Chapter 1827 – Will Brand


Starlight flowed like a tide of ripples, and it was gorgeous and brilliant.

It seemed too beautiful, but the starlight was formed from the energy of the Grand Dao, and it was filled with terrifying pressure.

Chen Xi’s forward moving figure had merely stopped for an instant before he continued forward like a fish swimming through an undercurrent.

The energy of the Grand Dao here was unique, pure, thick, and primitive, and it carried inconceivable effects towards one’s comprehension of the Grand Dao.

Cultivating amidst them was like sitting amidst the Grand Dao. No matter if it was the body, mind, or the senses, all of them were able to clearly observe the aura, rhythm, variations, and even core profundities of the Grand Dao.

However, accompanying all of this was the pressure that the energy of the Grand Dao naturally possessed!

The purer and more primitive the energy of the Grand Dao became, the stronger the pressure it exerted would become. This pressure wasn’t just something that affected the body, and it exerted extreme pressure to a cultivator’s soul and Dao Heart as well.

The Tower of Beginning was covered in stars of the Grand Dao for 3,000km. Every single star was refined into form from the energy of the Grand Dao, and the further one went, the purer the energy of the Grand Dao within the stars would become. So, the pressure one experienced would naturally grow in strength as well.

It was just as the Second Founding Ancestor, Di Shun, had said. One could really obtain inconceivable benefits from cultivating here because the further one went, the greater the benefits one obtained would become. However, all of it depended on one’s ability to resist the pressure of the Grand Dao.

Swish! Swish!

As he moved deeper into this area, the pressure of the Grand Dao emanated by the stars grew stronger. It was like surging tidewater that started to ceaselessly impact Chen Xi.

His mind, body, and soul suffered a certain level of suppression, and he felt pressured.

However, Chen Xi’s speed didn’t slow down at all, and he continued flying forward.

But he started to circulate the energy within his body, and he started to resist and disperse the pressure that came from the surroundings.




All along the way, the divine energy with Chen Xi’s body surged, circulated, and emanated strands of the glow of the Dao. It formed into obscure talismans that guarded his entire body, and his powerful imposing aura shot into the sky.

When looked at from afar, he was like a strand of dazzling flowing light, and he tore through space and crushed through the tide of the energy of the Grand Dao. The scene was rather magnificent.

At this moment, for the sake of resisting the pressure of the Grand Dao that surged over without end, Chen Xi circulated his entire strength, and if this strength was utilized in battle, then it would even be sufficient to easily crush a top expert at the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm!


“Which Senior Brother has come to the Tower of Beginnings to cultivate?”

“What terrifying speed. It’s actually showing no signs of weakening. Could it be Senior Brother Hua Yan?

“Wait, Senior Brother Hua Yan just left not to long ago, and he would at least have to wait for 1,000 years before being able to enter the Tower of Beginnings again.”

“It isn’t Senior Brother Hua Yan? Then… who is he? There isn’t such a person amongst us third generation disciples of Oracle Mountain.”

When Chen Xi arrived 1,800km away from the entrance, he heard a ways of voice transmission from afar.

He glanced over and noticed numerous figures were scattered about and sitting cross-legged on an expanse of stars in the distance. There were over 10 of them, both men and woman, and all of them were Universe Enlightened Ancestral Gods.

Obviously, they were the third generation disciples from the Third Founding Ancestor Wen Daozhen’s line.

At this moment, all of them had stopped cultivating when they saw Chen Xi, and they glanced over at him with surprised. All of them were unable to figure out Chen Xi’s identity.

Chen Xi merely smiled when facing this, and he didn’t waste any time before his figure flashed and continued towards the depths of the tower.

When they saw this, all of those disciples were even more surprised. They were very clearly aware that if they he continued further into the distance, then he would arrive at the 2,000km mark.

It was like a divide, and the 2,000km mark was a threshold. Once one arrived there, the pressure of the Grand Dao one encountered would multiply, and unless one possessed a peerlessly shocking foundation and an extremely solid and deep strength, then one was bound to be forcefully blasted back upon entering that area.

When they saw Chen Xi actually seemed as if he was completely unaware of this and was continuing forward, besides feeling surprised, many of them couldn’t help but intend to watch the show. They seemed to want to see what sort of embarrassing state Chen Xi would fall into.

Sure enough, as they expected, when Chen Xi’s figure arrived at the 2,000km mark, it suddenly became sluggish while his speed slowed down.

This caused them to smile. When they came here all those years ago, they’d suffered because of this as well. They were clearly aware that the area past the 2,000km mark wasn’t a place that just anyone could traverse.

However, their smiles merely appeared for an instant before it froze on their faces.

Because in merely an instant, a rumble suddenly arose in their ears. In the next moment, Chen Xi’s figure was like an arrow that left the bowstring as he charged through the 2,000km mark.

This caused them to be astounded and filled with disbelief.

“Where did this fellow come from? He was actually able to charge through the 2,000km mark while relying on a cultivation at the advanced-stage of the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm. Such strength is truly extraordinary.” Someone exclaimed with admiration.

“Senior Brother, may I ask your name and which senior’s disciple you are? Why have I never seen you in the past?” Someone couldn’t help but sent a voice transmission, and it swept out into the distance.

“My name’s Chen Xi, and this is the first time I’ve returned to the sect. Actually, all of you should call me Martial Ancestral Uncle. Calm yourself and cultivate. Don’t allow yourselves to be distracted because of this.” Chen Xi’s indifferent voice transmitted over from afar, and it caused that disciple’s body to stiffen.

“Chen Xi? Who’s he? He actually dared to call himself Martial Ancestral Uncle before us?”

