Chapter 1809 – Emissary Of The Divine Institute

When Chen Xi seemed to be about to enter into conflict with the robust man, a group of cultivators immediately charged out from Seaview City and pulled Chen Xi to the side.

“Fellow Daoist, please excuse us. That’s the Third Powerseal Disciple of the Divine Institute, Gongsun Mu, that has arrived, so you shouldn’t offend him.” One of them spoke in a low voice. It was a form of reminder and a warning as well.

The Divine Institute? Chen Xi’s eyes narrowed, and he didn’t flare up and allowed the robust man to open up a path for the enormous and savage looking bronze chariot.

“Reward!” When the bronze chariot passed through the entrance, a low and indifferent voice sounded out from within it.

“Yes.” The robust middle aged man nodded respectfully, and then he withdrew a storage pouch and tossed it to the captain of the group of guards.

“Thank you, Young Master.” The guard captain cupped his hands and as he spoke, and his attitude was nether humble nor arrogant.

After they sent the bronze chariot off with their gazes, Chen Xi finally said, “This disciple of the Divine Institute really put on a show.”

“Fellow Daoist, you’re probably unaware that Gongsun Mu’s origins aren’t simple. He himself is already the future patriarch of the Gongsun Clan, and his natural talent is peerlessly extraordinary. He has cultivated for over 8,400 years now, and he’s renowned in the world and ranked at the 16th position on the Universe Enlightened Chart.

“It’s precisely because of his extraordinary display that a great figure of the Divine Institute made an exception a few hundred years ago and promoted him to a Powerseal Disciple. If nothing unexpected happens, then as soon as he advances into the Imperial Monarch Realm, he’ll directly become an elder of the Divine Institute that provides lectures, and he’ll possess monstrous authority and a lofty status.

The guard captain sighed with emotion. He’d noticed that Chen Xi had some ability. Because that subordinate of Gongsun Mu’s who was opening a path for the chariot was a renowned ‘Divine Officer’ of the Divine Institute, and they killed resolutely and possessed extraordinarily formidable combat strengths.

However, Chen Xi was able to disperse an attack that came from a Divine Officer, and this allowed that guard captain to understand that Chen Xi wasn’t an ordinary figure.

“Oh? So, that’s how it is.” Chen Xi seemed to have thought of something. He’d heard that as one of the five extremes of the Imperial Region, the Divine Institute possessed an extremely strict and clear division of status.

Its disciples were roughly divided into Law Managing Disciples, Justice Enforcement Disciples, and Powerseal Disciples.

The Law Managing Disciples were the foundation stones of the Divine Institute, and they were the most numerous.

The Justice Enforcement Disciples were the elites of the Divine Institute. Every single one of them were genius figures that had experienced thorough tempering and were selected carefully.

On the other hand, Powerseal Disciples represent the peak amongst students. There were extremely few of them, but every single one of them were extraordinary figures who could look down upon the ages. Their combat strength was so formidable that practically all of them were ranked in the top 50 of the Universe Enlightened Chart. They could be said to be dragons amongst men, and they were peerless geniuses.

After all, the top 100 of the Universe Enlightened Chart was mostly filled by old fellows that had cultivated for countless years, whereas, since the Powerseal Disciples of the Divine Institute were able to be ranked amongst these old fellows, it clearly showed how extraordinary their natural talent and combat strength was.

Above the status of Powerseal Disciples was Educator Elders. They possessed unfathomable strengths, unimaginable authority, and status.

As for Divine Officers, they were a force similar to guards that the Divine Institute had fostered, and they were specially fostered to serve Powerseal Disciples and Educator Elders. All of them were extremely loyal and possessed shocking ability when it came to slaughter.

This was the rough composition of forces in the Divine Institute, and this extremely strict division of status was determined by strength.

