Chapter 1822 – Martial Ancestral Uncle

The youth formed from a green lotus was called Yun Ping while the youth formed from a violet cloud was called Ling Ke. Both these youths were spirits born naturally from the heavens and the earth, and their foundations were pure and superb.

Chen Xi couldn’t help but be full of curiosity, and he said, “Both of you are disciples of Oracle Mountain?”

“No.” The youths shook their heads simultaneously and spoke at the same time.

“But we hope to be able to become disciples of Senior Xingzhen in the future.” Yun Ping spoke with a gaze that carried a glimmer of hope.

“Right, Senior Xingzhen is very nice. He frequently descends from the mountain to guide us in our cultivation. Most of us spirits that were born in this mountain have received Senior Xingzhen’s guidance. He helped us establish our minds and intelligence before passing down profound techniques of cultivation to us. In our hearts, he’s like our second parent.” Ling Ke spoke as well with a voice that was filled with heartfelt admiration and reverence.

“Xingzhen? Is he a disciple of Oracle Mountain?” asked Chen Xi.

“Yes, he’s Senior Wen Ting’s disciple.” Yunping nodded.

Chen Xi was stunned, and he felt even more puzzled. “Who’s this Senior Wen Ting?”

“You actually don’t know Senior Wen Ting? She’s an expert that has attained the acme of perfection and possesses an extremely profound cultivation.” Yun Ping was slightly surprised, and he seemed to have never expected that Chen Xi hadn’t even heard of Senior Wen Ting.

“I really don’t know who she is.” Chen Xi pondered deeply. He originally thought that besides himself, there were only his Eldest Senior Brother Wu Xuechan, Third Senior Brother Tie Yunhai, Fourth Senior Brother the Old Scholar, Fifth Senior Brother Li Fuyao, Sixth Senior Brother Cang Tu, Seventh Senior Sister Gu Liangqin, and the others that amounted to a total of 13 disciples.

Yet who would have imagined that when he really arrived at Oracle Mountain, he noticed that the situation wasn’t as he’d imagined.

Xingzhen, Wen Ting…. Who’re they?

“Fellow Daoist, even though you don’t know Senior Wen Ting, you ought to know Senior Tang Xian, right?” Le Ke couldn’t help but ask this question.

“Tang Xian?” Chen Xi immediately laughed bitterly because he really didn’t know this person. He couldn’t help but say. “Who’s this Tang Xian?”

Ling Ke and Yun Ping exchanged glances, and they both went silent. Both of them hadn’t joined Oracle Mountain, so their knowledge was limited. They usually met Senior Xingzhen alone, and they occasionally heard him mention the names of Wen Ting and Tang Xian. So, they weren’t aware of anything else besides that.

Chen Xi knew he wouldn’t be able to obtain a proper answer from them when he noticed this, and he said, “Both of you continue discussing the Dao. I’ll be taking my leave.”

As he spoke, Chen Xi started walking up the mountain along the little path again.

After that, he couldn’t help but stop, and his brows raised as he turned his head back and asked. “Young Brothers, aren’t the two of you curious about who I am?”

Actually, the meaning behind Chen Xi’s words was that the two of them had seen an unfamiliar face like his appearing in Oracle Mountain, so weren’t they curious? He wondered why they didn’t try to obstruct and question him when they saw him ascending the mountain? Could it be that they aren’t afraid that I’m a bad person?

However, it was very obvious that no matter if it was Yun Ping or Ling Ke, both of them hadn’t realized the meaning behind Chen Xi’s words.

“Ah!” Both of them exclaimed, and then they revealed embarrassed expressions before Yun Ping bowed and said, “Sorry, sorry. The two of us have never descended the mountain, so we’re unaware of the rules of conduct in the mortal world. May I know Fellow Daoist’s name?”

Chen Xi immediately sighed in his heart when he heard this, and he said, “My name is Chen Xi.”

As soon as he finished speaking, he stopped hesitating and ascended the mountain along the path.

“Chen Xi?” It hadn’t been long after Chen Xi left when Yun Ping seemed to have thought of something, and he shook his head and spoke with bewilderment. “I seem to have heard that name somewhere.”


Ling Ke had suddenly slapped his forehead and cried out. “I remember now. Senior Xingzhen mentioned it by chance a few years ago, and he said his Young Martial Ancestral Uncle was about to return in the next few years.”

