Chapter 1808 – Seeking Passage From The Shentu Clan

All those years ago, at the God Attainment Region in the three dimensions, Chen Xi had once stepped foot onto the God Attainment Altar, and with the help of the River Diagram fragments, he’d repulsed the Eye of Heavenly Tribulation and witnessed the true appearance of the Godrank Chart in the end.

Unfortunately, it was only for an instant.

Later on, when Chen Xi advanced into the Domain Enlightened Spirit God Realm, he’d caused phenomena of the heavens and the earth to descend before the energy of the Godrank Chart had appeared in the universe within his body, but it similarly merely lasted for a moment before it was obliterated by the might of the River Diagram fragments.

From that moment onward, Chen Xi’s name could never be found on the Godrank Chart’s rankings.

Now, when he arrived at the Imperial region and saw the Godrank Mountain that was far beyond reach, the River Diagram fragments emanated a trace of fluctuation once more, and they revealed a wisp of strong emotions of hostility and detest.

Chen Xi was clearly aware that Ye Yan was right, the Godrank Chart was definitely hidden on Godrank Mountain, otherwise, the River Diagram fragments would definitely not respond in this way.

However, when he thought about how Godrank Mountain had existed even before the Imperial Region was born, a wisp of tempestuous waves couldn’t help but arise in Chen Xi’s heart.

What did this mean?

It meant that since the ancient times until now, the energy of the Godrank Chart had always covered the entire Ancient God Domain, and it had never been destroyed until now!

Under such circumstances, the River Diagram fragments faintly showed signs of being hostile towards the Godrank Chart, and this caused Chen Xi’s heart to be unable to help but feel heavy.

“What’re you think about?” Ye Yan couldn’t help but be curious when Chen Xi remained silent for so long.

“It’s nothing. I was just thinking that it’s truly inconceivable that only Daolords are able to step foot on Godrank Mountain.” Chen Xi spoke casually.

“Yes. In the cultivation world of the Imperial Region, the Godrank Chart is like the supreme Heaven Dao, and it causes countless living beings to feel reverent towards it. According to legend, so long as one is able to comprehend the secrets of god attainment that existed within it, then one could truly rival the heavens and the earth and stand side by side with the Grand Dao to become an existence that’s eternal. As for whether it’s true or not, it isn’t something that we can guess blindly.” Ye Yan sighed with emotion while a wisp of reverence and yearning arose in her clear eyes. “Unfortunately, unless one attains the Daolord Realm, otherwise, it’s absolutely impossible to ascend Godrank Mountain.”

“Rival the heavens and the earth and stand side by side with the Grand Dao?”

Chen Xi suddenly recalled something the Goddess had once said.

“What’s true eternal life?”

“It’s remaining eternal while facing a myriad of tribulations.

“It’s remaining eternal while the world is destroyed.

“It’s remaining eternal while the Grand Dao collapses.

“That’s the true objective that cultivators pursue!”

This meant that an eternal lifespan didn’t represent being truly eternal. Just like all the gods in the world, practically all of them possessed boundless lifespans, yet they would still suffer tribulations, be killed, and perish!

On the other hand, in the eyes of cultivators on par with the Goddess, the true meaning of ‘eternal life’ was being truly eternal. Eternal to the point that one was impossible to be obliterated from existence no matter what sort of slaughter, tribulation, or calamity one experienced!

At this moment, when he heard Ye Yan, Chen Xi thought in his heart. Is the secret of god attainment that exists on Godrank Mountain the ‘true meaning of eternal life’ that the Goddess spoke of?

One day, if I’m able to step foot into the Daolord Realm, then I’ll ascend Godrank Mountain to have a look and see if such profundities of eternal life exist there…. After a short while, Chen Xi took a deep breath, discarded the distracting thoughts in his mind, and stopped allowing his thoughts to run wild before controlling the treasured vessel to continue forward towards the distance.

