Chapter 1817 – Unprecedented Battle

Witnessing the monstrous divine might Taba Chuan revealed caused all the disciples of the Divine Institute to feel excited.

Even Gongsun Mu couldn’t help but nod to himself upon witnessing this. He felt that dispatching Taba Chuan was already sufficient to crush Chen Xi and turn around the disappointing situation from before.

The reactions of the clansmen of the Shentu was extremely complicated at this moment. They were surprised by the terrifying combat strength that Chen Xi had revealed earlier, yet they were also very unwilling to watch him continue acting arrogantly.

This sort of feelings very extremely conflicting, and they were difficult to describe clearly.

Only Shentu Mingda and Shentu Xing were comparatively delighted. They wished for nothing more than to see Taba Chuan defeat Chen Xi and completely crush him.

In this way, it would preserve the face of the Divine Institute’s disciples while eliminating this barrier that was Chen Xi, allowing the collaboration between the Shentu Clan and Divine Institute to be carried out smoothly.


Suddenly, it was like a thunderclap had resounded in the Devilwar Battlefield, and it shook their ears to the point or droning while completely suppressing the clamorous noise in the surroundings.

Bright light shot out from the eyes of Taba Chuan who had a simple appearance and was steady like a mountain, and then two rays of crimson light shot out explosively from his pupils. They formed into two bolts of lightning that carried a monstrous aura of slaughter as they smashed down towards Chen Xi.

Everyone was extremely shocked as they’d never expected that the two of them wouldn’t speak a single word before the battle erupted.

At this moment, Taba Chuan was like a god that controlled lightning. Terrifying phenomena were created merely by him opening his eyes, and the surging green thunderstorm within his eyes was truly shocking to the extreme.

“The supreme inheritance of the Divine Institute — Nightmare Lightning Obliteration!” Someone exclaimed with surprise.

The people in the surroundings instantly understood that Chen Xi had encountered an extremely terrifying figure because Taba Chuan had actually fused the might of a supreme technique of the Divine Institute into his eyes, and this wasn’t something that an ordinary person could accomplish!


Space was torn apart while green bolts of lightning filled the might to obliterate the world shot explosively through the heavens and the earth, and they were like shocking dragons that intended to throw Yin, Yang, and the world into disorder.

Chen Xi pressed his fingers together and stabbed with them like they were the blade of a sword, and then two strands of extremely dazzling sword qi tore through space as they shot out. It was the Dismemberment Style of the Profound Heart Sword Technique. It was fierce, murderous, and flowed with strands of crystalline and translucent Heart Energy, causing it to seem mysterious and obscure as it slashed the boundless green bolts of lightning apart in one go.

Moreover, the sword qi didn’t lose momentum at all and shot towards Taba Chuan’s eyes.


Suddenly, a dense expanse of green lightning appeared like a waterfall before Taba Chuan, and they transformed into a lightning symbol that contained supreme lightning energy. With a flash of lightning, the two strands of sword qi were blocked, causing sparks to shoot into the surroundings.

“Senior Brother Taba, kill him!” Many disciples of the Divine Institute started shouting.

“Abyss of Destruction!” A rumbling bang resounded in the next moment. Taba Chuan circulated the Nightmare Lightning Obliteration technique while spreading his arms, and he teleported through space while carrying dazzling lightning with him. Monstrous rumbling of thunder resounded as he dived down towards Chen Xi with peerless divine might!

At this moment, time seemed to have stopped, and everyone held their breaths in concentration while all clamorous noise had stopped abruptly.

Because this strike was too terrifying, and it shook the heavens and the earth!

Even if it was those great figures at the Imperial Monarch Realm, their hearts shook before this attack, and they watched the battlefield anxiously. Even they’d never imagined that Taba Chuan’s combat style would actually be so ferocious, and as soon as he attacked, he would attack swiftly and ferociously in an extremely dazzling manner.

The Nightmare Lightning Obliteration technique that was renowned in the Divine Institute revealed an imposing aura that was sufficient to shake the ages, and his full forced strike shook the universe!

