Chapter 182 – Trade

Chapter 182 – Trade


The Blackscale Armored Tiger’s severed tail fell onto the ground and emitted a heavy and dull sound. When this sound entered into the ears of Zixuan, she suddenly noticed that she didn’t die, and when she abruptly opened her eyes to look, the scene before her eyes caused her to feel as if she was dreaming.

An unfamiliar figure had suddenly appeared in the distance. The sword in his hand was accurate, simple, and direct as it successively pierced numerous bloody holes on the body of the Blackscale Armored Tiger, and his movement technique was free, unrestrained, and unpredictable, as if he was playing with a large toy. The primordial variant Blackscale Armored Tiger that had a strength at the Golden Core Realm actually had no room to resist before him.

Who’s this fellow? Did he save me? Zixuan stared blankly at the figure as a strand of vigilance abruptly arose within her heart. Wait, the Emeraldcloud Gorge is a restricted area passed down by my ancestors. Without the Emeraldcloud Command Token, it’s utterly impossible to enter here. How did this person enter? Could it be that he wants to gather the spirit materials in Emeraldcloud Gorge as well?

Dammit! Why is it like this? I took great pains to execute the Nine-Origins Blood Transformation Arts and stimulate this Blackscale Armored Tiger to fall into a berserk state. I ignited my vitality as the price to carry out this strike on the little girl, Zixuan, and I was just about to succeed, yet why would this bastard suddenly appear and interfere? Truly damnable! On the other side, Han Wenjun was furious to the extreme in his heart, and he stared at the figure that was swift like the wind with a gaze that flickered with a sinister and enraged glow.

This figure was naturally Chen Xi. Not long after he walked out of the crack, he’d seen the violet clothed young woman fall into a dangerous situation, and he charged over right away. His goal was very simple, on one hand, it was to save her; on the other, he wanted to use this opportunity to inquire about some things from her, and it could be said to be killing two birds with one stone with immeasurable virtue.

But if he knew the thoughts in the hearts of Zixuan and Han Wenjun, he’d probably wouldn’t think in this way.

“Roar!” The Blackscale Armored Tiger howled in pain as it struggled madly, then caused the ground to shatter and collapse with a step forward before sweeping out its tail, transforming both plants and rocks in its way into powder, and it was ferocious to the point that it caused one to shudder with fear. However, under Chen Xi’s attacks, all the struggling and rage of this beast seemed to be so powerless, so pitiable…


A cold light arose suddenly and barely a glimpse of it was seen before the enormous head of the Blackscale Armored Tiger was instantly slashed into two, and its enormous body that was like a small hill crashed onto the ground as blood gushed out like a stream.

When they saw this scene, the surrounding 10 plus Golden Hall Realm cultivators heaved a long sigh of relief, and the gazes they shot at Chen Xi vaguely revealed a trace of admiration. But Zixuan still stared fixedly at Chen Xi, and even though she was grateful in her heart that Chen Xi had saved her life, before she figured out his origins, she couldn’t help but be vigilant.

This Emeraldcloud Gorge was a land of treasures that was passed down from her ancestors, but it was similarly a juicy piece of meat. During the countless years, there had been too many people that wanted to take a bite. If it wasn’t for the enormous power of the clan behind her, they’d have long been unable to protect this land of treasures, whereas, Chen Xi’s sudden appeared was full of questionable points, so how could she dare let her guard down?

“Who’re you? How did you enter the Emeraldcloud Gorge?” Zixuan stared at Chen Xi with a gaze that carried an intention to scrutinize as she spoke suddenly.

Chen Xi was stunned. He seemed to have never imagined that after he saved her life, he would instead be questioned in the end, and a trace of discomfort instantly gushed out from his heart.

“Hmph! This kid seems to be acting sneakily to me, he’s surely conspiring something!” Han Wenjun walked forward and said with an unfriendly expression, “Little Sister Zixuan, don’t be deceived by his outward appearance. People these days act like a hero saving a maiden on the outside, yet who knows what they’re thinking on the inside? So it’s necessary to be on guard against them.”

Chen Xi suddenly started laughing as he looked at Zixuan and said, “In this way, I’ve saved your life and lent a hand to kill this beast, yet I’ve become a vile person that’s conspiring something?”

Zixuan was irresolute.

“Hmph! With over ten of us here, even if you didn’t lend a hand, Little Sister Zixuan would still not be in danger. You’re good at talking, yet refuse to admit your errors. What evil intentions do you harbor?” Han Wenjun grunted coldly.

