Chapter 1820 – Filled With Dejection

Since Shentu Mingda and Shentu Xing set their sights on Chen Xi until they threatened to capture Chen Xi and hand him over to the Divine Institute in order to redeem the collaboration with the Divine Institute, most of the clansmen of the Shentu Clan remained silent during this entire process.

Obviously, they were hesitating, and they were unable to decide

Only Shentu Bao’s attitude was clear, and he strongly objected to it. But he seemed to have not obtain much support.

When she saw this, Shentu Yanran frowned as well, and she was furious in her heart. She was unable to continue watching, and she said coldly, “Let me see who dares to do that!”

As soon as these words were spoken, it caused Shentu Mingda’s face to sink. “Yanran, because you were running wild just now, the Divine Institute’s emissary has been utterly offended. Could it be that you intend to continue running wild now?”

“Yanran, there’s nothing wrong with cherishing your friendship, but if you still refuse to keep your distance from this friend of yours, then it wouldn’t just be you who suffers disaster in the end. It would be our entire Shentu Clan! Can you bear responsibility for such a crime?” Shentu Xing berated in a displeased voice, and he wanted Shentu Yanran to keep her distance from Chen Xi.

“All I know is that if it wasn’t for Chen Xi, then I would have probably been forced by all of you to join the Divine Institute!” Shentu Yanran’s face was cold as ice, and she didn’t shrink back at all as she did her best to fight for her point of view. Moreover, her voice was filled with extreme rage as well.

Her peerlessly beautiful face had flushed red while her almond eyes were opened wide. She was exasperated indeed as she’d never expected that Shentu Mingda and Shentu Xing would actually act so shamelessly at a time like this, and they actually intended to capture Chen Xi in order to obtain the Divine Institute’s forgiveness. She felt that they were simply going too far.

“Chen Xi?” Shentu Bao instantly revealed an expression of understanding.

“Chen Xi….” At this moment, the Patriarch of the Shentu Clan, Shentu Qingyuan, who’d constantly remained silent until now had a wisp of a complicated expression on the corners of his mouth, and he seemed as if a heavy burden had been lifted from his shoulders.

“Chen Xi!” The expressions of many clansmen of the Shentu Clan couldn’t help but stiffen when they heard Shentu Yanran say the words ‘Chen Xi’, and they seemed to be filled with disbelief.

On the other hand, when he saw Shentu Yanran was actually being so impenetrable and thickheaded, Shentu Mingda couldn’t help but shout loudly. “Who cares who he is? We must make him….”

When he spoke up to here, he suddenly realized something, and his entire body stiffened while he cried out involuntarily with shock. “Chen Xi? Which Chen Xi?”

“Chen Xi? Could it be that personal disciple of Oracle Mountain, Chen Xi?” Shentu Xing’s entire body shook while he spoke with disbelief.

For a time, the surroundings were deathly silent, and only the voices of this pair of father and son that were filled with surprise and bewilderment reverberated through the hall.

At the same time, the gazes of practically everyone looked towards Chen Xi who was still standing in the Devilwar Battlefield.

They revealed all kings of expressions like surprise, shock, understanding, doubt, and so on and so forth.

“Besides him, would anyone dare to confront the Divine Institute in that way?” When she saw this, Shentu Yanran instantly understood there was no need to continue concealing it, and she gazed at Shentu Mingda and Shentu Xing with a slightly ridiculing expression. She said, “Even Gongsun Mu felt that Taba Chuan wasn’t a match for Chen Xi, and he admitted defeat and left. Yet someone just happens to be unwilling to accept the outcome. How truly laughable.”

Just this short sentence had confirmed Chen Xi’s identity and mocked Shentu Mingda and Shentu Xing in one go. It caused the expressions of all the clansmen of the Shentu Clan to become complicated and change indeterminately.

Who would have imagined that this fellow would actually be a personal disciple of Oracle Mountain?

Especially Shentu Mingda and Shentu Xing, their faces were both livid and ashen. They seemed as if they’d been struck by lightning, and they were stunned on the spot.

