Chapter 1812 – The Death Of A Daolord

Imperial Monarch Zi Wei, Dong Bowen, a peerless and legendary Imperial Monarch. His status in the Ancient God Domain was so high that it was sufficient for him to be ranked amongst Imperial Monarch Zhen Wu and Imperial Monarch Gou Chen.

In the cultivation world, there were numerous legends about Dong Bowen. For example, it was said that he was a Spirit that was born from within the ‘Chaotic Violet Mist’, and he possessed peerlessly extraordinary natural talent.

There were also rumors that said Dong Bowen had the greatest chance of advancing into the Daolord Realm from amongst all the Ninth Star Imperial Monarchs in the world.

However, no matter what the rumors said, Dong Bowen’s strength was undoubtedly formidable, and no one dare to question this.

However, when they found out that Dong Bowen who’d always been elusive like a floating cloud had suddenly struck so ruthlessly, and he’d annihilated Imperial Monarch Tia Jing’s group and the five Divine Spirit Generals, all the great figures of the Shentu Clan that were present here had finally been completely shocked and revealed expressions of surprise.

No matter if it was Imperial Monarch Tai Jing or the five Divine Spirit Generals, all of them weren’t ordinary figures, yet Dong Bowen had actually killed them. So, wasn’t this equivalent to completely offending the Shaohao Clan and Sovereign Sect?

Indeed, Dong Bowen was ranked at the peak of the Imperial Monarch Realm, and he could look down upon most people in the world. But one shouldn’t forget that the Shaohao Clan was an Eternal Clan, and there was at least one senior at the Daolord Realm within the clan.

As for the Sovereign Sect, it was even more terrifying because it was one of the five extremes of the Imperial Region. Moreover, it handled matters in a merciless and cruel manner. Even if Dong Bowen was such a formidable existence, he still had to weigh the consequences of offending such a great power, right?

But it just so happened that Dong Bowen had acted in this way. Why did he do all of this?

For a time, the hall was deathly silent, and everyone was shocked by this piece of news.

“Have all of you heard the story that Dong Bowen wanted to join Oracle Mountain many years ago in order to search for a method to advance into the Imperial Monarch Realm. Even though he was refused by Oracle Mountain, he’d incidentally obtained the guidance of the Grand Lord, Wu Xuechan.” Amidst this deathly silent atmosphere, Shentu Qingyuan spoke slowly, and he spoke about a secret from extremely long ago. “It was precisely because of this guidance that Dong Bowen was able to advance smoothly into the Imperial Monarch Realm.”

Everyone was stunned while many quickly guessed something, causing their eyes to focus while they revealed expressions of understanding.

“So, in this way, Imperial Monarch Zi Wei actually made a move this time for the sake of protecting Chen Xi?”

“It’s definitely because of that. Regardless of whether it was Imperial Monarch Tai Jing’s group or the five Divine Spirit Generals, all of them were pursuing the heir of Oracle Mountain, Chen Xi, with the intent to kill. Now that all of them had perished at Imperial Monarch Zi Wei’s hands and coupled with this relationship between Imperial Monarch Zi Wei and the Grand Lord of Oracle Mountain, it clearly displays that Imperial Monarch Zi Wei did this in order to protect Chen Xi!”

“No wonder. No wonder Imperial Monarch Zi Wei dared to act in that way. So, it turns out that it was for the sake of repaying the Grand Lord’s kindness of providing guidance to him.”

All of them discussed while exclaiming with admiration.

Only Chen Xi himself was clearly aware of exactly why Dong Bowen had done all of that, and it was absolutely not simply for the sake of repaying his Eldest Senior Brother’s kindness.

“If analyzed in this way, then when this piece of news spreads throughout the Imperial Region, it would really be sufficient to cause a mighty uproar.” Shentu Bao sighed with emotion. He’d met Chen Xi in the past and knew exactly how extraordinary that young man’s natural talent was. However, he’d never imagined that after parting for just a few years, that young man would actually accomplish such world shocking deeds.

