Chapter 1818 – Furnace Of Incessant Fortune

Chen Xi and Taba Chuan were fighting for supremacy. They fought from the sky to the ground, from the earth to the nine heavens. They were entangled in battle, and divine radiance ceaselessly rumbled and swept out from their battle.

Fortunately, the Devilwar Battlefield was extremely vast, and it was like a boundless starry sky. Moreover, the surroundings of the battlefield were branded with restrictions and mysterious markings that enveloped the entire battlefield, and it prevented the fluctuations of the battle was escaping the battlefield.

Otherwise, if this battle erupted within the Shentu Clan itself, then the destruction it created would truly be unimaginable.


Taba Chuan cut a bolt and heroic figure as it attacked while carrying lightning around him, and he attacked ceaselessly with a ferocious imposing aura. He was swift like lightning, and he was extremely dazzling.

Needless to say, Taba Chuan’s combat strength was extremely terrifying. Every single move he made possessed might capable of destroying the world, and he could absolutely be considered as the strongest opponent in the same cultivation realm that Chen Xi had encountered since advancing into the advanced-stage of the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm.

Even Chen Xi had no choice but to admit that the Nightmare Lightning Obliteration technique that Taba Chuan executed possessed inconceivable might.

Every single attack of his was like a thunderstorm pouring down from the sky, and it shattered space into powder, crushed the elements, and was filled with seemingly material energy of death and destruction. How many people in the world could resist such world shocking destructive might?

If an ordinary Universe Enlightened Ancestral God were to participate in the battle, then that Universe Enlightened Ancestral God would be directly struck to death by the lightning, and even that person’s soul would be obliterated. It was utterly impossible for an ordinary Universe Enlightened Ancestral God to have any ability to resist.

However, in the opinion of everyone in the surroundings, it was Chen Xi’s display that was the most shocking to them instead.

They were clearly aware that as a Powerseal Disciple of the Divine Institute, Taba Chuan’s combat strength would naturally be formidable without any doubt. Moreover, he was even a formidable existence that was ranked at the 39th position of the Universe Enlightened Chart.

So, they weren’t really surprised by the extraordinarily shocking ability that Taba Chuan revealed.

However, Chen Xi was different. In their opinion, they were still unable to accept the scene where he’d defeated Xiao Tianqi and the others. Yet now, he was actually able to maintain an equally matched situation in the battle against Taba Chuan, and this simply caused them to almost not dare believe their eyes.

Isn’t this kid… a little too formidable?

Could it be that he’s a peerless figure that has ascended the Universe Enlightened Chart as well?

The Roc Divine Technique and cultivation in the Sword Dao at the Sword Emperor Realm. In terms of cultivation, his cultivation at the advanced-stage of the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm is inferior to Taba Chuan, yet he’s able to accomplish this now. It’s truly unbelievable.” An Imperial Monarch of the Shentu Clan spoke with a voice that carried a rare wisp of praise.

Obviously, Chen Xi’s display had imperceptibly affected the opinions of those Imperial Monarchs towards him.

Actually, it wasn’t just those Imperial Monarchs, even the other clansmen of the Shentu Clan had no choice but to admit that Chen Xi was extremely formidable and outstanding. Since he was able to fight for supremacy with a peerless genius like Taba Chuan, how could he possibly be an ordinary figure?

Only Shentu Mingda and Shentu Xing’s expressions were livid. Never had they imagined that even Taba Chuan would be unable to attain victory in the battle until now!

Where exactly did this damnable bastard come from? Both father and son were anxious and filled with hatred.

The only thing that allowed them to feel at ease was that the battle was still going on. Even though Taba Chuan hadn’t attained victory, he hadn’t been defeated as well.

Presently, they could only hope that Taba Chuan would be able to turn the tide and win the battle.

“How could this be possible? How could this fellow be so strong?”

“Could it be that Senior Brother Taba is holding back?”

“That damnable bastard! Isn’t he a bit too difficult to deal with!?”

Those disciples of the Divine Institute frowned while they spoke with slight exasperation, and they weren’t excited any longer.

Indeed, their Senior Brother Taba still hadn’t lost.

