Chapter 1821 – Green Lotus and Violet Cloud


A wave of strange and obscure fluctuation arose from the teleportation formation, and it was like a ferocious beast that had been in deep slumber for countless years had silently awakened.

Dense markings lit up around the formation, and they emanated strands of blazing divine radiance that were vast and miraculous.

One could even faintly discern the sound of gods chanting scriptures and sages sighing with praise curling up and resounding from the divine formation, and these sounds resounded through the heavens and the earth.

It was just as Ye Yan had described, such a teleportation formation was unlike an ordinary teleportation formation, and it was sufficient to traverse layer upon layer of space and link up the 8,000 universes within the Imperial Region. It was unfathomable profound and unimaginable.

Only a top-rate power in the Imperial Region that possessed extremely deep resources and reserves like the Shentu Clan could establish such a teleportation formation.

“Thank you.” Chen Xi cupped his hands and expressed his gratitude while standing within the formation.

“There’s no need for that. If you’re free in the future, then feel free to come and stay here. At that time, I’ll definitely prepare everything for your arrival.” Shentu Qingyuan roared lightheartedly with laughter from outside the formation.

“Of course,” said Chen Xi with a smile. As he spoke, he gazed at Shentu Yanran and said, “Miss Yanran, see you next time. Take care.”

“I’ll definitely go watch and cheer for you when you participate in the Dao Discussion held by the five extremes of the Imperial Region.” Shentu Yanran spoke seriously. Her clear eyes were tender like water while her peerlessly beautiful face carried a wisp of a heartfelt smile, and her words were filled with well wishes.

Chen Xi smiled and nodded silently.

“Take care of yourself.” Shentu Qingyuan roared with laughter as he activated the teleportation formation.


In the next moment, divine radiance shot into the surroundings and into the nine heavens. The teleportation formation emanated rumbling that shook the heavens, and when everything returned once more to silence, Chen Xi’s figure had already vanished from the surroundings.

“He’s gone….” Shentu Yanran muttered while her clear eyes surged with a wisp of reluctance.

Shentu Qingyuan couldn’t help but ask when he saw this. “Yanran, exactly what sort of relationship do you have with that Chen Xi?”

“What relationship? What’re you talking about, Father?” Shentu Yanran was stunned. She couldn’t help but reveal a rare trace of embarrassment before she acted relaxed.

“Oh you.” Shentu Qingyuan glanced deeply at his daughter.

After that, he sighed lightly and chuckled. “Earlier, while we were in the Clan Hall, I thought Chen Xi had come to our Shentu Clan to ask me for your hand in marriage. Looks like I worried for nothing.”

Shentu Yanran immediately felt extremely embarrassed. Her pretty face flushed red while she said angrily, “Father!” She seemed tender and shy like a little girl.

“Hahaha! I was joking.” Shentu Qingyuan roared with laughter as he placed his hands behind his back and left with large strides, and he muttered while he walked. “However, now what I speak of it, wouldn’t it be better if you’re able to become Dao Companions with a disciple of Oracle Mountain?”

He gradually vanished into the distance, yet his voice entered into Shentu Yanran’s ears, and it caused her to turn red with embarrassment. Moreover, she inadvertently recalled Chen Xi’s figure in her mind, and she recalled their experiences in the Desolate Manku Ruins….

For a time, she couldn’t help but be stunned on the spot.

After a long time, Shentu Yanran returned to her senses, and she sighed for no rhyme nor reason before laughing with self ridicule and shaking her head without end.

It is good. But unfortunately, that fellow’s attention has never been placed on love and affection.

Space flowed as stars flashed by. All sorts of lustrous and dazzling warped scene appeared incessantly in his field of vision, and they flashed by like passing shadows.

After 10 minutes passed, all of this suddenly vanished. Chen Xi felt his entire body shake, and in the next moment, he’d arrived at an extremely unfamiliar expanse of the starry sky.

This is probably the Infinite Universe…. Chen Xi couldn’t help but let out a sigh of relief when he saw this, and his entire body felt relaxed.