Earlier, when the emissary of the Divine Institute, Gongsun Mu, and the others hadn’t arrived at the Clan Hall, Shentu Qingyuan had announced a string of world shocking news, and all of them were related to Chen Xi.

For example, annihilating the descendent of the Eternal Ye Clan, Ye Feng, slaughtering Imperial Monarch Nandu’s group….

Even a great figure that possessed boundless divine might like Imperial Monarch Zi Wei hadn’t hesitate to attack boldly in order to repay the debt of gratitude he owed, and he’d annihilated Imperial Monarch Tai Jing’s group and the five Divine Spirit Generals of the Sovereign Sect. All of this was done for none other than to maintain Chen Xi’s safety.

In the end, they’d even heard that the Grand Lord of Oracle Mountain, Wu Xuechan, had annihilated Divine Sovereign Priest Mo Lin of the Sovereign Sect!

At that time, when they heard this string of news, both Shentu Mingda and Shentu Xing were shocked in their hearts and felt extremely astounded.

But who would have imagined that the young man they felt extreme hatred towards and intended to capture would actually be Chen Xi!?

For a time, this pair of father and son felt like someone had struck them from the back, and their minds were slightly muddled while they felt utterly terrible.

The personal disciple of Oracle Mountain, Chen Xi!

The Junior Brother of the Grand Lord, Wu Xuechan!

How could they dare to offend such a figure?

At this moment, not to mention capturing Chen Xi, Shentu Mingda and Shentu Xing simply wished for nothing more than to find a hole to hide in. It couldn’t be helped; the current situation was truly too embarrassing. Besides causing them to be rendered speechless, a wisp of terror couldn’t help but arise in their hearts.

When they thought about how they’d offended a personal disciple of Oracle Mountain in order to curry favor with disciples of the Divine Institute, this pair of father and son simply felt like crying and were utterly dejected.

“Alas. Big Brother, oh, Big Brother, both of you simply lifted rocks to stone others yet dropped them on your own feet instead.” Shentu Bao sighed in a slightly sarcastic tone.

Shentu Mingda’s expression was unsightly, yet he was utterly unable to retort.

“Big Brother, both of you should leave first.” In the end, it was Shentu Qingyuan that spoke. He was slightly unable to bear the sight of Shentu Mingda and Shentu Xing feeling embarrassed.

“I….” Shentu Mingda spoke in a hoarse voice, yet he hesitated to speak. In the end, he sighed, and then he turned around and led Shentu Xing away.

In the eyes of everyone, his figure seemed slightly bleak at this moment, and it caused others to be unable to help but feel pity for them.

Chen Xi didn’t pursue the matter, and he was unable to pursue the matter as well. In the end, Shentu Mingda was a clansman of the Shentu Clan, and he was even Shentu Yanran’s uncle, so it wasn’t advisable for him to make too much of a fuss about it.

Moreover, being able to watch this pair of father and son leave in such a sorry state now was already equivalent to them tacitly admitting their mistakes, and this was quite rare and commendable.

After that, Shentu Qingyuan put away the Devilwar battlefield and asked all the other clansmen to leave while only Chen Xi, Shentu Yanran, Shentu Bao, and a few others remained.

“Haha! Extraordinary! As expected of a personal disciple from Oracle Mountain.” Shentu Qingyuan wasn’t silent and reticent any longer. As he gazed at Chen Xi who sat by his daughter’s side in the hall, he didn’t conceal his praise at all.

“Senior is too kind.” Chen Xi smiled.

“To tell you the truth, I’d faintly guessed your identity earlier, but I didn’t dare say for sure. So, I was a slightly poor host. I hope you can forgive me.” At this moment, Shentu Qingyuan seemed to be very frank, and he took the initiative to admit that the reason he’d watched indifferently earlier was because he was unable to confirm Chen Xi’s identity.