However, when they saw Chen Xi was actually able to fight their Senior Brother Taba equally, they were slightly unable to accept it.

He’s just an arrogant fellow that came from nowhere, yet he’s able to rival Senior Brother Taba in combat strength?

“Shut your mouths and continue watching.” Gongsun Mu puckered his thin and sharply curved lips before he spoke in a low voice. His expression was still indifferent as before, and only his eyes carried a wisp of gloominess that couldn’t be eliminated.

After a short moment, someone suddenly exclaimed with surprise. “There’s something slightly wrong with the situation.”

As soon as these words were spoken, it bewildered most of the people in the surroundings as they were unable to discern what was wrong.

Only a small portion of discerning and experienced figures had instantly came to an understanding, and they realized that something really was wrong with the situation!

Since the battle had erupted until now, Taba Chuan’s imposing aura had been rising ceaselessly while his combat strength was increasing incessantly. However, every single time he wanted to defeat Chen Xi; his attacks would be dispersed without leaving a trace behind.

This was a bit too shocking.

Taba Chuan’s combat strength was increasing incessantly, yet he was still unable to harm Chen Xi at all. So, didn’t that mean that Chen Xi’s combat strength was similarly being increased and regulated as the battle progressed?

Moreover, didn’t this mean that Chen Xi hadn’t exposed his true combat strength from the beginning until the end? And he’d only successively revealed the strength he’d held back when Taba Chuan ceaselessly increased his own strength?

When they thought up to here, even those Imperial Monarchs were shocked in their hearts. Isn’t this young man a little too unfathomable?

Taba Chuan who was in battle within the Devilwar Battlefield had clearly realized this as well, and his simple and ordinary face had become solemn.

At this instant, he’d taken Chen Xi to be a formidable adversary, and he didn’t dare underestimate or look down upon Chen Xi at all.

It was even to the extent that the strength Chen Xi concealed caused Taba Chuan to be unable to determine exactly where Chen Xi’s limits lay!

This caused a trace of palpitation to be unable to help but arise in Taba Chuan’s heart. He was clearly aware that he wasn’t dealing with an ordinary expert this time, and it was an extraordinarily terrifying opponent instead.


Taba Chuan didn’t dare hesitate to withdraw an ancient bronze furnace. Lightning seethed and blazed like lava within the furnace, and it was dazzling and resplendent. It illuminated the entire world, and it emanated an imposing aura that was brilliant and terrifying to the limit.

The Furnace of Incessant Fortune!

A Natural Spirit Treasure that possessed unfathomable might. It was passed down within the Divine Institute, and it contained a strand of Natural Lightning from within the Chaos. Its destructive force to be shocking and even capable of rivaling the might of Tribulation Lightning from the Heaven Dao!

“He actually forced Junior Brother Taba to utilize this treasure….” Gongsun Mu’s eyes suddenly squinted while his expressions that had always been extremely indifferent since the beginning was unable to maintain its calm any longer, and he was extremely shocked.


After he withdrew the Furnace of Incessant Fortune, Taba Chuan’s imposing aura suddenly improved once more, and he seemed like an emperor of lightning that was born from within the Chaos while the energy of destruction covered the heavens and the earth.

He controlled the bronze furnace and tore through the sky before smashing down towards Chen Xi.

“Are they about to determine the victor?” Everyone was shocked as they’d noticed Taba Chuan’s imposing aura had already arrived at its limits, and he revealed a peerlessly mighty bearing.

Shentu Yanran clenched her fists together silently. No matter how confident in Chen Xi’s combat strength she was, she couldn’t help but feel a wisp of worry when she witnessed the terrifying divine might Taba Chuan revealed.

At this moment, everyone in the surroundings held their breaths in concentration, and they practically forgot to breathe while their gazes stared fixedly and unblinkingly at the battlefield because they were deeply afraid of missing the slightest detail.

At the same time, a strand of piercingly cold and terrifying light erupted from Chen Xi’s eyes, and then a wisp of a teasing arc silently appeared on the corners of his mouth.