Since he left Arambha Temple until now, less than half a year had passed. But during this period of time, he’d experienced numerous pursuits, and both his mind and body had always been in a tense state.

At this moment, when he finally arrived at the Infinite Universe, he finally relaxed completely. Even though he still hadn’t arrived within Oracle Mountain, his heart had become steady and at ease.

Chen Xi didn’t hesitate to withdraw the jade slip his Eldest Senior Brother, Wu Xuechan, had given him, and then he crushed it lightly.


The jade slip transformed into a rain of light that dispersed into the surroundings, and then a deep passageway that was like a vortex was swiftly formed in space.

It really is miraculous. This is probably a type of spatial link technique in the Talisman Dao. Chen Xi grinned, and then he took a deep breath and stepped foot into the passageway.

Oracle Mountain, one of the five extremes of the Imperial Region.

In the entire Ancient God Domain, it was like a supreme existence that others could only look up to.

However, when compared to Nuwa’s Dao Palace, the Sovereign Sect, the Dao Institute, and the Divine Institute, Oracle Mountain could absolutely be considered as the most mysterious sect that kept the lowest profile.

Since the ancient times until now, very few people in the entire Ancient God Domain were able to see disciples of Oracle Mountain make an appearance in the world, and this had undoubtedly added a layer of mysteriousness onto Oracle Mountain.

But there was no doubt that every single time a world shocking event occurred in the boundless years that the Ancient God Domain had existed, the Oracle Mountain’s figure could definitely be seen there.

It was precisely because of this that Oracle Mountain’s reputation had spread throughout the world, and it was known to all living beings in the world.

Of course, they merely know Oracle Mountain’s name. Merely a very small amount of people were clearly aware of Oracle Mountain’s inheritance, where its resided, and how many disciples it possessed.

In other words, most cultivators in the world still didn’t know how deep the resources and reserves of Oracle Mountain actually were!


It was like he’d experienced the passage of countless years, yet it also seemed like merely an instant had passed. Chen Xi felt the scene before his eyes flash, and then he’d arrived before a mountain.

This mountain was tall, beautiful, and seemed to hold up the sky as it stood there. It towered into the clouds and was completely covered in mist. Moreover, divine radiance seethed from it while a myriad of strands of auspicious light rained down from it.

It was truly too tall and seemed like it has pierced through the sky. When one stood before it, it caused one to arouse the feeling of being tiny like an ant.

Even Chen Xi couldn’t avoid feeling a trace of shock when he witnessed this scene.

At this level of cultivation, he naturally noticed with a single glance that this mountain was covered in the might of ‘Karmic Luck’. It seemed like the secrets of the heaven and the aura of the Dao were converged here, causing it to form the grand scene where both the heavens and the earth were like the Dao, and the Dao was natural.

This is where Oracle Mountain resides in the Ancient God Domain? Chen Xi took a deep breath. He acutely noticed that while it seemed to be merely a single mountain, it was comparable to a world. It seemed to possess boundless space, and once one entered the mountain by accident, then one would probably get lost and be unable to find the way out.

This place was very much alike the Divine Arambha Garden and Master Xuan’s Divine Temple that he’d seen in the past. All of them were isolated from the outside world and stood aloof from it.

However, it was also unlike them. Because Chen Xi was able to clearly sense the aura of the ‘Dao’ here, and it existed everywhere.

If one cultivated and comprehended the Dao here, then it would be even easier than it was in the outside world. It was like residing in the source of the Dao, and it was extremely miraculous and even inconceivable.

Moreover, the ability to establish such a place could absolutely be considered as extraordinary and divine skill, and supreme ability of creation.

There was no doubt in his mind that this was Oracle Mountain!

A divine mountain that carried countless legends, a paradise of cultivation that was revered by the inhabitants of the world!

After standing there for a long time, Chen Xi withdrew his gaze, and his mental state gradually recovered its calm.

There was a winding and twisting little path just ahead of him. Ancient trees hung down from the sides of the little path while moss covered it, and numerous rare Divine Herbs grew around it. Moreover, they emanated divine essence and emanated sweet fragrances that rained down towards the surroundings.