“It’s understandable.” Chen Xi was very clearly aware that such a change in Shentu Qingyuan’s attitude had occurred firstly because he had a good relationship with Shentu Yanran, but most importantly, it was because of his identity as a personal disciple of Oracle Mountain.

“Alas, I feel slightly guilty. The incident that occurred today was absolutely not something I wished to see happen. Fortunately, you were here to help my Shentu Clan deal with this danger it faced, otherwise, I would really not know how I would refuse the Divine Institute’s request.” Shentu Qingyuan sighed with emotion.

Chen Xi was stunned. He immediately understood that Shentu Qingyuan had already decided a long time ago, and he didn’t have any intention to collaborate with the Divine Institute.

Since it was able to put this Patriarch of the Shentu Clan in such a difficult position, this clearly showed how much pressure the Divine Institute had put on him.

“Father, the matter is already resolved now, so you don’t have to be troubled by it.” When she heard Shentu Qingyuan sigh incessantly, Shentu Yanran, his daughter, couldn’t help but be slightly unable to bear the sight of this.

“The matter has been resolved, but it has caused Chen Xi to be like a shield for our Shentu Clan, and he’d offended those disciples of the Divine Institute because of this. I feel regretful for this.” Shentu Qingyuan frowned as he spoke.

Chen Xi said in his heart, At least this Shentu Qingyuan is able to clearly distinguish between right and wrong. I didn’t help him deal with those disciples of the Divine Institute in vain.

Of course, the reason he’d acted in that way earlier was entirely for the sake of standing up for Shentu Yanran, and he didn’t care at all about whether he offended Gongsun Mu’s group.

“Since it’s like that, then promise Chen Xi something and take it as a way to make up for the guilt you feel.” Shentu Yanran puckered her lips and smiled.

“Oh? What is it? Quickly tell it to me! So long as I’m able to accomplish it, then I’ll absolutely not refuse.” Shentu Qingyuan’s eyes lit up, and he agreed willingly.

Shentu Yanran immediately told him about the reason Chen Xi had come to the Shentu Clan.

“He wants to borrow the teleportation formation to head to the Infinite Universe? That’s simple.” After he heard everything, Shentu Qingyuan couldn’t help but glance at Shentu Yanran with a strange gaze, and then he agreed without the slightest hesitation.

Shentu Yanran’s heart shuddered incomprehensibly from her father’s strange gaze, yet she didn’t understand what it meant and couldn’t help but feel a wave of bewilderment.

“Thank you, Senior.” Chen Xi heaved a sigh of relief when he heard that this matter was resolved, and he smiled as he cupped his hands and thanked Shentu Qingyuan.

“There’s no need for that. Since you’re Yanran’s friend, then you’re not an outsider. Call me Uncle in the future. Haha.” Shentu Qingyuan laughed loudly.

“If you insist.” Chen Xi smiled as well.

Shentu Yanran couldn’t help but be happy in her heart when she saw this, and she was naturally rather delighted when she saw that Chen Xi was able to obtain her father’s acknowledgement.

Shentu Bao asked from the side. “Right, Chen Xi, when do you intend to depart?”

“If it’s possible, then I want to leave right now,” said Chen Xi after pondering deeply.

“Why are you in such a rush?” Shentu Yanran’s heart jerked.

“I offended a large amount of people all along the way here, and they’re probably pursuing me throughout the world now. It’s truly inadvisable for me to stay here for too long.” Chen Xi didn’t conceal anything and answered truthfully. “Only by returning to the sect might all of this be resolved.”

When they heard this, regardless of whether it was Shentu Yanran, Shentu Qingyuan, or Shentu Bao, all of them stopped persuading him. Because they were clearly aware that when compared to those enemies of Chen Xi’s, the forces of their Shentu Clan were really unable to protect Chen Xi.

“Since it’s like that, then I won’t ask you to stay. Please come with me.” Shentu Qingyuan immediately stood up, and he led Chen Xi out of the Clan Hall. He intended to personally activate the teleportation formation and send Chen Xi off.

Shentu Yanran bit her cherry lips, and then she went after them as well.

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