On the other hand, Chen Xi charged out as well. Divine Energy surged throughout his body as he swiftly transformed into a roc that raged through the heavens and the earth while carrying powerful divine energy, and he simply seemed as if he was on the verge of blasting space into pieces.

When looked at from afar, it was like watching a Roc descend from the heavens and swim through the river of stars, and it possessed the might to whistle through the world and swallow the universe.

The Roc Divine Technique!

Is this kid a descendent of the Roc Clan?

Many people recognized this technique, and their pupils constricted while they felt slight disbelief.


Before they could recover from their shock, Chen Xi and Taba Chuan collided. It was like a collision between the sun and moon or the eruption of a myriad of volcanoes. Collapsing divine energy filled the surroundings, and it rumbled as it swept off into the distance.

Everyone felt a piercing pain in their eyes and were unable to open them while the vital blood of some even started roiling. Their minds and hearts were impacted, and it caused their bodies to tremble. The collision this time was truly too intense.

Green lightning surged and covered the heavens and the earth!

A Roc rose into the sky and fly amidst the Grand Dao!

The collision between Taba Chuan and Chen Xi created all sorts of terrifying phenomena like Fiendgods roaring furiously, the Heaven Dao crying tears of blood, thunderstorms rising into the sky, all things collapsing….

Such a terrifying scene made it seem like everyone had returned to the time when the Chaos had just been split apart. At that time, the gods fought for supremacy while all sorts of primeval variant beasts roamed freely through the world. They launched expeditions throughout the world, tore the universe into pieces, and swept through expanse after expanse of the starry sky.


An enormous bang resounded as a rain of light shot into the surroundings. The two figures split apart and each stood at a different side. They were actually equally matched, and both of them were unable to harm their opponent.

“How could this kid be so strong. Even Taba Chuan was unable to crush him in one go?” The clansmen of the Shentu Clan were astounded, and they felt slight disbelief. They felt that Chen Xi seemed even more unfathomable.

Those disciples of the Divine Institute had shut their mouths as well, and they were surprised and bewildered. Even if they were unwilling to admit it, but the facts of the scene before them proved that Chen Xi actually possessed an ability that was sufficient to go against their Senior Brother Taba!

Gongsun Mu’s eyes narrowed while his expression turned even more indifferent, and he merely said, “The battle has just begun. Continue watching.”

On the Devilwar Battlefield, Taba Chuan’s expression turned slightly solemn, but his imposing aura blazed even stronger than before.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

Nine successive clangs that rumbled forcefully like the tune of the Grand Dao resounded, and then nine lightning wheels appeared behind Taba Chuan. They were gorgeous, brilliant, and emanated a strange force.

Every single lightning wheel contained terrifying lightning energy, and it was like a kingdom of lightning. When the nine wheels were overlapped, it was like the formation of a universe of lightning, and it revealed boundless phenomena.

This was the energy of Creation that was contained within the Nightmare Lightning Obliteration technique, and it possessed the supreme might to form a world and establish all things.

But in merely an instant, the nine wheels of lightning transformed from a gorgeous color into a grey and hazy color, and they emanated an extremely terrifying and oppressive aura of death and destruction.


In the next instant, the nine wheels of lightning soared into the sky like numerous black suns that lay across the sky, and they crushed space into pieces as they smashed down towards Chen Xi.


Chen Xi stretched out his hand and grabbed. An ancient sword that was condensed from Divine Dao Laws appeared in space, and then Chen Xi’s figure flashed before he slashed lightly through space.

It was utterly otherworldly.

It was filled with a simple and primitive aura like how the Dao was said to be natural. It gave others an extremely tranquil and carefree feeling, and it was like they were witnessing the divine traces of the Grand Dao. It caused them to be unable to help but become immersed in it.

The greatest beauty in the world couldn’t be described!


The sword qi mirrored the sky while the wheel illuminated the nine heavens.

The two of them collided in an instant. It was like the Chaos was being split apart for the first time. Chaotic Qi erupted while various terrifying phenomena like the scenes of Fiendgods howling and sages reading scriptures appeared, and these phenomena ceaselessly appeared and surged between them. Moreover, peerless energy of Divine Dao Order raged like a gale and ceaselessly rumbled and collided!

