Chapter 1815 – Unrivalled

The silver robed man’s name was Xiao Tianqi, and he was a Justice Enforcement Disciple of the Divine Institute. His status was higher than a Law Managing Disciples yet lower than a Powerseal Disciple.

As the name implied, it meant to enforce justice on behalf of the heavens.

As the elite force of the Divine Institute, all the Justice Enforcement Disciples possessed extraordinary natural talent that far exceeded their peers.

Since Xiao Tianqi was able to follow by Gongsun Mu’s side, his cultivation and combat strength was naturally extraordinary.

At this moment, when they saw him take the initiative to challenge Chen Xi, all the others in the hall were slightly surprised, and they felt like it was an act of employing great talent for a trivial task.

In other words, in their opinion, Chen Xi seemed to possess an ordinary appearance and natural endowment, yet seemed to not know his own limits, and such a person was unworthy of fighting a disciple of the Divine Institute.

“Nevermind. There’s no need to persuade them any longer. Allow the emissary of the Divine Institute to teach that arrogant and disrespectful fellow a good lesson, so as prevent him from acting haughtily and recklessly again.” Shentu Mingda laughed coldly while he instructed Shentu Xing to not interfere in this matter.

“That’s exactly what I intend to do. Yanran’s friend? It looks to me like this fellow thinks he has ingratiated himself to Yanran and had become conceited and puffed up with pride.” Shentu Xing laughed coldly without end as well, and he seemed to intend to watch the show.

There were many people that had the same thoughts as this pair of father and son. All of them felt that Chen Xi was too arrogant, didn’t know his limits, and didn’t know what was good for himself.

For a time, all those great figures of the Shentu Clan didn’t interfere in this battle that was about to occur.

As for the disciples of the Divine Institute, it was even more impossible for them to stop all of this. Earlier, Chen Xi had gone against them repeatedly, and this was simply like the greatest offense to their Divine Institute!

They’d truly never imagined that an unknown fellow would actually dare to enter into confrontation with their Divine Institute.

If this occurred in the outside world, they’d have probably attacked and killed this person. How could they have waited until now?

Now, when Xiao Tianqi took the initiative to challenge Chen Xi, it was exactly what they wished to see happen. All of them wished for nothing more than to see Xiao Tianqi crush this arrogant and ignorant fellow so as to allow them to vent their anger.

Amongst the people present, only Shentu Yanran remained silent. If one looked carefully, it wasn’t difficult to notice that her gaze towards Chen Xi actually faintly carried a trace of gratitude, and this seemed to be slightly strange.

As for Shentu Qingyuan, the Patriarch of the Shentu Clan, he was still revealing that indifferent expression that caused others to be unable to guess what he was thinking. Moreover, he’d remained silent from the beginning until the end.

At this moment, the atmosphere grew even more deathly silent and confrontational while the battle could erupt at any moment.

The gazes of everyone descended onto Chen Xi and Xiao Tianqi.

“You?” Right amidst this deathly silence, Chen Xi spoke. He merely glanced at Xiao Tianqi before he shook his head. “You’re too weak. Let another person spar with me.”

His voice was flat and casual, and it didn’t carry a ridiculing tone. However, when it entered into the ears of the others in the hall, it seemed to be extremely arrogant and haughty.

Many people frowned. Could it be that this fellow really wants to die?

Especially Xiao Tianqi, the corners of his lips couldn’t help but twitch when he heard Chen Xi. That damnable bastard! How arrogant!

He started laughing from extreme rage, and he said in a ghastly tone, “Just because of these words of yours, this Young Master will absolutely not forgive you even if you kneel and beg for mercy!”


His voice hadn’t finished resounding through the air when he’d stretched out his fair palm and formed a seal in midair. It was suffused with brilliant white light as it suddenly crushed down towards Chen Xi, causing space to collapse while the divine tune of the Grand Dao resounded endlessly.

At this instant, Xiao Tianqi was like a god that resided in the nine heavens. He seemed dignified and stately, and he emanated a monstrous imposing aura that felt invincible.