As soon as these words were spoken, it obtained the acknowledgement of many.

However, Shentu Qingyuan shook his head and said, “If it was merely like that, then it wouldn’t be worthy of paying much attention to. Unfortunately, the matters of the world are never so simple.”

All of them were instantly astounded. What does he mean by that? Could it be that there’s even more explosive news that’s yet to be revealed?

It wasn’t just them, even Chen Xi couldn’t help but be stunned, and he slightly wondered exactly what Shentu Qingyuan intended to say.

In next to no time, Shentu Qingyuan revealed the answer. “Just three days ago, news came from Moller Region that the Sovereign Sect’s Divine Sovereign Priest Mo Lin was completely annihilated by the Oracle Mountain’s Grand Lord!”


It was like all of them were struck by lightning, and they were stunned on the spot while an unprecedentedly strong impact struck their heart.

The Divine Sovereign Priest Mo Lin!

That was an existence at the Daolord Realm. He was practically eternal, indestructible, and possessed supremely extraordinary ability!

Yet now, a great figure like this had actually perished….

This was simply astounding and unimaginable.

After all, throughout the entire Ancient God Domain, merely a small portion of existences were capable of attaining the Daolord Realm, and it might even be possible to count them with one’s fingers.

They could be said to be existences at the top of the pyramid in the Ancient God Domain, and they could be described as being rare like phoenix feathers and Qilin horns.

In the memories of everyone, it had been too long since news of a Daolord’s death had surfaced, and the last Daolord that had perished before this was a matter of a few tens of millions of years ago.

That Daolord was a Daolord of the Roc Clan, and it was the Roc Daolord. However, he’d perished from suffering tribulation and the wrath of the heavens, and it was completely different from the death of the Divine Sovereign Priest, Mo Lin, who’d been annihilated by the Grand Lord of Oracle Mountain.

Thus, the shock these two incidents created couldn’t be compared.

At this moment, even Chen Xi couldn’t help but exclaim with admiration in his heart. Unlike everyone else, his current mental state was one that was relaxed and delighted.

At that time before he left Arambha Temple, he’d known that his Eldest Senior Brother was in battle with the Divine Sovereign Priest Mo Lin, and this battle might even continue for a few years.

However, even Chen Xi had never expected that his Eldest Senior Brother would have attained victory when he’d just arrived at the Imperial Region.

“How many years has it been! Another Daolord has actually fallen! What does the Oracle Mountain intend to do? Could it be that it really intends to wage war against the Sovereign Sect?”

“I never expected that after he remained in seclusion from the world for so long, the Grand Lord’s cultivation would become even more terrifying. Even Daolord Mo Lin had perished at his hands. Such ability is simply inconceivable.”

“Now, the calm situation in the Imperial Region is definitely going to be overturned!

“The death of a Daolord! I wonder what sort of disaster the shock created by such an incident would cause.”

“Oracle Mountain! Oracle Mountain again! No matter if it’s the Grand Lord Wu Xue Chan or Chen Xi, could they have talked it over and agreed to carry out such deeds?”

“That might really be possible. After all, as far as I’m concerned, the Oracle Mountain would definitely not watch indifferently as the Ye Clan, Shaohao Clan, and Sovereign Sect collaborated with each other, and the Grand Lord’s actions of killing Daolord Mo Lin is definitely a form of counterattack towards their collaboration!”

The deathly silent atmosphere in the surroundings was quickly destroyed, and the sounds of discussions rumbled. All of them were analyzing the effect of Divine Sovereign Priest Mo Lin’s death towards the Imperial Region.

Chen Xi didn’t know whether to laugh or cry when he heard these discussions. He was very clearly aware that his Eldest Senior Brother had utterly not killed Daolord Mo Lin for the sake of launching a counterattack against the Sovereign Sect.

On the other hand, it was because his Eldest Senior Brother had killed three red robed Grand Priests while heading to the God Burial Ocean to welcome him back to the clan, and this incident had infuriated the Divine Sovereign Priest, Mo Lin, causing Mo Lin to pursue them.

