Chapter 1824 – Divine Wine of Ten Treasures

When he continued up the mountain, the person that led the way had become a female Imperial Monarch instead. Moreover, she constantly addressed him as Martial Uncle, causing Chen Xi to use a very long time to get accustomed to it before he could finally accept all of this without feeling uncomfortable at all.

In the outside world, perhaps they could address each other as Fellow Daoist, but while they were in the sect, they had to persist rules of conduct and seniority in the sect, and not even the slightest mistake would be tolerated.

Even if Wen Ting was respected as an Imperial Monarch, she had to address herself as a disciple before Chen Xi.

To Chen Xi’s astonishment, Wen Ting wasn’t an ordinary Imperial Monarch, and she’d already attained the Eighth Star of the Imperial Monarch Realm. Moreover, she was only a thread away from breaking through to the Ninth Star of the Imperial Monarch Realm!

In the outside world, she was absolutely a great figure that could command the wind and clouds.

On the other hand, her Master Tang Xian was a terrifying existence at the Daolord Realm!

This clearly showed that there were many disciples in Oracle Mountain that possessed shocking might, and it could be said that numerous talented individuals resided here.

However, it was actually very normal when one thought about it.

Chen Xi’s Eldest Senior Brother, Wu Xuechan, was a Daolord, so as the eldest personal disciple of the Third Founding Ancestor, Wen Daozhen, it was within reason that Tang Xian was able to attain the Daolord Realm.

Moreover, Imperial Monarch Zi Wei, Dong Bowen, was able to rise in cultivation and cultivate to his current realm of cultivation after receiving Wu Xuechan’s guidance, so as the personal disciple of Tang Xian, it was naturally impossible for Wen Ting to be inferior.

All along the way, Chen Xi found out about many things from Wen Ting.

For example, Wen Daozhen had a total of 19 personal disciples, and Tang Xian was the most formidable amongst time. He’d attained the Daolord Realm a very long time ago.

On the other hand, amongst the second generation disciples of Wen Daozhen that Wen Ting belonged to, there were a total of 37 disciples, and Wen Ting was ranked at the 3rd position.

As for the third generation disciples, there were even more.

Something worthy of mention was that even though Wen Ting was adopted by the Third Founding Ancestor, Wen Daozhen, she was Tang Xian’s disciple in the sect.

This seemed to be against the hierarchy of seniority in the sect, but it was done under Wen Daozhen’s instructions. As for the reason, only Wen Daozhen himself knew it.


After travelling for an unknown period of time, a strand of invisible pressure surged over like tidewater, and it caused Chen Xi to be unable to help but feel suffocated.


Wen Ting flicked her sleeve, causing a myriad of blazing talisman markings to form a wisp of dazzling light, and it swept out and instantly dispersed all the pressure.

“Martial Uncle, this is a restricted area of the sect, and only disciples at the Imperial Monarch Realm or above may enter. However, you’ll definitely comprehend the profundities of the restrictions on the mountain, so you don’t have to care about that.” Wen Ting explained before she continued leading Chen Xi forward.

All along the way, Chen Xi noticed that the mountain was extremely tall, and the mountain path he was on was merely one of the paths on the mountain.

Moreover, all along the way, he noticed more than one Secret Realm that was established in space. According to Wen Ting’s explanation, all of those Secret Realms were the places of cultivation that belonged to other disciples of the sect.

However, the direct line disciples from Fuxi’s line didn’t cultivate in these Secret Realms, and they cultivated at a paradise at the peak of the mountain.

Presently, his Third Senior Brother, Tie Yunhai was cultivating at that paradise.

After the time for an incense stick to burn, the two of them finally arrived at the peak of the mountain.

The ocean of clouds roiled while stars circulated and emanated boundless dazzling clear radiance, and it caused the peak of the mountain to seem divine, grand, and extremely magnificent.

As he stood there, it was like he could observe all the mountains in the surroundings and look down upon the world.


A bright silver waterfall descended from above the nine heavens, and it possessed a powerful imposing aura. Surprisingly, that waterfall was actually formed from extremely pure Dao Energy!

