Chapter 1807 – Godrank Mountain

In the blink of an eye, Yea Chen and Xue Qingge had vanished.

Chen Xi stood on the treasured vessel while he witnessed all of this come to an end, and he couldn’t help but chuckle. Who would have imagined that this renowned descendent of the Yea Clan would actually be pursued by a woman because of a marriage agreement to the point of being in such a miserable and sorry state?

In next to no time, Chen Xi shook his head and returned to the cabin.

This unexpected meeting hadn’t caused any problems, but those words Yea Chen spoke before he left caused Chen Xi to be unable to avoid feeling a trace of curiosity.

A Dao Discussion?

What sort of grand event would it be?

The five extremes of the Imperial Region represented the five most ancient sects in the Imperial Region, and they were respectively Oracle Mountain, Nuwa’s Dao Palace, the Sovereign Sect, the Dao Institute, and the Divine Institute.

An event that was jointly held by them would naturally be unprecedentedly grand, and it would be sufficient to draw the attention of all the cultivators in the Ancient God Domain.

However, what was the objective behind holding this Dao Discussion?

Chen Xi inadvertently recalled the conversation he had with the Goddess at Arambha Temple.

At that time, the Goddess had once told him that if he intended to become a Region Lord after advancing in the Imperial Monarch Realm, then he must possess Region Energy!

In the entire Ancient God Domain, a new region could only be established in the extremely mysterious Forgotten Grounds of Chaos.

However, the Forgotten Grounds of Chaos was covered by Tribulation Energy that restrained the Dao, so even a Daolord would find it utterly impossible to enter the Forgotten Grounds of Chaos.

For example, the Roc Daolord had been covered in Tribulation Energy from entering the Forgotten Grounds of Chaos, and he perished in the end.

According to the Goddess, after over 300 million years of time, the Tribulation Energy that covered the Forgotten Grounds of Chaos had started to weaken, and if nothing unexpected occurred, then it wouldn’t be long before it would be possible to establish a pathway into it.

However, the Goddess had also said that no matter if it was Oracle Mountain, Nuwa’s Dao Palace, the Sovereign Sect, the Divine Institute, or the Dao Institute, it was definitely impossible for any one of these powers to establish the pathway by themselves.

According to her deduction, these five powers would probably join forces when the time had come, and they would jointly establish that pathway into the Forgotten Grounds of Chaos.

It was precisely based upon such knowledge that Chen Xi suddenly realized the Dao Discussion held jointly by the five extremely of the Imperial Region might be carried out in preparation for establishing the pathway into the Forgotten Grounds of Chaos!

Chen Xi felt that it might really be true!

After all, according to Chen Xi’s knowledge, Oracle Mountain and Sovereign Sect could be said to be hostile like fire and water, yet since they were able to temporarily disregard the enmity between them and join forces to hold this Dao Discussion, then they’d definitely come to some sort of mutual understanding.

Or perhaps, the reason all these five great powers were able to work together was definitely for the sake of jointly accomplishing something!

Obviously, the significance of the matter of establishing a pathway to the Forgotten Ground of Chaos was indeed sufficient to make these five great powers work together temporarily.

Before long, Chen Xi stopped thinking about all of this. If it was as he’d deduced, then so long as he arrived safely at Oracle Mountain, then his senior brothers and senior sisters in the sect would definitely advise him to participate in the Dao Discussion.


The treasured vessel continued forward, and it quickly vanished in the boundless starry sky.

10 days later, Chen Xi stood upright at the bow while gazing towards the distance, and an extremely shocking scene appeared in his field of vision.

A myriad of dazzling stars circulated and transformed into a vast and blazing river of stars that flowed within the practically boundless expanse of space.

Every single star emanated seemingly material divine radiance, and they were either blazing like fire, azure blue like the ocean, silvery white like snow, pitch black like an abyss…. They were in all sorts of colors, and they enhanced each other’s beauty, causing it to be a rather magnificent scene.

