Chapter 1823 – The Three Masters Of Oracle Mountain

The mountain path was winding, and it twisted and turned as it ascended the mountain.

On the way, Chen Xi obtained an understanding of the exact situation in Oracle Mountain from Xingzhen, and he finally resolved the bewilderment in his heart.

It turned out that the Master of Oracle Mountain, Fuxi, had two more junior brothers. Since Fuxi left many years ago, it was these two ancient figures that held down the fort in Oracle Mountain.

They were respectively Di Shun and Wen Daozhen. Both their cultivations were unfathomable, and they were existences of the same period as Fuxi. They could be considered as ancient seniors that were like living fossils.

Fuxi, Di Shun, and Wen Daozhen were called the three masters of Oracle Mountain.

In the recent years, it was precisely because of the presence of these two seniors that no one dared to underestimate Oracle Mountain even after Fuxi had left.

However, these two seniors were always cultivating behind closed doors and were comprehending the cultivation realm at the extremes of the Grand Dao. So, unless a world shocking event occurred, they wouldn’t make an appearance easily.

For example, Xingzhen was a disciple of Oracle Mountain’s Third Founding Ancestor, Wen Daozhen’s, line.

Xingzhen’s master was called Wen Ting while Wen Ting’s master was called Tang Xian, and Tang Xian’s master was the Third Founding Ancestor Wen Daozhen.

In other words, Xingzhen was a third generation disciple in Wen Daozhen’s line.

This was exactly the reason why Xingzhen addressed Chen Xi as Martial Ancestral Uncle. Because based on seniority, Chen Xi was considered as a first generation disciple of Fuxi’s line.

Something worthy of mentioning was that when Chen Xi was included, Fuxi’s line in Oracle Mountain merely possessed 14 personal disciples, and there were no second generation disciples.

On the other hand, Di Shun hadn’t taken any disciples until now, so there were naturally no disciples in his line.

Only Wen Daozhen’s line had more than just three generations of disciples, and there were numerous disciples in every single generation. It could be said to be the line with the most disciples in Oracle Mountain.

According to the strict line of inheritance in Oracle Mountain, only Chen Xi and his thirteen other senior brothers and senior sisters were considered as direct line heirs of Oracle Mountain.

For example, Wen Daozhen’s line could only be considered as a branch.

After he found out about all of this, Chen Xi finally understood that Oracle Mountain wasn’t as simple as he’d imagined.

He finally understood why Oracle Mountain would be respected as one of the five extremes of the Imperial Region, and it turned out that it was actually because the sect possessed living fossils like Di Shun and Wen Daozhen holding down the fort here!

It wasn’t just that, the disciples in the sect were much more numerous than he’d imagined, and this naturally meant that Oracle Mountain had no lack of peak forces at various realms of cultivation!

Chen Xi was completely unaware of all of this in the past.

At the same time, finding out about all of this allowed Chen Xi to have a deeper understanding of the resources and reserves possessed by Oracle Mountain.

Actually, this was normal. For example, the Sovereign Sect’s members were divided into disciples, Elite Disciples, Elders, Red robed Grand Priests, and Divine Sovereign Priests, and it could be said to be a colossus.

For example, the Divine Institute’s members were divided into Law Managing Disciples, Justice Enforcement Disciples, Powerseal Disciples, Educator Elders, and so on and so forth, and they were ranked strictly as well.

When compared with these two great powers, it was within reason that Oracle Mountain possessed such a hierarchy of forces. Otherwise, how could merely the 14 of them in Fuxi’s line go against the other four extremes of the Imperial Region while the whereabout of the Master of Oracle Mountain, Fuxi, was unknown?

Of course, comparatively speaking, the forces of Oracle Mountain still seemed to be weak and unable to compare with a colossus like the Divine Institute that possessed countless members.

However, Chen Xi was clearly aware that the number of disciples a sect possessed was utterly unable to affect its strength.

Just like how a sect that possessed over 10,000 World Enlightened True God Realm disciples would absolutely be unable to go against a sect that possessed 10 Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm disciples.