After it descended from the sky, it transformed into strands of dense divine radiance that swept throughout the entire mountain. It nurtured all things and fostered their vitality. It seemed extremely extraordinary and miraculous.

Chen Xi took a deep breath and felt roiling Dao Energy surge throughout his body. The vital energy within his entire body seethed and simply seemed as if it was on the verge of floating away and fusing into the Grand Dao. This feeling was indescribably comfortable and profound.

If I cultivate here, it would absolutely be able to provide inconceivably extraordinary effects!

Amazing! The Dao Energy in the nine heavens is drawn down to converge here. It can be said to rival the work of nature and borrows the Karmic Luck of the Heaven Daos. It would at least require a cultivation at the Daolord Realm to accomplish this…. Chen Xi exclaimed with admiration in his heart, and he sighed endlessly with emotion.

Since he arrived at Oracle Mountain until this moment where he’d ascended to the peak of the mountain, everything he’d witnessed on the way allowed Chen Xi to realize how extraordinary the sect he belonged to was.

“Hahaha! Little Junior Brother, you’ve finally arrived!” Suddenly, an extremely heroic sound of roaring laughter sounded out from afar, causing the layer of clouds in the surroundings to tremble. Moreover, the voice was filled with happiness.

This voice hadn’t finished resounding through the surroundings when Chen Xi instantly felt someone embrace his shoulders, and then a large hand struck his back forcefully a few times, causing Chen Xi’s vital blood to roil.

However, when he saw the appearance of this person clearly, Chen Xi immediately started smiling as well. His smile was extremely brilliant, and it was the happiest moment for him in the past few years.

The person before him had a tall and robust figure, copper colored skin, a curly beard, and a sharp chin. He was imposing like an iron pagoda and peerlessly might. It was none other than his Third Senior Brother, Tie Yunhai!

“Third Senior Brother!” Chen Xi merely spoke three words, yet it displayed the excitement in his heart at this moment.

“Hahaha! It’s good that you’ve returned safely.” Tie Yunhai roared with laughter and seemed to sigh with emotion as he sized Chen Xi up. “I originally intended to head to the outside world and bring you back, but Eldest Senior Brother was a step ahead of me. However, I never imagined that even Eldest Senior Brother would encounter some mishaps on the way, causing you to be only able to arrive at the sect now. You truly suffered… in these years.”

“Third Senior Brother, my life has been very joyful in these past few years. How can’t it be said to be one of suffering?” said Chen Xi with a smile on his face.

When she saw this pair of senior brother and junior brother chatting happily with each other, Wen Ting couldn’t help but grin before silently turning around and leaving because she couldn’t bear to disturb them.

“Come! Come! Come! Eldest Senior Brother has already been waiting for a long time.” As he spoke, Tie Yunhai led Chen Xi towards a side of the mountain peak.

“Eldest Senior Brother has returned?” said Chen Xi with surprise.

“After he killed that old fellow, Mo Lin, he was almost stopped by the Sovereign Sect’s Master on the way back to the sect. Fortunately, Martial Uncle Di Shun set out in time and prevented that calamity. This time, Eldest Senior Brother really took a great risk, and even I’d never expected that he would actually kill that Mo Lin.” Tie Yunhai sighed with emotion and said, “But even then, Eldest Senior Brother received a great deal of injuries. He can be considered to be fortunate this time because if the Sovereign Sect’s Master really succeeded this time, then the consequences would truly be unimaginable.”

Chen Xi was shocked in his heart. Never had he imagined that such an extremely dangerous incident had actually occurred after his Eldest Senior Brother killed the Divine Sovereign Priest Mo Lin.

Even a figure like the Sovereign Sect’s Master was infuriated by Mo Lin’s death, and this obviously showed how great the effect of a Daolord’s death was.

If news of this matter were to spread into the Ancient God Domain, it would definitely cause a mighty uproar, and it would even cause the situation in the entire Imperial Region to become strained.