“Idiot!” Could it be that you’ve forgotten that Martial Ancestral Uncle Wu Xuechan once mentioned Martial Ancestral Uncle Chen Xi and said that he would return to the sect soon. I just never expected that this Martial Ancestral Uncle Chen Xi has actually returned.”

“Ah! He’s that Young Martial Ancestral Uncle?”

“But… why is his cultivation merely at the advanced-stage of the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm?”

“You’re unaware of it but this Young Martial Ancestral Uncle is from the three dimensions, and he has merely cultivated for over 1,000 years now.”

“He has already attained the advanced-stage of the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm in 1,000 years of time? This… this… this…. Isn’t this natural talent a little too heaven defying! In the entire Ancient God Domain, it’s probably difficult to find even a few people that can compare to this Young Martial Ancestral Uncle of ours!”

After they found out about Chen Xi’s background, all of these third generation disciples were extremely shocked.

“Calm yourselves and cultivate! Didn’t all of you hear our Young Martial Ancestral Uncle? What would others think of us if they saw all of you being unable to maintain your composure like this? With such cultivations in the Dao Heart, when will all of you be able to attain the heights that our Young Martial Ancestral Uncle has achieved?” Someone berated in a deep voice, and it instantly restrained the voices in the surroundings. It caused many disciples to feel ashamed, and all of them went silent, restrained their thoughts, and started meditating and cultivating again.

“Hah. I forgot that this little fellow’s destiny is impossible to discern, and his true strength can’t be judged by convention as well.” At the entrance of the tower, the Second Founding Ancestor, Di Shun, looked over from afar while seated cross-legged on that green lotus in the starry sky, and his firm and dignified face revealed a wisp of surprise.

He’d suggested that Chen Xi chose a star and cultivated in the area before the 2,000km mark, but Chen Xi’s current display had clearly surprised him slightly.



Chen Xi’s speed slowed down gradually, and in the end, it was no different than walking slowly.

At this moment, he had a solemn and heavy expression. He’d already circulated his entire body, causing blazing divine radiance to suffuse his body, and his entire body seemed like a scorching sun that was moving slowly through the starry sky.

The pressure he experienced was too great!

The energy of the Grand Dao filled the surroundings, and it was boundlessly powerless and ceaselessly pressured down upon him. The might it created was simply a few tens of time more difficult to deal with than the battle with the Divine Institute’s Powerseal Disciple, Taba Chuan!

All those years ago, your Senior Brother Wu Xuechan stepped foot onto a star that was 2,700km from here while he was at the perfection-stage of the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm, and he advanced into the Imperial Monarch Realm in one go….

At this moment, Di Shun’s words suddenly resounded in Chen Xi’s heart.

After that, he recalled that his Eldest Senior Brother Wu Xuechan had told him while they were heading to the Tower of Beginning that Wu Xuechan had left a brand of the Grand Dao in the tower while he was cultivating here.

No matter what, I must see the place where Eldest Senior Brother cultivated at all those years ago. Since he was able to accomplish it, then I’m naturally able to as well! Chen Xi took a deep breath and continued forward.

It wasn’t long before a star suddenly attracted his attention. That star was completely dark like a large iron ball, and it emanated an icy cold and metallic glow.

This wasn’t the most shocking part, the thing that caused Chen Xi to be flabbergasted was that he actually sensed a familiar aura from it, and it seemed to be exactly alike to his Third Senior Brother Tie Yunhai’s aura.

Could it be that this is where Third Senior Brother cultivated all those years ago? Chen Xi seemed to be lost in thought as he strode over. Sure enough, he saw a row of large words that seemed to be written with vigorous and graceful strokes on a mountain on the star. “The Dao is strong to the point of being indestructible! The Dao is sharp to the point of being impossible to stop!

It was signed at the bottom as well — Founding Ancestor Fuxi’s Third Disciple, Tie Yunhai.

It really is as I’d guessed. Chen Xi stared at the row of words while he was greatly moved in his heart. Because these words possessed a powerful Will Brand, and if one observed it carefully, one could only comprehend all sorts of profound secrets of the Dao from within it!

These are probably some of the comprehensions Third Senior Brother obtained after cultivating here, and its value is no different from a peerless inheritance…. Chen Xi stared at it for a long time before he turned around and continued forward.

It wasn’t long before a golden violet star attracted Chen Xi’s attention again. It was situated 2,400km from the entrance, and it was extremely special. When looked at from afar, vast violet qi shot into the sky from within the star, and it emanated golden light that showered down like the rain. It was a rather magnificent scene.

There was a stone tablet standing towering on this star, and three marks of the sword were branded on it. Every single mark contained an oppressive ‘Force of the Grand Dao’.

The first mark was like a god of ghost had descended, and it penetrated the world.

The second was profound, unreal, and illusory.

The third was simple and ordinary, and it didn’t seem presentable at all. However, when he looked at it, it caused Chen Xi’s heart to shake. Because the might it possessed clearly belonged to the 2nd level of the Sword Emperor Realm!

The signature below it was — Third generation disciple of Founding Ancestor Wen Daozhen’s line, Hua Yan.

I never expected that someone amongst the third generation disciples of the sect has actually attained such a state in the Sword Dao. He’s truly extraordinary. Chen Xi sighed with emotion in his heart. He noticed that no matter which founding ancestor’s line it was, there was practically no ordinary genius amongst the disciples of Oracle Mountain.

Because practically every single one of them were like freaks that were inconceivably formidable!

Perhaps, this was the true resources and reserves of Oracle Mountain. Even though its disciples were few, every single one of them possessed supreme might and a peerless and shocking elegant demeanor!

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