“Right! Right! Right! That Young Martial Ancestral Uncle Senior Xingzhen spoke of was named Chen Xi!” Yun Ping came to a sudden realization.

“Aiya! I never expected that I would actually obtain Senior Chen Xi’s guidance. This is really such great fortune of mine!” Ling Ke spoke with delight.

“Alas, I regret only coming to an understanding now. If I knew it was Senior Chen Xi, then I would have seized this opportunity to seek guidance in some secrets of success in cultivation.” Yun Ping struck his chest and stomped his feet, and he spoke with extreme regret. “Now, we’ve missed this opportunity. I wonder if we would be able to encounter Senior Chen Xi in the future.”

Both the youths looked up the path and revealed a wisp of regret.

They were merely spirits born on the mountain where Oracle Mountain was, and they weren’t disciples of Oracle Mountain. So, they didn’t have the chance to step foot into Oracle Mountain.

It wasn’t long before Chen Xi arrived in front of a verdant and luxuriant expanse of pine trees. The forest was enshrouded in white mist while precious flying beasts and variant beasts moved about within it. Moreover, a wave of clear and resounding cries of birds resounded from time to time, causing it to possess a tranquil and profound aura that refreshed one’s spirits.

At this moment, a handsome young man in brown clothes was seated cross-legged in the pine forest. His back was ramrod straight, and he was born with a mysterious flame tattoo at the space between his brows.

At this moment, his brows were knit together tightly while he stared at the ground before him. He seemed to be concentrated on deducing something, and he was muttering without end.

“Wood represents vitality, so it lives and grows incessantly. However, its in conflict with fire and counteracted by gold. How exactly should I fuse them together to attain the state of inter-promotion between the five elements and an endless cycle….

“It’s linked to the heavens and the earth, conforms to Divine Energy, and fused with Grand Dao. But it lacks a type of state, it lacks a form of divine aura in the end.”

When these words entered into Chen Xi’s ears, it caused him to arouse a sense of familiarity, and he couldn’t help but stride forward and glance over. Sure enough, he noticed numerous dense and obscure Divine Talisman diagrams inscribed on the ground before the young man in brown clothes.

There was a total of five Divine Talismans that represented the five elements, and they resided at five directions and formed a completely round circle which ultimately formed a divine formation of the five elements.

Those five Divine Talismans were precisely the Azurewood Divine Talisman, the Whitemetal Divine Talisman, the Crimsonfire Divine Talisman, the Blackwater Divine Talisman, and the Yellowearth Divine Talisman!

Chen Xi knew these divine talismans like the back of his hand, and he’d thoroughly mastered them while he was still in the three dimensions. So, how could he not recognize them?

However, with his current discerning ability, he noticed that even though the divine talismans of the five elements that the brown clothed young man drew seemed to be flawless and possess a natural aura of the Dao, they were unable to fuse flawlessly with each other and form a circulation between them as if they were one.

Presumably, this was the problem that eluded the brown clothed young man.

Looks like he’s probably a disciple of the sect. Chen Xi seemed to have thought of something. He’d immediately noticed with a single glance that the brown clothed young man was actually a spirit that had taken human form, and his original form was that of a strand of divine flames that was born in the heavens and the earth. He innately grasped the Divine Dao of Fire, and he possessed extraordinary natural talent that far exceeded his peers.

Moreover, his foundation was extremely solid, and he already possessed a cultivation at the intermediate-stage of the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm.

“Everyone in the world is aware of the might of the circulation between the five elements, but every single one of these divine talismans of the five elements carry the supreme profundities of the Talisman Dao, so it truly is slightly difficult to fuse them together. However, the method Master taught me wasn’t wrong. Could it be that it’s because I’m unable to comprehend the right method?” The young man’s brows knit together tightly while he pondered bitterly and muttered, and he actually didn’t notice Chen Xi’s arrival at all.

When he saw this, Chen Xi couldn’t help but say. “Even though the five elements promote and counteract each other, they can be fused through the Talisman Dao and utilized via the Talisman Dao. Perhaps you can try to concentrate on comprehending the profundities of the talisman markings within these five divine talismans, and once you’ve fully mastered all of them, you’ll natural know how to control the five elements and make them inter-promote each other and circulate endlessly.”

The brown clothed young man seemed as if he’d been struck by lightning. His entire body stiffened, and he stared blankly for a long time while his eyes gradually brightened.