Chen Xi had merely heard of the Divine Institute in the past. But never had he imagined that he would encounter a disciple of the Divine Institute as soon as he arrived at the Imperial Region. Moreover, it was even a Powerseal Disciple that possessed a lofty status and extremely great authority.

For a time, he couldn’t help but wonder. Why did this Gongsun Mu come to the Shentu Clan?

Chen Xi had never heard that a top-rate power of the Imperial Region like the Shentu Clan had a close relationship with the Divine Institute.

“Then may I ask Fellow Daoist about why that Third Powerseal Disciple of the Divine Institute has come here?” Chen Xi probed.

“This… isn’t something that I can possess knowledge about.” The guard captain spoke vaguely. Obviously, he was slightly unable to determine Chen Xi’s origins and was unwilling to reveal the truth.

Chen Xi stopped pursuing an answer when he noticed this.

“The Eldest Young Miss has come!”

“Greeting, Eldest Young Miss.”

Suddenly, a wave of clamorous voices resounded. The expressions of all the guards outside the entrance to Seaview City had turned solemn, and they bowed.

After that, Chen Xi noticed a graceful figure flash over from the depths of the city. She wore a light blue dress, her long hair was coiled into a bun, her face was fair and beautiful, her red lips were moist and supple, and her entire body emanated a strand of an oppressive aura of liveliness.

Surprisingly, it was Shentu Yanran.

“Chen…. Eh?” Shentu Yanran originally seemed to be slightly excited, and her clear eyes were glistening. However, when she saw the figure that stood outside the entrance to the city, she couldn’t help but be slightly stunned. This figure had an ordinary appearance and bearing, and he was like a completely different person when compared to that fellow who she knew. What’s going on?

“Miss Yanran, long time no see.” Chen Xi smiled instead and spoke in a warm voice. Even though he’d changed his appearance, his voice hadn’t changed. So, as soon as he spoke, it instantly allowed Shentu Yanran to come to an understanding.

“I never expected that you would actually take the initiative to come looking for me. It’s simply too surprising to me. Come! Come! Come! Let’s go in and catch up.” Shentu Yanran’s clear eyes were suffused with a wisp of heartfelt delight. She walked forward and didn’t mind at all as she pulled Chen Xi’s arm and headed into the city.

Chen Xi allowed it without any reluctance.

However, when this scene was witnessed by those guards outside the entrance to the city, all of them were shocked to the point their eyeballs almost fell out of their sockets. In the past, their Eldest Young Miss had always been proud and aloof, and it caused countless young geniuses that came here with feelings of admiration towards her to encounter refusal. Yet now, she actually acted so intimately to a man!

This was simply too shocking!

Who’s that fellow?

He has such an ordinary appearance and bearing, so how could he possibly receive such favor from the Eldest Young Miss?

All the guards opened their eyes wide, and they still didn’t dare believe their eyes.

The Shentu Clan resided within Seaview City. As they walked within the city, Chen Xi noticed the surroundings were filled with ancient and lofty buildings. They were grand and magnificent, and it was absolutely impossible to reveal such a sight without experiencing the passage of countless years.

“You really gave me a shock.” On the way, Shentu Yanran grinned as she spoke. Her glistening and beautiful eyes sized Chen Xi up from top to bottom, and she seemed to want to see how he’d changed over the years.

Unfortunately, Chen Xi had changed his appearance, so she was unable to discern anything.

However, being able to see Chen Xi come visit her had already caused Shentu Yanran to feel extremely delighted.

“To tell you the truth, it’s the first time I’ve come to the Imperial Region, and I came to look for you because I have something to ask of you.” Chen Xi hesitated for a moment, and then he spoke truthfully.

“So, you didn’t come here just to see me.” Shentu Yanran bit her moist red lips while her clear eyes were suffused with a wisp of resentment. In an instant, her bearing became slightly pitiable, and coupled with her peerlessly gorgeous appearance, it was simply sufficient to make any man pity her.