Chen Xi placed his hands behind his back as he walked along the little path. All along the way, he frequently noticed green pines and green cedar tress standing towering, surging waterfalls, flowing springs, gurgling streams, strange flowers and herbs that studded the surroundings, and wild and precious fruits scattered around the surroundings. It was a picturesque scene that was tranquil and beautiful.

As he walked on the little path, it unconsciously caused one’s heart to feel tranquil. It was like one stood aloof from the world, escaped the shackles of the mortal world, and was simply on the verge of ascending and accompanying the Grand Dao.

This was extremely extraordinary indeed.

It was simply like the residence of a innate god from the primeval times, and the Karmic Luck of the Grand Dao filled the surroundings!

After an unknown period of time, Chen Xi was walking along the little path when a wave of voices suddenly sounded out from afar.

“Do not speak about the Grand Dao and only seek the truth in your heart. I’ve already comprehended the profundities of tempering the Dao Heart, and it won’t be long before I’ll be able to obtain Senior Xingzhen’s acknowledgement and become his disciple.”

“Ling Ke, there is desire in your heart, so your comprehension is clearly inferior, yet you still wishfully think about obtaining Senior Xingzhen’s acknowledgement? Is this the Dao Heart that you possess? Isn’t it a bit too laughable?”

“Yun Ping, you don’t understand. While there is something to persist on in the heart, one must stay true to the one’s heart. If there’s nothing, then one would be like duckweed flowing in water and would only be able to flow along with the current. This is something Senior Xingzhen said himself.”

Chen Xi was stunned. Someone is actually discussing the Dao?

He walked forward and noticed there was an expanse of level ground before a cliff at the hillside. Ancient rocks were piled up on there while green bamboo rustled with the wind. Moreover, a waterfall descended like a white dragon and caused sprays that were like precious pearls to arise before completely surging into the azure pool there.

There were two figures standing beside the pool. Both of them were youths. One wore grey clothes, had a green lotus leaf at the top of his head, dense brows, large eyes, an impressive bearing, and his entire body emanated a strand of oppressive energy.

The other had his hair curled up into a bun, had red lips, white teeth, a handsome appearance, and his entire body emanated strands of violet mist. Moreover, his bearing was similarly extraordinary and lively like the other youth.

Chen Xi glanced over and instantly saw through their true forms. The former was formed from a green lotus while the latter was a violet cloud.

In other words, both of these youths were actually two spirits that were born in the heavens and the earth!

A green lotus and a violet cloud are actually discussing the Dao here. How interesting. Chen Xi chuckled as he discerned that these two youths had clearly just started to cultivate in the Divine Dao and took human form. Their cultivations couldn’t be said to be formidable at all, and the rare and excellent thing was both their foundations were pure, clean, and translucent. It wasn’t tainted with even the slightest speck of dirt, so their natural talents were rather outstanding.

In the outside world, they could be said to be good seedlings that were one in a million and possessed superb natural talent.

“Fellow Daoist, why are you laughing. Could it be that I was wrong?” The youth whose hair was curled into a bun and had red lips and white teeth spoke. Obviously, he’d noticed Chen Xi, but he wasn’t surprised by Chen Xi’s appearance here.

“You’re right. One can only accomplish great things by having something to persist on in the heart. But the thing you should persist on is your own Dao Heart and not wishful thoughts.” Chen Xi guided casually.

“This Fellow Daoist is right. The profundities that Ling Ke comprehended were clearly inferior.” The youth that was formed from a green lotus laughed lightheartedly.

“How shameful, I truly am ashamed. Looks like I really was mistaken. Thank you for your guidance, Fellow Daoist.” The youth called Ling Ke blushed with shame, and he cupped his fists and expressed his gratitude to Chen Xi, causing him to seem very polite.

He realized his mistakes and admitted them without any signs of anger, and he even accepted it happily. This caused Chen Xi to be unable to avoid feeling slightly surprised. This youth’s disposition is really rare.

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