“The supreme inheritance of the Divine Institute — the Seal of Judgment!” Someone exclaimed with shock as that person had immediately recognized this technique.

This instantly caused a wave of shock to arise in the surroundings, and they sighed in their hearts. The disciples of the Divine Institute really are formidable. He already utilized a supreme technique with world shocking offensive ability as soon as he attacked.

However, this also allowed others to determine that Xiao Tianqi was truly infuriated at this moment, and he intended to crush Chen Xi in one go so that he could vent the rage in his heart.

“This technique isn’t bad. No wonder you dared to act so arrogantly.” Chen Xi’s eyes narrowed. Xiao Tianqi really did possess some ability, and merely this attack alone was indeed capable of suppressing most of his peers that were at the same realm of cultivation.

However, Chen Xi didn’t mind it at all. He’d even killed an Imperial Monarch, so he would naturally not become fearful because of this.

However, he admitted that if he didn’t use a bit of his true ability, then he would definitely have to go to a lot of trouble to end this battle. After all, Xiao Tianqi was a disciple of the Divine Institute, and his combat strength was extraordinary.


Suddenly, Chen Xi’s aura rose explosively. It was like a peerless ferocious beast had awakened within him and emerged into the world!

In an instant, his imposing aura changed abruptly. Divine radiance suffused his entire body and transformed into rays of light that coiled around him while his gaze was haughty and murderous. Moreover, his tall figure emanated a sharp glow that was fierce and oppressive.


A flick of his fingers caused a wisp of a sword howl that sounded like a rock being split apart to resound, and then a wisp of sword qi shot out from the tip of his finger.

This space in the boundless surroundings trembled, and the world was crushed into pieces, collapsed, and destroyed by this wisp of sword qi, causing a shocking scene of destruction to be revealed.

At this moment, the ability Chen Xi revealed was even sufficient to fight a life and death battle with exalts of the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm.

Obviously, he intended to decide the outcome of the battle with this strike as well.


A deafening explosion resounded and rumbled through the surroundings. Space exploded into powder while a rain of light descended.

To the astonishment of everyone in the surroundings, the seal Xiao Tianqi condensed had suddenly shattered into pieces in the next moment, and his palm seemed to have been cut by a sharp blade. Blood sprayed from it while his bones had been broken, and his entire body was shaking violently while he let out shrill cries.

Chen Xi’s figure flashed, and then he held the fellow up in his hand. After that, Chen Xi left an afterimage behind as he swiftly returned to where he stood earlier.

“I told you that you were too weak, but you just had to try and flaunt your superiority. Moreover, you even said that you wouldn’t forgive me even if I kneel and beg for mercy. So, you should kneel!” Amidst his calm and indifferent voice, a bang resounded as Chen Xi hurled Xiao Tianqi forcefully to the ground, causing Xiao Tianqi to kneel on the ground while his knees had even been blasted into pieces, and fresh blood flowed all over the ground.

Everyone in the surroundings was astounded, and they almost didn’t dare believe their own eyes.

All of this had occurred too quickly, and it had ended in an instant. So, they weren’t even able to recover from their shock before Xiao Tianqi had suffered miserable defeat and was kneeling on the ground!

This was really too shocking.

In their opinion, Xiao Tianqi was a disciple of the Divine Institute. So, even if he was inferior to Gongsun Mu, his combat strength was still stronger than most of his peers.

On the other hand, no one knew where Chen Xi had come from at all. Moreover, he had both an ordinary appearance and bearing, yet he spoke in such an extremely arrogant manner, causing them to feel that he was a crude fellow that didn’t know his own limits. So, how could he possibly be a match for a genius like Xiao Tianqi?

Yet now, Xiao Tianqi had been defeated by a single strike! Moreover, Xiao Tianqi had been forced to kneel on the ground and didn’t even have room to struggle!

Before all of this had occurred, who would have dared to believe that such an incident would occur?

Not to mention the clansmen of the Shentu Clan, even those great figures at the Imperial Monarch Realm had never expected that such a shocking turn of events would occur.

It was even to the extent that the expressions of those disciples from the Divine Institute had frozen while their pupils constricted, and they were unable to believe their eyes.

