Chapter 1811 – Completely Indifferent

Even Chen Xi’s curiosity couldn’t help but be aroused when he heard these words. Exactly what news would actually cause an Imperial Monarch and Patriarch of a top-rate power in the Imperial Region like Shentu Qingyuan to describe it as world shocking?

The atmosphere in the hall was slightly deathly silent, and many were waiting for Shentu Qingyuan to reveal the answer.

Shentu Qingyuan couldn’t help but heave a sigh of relief when he succeeded in changing the topic and arousing everyone’s curiosity. Actually, he’d been constantly hesitating on the matter of cooperating with the Divine Institute, and he wasn’t willing to make a decision on it yet.

“You read it out.” Shentu Qingyuan passed the jade slip to an attendant at the side.

The attendant received the jade slip and scanned through it hastily, and when he saw the content of the jade slip, he couldn’t help but reveal a stunned and astounded expression.

This just happened to be noticed by the others in the hall, and they couldn’t help but feel even more curious.

“Five months ago, the descendant of the Eternal Ye Clan, Ye Feng, who was ranked at the 92nd position on the Universe Enlightened Chart was killed at Violet jade Region.” After a short while, the attendant took a deep breath and started reading out the information contained within the jade slip. “According to reliable sources, Ye Feng perished at the hands of Oracle Mountain’s personal disciple, Chen Xi!”

As soon as these words were spoken, many people here were slightly surprised, but most of them were puzzled. Such news was shocking indeed, but it was far from being world shocking.

Moreover, many great figures present here were already aware of this incident, so they felt that there wasn’t anything special about it.

Chen Xi was a personal disciple of Oracle Mountain! So, was there anything worthy of being surprised by when he merely killed a descendant of the Ye Clan?

Amongst the people present here, only Shentu Yanran had a different reaction when she heard this news. A wisp of a strange expression couldn’t help but suffuse the corners of her moist lips, and she glanced imperceptibly at Chen Xi, yet she noticed that the later was completely indifferent as if it wasn’t related to him at all.

Shentu Yanran couldn’t help but be amused by this. If those old fellows in the hall know that Chen Xi is sitting here right beneath their very noses, I wonder what they would think.

However, Shentu Yanran was also slightly curious because it was merely a descendant of the Ye Clan, Ye Feng, who was killed. Even though the Ye Clan was an Eternal Clan, it was quite inferior when compared to the Oracle Mountain. So, how could such news cause a stir in the entire Imperial Region?

“Everyone, calm yourselves. This news is only a catalyst, and the main point is coming.” Shentu Qingyuan spoke and instructed the attendant to continue reading.

Only now did all of them come to an understanding, and they remained silent and listened.

“Ye Feng’s death caused the entire Ye Clan to be infuriated, and they dispatched a force led by Imperial Monarch Nandu to eliminate Chen Xi.” The attendant’s voice reverberated through the spacious hall. “Logically speaking, Chen Xi was a disciple of the Oracle Mountain, and the Ye Clan’s actions of reacting so intensely merely for the sake of Ye Feng was undoubtedly equivalent to entering into war with the Oracle Mountain. However, according to reliable sources, there was actually a secret behind all of this!”

When they heard this, the curiosity of everyone within the hall had been drawn out once more, and they revealed a wisp of surprise and bewilderment.

Exactly what sort of secret would actually allow the Ye Clan to dare dispatch an Imperial Monarch to eliminate a disciple of Oracle Mountain?

In next to no time, the attendant exposed the answer. “It turned out that all of this was related to a collaboration between the Ye Clan, Shaohao Clan, and the Sovereign Clan.”

The attendant immediately explained the matter of the marriage agreement between Shaohao Yu and Huicong, and the process was complicated and full of ups and downs.

The rough content of his explanation was that for the sake of forming a collaboration between them, the Ye Clan, Shaohao Clan, and the Sovereign Sect had jointly established a marriage agreement, but this marriage agreement had been destroyed. Not only that, Ye Yan who was in charge of this matter had betrayed the Sovereign Sect after the marriage agreement was destroyed….

On the other hand, the key figure that caused all of this was the personal disciple of Oracle Mountain, Chen Xi!

In other words, it was precisely because of Chen Xi’s appearance that not only was the marriage agreement destroyed, even a descendant of the Ye Clan and elder of the Sovereign Sect, Ye Yan, had betrayed her clan and sect. This caused the collaboration between the Ye Clan, Shaohao Clan, and Sovereign Sect to be spoiled.

Because of this, the Ye Clan was utterly infuriated, and it dispatched Imperial Monarch Nandu’s group with the intention of taking revenge.

When they heard all of this, all the people in the hall couldn’t help but be moved. Some were shocked, some felt disbelief, some were surprised and bewildered, and so on and so forth.

How could they have imagined that Ye Feng’s death would actually be related to so many things? Moreover, it was even related to a collaboration between the Ye Clan, the Shaohao Clan, and the Sovereign Sect!

“No wonder the Ye Clan was so furious. So, it turns out that all of this was actually related to the interests of the three powers.”

“That disciple of Oracle Mountain, Chen Xi, is simply a troublemaker. When he was at the Desolate Manku Ruins all those years ago, he’d utterly offended the Imperial Region’s Luo Clan, Gongye Clan, Di Clan, and various other powers. Now, he spoiled the collaboration between the Ye Clan, Shaohao Clan, and the Sovereign Sect. He really is audacious to the extreme.”

“This news… can really be considered as world shocking. If it’s spread to the entire Imperial Region, it would definitely cause an extraordinary stir.”

All the great figures in the hall discussed animatedly and sighed endlessly with emotion.