Chen Xi instantly started smiling bitterly. Even thought he knew that she was joking, he still felt slightly embarrassed because he rarely took the initiative to seek the help of others.

“Ha! Don’t take it seriously. I was joking.” When she saw a trace of embarrassment suffuse Chen Xi’s face, Shentu Yanran couldn’t help but burst into laughter, and it was instantly like a myriad of flowers had bloomed, causing her to seem exceptionally brilliant and moving.

Needlessly to say, this woman definitely possessed a peerless appearance and charm. No matter what emotion it was that she revealed, she still revealed a unique form of beauty.

“Right, what exactly do you need?” asked Shentu Yanran.

Chen Xi didn’t conceal it and said frankly, “I came here this time because I want to borrow your Shentu Clan’s teleportation formation.”

“The teleportation formation? That isn’t a big deal. I’ll ask my father later and settle this matter.” Shentu Yanran practically didn’t give it any thought before she agreed.

Chen Xi smiled as he said, “Thank you.”

After he heard Ye Yan’s explanation, he was clearly aware that while this teleportation formation seemed to merely possess the ability to teleport, but every single time it was activated would require an enormous consumption of resources. Even if it was a top-rate power like the Shentu Clan, unless there was a urgent matter, otherwise, the Shentu Clan normally wouldn’t casually utilize the teleportation formation.

On the other hand, Shentu Yanran had agreed so readily, and it naturally caused Chen Xi to feel rather moved. He knew that even though they hadn’t met for many years, Shentu Yanran hadn’t changed her attitude towards him.

“Young Miss, the Patriarch asked for your presence in the Clan Hall.” Right when Chen Xi and Shentu Yanran were speaking, a black clothed middle aged man suddenly arrived hastily from afar.

“Oh? What a coincidence. I was just about to go see my father.” Shentu Yanran was stunned, and then she smiled as she spoke.

“But Young Miss….” The black clothed middle aged man seemed to be hesitant to speak.

“Uncle Wen, what exactly do you want to say?” Shentu Yanran frowned as she spoke.

“Young Miss, I heard… I heard that the emissary the Divine Institute sent has arrived at our Shentu Clan as well.” The black clothed middle aged man spoke in a low voice, and his words were rather baffling.

However, Shentu Yanran had instantly understood him, and her clear eyes immediately focused while her aura had clearly become icy cold. She seemed to be furious as she said, “How many times have I said it already? I will definitely not join the Divine Institute. Why has father still welcomed them here?”

Chen Xi was struck with a flash of understanding when he heard this. That Third Powerseal Disciple of the Divine Institute, Gongsun Mu, wouldn’t have come here because of this matter, right?

“Young Miss, I heard it was Young Master Xing that facilitated all of this by himself, whereas, the Patriarch and the elders seem to be slightly interested as well. It’s best for you to… go see them, so as to avoid being rude,” said the black clothed middle aged man.

“Shentu Xing! It’s that fellow again!” Shentu Yanran said hatefully, “He wishes for nothing more than to send me away as soon as possible so that he can seize the opportunity to obtain the position of successor in the clan!”

The black clothed middle aged man puckered his lips and kept silent because he didn’t dare speak about such a topic.

Shentu Yanran took a deep breath, and then she recovered her calm and said, “So, in this way, that emissary of the Divine Institute is already at the Clan Hall now?”

“No, Young Master Xing has arranged a place for them in the Guest Hall, and perhaps they’ll pay an official visit to the Patriarch not too long from now.” The black clothed middle aged man said swiftly, “Young Miss, if you’re unwilling to join the Divine Institute, then you can seize this opportunity to state your opinion clearly to the Patriarch. If you’re able to obtain the Patriarch’s acknowledgement, then perhaps this matter will be solved just like that.”

Shentu Yanran nodded and said, “You go on. I’ll head over in a while.”

“Yes.” The black clothed middle aged man cupped his hands, accepted his orders, and left.

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