“AH!!! No!!!” Xiao Tianqi couldn’t restrain himself from howling any longer. He knelt on the ground with disheveled hair. His knees were shattered, the flesh and skin on his palm had been split apart, and his bones had been broken.

This howl had completely jolted awake those disciples of the Divine Institute from their shock.

“You’re courting death!” A gold robed woman let out a sharp cry as she suddenly charged out, and with a flick of her sleeve, a myriad of strands of golden light shot out and enveloped down towards Chen Xi.

“You overestimate your ability.” Chen Xi glanced coldly at her, and then he raised his palm and slapped casually.


Divine radiance rumbled. The myriad of strands of golden light were like paper that were easily blasted apart by Chen Xi’s slap.


An extremely clear and ringing sound of a slap resounded. The gold robed woman didn’t even have the time to dodge before half her delicate and pretty face had swelled up. Moreover, blood and teeth sprayed from her mouth while her entire body was blasted flying before crashing to the ground.

She’d really arrived swiftly and left swiftly as well. She wasn’t a match for a single blow from Chen Xi, and she’d been smashed to the ground with a single slap.

The surroundings fell perfectly silent.

Those are disciples of the Divine Institute! How could they be so weak?

Everyone was stunned.

At this moment, Chen Xi simply seemed like a completely different person in their eyes. He was filled with an aura of supremacy, and he was extremely terrifying.

They finally realized that this friend of Yanran’s was definitely no ordinary person, and he was a peerless figure in the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm!

If it wasn’t for that, how could he easily crush Xiao Tianqi to the point of kneeling on the ground and slapping that gold robed woman flying with a single swing of his palm?

“How could this be possible?” Shentu Xing cried out involuntarily with disbelief.

Shentu Mingda opened his mouth yet was speechless because he was shocking by this scene that had occurred before his eyes.

It wasn’t just the two of them, all the great figures at the Imperial Monarch Realm from the Shentu Clan gasped without end as well.

“Could it be him?” Shentu Bao had faintly guessed something yet didn’t dare confirm it.

On the other hand, a wisp of a strange expression flashed in the depths of Shentu Qingyuan’s eyes.

As for Shentu Yanran, she seemed to be very calm. She’d heard too much about Chen Xi’s deeds, so she wasn’t really surprised that he was able to accomplish this, and she even felt that this was a matter of course.

However, this was undoubtedly a heavy blow to the disciples of the Divine institute, and it caused their expressions to change.

“Bastard! You actually dared to humiliate me!?” The gold robed woman cried out in a sharp voice. That slap struck right on her face, and it burned and caused her to feel sharp pain. Moreover, her face had swelled up to an unsightly level, so she was furious to the limit.

Chen Xi strode forward while his icy cold gaze had locked onto her, and he seemed to intend to launch another attack.

“You…. Who will kill him for me!?” The gold robed woman’s body shivered as she was terrified by Chen Xi’s killing intent to the point that she was on the verge of losing her mind. As the descendant of a great figure in the Divine Institute, she’d never suffered such humiliation and suffering, so she was both furious and terrified at this moment.


Space shook as if Fiendgods were striking their drums, and it caused this expanse of space to shake and shatter into pieces. Moreover, it shook the people in the vicinity to the point that the vital blood of many roiled, and they felt extremely astounded by this.

At this moment, another disciple of the Divine Institute had made a move. He held a golden violet colored jade ornament that flowed with multicolored light, and it emanated a myriad of strands of auspicious radiance. Its might was unparalleled, and it directly collapsed the space before it as it smashed down towards Chen Xi.

Obviously, this golden violet colored jade ornament was a Natural Spirit Treasure capable of crushing Fiendgods, and it was a great weapon of destruction that possessed world shocking might.

As soon as he attacked, a strand of terrifying ripples arose from the jade ornament, and it even caused the hall to tremble violently and seem to be on the verge of collapse.

This caused the great figures of the Shentu Clan to be alarmed.

At this moment, Shentu Qingyuan was unable to maintain his silence any longer, and he shouted loudly in a deep voice. “Activate the divine formation!”

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