One was bathed beneath lightning like a god that controlled the Dao of Lightning, whereas, the other had transformed into a Roc that flew through the world and controlled a peerless Dao of the Sword. They fought for supremacy on Devilwar Battlefield, and they fought to the point the sun, moon, and surroundings dimmed in comparison.

Such a scene could simply be described as world shocking and peerlessly rare, and it caused all the others outside the battlefield to be dazzled and practically forget to breathe.

Both of them were at the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm, but their combat strengths had already attained a terrifying height in the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm, and they could be said to be peerless and unprecedented in their realm of cultivation!

“Yanran, is that kid… him?” Outside the battlefield, Shentu Bao had suddenly arrived by Shentu Yanran’s side, and he gazed at the latter while seeming to be lost in thought.

“Who?” Shentu Yanran was clearly aware in her heart, yet she feigned ignorance when she spoke.

“You little girl! Could it be that you even intend to keep it from your Third Uncle? Quickly tell me! Is it that kid or not?” Shentu Bao laughed bitterly.

Shentu Yanran was just about to answer him when she suddenly noticed that it wasn’t just Shentu Mingda who’d shot his gaze over, even her father was looking over as well, so she instantly changed her answer and said, “Ask him yourself later.”

Shentu Bao’s face froze, and he shook his head helplessly in the end.

However, in his heart, he’d roughly determined that the young man who was fighting Taba Chuan on the Devilwar Battlefield right now was probably that kid from the Oracle Mountain.

There was only a single reason why he’d made such judgment. It was because that no matter if it was defeating Xiao Tianqi and the others, or fighting Taba Chuan now, very few people in the entire Ancient God Domain were able to accomplish this!

Moreover, according to his knowledge, amongst the friends that Shentu Yanran had made, only that personal disciple from Oracle Mountain that he’d met at the shore of God Burial Ocean all those years ago possessed such a combat strength.

When he thought up to here, Shentu Bao couldn’t help but start quickly deducing in his heart. One is Oracle Mountain, and the other is the Divine Institute…. Perhaps, this kid’s appearance is a good development in the situation as well?

“I never expected that you would be an expert that kept a low profile. But if you merely possess such combat strength, then you’ll definitely lose today!” In Devilwar Battlefield, Taba Chuan who was engaged in intense battle spoke abruptly, and his heavy voice carried a wisp of haughtiness.

This was the first time he’d spoken since the battle began, yet his words weren’t friendly, and they were filled with an oppressive tone.

As he spoke, Taba Chuan’s figure rumbled while the color of the nine wheels of lightning changed once more. They became pitch black like ink while numerous thick and large arcs of lightning flowed out like divine chains from within them. They seemed to intend to confine the world and crush everything within their confinement, and they were filled with an aura of destruction.


The wheels hung high in the sky while divine chains of lightning struck out from them. The lightning shattered space into powder and rumbled through every inch of space, causing it to seem like a doomsday calamity was descending.

“Senior Brother Taba, there’s no need to show mercy to that bastard! Quickly end this battle!”

“Right! Crush him! Let’s see how he’ll act arrogantly after that!”

When they witnessed this scene, all the disciples of the Divine Institute cried with excitement, and they cheered Taba Chuan on.

“I never expected that Junior Brother Taba’s grasp of the Nightmare Lightning Obliteration technique had actually attained such a state. Looks like he has been concealing a great deal of strength before me….” A wisp of a bright light arose in Gongsun Mu’s eyes, and he seemed to be surprised by the might Taba Chuan possessed.

“I’ll definitely lose? It’s best not to speak too soon.” Chen Xi spoke indifferently and casually. His tone wasn’t aggressive and domineering at all, yet it could be considered as a reply to Taba Chuan’s words.

At this moment, every single inch of his skin suddenly emanated extremely brilliant divine radiance. It was like he was bathed beneath the divine radiance of the Grand Dao as he collided endlessly with Taba Chuan, yet he showed no signs of being unable to endure the battle or being suppressed. On the contrary, he seemed to be fighting Taba Chuan with ease.

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