Chapter 1819 – Leaving In Anger

The Green Roar Dragon!

It was a variant beast that was said to be one of the great terrors of the primeval times. Its ancestor was born from within the Chaos, and it was a true pure-blooded Innate Fiendgod.

This beast was shaped like a tiger, large like a mountain, and completely covered by green colored fur and skin. Moreover, it had a grey colored horn that contained the Quintessence Energy of the Dao of Lightning.

On the other hand, Taba Chuan was a descendent of the Green Roar Dragon Clan!

“Roar!!!” After he transformed into his true form which was a Green Roar Dragon, Taba Chuan roared towards the sky, and peerlessly ferocious might swept out from it while it simply seemed like he wanted to shatter the sun and moon with his roar.

Suddenly, he pounced towards Chen Xi, and his speed was so swift that it even forcefully tore open a completely straight rift in space.

Chen Xi’s eyes narrowed as he exerted strength at his fingers, and he condensed peerlessly dazzling Sword Insight before slashing it down towards that descendant of a primeval variant beast that possessed monstrous ferocious might.


The fur and skin that covered the entire terrifying Green Roar Dragon flowed with arcs of lightning, and he actually blasted Chen Xi’s attack apart.

This was extremely shocking because he was being suppressed by Chen Xi just moments ago, yet now, he’d actually faintly possessed the might to turn the situation around.


The Green Roar Dragon let out a long roar that shook the starry sky, and even the entire Devilwar Battlefield trembled.

He seemed to have gone berserk, and the Quintessence Energy within his bloodline had been completely activated, allowing him to possess ferocious might capable of obliterating the heavens and the earth.

The terrifying roar actually caused the eardrums of many experts outside the battlefield to split apart, and they almost fell unconscious. Fortunately, the battlefield was covered by defensive restrictions, otherwise, the consequences would be even more severe.

At this point in the situation, many people were shocked as they’d never expected that Taba Chuan would actually possess such a trump card.

“Hmph!” Chen Xi’s eyes turned cold abruptly, and he intended to utilize the Banisher and end the battle in one go, so as to avoid being further entangled in battle with Taba Chuan.

However, before Chen Xi could make a move, a voice suddenly resounded in the Devilwar Battlefield….

“Junior Brother Taba, come back.” This voice was low and indifferent, and it was actually Gongsun Mu’s voice.

At this moment, his face was expressionless while a cold glow flowed in his eyes. Even though he stood there silently, he emanated an indescribable imposing aura.

This caused everyone in the surroundings to be stunned. Under such circumstances, why would Gongsun Mu stop the battle? Could it be that he doesn’t look favorably upon Taba Chuan’s chances?

This was too surprising to them.

Taba Chuan who’d transformed into a Green Roar Dragon had stopped as well at this moment, and then he turned around while his blood red eyes shot towards Gongsun Mu.

Gongsun Mu didn’t say another word, and he just gazed silently at Taba Chuan.



Taba Chuan’s figure recovered to its human form, and then he didn’t even spare a glance at Chen Xi before he turned around and left the Devilwar Battlefield.

The imposing aura around his body had been restrained, and he’d recovered his ordinary and simple appearance from before. There wasn’t even a trace of ferocious might and killing intent in his entire body.

If his countenance wasn’t pale, then one might even wonder if he really was that peerlessly ferocious Green Roar Dragon that appeared earlier.

As they watched Taba Chuan walk step by step away from the Devilwar Battlefield, no matter if it was the clansmen of the Shentu Clan or the disciples of the Divine Institute, all of them had slightly complicated expressions.

They were clearly aware that even though Taba Chuan hadn’t lost completely, leaving the battlefield at this moment was no different than announcing his inferiority to Chen Xi.

However, no matter how they wracked their brains, they were unable to figure out why Taba Chuan who was a disciple of the Divine Institute would be willing to admit defeat just like that! Because this matter was related to his dignity.

It wasn’t just them, even the disciples of the Divine Institute were unable to wrap their heads around why Gongsun Mu had made such a decision at this moment.