This is probably that fellow’s limit…. In the next instant, Chen Xi actually didn’t retreat but advanced instead. He flashed over to greet Taba Chuan’s attack while an expanse of sword light silently floated up into appearance within his palm. It was like he held a kingdom of the sword within his palm, and he slapped it forcefully at the bronze furnace.


A deafening sound of collision resounded.

Everyone was astounded. They’d utterly never imagined that Chen Xi would actually dare to go head-on against the Furnace of Incessant Fortune with his bare hands!

Moreover, to their astonishment, Chen Xi actually didn’t fall into a disadvantaged position when facing this full forced strike of Taba Xuan’s!

How could this be possible!?

The hearts of everyone shook, and their scalps went numb.

He was able to use his bare hands to go against Taba Chuan who’d utilized the Furnace of Incessant Fortune!? Doesn’t that mean that his combat strength far surpasses Taba Chuan?

Bang! Bang! Bang!

At this moment, Chen Xi seemed to be domineering and overbearing to the extreme. He flashed through the sky while every single slap he swung was more ferocious and overbearing than the last. He fought the Furnace of Incessant Fortune head-on, and his bearing of supremacy caused many people in the surroundings to feel awe in their hearts.


In the end, Taba Chuan’s figure suddenly stiffened, and a mouthful of blood couldn’t help but spray from his mouth because of the impact of Chen Xi’s attack, causing his face to turn pale.

“Is that all you’ve got?” Chen Xi spoke lightly yet his voice rumbled like the tune of the Dao and blasted space into pieces. His palms grew even more dazzling, and it was like he was controlling two kingdoms of the sword to attack and intended to obliterate the world!

Shit! Gongsun Mu suddenly stood up while his pupils dilated and flowed with an extremely shocking and cold glow.

At this instant, it wasn’t just Gongsun Mu who couldn’t remain seated, even those Imperial Monarchs of the Shentu Clan were the same, and their expressions changed.

As for the others, they’d been shocked by this battle since a long time ago, and they’d been shocked to the point of being unable to recover from their shock and were stunned on the spot.


Taba Chuan couldn’t restrain it any longer, and he successively coughed up another few mouthfuls of blood. It was an extremely miserable yet beautiful sight as his blood dyed the sky red, and his body swayed and was on the verge of collapse.

“My god!”

“How… how… how…. How could this be possible?”

“Isn’t he a bit too formidable!”

An uproar erupted in the surroundings. The mouths of everyone had opened wide while they were filled with disbelief. A Powerseal Disciple and one that was ranked at the 39th position on the Universe Enlightened Chart, Taba Chuan, had actually been suppressed to the point of showing signs of defeat now!

This had exceeded their expectations, and it caused them to find it difficult to believe.

“This kid… is extraordinary!” Many Imperial Monarchs of the Shentu Clan sighed with emotion, and they were still extremely shocked in their hearts. They’d utterly never imagined that this unprecedented battle would actually end in Taba Chuan’s defeat.

On the other hand, the heaven defying combat strength Chen Xi revealed was truly too breathtaking, and it shocked them to the point of speechlessness.

This fellow is definitely not a nobody! Gongsun Mu’s expression was gloomy, and he was unable to maintain his composure any longer.

As for the disciples of the Divine Institute by Gongsun Mu’s side, all of their expressions were changing indeterminately.

“Luckily. Luckily….” Shentu Yanran heaved a long sigh of relief in her heart while a wisp of extraordinary splendor rippled silently within her clear eyes.

However, right when everyone thought that Taba Chuan had been defeated. Suddenly, Taba Chuan’s eyes became bloodshot, and then they became extremely red.

After that, he howled towards the sky while his hair stood on end, and then a circle of light flowed out from his body. He’d suddenly transformed into a ferocious beast!

His appearance had changed completely, and it caused others to shudder with fear. His entire body was densely covered in green fur and skin, and he was shaped like a tiger yet large like a mountain. Moreover, his pupils were like two blood red full moons while an enormous horn had grown from the top of his head, and he revealed monstrous ferocious might!

“Green Roar Dragon!” Someone cried out involuntarily.

“He actually utilized the Origin Energy within his bloodline!”

The crowd erupted into an uproar, and all of them were shocked in their hearts!

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