“Right! How could I have overlooked the profundities of derivation from the Talisman Dao?” The brown clothed young man slapped himself on the thigh and seemed to be overjoyed.

But right after that, he seemed to have realized something and suddenly returned to his senses. Only now did he notice Chen Xi’s existence, and he hurriedly stood up and said, “Thank you for the guidance, Fellow Daoist. But… may I know who Fellow Daoist is?”

Chen Xi smiled as he said, “I’m Chen Xi.”

“So, it’s Fellow Daoist Chen Xi…. Hmm? Wait, you said you’re Chen Xi?” The brown clothed young man was speaking when he suddenly recalled something, causing his eyes to instantly open wide while he revealed an expression of disbelief.

Chen Xi nodded, and he felt curious in his heart. Could it be that my appearance here is very shocking?

After that, Chen Xi saw the brown clothed young man suddenly take a deep breath before he bowed and said, “Disciple, Xingzhen, greets Martial Ancestral Uncle!”

Martial Ancestral Uncle! Chen Xi was instantly stunned on the spot. A fellow at the intermediate-stage of the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm actually called me Martial Ancestral Uncle?

If he wasn’t sure that this was Oracle Mountain, Chen Xi would have almost thought that this fellow had mistaken him for someone else.

Moreover, this method of address allowed Chen Xi to be even more certain that the situation in Oracle Mountain wasn’t as he’d imagined.

Actually, it was obvious because since he’d started cultivating until now, he merely knew of his Eldest Senior Brother Wu Xuechan and his other Senior Brothers and Senior Sisters.

As for anything else in the Oracle Mountain, he had no knowledge of it at all.

“You’re Xingzhen?” Chen Xi calmed himself down before he spoke.

“Martial Ancestral Uncle has heard of me?” Xingzhen was surprised.

“When I ascended the mountain earlier, I heard two little fellows mention you.” Chen Xi smiled while he pondered in his heart. Even this Xingzhen addresses me as Martial Ancestral Uncle, then wouldn’t Xingzhen’s master, Wen Ting, have to address me as Martial Uncle?

My seniority… seems to have suddenly become much higher!

“So Martial Ancestral Uncle was talking about those two fellows, Yun Ping and Ling Ke.” Xingzhen came to an understanding, and then he spoke with slight excitement. “Martial Ancestral Uncle, thank you for your guidance from earlier. It has resolved a problem that I was just unable to figure out.”

“That was nothing. Even if you didn’t receive my guidance, but just by relying on your own attainments in the Talisman Dao, it still wouldn’t take too long before you would definitely be able to comprehend it.” Chen Xi spoke casually. He was telling the truth. He’d started comprehending the divine talismans of the five elements since a long time ago when he was still at the Mortal Dimension, but he merely knew how to draw the talisman markings of the divine talismans yet was utterly unable to bring forth even ten thousandth of the might possessed by the divine talismans of the five elements.

It was only after he arrived at the Immortal Dimension did Chen Xi comprehend even more in-depth profundities of the divine talismans of the five elements, and he was finally able to fully master all the profundities of the various divine talismans.

However, Chen Xi had only been able to truly bring forth the might of the divine talismans of the five elements after he became a god.

Comparatively speaking, Xingzhen’s ability to comprehend the Talisman Dao to such a state was already really not bad.

Of course, Xingzhen was a Universe Enlightened Ancestral God after all, so when his attainments in the Talisman Dao were compared with Chen Xi, it seemed to be far inferior to Chen Xi.

“Right, how could I have forgotten. It’s the first time Martial Ancestral Uncle Chen Xi has returned to the sect. A few years ago, Martial Ancestral Uncle Wu Xuechan had once instructed that if you arrived at Oracle Mountain, then we should bring you to see Martial Ancestral Uncle Tie Yunhai. At that time, Martial Ancestral Uncle Tie Yunhai will naturally make all arrangements for you.” Xingzhen suddenly recalled something and smiled as he spoke.

“Senior Brother Tie Yunhai?” When he heard this familiar name, the doubt in Chen Xi’s heart was completely eliminated, and he said with a smile, “Then I’ll trouble you to lead the way.”

Xingzhen hurriedly cupped his hands and said, “Martial Ancestral Uncle, there’s no need for that. This is my duty.”

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