Unfortunately, Gongsun Mu didn’t provide any explanation.

He seemed to heave a sigh of relief when he saw Taba Chuan listen to his order and retreat from the battlefield. After that, he looked from afar at Chen Xi who stood in the battlefield.

“I have to admit that the combat strength you revealed today exceeded my expectations. But this isn’t the end of all of this.” Gongsun Mu remained silent for a short moment before he spoke slowly.

As soon as he finished speaking, turned around and left.

“Let’s go.”

He actually left without even looking back.

When those disciples of the Divine Institute saw this, and of them were slightly stunned before they hurriedly followed him.

“What? You’re not coming here to spar with me?” Unexpectedly, Chen Xi spoke indifferently and challenged Gongsun Mu, and he actually didn’t intend to stop just like that.

“There’s no need to be impatient. There’ll naturally be an opportunity for us to spar after the Dao Discussion held by the five extremes of the Imperial Region begins. At that time… I’ll give you a satisfying answer.” Gongsun Mu stopped for a moment and spoke indifferently, and he hadn’t turned around from the beginning until the end.


His voice hadn’t finished resounding through the air when he’d already led the group of disciples from the Divine Institute to tear through the sky and leave.

Chen Xi’s eyes couldn’t help but narrow when he saw this, and then he pondered deeply in silence.

When the members of the Shentu Clan witnessed this scene, they still felt slight disbelief. Gongsun Mu and the others actually left just like that?

On the other hand, Shentu Mingda and Shentu Xing’s expressions immediately turned gloomy and unsightly to the extreme when they witnessed this, and they were furious to the point their chests rose and fell rapidly.

Gongsun Mu was the emissary of the Divine Institute this time! He was going to form a collaboration with the Shentu Clan! Yet now, all of this had actually been spoiled!

How could they accept this?

“Senior Brother Gongsun, we’re leaving… just like that?” After they left the Shentu Clan, Xiao Tianqi couldn’t help but speak with a voice that carried extreme unwillingness.

He’d been crushed by Chen Xi to the point of kneeling on the ground just now, and he’d been completely humiliated in public. So, he was naturally unwilling to leave just like this.

Gongsun Mu remained silent and seemed to be in deep thought about something.

“Senior Brother Gongsun, or perhaps it’s because you think that Senior Brother Taba isn’t a match for that fellow?” Xiao Tianqi couldn’t help but pursue an answer when he saw this.

As soon as these words were spoken, it instantly drew the gazes of the other disciples because they were still puzzled in their hearts as well.

Leaving in such a hurry seemed quite embarrassing, and if news of this were to spread, then it wouldn’t just harm Taba Chuan’s reputation, even all of their reputations and even the reputation of the entire Divine Institute would suffer quite a blow.

This was something they were unable to tolerate.

“It would be meaningless to continue the battle.” Gongsun Mu frowned, yet he sighed in the end and said, “Don’t forget that fellow hadn’t utilized any treasures from the beginning until the end.”

Their hearts shook as they instantly came to a faint understanding. They felt that the combat strength Taba Chuan possessed upon transforming into a Green Roar Dragon would be sufficient to turn the situation around, yet they’d overlooked the fact that if Chen Xi fully demonstrated his might and utilized some sort of treasure, then it would similarly cause his combat strength to become even more formidable!

From the beginning until the end, Taba Chuan constantly remained silent and didn’t refute Gongsun Mu. Obviously, he admitted this as well.

But such an outcome was something that those other disciples of the Divine Institute were still unable to accept.

“Then what if Senior Brother Gongsun fought him?” asked one of the disciples.

“It’s very hard to say.” Gongsun Mu pondered deeply for a long time before he spoke in an indifferent tone. “If I fight with all my strength, then perhaps I would have the confidence to defeat him. However, I was never able to confirm exactly how much strength he’d held back. Under such circumstances, it was best to not fight him.”

The other disciples were utterly speechless when even Gongsun Mu spoke in this way, and all of them went silent like cicadas in the winter.