“Never mind, looks like it was I that was a busybody and made an unnecessary move, farewell.” Chen Xi didn’t even glance at Han Wenjun before waving his hand and turning around to leave with flagging interest.

“Wait, who allowed you to leave? Don’t hope of leaving without giving us a proper explanation!” Han Wenjun took a step forward and smiled coldly as he said, “I even suspect that you have already secretly gathered many precious treasures of the heaven and earth in Emeraldcloud Gorge. Now you want to carry the treasures and flee? There isn’t such an advantageous thing in this world!”

“Right, hand over the storage Magic Treasures in your possession, and allow us to thoroughly know about your background! Otherwise, you’ll be unable to escape today even if you have wings!” At Zixuan’s side, the maidservant called Xiao Jun spoke coldly.

“Oh, in a few words, not only have a become a vile person, I’ve also become a thief?” Even if Chen Xi’s temper was any better, rage couldn’t help but arise in his heart. His bearing instantly changed, causing exceedingly condensed sharp killing intent to effuse out from his body, and even the surrounding space warped and distorted under this killing intent.

A moment ago, he was still a handsome and calm thin young man, whereas, at this moment, he seemed as if he’s walked out from mountains of corpses and seas of blood, and he was a peerless villain that was drenched in fresh blood!


The imposing manner that had been tempered from countless bitter battles and slaughters carried the souls and wails of the innumerable demon beasts at the depths of the crack as it released out without the slightest holding back. Instantly, it caused everyone to feel suffocated as if a sharp blade was held at their throats, and their expressions went pale with fear.

Han Wenjun stood before Chen Xi and was the first to bear the brunt, and his feeling was even more intense than the others. In only an instant, his will collapsed, causing his entire mind to be swallowed by boundless fear. He seemed as if he’d fallen into an ocean of blood, everywhere was miserable, fiendish, and savage shrill cries, and it was as if countless devils wanted to crawl out of hell and devour his soul!

“No… Don’t kill me! No…” In the eyes of the others, Han Wenjun’s countenance was pale as a sheet as bean sized beads of sweat trickled down, and his eyes dilated in terror. He entirely seemed as if he’d been possessed as he emitted extremely miserable pleas for mercy. It was even to the extent that there was a large patch of damp traces of urine at the crotch of his pants. Obviously, this fellow had pissed himself from fear.


Everyone present gasped. Solely by relying on killing intent, this fellow is able to seize one’s mind and cause one to be unable to resist? How dense would this killing intent be? How many battles were needed to temper such a killing intent?

A villain!

This fellow is absolutely a peerless villain!

At this moment, the gazes everyone shot at Chen Xi were filled with deep terror.

It could be said that Chen Xi only needed to lightly raise his sword at this moment, and Han Wenjun’s head would be separated from his body and die on the spot. Yet he didn’t do so, as killing trash like this would only dirty his own hands.

Instantly, his killing intent was flawlessly withdrawn within his body, and Chen Xi recovered his handsome and extraordinary appearance. He didn’t spare a glance at the others before turning and leaving. After saving another, he’d instead been accused to be a thief and vile person, so what more could he say? Not killing them was already his limit.

“Fellow Daoist, wait. I’m sorry, we were in the wrong earlier, please forgive us.” Zixuan abruptly sobered up, and she looked at Chen Xi’s figure that almost vanished as she spoke out anxiously.

“There’s no need.” Chen Xi didn’t even turn around as he spoke.

“Fellow Daoist, this place is Emeraldcloud Gorge, and it contains supreme restrictions. Without an Emeraldcloud Command Token, you’re utterly unable to leave.” Zixuan spoke out once more.

Chen Xi instantly stopped. Command Token? Restriction? Looks like Ling Bai was right, I’ve indeed fallen into a restriction for the past two months.

“Fellow Daoist, we’re about to leave as well. If you don’t mind, then how about leaving with us?” When she saw Chen Xi stop, Zixuan heaved a sigh of relief in her heart, and then she walked forward as she suggested with a light voice.

“Why are you doing this?” Chen Xi frowned as he spoke. The change in this woman’s attitude was too quick, and he had to be vigilant.

“Because I’ve already guessed that Fellow Daoist has surely come out from the Crack of Despair. That’s the most dangerous place in Emeraldcloud Gorge with numerous well-renowned poisonous insects of the primordial era raging within it, and it’s the only path that leads to Emeraldcloud Gorge from the outside world. During the past 100,000 years, Fellow Daoist is the first person to safely enter this place from there, and it’s beyond the expectations of anyone. So, that’s why I misunderstood you, and I’m truly sorry.” Zixuan replied apologetically.