If it wasn’t for that, Chen Xi would have returned to Oracle Mountain with his Eldest Senior Brother a long time ago, and he wouldn't have had to take a detour to Arambha Temple.

However, he was unable to explain this, and he could only silently approve of thoughts and guesses of everyone in the hall.

“I never imagined that your Eldest Senior Brother would actually be so formidable.” Shentu Yanran sighed with emotion as well, and she sent a voice transmission to Chen Xi. “Of course, you’re not bad yourself. You’re merely at the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm, yet you were able to surmount a realm and annihilate Imperial Monarch Nandu. How extraordinary would you be once you attain the Daolord Realm?”

“I’m not as formidable as you think. It was mostly luck and coincidence that allowed me to kill Imperial Monarch Nandu on that day.” Chen Xi laughed bitterly.

“Hypocrite!” Shentu Yanran glared at him while extraordinary splendor arose from her starry eyes, and she seemed to be thinking of something.

“Let’s not mention the effect of this incident towards the entire Imperial Region for now. Everyone is already clearly aware now that the Sovereign Sect intended to collaborate with the Ye Clan and Shaohao Clan and stand on the same side. However, they suffered a strong counterattack from the Oracle Mountain. Under such circumstances, do all of you think that something similar might occur if our Shentu Clan decides to collaborate with the Divine Institute?” Suddenly, Shentu Qingyuan spoke. His words suppressed all the clamorous noise in the surroundings and caused the hearts of everyone to tremble. Moreover, the atmosphere turned deathly silent once more.

“Don’t forget that Oracle Mountain has a strained relationship with the Divine Institute as well.” Shentu Qingyuan added.

When these words were combined with the information they obtained earlier, it caused the expressions of many within the hall to change slightly.

“Fourth Brother, you’re exaggerating a little just to scare everyone. Presently, the death of Daolord Mo Lin is equivalent to the Oracle Mountain having shed all pretenses with the Sovereign Sect. Under such circumstances, would the Oracle Mountain still dare to make another formidable enemy?” Shentu Mingda laughed lightheartedly and seemed indifferent towards all of this.

“Big Brother, it’s always wise to play safe. I feel that our Shentu Clan should maintain neutrality under such circumstances, and it’s best to adopt a wait-and-see attitude.” Shentu Bao spoke in a low voice.

“Third Brother, even you’ve realized that with the death of Daolord Mo Lin, the situation in the entire Imperial Region would definitely undergo a great change. Under such circumstances, if we still refuse to make a choice, then it would be too late for us to regret it!” Shentu Mingda frowned and spoke with displeasure.

When the two of them were about to enter into an argument once more, a voice suddenly entered from outside the hall. “Patriarch, the Emissary of the Divine Institute will be here in a moment!”

Just these few words caused the argument in the hall to instantly vanish, and it became deathly silent.

But right after that, Shentu Mingda grunted coldly and spoke in a slightly threatening tone. “Third Brother, you better not speak improperly later. Otherwise, if you offend the Emissary of the Divine Institute, then it would affect our Shentu Clan badly!”

“Hmph!” Shentu Bao grunted coldly and didn’t speak any further.

“That’s enough. It wouldn’t be too late to decide after we discuss it in detail with the Emissary of the Divine Institute.” Shentu Qingyuan waved his hand.

As he spoke, he looked at Shentu Yanran and said, “Yanran, no matter what your thoughts are, you act courteously later.”

Shentu Yanran bit her cherry lips, but he still nodded in the end.

When Chen Xi witnessed this, he merely glanced at Shentu Yanran and didn’t say anything.

“Powerseal Disciple of the Divine Institute, Gongsun Mu, and descendant of the Green Roar Dragon Clan, Taba Chuan, have come to pay a visit to the seniors of the Shentu Clan!” After a short moment, a low and indifferent voice suddenly resounded from outside the hall.

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