Even Gongsun Mu was unable to confirm the ability of a fellow that came out of nowhere, and they felt that this was extremely depressing.

They were disciples of the Divine institute! When had they suffered such a blow?

The fact that caused them to feel especially bitter in their hearts was that they actually didn’t even know who Chen Xi was until now….

“He’s probably Oracle Mountain’s Chen Xi.” Suddenly, Taba Chuan who’d remained silent until now spoke abruptly.

Just these few words caused all those disciples of the Divine Institute to be shocked. Chen Xi! It was actually that fellow?

“I think that way too.” Gongsun Mu seemed to be very calm, and he’d clearly deduced this a long time ago. “However, regardless of whether that fellow is Chen Xi or not, a figure like him would definitely participate in the Dao Discussion held by the five extremes of t he Imperial Region. At that time, I’ll naturally fight him myself!”

All the others were shocked while waves rose and fell in their hearts. They’d naturally heard of Chen Xi’s name as well because he was a personal disciple of Oracle Mountain, and he was the Little Junior Brother of the Grand Lord, Wu Xuechan!

As soon as he made an appearance a few years ago, he’d drawn the attention of all the various powers. As disciples of the Divine Institute that was similarly ranked amongst the five extremes of the Imperial Region, they’d naturally heard of him a long time ago.

However, none of them had expected that this Chen Xi would actually be even more formidable than the rumors said….

“Then what about the collaboration with the Shentu Clan?” Taba Chuan frowned as he spoke.

“We’ll drop it here and now. All of you have probably clearly noticed that old geezer, Shentu Qingyuan, was delaying and was unwilling to make his position clear. This is unusual. Now, a fellow that is extremely likely to be Chen Xi made an appearance, so even if we head over and insist now, it would be in vain.” When he spoke up to here, a wisp of a ghastly expression suffused the space between Gongsun Mu’s brows. “However, I hope the Shentu Clan won’t regret their decision in the future!”

His voice couldn’t help but carry a wisp of viciousness.

“Bastard!” Not long after Gongsun Mu and the others left, Shentu Xing was unable to restrain the rage in his heart any longer, and he cried out loudly. “Such a good collaboration was spoiled by an outsider now. He simply doesn’t take our Shentu Clan seriously!”

He instantly targeted Chen Xi!

“The matter has already occurred. It’s pointless to get angry about it now.” Shentu Bao frowned as he spoke.

“The matter really is irredeemable. However, even if we have no chance of collaborating with the Divine Institute this time, we must make the person that spoiled it pay the price so as to make an example out of him. Otherwise, if the Divine Institute intends to place blame on our clan in the future, would anyone be able to endure the consequences?” Shentu Mingda had a bellyful of rage, and he couldn’t help but shout loudly in a grim voice. He gazed at Chen Xi with an icy cold gaze, and he truly wisher for nothing more than to cut Chen Xi up into pieces.

As soon as these words were spoken, it obtained the approval of many clansmen of the Shentu Clan. Indeed, Chen Xi had stood up for Shentu Yanran earlier, and his extremely shocking combat strength had proved how extraordinary he was.

However, it was precisely because of him that the emissary of the Divine Institute had left in rage, and it had completely spoiled the collaboration between their Shentu Clan and the Divine Institute. This caused them to be rather displeased.

Chen Xi had never expected this pair of father and son, Shentu Mingda and Shentu Xing, would actually seize this opportunity to flare up and target him at a moment like this.

This caused him to be speechless while a trace of detest couldn’t help but arise in his heart.

“Big Brother, what do you intend to do?” Shentu Bao’s brows knit together even more tightly.

“Capture him and hand him over to the Divine Institute to be dealt with by them. It would be best if we’re able to obtain the Divine Institute’s forgiveness.” Shentu Mingda seemed to have been waiting for this question for a long time, and he spoke without the slightest hesitation.

“Exactly. That must be done.” Shentu Xing helped his father and chimed in from the side.

Even at this moment, this pair of father and son were actually still thinking about the collaboration with the Divine Institute, and it truly caused Chen Xi to feel that it was absurd and laughable.

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