All those years ago, because of the enmity that had been formed at the shore of the God Burial Ocean, Chen Xi’s name had spread throughout the world, and it was known to all.

It was also from that moment onward that the entire Ancient God Domain knew that Oracle Mountain actually had a new personal disciple.

As one of the top-rate powers in the Imperial Region, the Shentu Clan had naturally heard of this matter, and it was even to the extent that this matter was related to Shentu Yanran. So, they even had a deeper understanding of what had occurred at the shore or the God Burial Ocean all those years ago.

So, that was the reason why they seemed so shocked and sighed with emotion when they found out at Ye Feng’s death, Ye Yan’s betrayal, and the destruction of the collaboration between the Ye Clan, Shaohao Clan, and the Sovereign Sect were all related to Chen Xi.

At this moment, even Shentu Yanran’s heart was unable to calm down for a long time. It was the first time she’d heard of this matter, and when she finished listening to it, she even felt that it was inconceivable.

“Was… all of this really done by you?” Shentu Yanran couldn’t help but send Chen Xi a voice transmission.

“Yes.” Chen Xi still seemed to be indifferent and composed, and he merely acknowledged it and didn’t speak any further.

After he found out that the ‘world shocking’ news Shentu Qingyuan obtained was matters related to himself, it immediately caused him to lose all interest.

However, he couldn’t help but sigh with emotion in his heart. There really isn’t a wall in this world that doesn’t have a crack. Information about all of this really spread quickly.

After she obtained confirmation from Chen Xi, Shentu Yanran felt even stronger disbelief.

She clearly remembered that when they parted at the God Burial Ocean all those years ago, Chen Xi’s cultivation was merely at the peak of the Domain Enlightened Spirit God Realm. But after just a few years of time, not only had his cultivations advanced successively into the advanced-stage of the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm, he’d even done so many things that could shake the heavens and the earth like this. This was extremely shocking to her.

If it wasn’t because the environment was unsuitable for it, Shentu Yanran would have almost been unable to restrain herself from asking Chen Xi actually how he accomplished all of this.

The discussion in the hall didn’t continue for long before their attention was drawn over once more by the next piece of information that the attendant read out.

“It wasn’t just the Ye Clan that took action to pursue Chen Xi, and the Shaohao Clan and the Sovereign Sect had reacted as well.

“But according to information we obtained, Imperial Nandu’s group was completely annihilated, and they were all slaughtered by the disciple of Oracle Mountain, Chen Xi!”

As soon as these words were spoken, the atmosphere in the hall immediately became perfectly silent.

The pupils of everyone constricted while they revealed a wisp of disbelief. That Chen Xi… actually killed an Imperial Monarch?

How could that be possible!?

They clearly remembered that when Chen Xi first entered into their vision a few years ago, he was merely a Domain Enlightened Spirit God.

But only a few years had passed now, so no matter how fast his cultivation advanced, he would at most be able to possess the strength of a Universe Enlightened Ancestral God. So, how could he possibly be able to surmount a realm and annihilate an Imperial Monarch?

In the entire Ancient God Domain, such an astounding incident had never occurred since the ancient times until now!

“How could that be possible?”

“What nonsense! This information is definitely fake!”

Many great figures denounced this information for being exaggerative.

“Just as the information provided, Imperial Monarch Nandu was really killed by Chen Xi. This matter… has even been confirmed by the Ye Clan themselves.” At this moment, Shentu Qingyuan spoke, and just a short few words immediately caused the noise in the hall to vanish before it returned once more to a deathly silent state.

It’s actually true!?

All of their faces froze slightly, and tempestuous waves couldn’t help but arise in their hearts. They were still unable to imagine exactly how that Chen Xi accomplished this.

Shentu Yanran glanced at Chen Xi instead while her heart couldn’t help but thump. She bit her cherry lips, and she forcefully restrained her curiosity and didn’t ask about it in the end.

“But it’s impossible to confirm whether someone had lent a hand during the battle between Chen Xi and Imperial Monarch Nandu. According to my own deduction, no matter how heaven defying his combat strength is, it’s probably impossible for Chen Xi to have accomplished this on his own.” What Shentu Qingyuan said next caused many people in the hall to heave a sigh of relief for no rhyme or reason.

When he heard this, Chen Xi who was originally indifferent couldn’t help but feel slight admiration towards Shentu Qingyuan’s ability of deduction. During his battle with Imperial Monarch Nandu on that day, he would indeed be unable to accomplish it without Little Bao’s help.

“Actually, all of this isn’t important.” Shentu Qingyuan suddenly changed the topic and said, “I’ll tell all of you the next portion of the news.”

All of them were instantly stunned. Could it be that there’s even more astounding news to be announced?

“All of you’re already aware that it wasn’t just the Ye Clan that dispatched forces this time. The Shaohao Clan dispatched a group led by Imperial Monarch Tai Jing, and the Sovereign Sect dispatched the five Divine Spirit Generals.” Shentu Qingyuan spoke calmly. “However, just half a month ago, no matter if it was Imperial Monarch Tai Jing’s group or the five Divine Spirit Generals, all of them perished at Specter Galaxy. Supposedly… the one that killed them was a great figure that had vanished without a trace 8,000 years ago.”

The group from the Shaohao Clan had perished!

The five Divine Spirit Generals from the Sovereign Sect had fallen!

When they found out about this, the hall exploded into an uproar, and their hearts shook without end. Most of these were Imperial Monarchs that had stood towering in the world for countless years, yet they’d actually perished simultaneously now!

“Who was that great figure?” Someone couldn’t help but ask this question.

“Imperial Monarch Zi Wei, Dong Bowen.” Shentu Qingyuan lightly spat out a few words and spoke in a loud and clear voice.

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