Ye Yan withdrew her gaze from Godrank Mountain as well. She ordered her thoughts before she pointed at an expanse of the starry sky in the distance and said, “Violet Clam Universe is up ahead, and it’s situated at the border of the Imperial Region. Three top-rate powers reside in this universe, and they are respectively the Cloudlight Spirit Clan, the Guya Clan, and the Shentu Clan.”

She paused for a moment and continued. “However, merely the Shentu Clan possesses a teleportation formation that’s capable of traversing the 8,000 universes in the Imperial Region. Unfortunately, my Ye Clan had no relationship with the Shentu Clan, otherwise, we could borrow the Shentu Clan’s teleportation formation….”

Before she could finish, Chen Xi revealed a strange expression and said, “The Shentu Clan? Is that the clan Shentu Yanran is from?”

“You know Shentu Yanran?” Ye Yan was slightly surprised, and then she seemed to have come to an understanding and answered her own question. “Right, that woman possesses extraordinary natural talent, and she’s both drop dead gorgeous and intelligence, causing her to be renowned in the entire world. She possesses numerous pursuers in the Imperial Region and even more admire her. So, it’s understandable that you’ve heard of her.”

Chen Xi smiled and said, “I don’t just know of her, we’re even friends.”

This time, Ye Yan was stunned. She seemed to be unable to imagine that Chen Xi who hadn’t even been to the Imperial Region would actually have become friends with a genius of the Imperial Region’s Shentu Clan.

After that, she smiled and said, “This really is an opportunity for us. With this relationship between the two of you, we can try to borrow the Shentu Clan’s teleportation formation.”

Chen Xi nodded and said, “That’s exactly what I’m thinking.”

They immediately didn’t hesitate to travel according to Ye Yan’s guidance, and the treasured vessel quickly arrived at a star in Violet Clam Universe called Clearing Brilliance after a few hours.

Clearing Brilliance Star was the place where the top-rate power of the Imperial Region, the Shentu Clan, resided, and it was renowned in the entire Violet Clam universe.

“Exactly… how close is your relationship?” Ye Yan had been silent all along the way. At this moment she couldn’t restrain herself from asking this question. She was worried that if Chen Xi merely had a shallow relationship with Shentu Yanran yet suddenly came looking for her, then it would truly be embarrassing for Chen Xi if he encountered rejection.

“It’s alright. We roamed through the Desolate Manku Ruins in the past.” Chen Xi remained indifferent towards it. Even though they hadn’t met for many years, he was clearly aware that since he took the initiative to look for her and seek for help, then with Shentu Yanran’s nature, she would definitely not refuse.

“That’s good to hear.” Ye Yan thought for a moment, and then she said, “But it’s best that you don’t have too high hopes. Shentu Yanran isn’t the Patriarch of the Shentu Clan in the end, and her authority is limited. So, don’t get angry if she’s unable to accomplish it.”

Chen Xi was stunned, and then he said with a smile, “You’re right.”

As he spoke, he suddenly realized something and said, “You’re not coming with me?”

Ye Yan shrugged while a wisp of a helpless expression arose on her peerlessly beautiful and clear face. “If I did, then wouldn’t it be equivalent to exposing our tracks? After all, I’m not just a traitor of the Sovereign Sect, even the Ye Clan is probably unable to tolerate my existence….”

As she finished speaking, her voice couldn’t help but carry dejection and slight gloominess.

“Don’t worry, there might not be a place for you at any other place, but there’s definitely a place for you in Oracle Mountain.” Chen Xi patted her on the shoulder as a form of consolation.

Ye Yan’s heart felt warm. She stared at Chen Xi for a long time with her clear eyes, but she didn’t say anything in the end.

Seaview Mountain.

It occupied an area of 50,000km, and it was the best paradise on Clearing Brilliance Star. However, a grand city had been forcefully established in the mountain, and it was called Seaview City.

The Shentu Clan resided within the city.