Moreover, colossi like Oracle Mountain, the Sovereign Sect, and the Divine Institute that could be considered as supreme powers in the entire Ancient God Domain would naturally not compete in terms of the amount of their disciples.

Simply speaking, even though Oracle Mountain had few disciples, the might every single one of them possessed was absolutely beyond imagination.

As it was said, it’s quality that counts in an army.

“Martial Ancestral Uncle, a restricted area of the sect lies ahead, and I’m unable to enter it with my current cultivation. However, I’ll ask my Master to take you to see Martial Ancestral Uncle Tie Yunhai.” After the time for an incense stick to burn, Xingzhen suddenly stopped and spoke in a low voice.

“Alright.” Chen Xi nodded. After walking up to this point, he’d acutely noticed that as they rose up the mountain, a strand of obscure energy of restrictions had silently surged into appearance, and it filled every single inch of space.

It seemed to be immaterial, shapeless, and soundless, but as he walked amidst it, it caused his body and mind to suffer a form of indescribable pressure.

According to Chen Xi’s deduction, even with the strength he possessed now, he would probably only be able to continue forward for a while longer before he would be unable to endure the pressure.

Xingzhen led Chen Xi along and continued forward, and it wasn’t long before they arrived on a expanse of flat ground in front of a precipice.

This expanse of flat ground was less than 3km in size. It was covered in ancient trees, verdant grass, and violet vines that hung down from the trees. Moreover, numerous beautiful butterflies fluttered around the trees while an antique styled thatched cottage was built at the side.

A winding stream flowed in front of the cottage. At this moment, a large multicolored lion was lying lazily at the banks of the stream while swinging its tail to tease a rainbow colored butterfly. It seemed to be very carefree.

There was a stone table set out before the cottage, and there was a person sitting on each side of the stone table while drinking tea and chatting.

The person on the left side of the stone table was a green clothed woman. Her jet black and smooth hair hung down to her hips while her appearance was beautiful and elegant, and every single move she made carried a simple and natural aura.

But when one looked at her from afar, her body seemed to emanate an invisible and mighty force that caused one’s heart to palpitate.

The person sitting opposite her was a short and chubby old man. He had grey hair, a youthful complexion, and a sage-like bearing. As he sat there casually, he seemed like an emperor that was looking down upon the world, and his imposing aura was extremely terrifying.

“That’s my Master Wen Ting. Master was orphaned since a young age before being taken in by the Third Founding Ancestor. Her name was given to her by the Third Founding Ancestor as well.” Xingzhen gazed at the green clothed woman from afar while his face carried a wisp of heartfelt reverence and familial affection, and he spoke to Chen Xi in a low voice via voice transmission.

“As for the other person, I don’t recognize him. I presume he’s a friend of master’s that came to visit Master.”

Chen Xi nodded, and he was extremely shocked in his heart. Because he’d noticed with a single glance that Wen Ting was actually an Imperial Monarch!

“Xingzhen, weren’t you studying and deducing the divine talismans of the five elements. Why have you come here now?” Suddenly, the green clothed woman, Wen Ting, glanced indifferently at Xingzhen and asked in a light voice.

“Fellow Daoist Wen Ting, this is your disciple Xingzhen? He really does have a good constitution. I heard that he’d a strand of Innate Five-colored Divine Flames that was born from the Northern Underworld Abyss and attained the Dao to take human form. Now that he’s cultivating by your side, his future path towards the Dao will definitely be limitless.” Before Xingzhen could speak, the short and chubby old man with a sage-like bearing had already spoken with praise.

When Xingzhen heard this, he immediately said politely, “Senior, you’re too kind.”

Xingzhen was just about to introduce Chen Xi when the old man spoke once more with surprise. “Eh! Who’s this little fellow? His fate is concealed by the workings of the heavens. It’s simply unprecedentedly rare!”

His gaze flowed with divine light as he stared at Chen Xi for along time, and a wisp of shock suffused the space between his brows.

Wen Ting couldn’t help but be stunned, and she looked over to Chen Xi yet noticed that he was an unfamiliar face that she’d never seen.