Crack of Despair? So it turns out that the place that has trapped me for two months is actually called this, despair, despair, it’s truly a place of absolute despair that’s worthy of its name. But the Heaven’s Dao always leaves a slim chance of survival. Now that I was able to leave that place, it’s obviously driven by fate as well. Chen Xi recalled the various extremely dangerous poisonous insect demon beasts that he’d encountered within the crack, and he approved of this explanation.

Zixuan was originally just probing Chen Xi, yet never imagined that Chen Xi would actually tacitly approve of her explanation, and she was instantly shocked in her heart. She realized in astonishment. This fellow really walked out of the Crack of Despair?

As the master of the Emeraldcloud Gorge, she could be said to understand everything in Emeraldcloud Gorge like the palm of her hand. This gorge covered an area of 5,000 km and was enveloped by layer upon layer of restrictions. Even though it possesses exceedingly pure and thick spirit energy and contained numerous precious treasures of the heaven and earth, there were some places in it that were dangerous places filled with killing intent. Once one fell into such a place, there would only be a slim chance of survival, and there was rarely anyone who could walk out alive.

Amongst them, the Crack of Despair was the most dangerous.

Since childhood, Zixuan had heard countless warnings and repeated advising from her elders to never go near those dangerous places once she entered Emeraldcloud Gorge, especially the Crack of Despair.

Being imperceptibly influenced by what she heard constantly, the Crack of Despair had already become a forbidden area in the heart of Zixuan, and it was a completely terrifying existence where one had no chance of surviving from. However, Chen Xi’s appearance had broken everything she knew, and the shock in her heart was obvious.

Although the Crack of Despair is filled with danger, according to what my seniors said, it contains rare treasures, and the treasures within it is the most in number and highest in value within the entire Emeraldcloud Gorge. Many of these treasures are even existences that have already become extinct since long ago. Since this fellow was able to walk out of the Crack of Despair, would he have obtained some? When she thought up to here, Zixuan’s heart thumped, and she sent a voice transmission. “I’m called Tantai Zixuan, a member of the Oceanic City’s Tantai Clan. Maybe I know who Fellow Daoist is and where you’re from?”

“Chen Ke[1. The ‘Ke’ here is the same first character used to write True Heart Peak, so this name is probably derived from that and the meaning behind it], an independent cultivator of Dragon Lake City.” Chen Xi thought for a moment and replied. His reputation in the southern territory was too resounding at this moment. Once he spoke of his name, it would probably cause him to be tangled with many troubles. So he invented a new identity for himself. At the same time, he couldn’t help but arouse a trace of wonder in his heart. Why is this woman asking via voice transmission? Could it be that she’s afraid the others would hear all this?

“Oh, so it’s Fellow Daoist Chen Ke. I wonder if I can make a trade with Fellow Daoist?” Tantai Zixuan asked with a light voice, and her clear eyes were filled with an expression of anticipation.

“I’m all ears.” Chen Xi seemed to have thought of something.

“Fellow Daoist has come out from the Crack of Despair, and I presume you’ve obtained some rare and precious materials. I want to offer a price to buy all of them. Don’t worry Fellow Daoist, I absolutely won’t let you make a loss in terms of price. How about it?” Zixuan spoke of her thoughts.

Chen Xi went silent as this request had caused him to become vigilant, and he started to consider the consequences it would cause if other cultivators knew about this matter. After all, after experiencing two months of battles, the value of the various materials he’d obtained had already arrived at an immeasurable extent. If others were to find out about it, it would surely arouse malicious intentions in them.

“Don’t worry Fellow Daoist, my Tantai Clan controls the number one Trading Company in Oceanic City, the Treasure Control Company. Our prices are just and reputation is guaranteed.” Tantai Zixuan struck while the iron was hot when she saw Chen Xi didn’t refuse.

“Then we’ll talk after I’ve seen the power of your trading company.” Chen Xi didn’t refuse, nor did he agree right away.

“Alright!” Tantai Zixuan smiled. She was extremely excited in her heart, as she was exceedingly sure that once this fellow called Chen Ke witnessed the strength of her clan, this trade would surely be completely flawlessly.

Oh, if I’m able to purchase some valuable treasures from this fellow, it would surely be a great merit, and Father and the elders would surely look at me in a different light. I never imagined that I’d actually be able to encounter a man that has come out from the Crack of Despair this time, it’s simply a great merit that has been bestowed upon me by the heavens…

At the same time that Chen Xi and Tantai Zixuan were silently communicating, Han Wenjun and the little maidservant Xiao Jun were talking via voice transmission at the other side.

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