After the time for an incense stick to burn, Chen Xi arrived here by himself. At this moment, he wore grey clothes, had an ordinary appearance and bearing, and he was simply like a completely different person.

It couldn’t be helped. Even though he’d avoided the Ye Clan, Shaohao Clan, and Sovereign Sect’s pursuit now, for the sake of his own safety, it wasn’t suitable for him to expose his identity for now.

Not to mention that he’d killed Luo Shaonong, Gongye Zhefu, Di Jun, Jin Qingyang, Yue Ruhuo, Pei Wen, and Kunwu Qing in the Desolate Manku Ruins all those years ago, and it was equivalent to offending all the powers that stood behind them.

On the other hand, because of his relationship with Shentu Yanran, the entire Shentu Clan would definitely know him. Under such circumstances, Chen Xi wouldn’t rashly reveal his true identity to others.

Seaview City was located in the mountain, and it was grand, elegant, and magnificent. Merely the walls of the city were forged from a type of rare Divine Snowmetal. It emanated an extremely pure silver colored divine radiance, and it was suffused with a lofty and immovable aura.

Chen Xi noticed with a single glance that the entire walls were covered in numerous restrictions, and these restrictions were linked to the heavens and the earth to form the phenomenon of showing oneness with the heavens and the earth and radiating luck. It caused the Karmic Luck of the Heaven Dao to converge here, and it was extremely miraculous and extraordinary.

Merely this alone was sufficient to display exactly how deep the resources and reserves of the Shentu Clan were.

“Please notify miss Shentu Yanran that an old friend has come to visit. This is the token to authenticate my identity.” As he stood outside Seaview City, Chen Xi passed a small and exquisite jade token to a servant that stood on guard outside the entrance to the city.

“Wait a moment, Young Master.” The servant showed no signs of obstructing Chen Xi, and he took the command token before leaving hastily to report the matter.

Chen Xi couldn’t help but think while waiting. If I’m able to rely on the Shentu Clan’s teleportation formation this time, then I’ll probably be able to arrive at Infinite Universe within a day of time. Arriving at the Infinite Universe is no different than returning to Oracle Mountain.

When he thought up to here, Chen Xi couldn’t help but feel anticipation in his heart. After so many years, are my senior brothers and senior sisters well?

“Move aside!” Right when Chen Xi’s thoughts were flying wildly in his mind, a terrifying and mighty force suddenly blasted towards him from behind. This force surged like an ocean and whistled like a dragon. It first appeared soundlessly by Chen Xi’s side, and then it suddenly erupted. Such control of Divine Energy had simply reached the acme of perfection.

“Hmph!” Chen Xi’s eyes narrowed while his expression remained unchanged. A wisp of energy that was sharp like a blade surged out from his body, and it sliced apart that force which assaulted him from behind.

At this instant, he finally saw that it was a robust man who attacked. Obviously, that robust man had just teleported over from afar.

An enormous and savage looking bronze chariot was following behind the robust man, and it crushed through sky and emanated rumbling as it flew over.

“Young man, quickly move aside!” When he noticed Chen Xi had actually dispersed his attack, the robust man couldn’t help but be slightly surprised. However, his originally intent wasn’t to kill Chen Xi and just to push Chen Xi to the side in order to open up a path for the bronze chariot behind him.

Chen Xi frowned while his pupils were slightly piercing cold. He noticed that the robust man was an existence at the peak of the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm, and the robust man’s aura was actually power and deep like an abyss from cultivating some sort of technique. So, when Chen Xi looked at the robust man from afar, it was like looking at an active volcano that would erupt at any moment.

Chen Xi didn’t know who this strong fellow was, but this fellow had actually assumed the job of opening up the way for a bronze chariot, and this was slightly surprising.

However, this allowed Chen Xi to determine that the identity of the person within the bronze chariot was definitely extremely respected. Otherwise, that person would absolutely be unable to command this robust man to open up the path for him.

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