“Xingzhen, who’s this Young brother?” asked Wen Ting.

“Master, this is Martial Ancestral Uncle Chen Xi that hadn’t returned to the sect until now.” Xingzhen hurriedly introduced Chen Xi.

Chen Xi! Wen Ting’s eyes focused before she swiftly stood up, and then she stared carefully at Chen Xi with surprise and bewilderment for a long time. In the end, she took a deep breath and bowed. “Disciple Wen Ting greets Martial Uncle.”

At this moment, an Imperial Monarch had bowed to a Universe Enlightened Ancestral God like Chen Xi and addressed him as Martial Uncle!

When he witnessed this scene, the old man was shocked to the point his entire body froze.


The mouthful of tea in his mouth sprayed out before he stood up and cupped his fists towards Chen Xi with embarrassment. “I apologize for the disrespect from before.”

He was apologizing for calling Chen Xi a ‘little fellow’ just now.

“It’s fine.” Chen Xi smiled while he couldn’t help but feel that it was slightly absurd. I never expected that I would actually get a Martial Niece at the Imperial Monarch Realm….

“Disciple wasn’t aware that Martial Uncle would be returning today and failed to welcome Martial Uncle. I hope Martial Uncle can forgive me.” Wen Ting bowed as she spoke, yet she seemed as if she ought to act in this way, and she wasn’t conflicted or embarrassed at all. It was truly rare for an Imperial Monarch to be able to do this.

“It’s fine.” Chen Xi couldn’t help but smile bitterly. He felt that when one had high seniority, it was even uncomfortable to have a conversation.

Wen Ting nodded when she heard this and said, “Martial Uncle, this is the Dao Institute’s Elder Feng Rongxun, and he’d called Imperial Monarch Rong Xun.”

As she spoke, she introduced Chen Xi to the old man. “Fellow Daoist Rongxun, this is that Martial Uncle Chen Xi of mine. He’s my Martial Ancestral Uncle Fuxi’s 14th personal disciple.”

“Greetings….” Imperial Monarch Rong Xun was about to greet Chen Xi, yet he noticed to his embarrassment that if it was according to seniority, then as a friend of Wen Ting’s, he even had to address a young man at the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm like Chen Xi as ‘Senior’.

He was slightly unable to do this.

“So, it’s an expert of the Dao Institute. There’s no need to be constrained by seniority, and we can just address each other as Fellow Daoists.” Chen Xi smiled as he spoke, and he really understood the slight embarrassment the old man felt.

Even though he spoke like this, speaking to an Imperial Monarch as if they were peers was clearly like taking slight advantage of the old man.

Of course, Imperial Monarch Rong Xun wouldn’t think in that way. At this moment, he finally understood that this young man before him was actually the 14th personal disciple the Master of Oracle Mountain, Fuxi, had taken, and he was truly shocked in his heart.

He heaved a sigh of relief when he noticed that Chen Xi wasn’t haughty at all, and he said with a smile, “That’s for the best. That’s for the best.”

As he spoke, he bid his farewells to Wen Ting, and Wen Ting didn’t ask him to stay as well.

“Fellow Daoist Chen Xi, if you have the opportunity, then I hope you’ll pay a visit to my Dao Institute.” Imperial Monarch Rong Xun smiled and bid his farewells to Chen Xi as well before leaving.

“Of course.” Chen Xi cupped his hands and smiled.

After she watched Imperial Monarch Rong Xun leave, Wen Ting smiled and said to Chen Xi, “Martial Uncle, our entire sect has been waiting for you return in the past few years.”

Chen Xi was stunned, and then a wisp of warmth couldn’t help but surge in his heart. Only when he returned to Oracle Mountain did everyone take him to be one of their own, and this sort of feeling was something he was really unable to experience at ordinary times.

Chen Xi immediately instructed Wen Ting to bring him to see his Third Senior Brother Tie Yunhai.

“Martial Uncle, please follow me.” Wen Ting didn’t delay and immediately led Chen Xi even higher up the mountain.

As for Xingzhen, he’d returned to the foot of the mountain.

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