After all, the Divine Sovereign Priest, Mo Lin, had perished this time while the Grand Lord of Oracle Mountain, Wu Xuechan, had been injured. Moreover, even supreme figures like the Master of the Sovereign Sect and Oracle Mountain’s Second Found Ancestor had made a move successively, so the effect of this was absolutely beyond imagination.

“Little Junior Brother, there’s no need to be anxious. The time for the world to fall into chaos isn’t here yet.” When he saw Chen Xi frowning while in deep contemplation, Tie Yunhai couldn’t help but chuckle. “Not to mention that no matter how the Sovereign Sect’s Master hates Eldest Senior Brother, he would definitely not dare to come cause trouble at our Oracle Mountain.

Chen Xi immediately laughed bitterly. Because this incident was too shocking, and his thoughts couldn’t help but run wild because of it.

As they talked, both of them had arrived within an abode.

This abode was extremely miraculous, and entering it was like arriving at a large world.

The sky was vast, the earth seemed solid, and numerous gorgeous mountains towered into the sky while lakes and streams studded the surroundings. Moreover, flying beasts that possessed beautiful wings flashed by from time to time while leaving behind a string of resounding cries. It truly seemed like a paradise isolated from the world, and it was suffused with a tranquil and peaceful aura.

A verdant bamboo pavilion stood towering on the lake that was covered in clear blue ripples.

At this moment, the Grand Lord, Wu Xuechan, who had silvery white hair and a warm countenance was sitting in the bamboo pavilion, and he was fishing with a fishing rod in hand.


When Chen Xi and Tie Yunhai arrived, the fishing rod in Wu Xuechan’s hand shook lightly, and then he hooked out a completely snow white and palm sized Dragon Turtle.

“A Silver Scaled Dragon Turtle, this is an auspicious sign. Now it would seem like it’s fortune that Little Junior Brother brought.” Wu Xuechan smiled lightheartedly as he tossed the dragon turtle into the lake, and then he smiled as he looked at Chen Xi.

“Senior Brother.” Chen Xi cupped his hands.

“There’s no need to be courteous. You and Third Brother both sit down.” Wu Xuechan waved his hand casually and had already placed a stone table within the bamboo pavilion. After that, he withdrew a wine gourd and poured a cup of wine for all three of them.

“In the past, we’ve always been unable to sit down and chat to our hearts content. Now, we’ve finally reunited with great difficulty, so we should naturally drink to our heart’s content. Come, cheers!” Wu Xuechan raised his cup and laughed lightheartedly.

“Hahaha! I’ve been waiting for this day for a very long time.” Tie Yunhai picked up his cup and said to Chen Xi, “Little Junior Brother, this is Ten Treasure Wine that Eldest Senior Brother brewed himself, and he has been keeping it for countless years. Even if I don’t usually get to drink it. It’s all thanks to you that I’m able to drink it now.”

“Oh, then I have to taste it properly.” Chen Xi smiled as he raised his wine cup as well.

These three brothers cheered and drank together, and it wasn’t long before over 10 cups of wine had entered their bellies, and they enjoyed themselves to the fullest.

Chen Xi didn’t know what the Ten Treasure Wine was brewed from. It tasted sweet and pungent while it felt like a fire dragon transforming into snow as after it entered his mouth, and it was an extremely unique feeling. Moreover, the fragrance that effused out from it even seeped into the depths of his soul.

After drink just over 10 cups, Chen Xi felt his entire body heat up while strands of seething and scorching torrents flowed in the universe within his body. They rumbled and seethed as they ceaselessly tempered Chen Xi’s foundation in the Dao, causing his cultivation to be further reinforced, and it was even to the extent of showing signs of breaking through to the next stage in his cultivation. Moreover, even his soul was cheering, and it benefitted greatly.

Chen Xi hurriedly took a deep breath and suppressed the impulse to advance in his cultivation because this wasn’t the best moment to advance into the peak of the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm.

Meanwhile, Wu Xuechan had put the wine gourd away, and he said with a smile, “Little Junior Brother, don’t be anxious to advance. The energy from this wine can last for 10 days. After we brothers finish chatting, I’ll take you to a place, and it’ll be sufficient to allow you to advance once more on your path towards the Dao.”

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