpassed the places where Tang Xian and Wu Xuechan cultivated all those years ago. This isn’t something that the two of them were capable of accomplishing all those years ago.”

He went silent for a moment before he suddenly stood up, and he stood on the green lotus with his hands behind his back. As his eyes blinked, it was like the sun and moon were alternating within them, and they emanated faint divine glows that shot towards the distance.

In Di Shun’s gaze, Chen Xi was like a snail that was ceaselessly wriggling forward slowly, and he seemed so tiny.

However, from the beginning until the end, Chen Xi hadn’t taken a single step back!

After a few hours passed, Chen Xi arrived at the 2,900km mark.

This caused Di Shun’s dignified and simple face to finally reveal a trace of shock.

He’d resided here for countless years. So long as the disciples of the sect came here to cultivate, every single one of them had received his guidance, and he’d witnessed everything that had occurred while these disciples cultivated here.

In his memory, Wu Xuechan was probably the disciple with the most outstanding display up until now, and Wu Xuechan had relied on his supreme will to finally arrive at the 2,800km mark.

This record had been maintained for a very long time, and it still hadn’t been surpassed until now.

But it was very obvious that everything occurring before his eyes represented that the record Wu Xuechan set all those years ago had already been surpassed by Chen Xi!

Di Shun had long since paid no attention to the rankings of the disciples in the tower. But there was no doubt that this comparison allowed him to clearly realize that this little fellow who’d just returned to the sect for the first time had too many inconceivable aspects.

The might, natural talent, will, and intelligence he displayed had exceeded Di Shun’s expectations.

Up until now, even Di Shun was slightly unable to see through Chen Xi.

If news of this were to spread, it would probably fill the world with disbelief. After all, Di Shun was a figure from Fuxi’s generation, he could be said to be a living fossil, and he possessed supreme might.

Even a figure like him was surprised by Chen Xi’s display and was even unable to see through Chen Xi. So, how could this not shock others?

Actually, the true cause of all of this was that Chen Xi’s destiny was concealed. It was obscure and unfathomable, and it caused a figure like Di Shun to be unable to see through Chen Xi at all.

“Hmm? He intends to continue?” Suddenly, Di Shun frowned. He noticed that after Chen Xi arrived at the 2,900 mark, Chen Xi actually didn’t stop and still continued forward.

However, compared to before, Chen Xi seemed to be going all out with every single step he took, and it was extremely strenuous. Moreover, even his figure was swaying and shaking.

“This little fellow really is stubborn. I told him not to force himself and it would be sufficient by just choosing a star that was suitable for himself, but he just wouldn’t listen….” Di Shun’s brows knit together even more tightly, but he couldn’t help but start worrying for Chen Xi, and it was even to the extent that he was prepared to make a move and rescue Chen Xi.

He was very clearly aware that while under the circumstances Chen Xi was in at this moment, once Chen Xi showed signs of weakening, then Chen Xi would definitely suffer unimaginable backlash.

Under such circumstances, if he didn’t lend a hand in time, then it might even result in Chen Xi experiencing qi deviation!

Few more hours passed.

To Di Shun’s surprise, Chen Xi clearly revealed a state of being on the verge of collapse, yet he persisted every single time, and he was inconceivably tenacious.

“Could it be that this kid intends to step foot on the end of the 3,000km mark?” Di Shun’s eyes narrowed. At this moment, even he couldn’t help but feel slight admiration towards Chen Xi’s will and spirit, because it was absolutely unprecedented and something he’d never witnessed in his life!

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