It was the energy of the Grand Dao. It was pure, vast, and seemed as if it came from the quintessence of Chaos. It covered every single inch of space in this expanse of the starry sky, and it emanated an ancient aura that assaulted the face.

When looked at from afar, it was like an eternal kingdom of the gods, and it had stood towering until now while unafraid of the corrosion of storm and time. It exited for eternity, and it shocked the heart.

The Imperial Region!

Chen Xi didn’t have to think at all to determine at the first possible moment that this expanse of the starry sky was where the Imperial Region resided!

There were over a thousand regions and practically countless universes in the Ancient God Domain, but if it was in terms of reputation, then it was definitely the core of the Ancient God Domain, the Imperial Region, that reigned supreme.

It was an eternal region and the most ancient region in the Ancient God Domain. During the countless years of the past, countless extraordinary figures had been born from here while innumerable legendary overlords whose deeds could evoke praise and tears had appeared here.

Moreover, numerous extremely ancient sects and clans resided here. They’d been established countless years in the past, had stood towering until now, and possessed indescribably monstrous authority.

This place was the paradise in the hearts of all cultivators of the Ancient God Domain, and it caused countless cultivators to go on a ‘pilgrimage’ to it.

Since a very long time ago, Chen Xi had heard that merely the Imperial Region alone contained 8,000 universes, and there were countless ancient sects and clans that resided there!

However, merely a small portion of them could be considered to be top-rate powers, and these were existences like the Yea Clan, Luo Clan, Gongye Clan, Yu Clan, and so on and so forth.

On the other hand, powers like the Tripure Sect, Buddhist Sect, Treasure God Temple, Secluded Light Mountain, Heavenly Fortune Palace, and Golden Toad Isle that had existed for countless years until now could be considered as ancient sects.

Above these top-rate powers and ancient sects, only Oracle Mountain, Nuwa’s Dao Palace, the Sovereign Sect, the Divine Institute, and the Dao Institute could be considered to be supreme sects, and they were also called the five extremes of the Imperial Region!

When so many great powers that possessed monstrous authority and terrifying resources and resources resided in the same region, it obviously showed how extraordinary the Imperial Region was.

Now, after experiencing an intense pursuit and constantly travelling all day and night in the boundless starry sky for over 10 days of time, he’d finally arrived at the border of the Imperial Region and witnessed such a shocking scene. So, his heart was unable to calm down for a long time.

This was the Imperial Region!

He, Chen Xi, had finally stepped foot onto this eternal region of legend!

After standing there and staring at it for a long time, Chen Xi let out a long breath of air while his mind recovered its calm.

He withdrew the jade slip his Eldest Senior Brother gave him and confirmed the path before he controlled the treasured vessel to tear through space and fly towards the Imperial Region.

Regardless of whether it was in the three dimensions or the Ancient God Domain, the location of Oracle Mountain had always been extremely mysterious, and very few people knew its exact location.

Actually, it wasn’t just the Oracle Mountain, very few people knew the location of the other supreme sects like Nuwa’s Dao Palace and the Sovereign Sect.

For example, Chen Xi himself was a personal disciple of Oracle Mountain, but if he hadn’t encountered his Eldest Senior Brother, Wu Xuechan, then he would probably still be unaware of Oracle Mountain’s exact location in the Imperial Region.

But now, it was unlikely for Chen Xi to be puzzled by this.

Because the jade slip that his Eldest Senior Brother, Wu Xuechan, had given him had already labelled the path for him to return to the sect.

Chen Xi’s current destination was to arrive at the Infinite Universe which was one of the 8,000 universes within the Imperial Region!

So long as he arrived there, then he would be able to rely on the jade slip in his hand to establish a spatial passageway that led directly to Oracle Mountain.

The closer he got to the Imperial Region, Chen Xi had a stronger feeling that the energy of the Heaven Dao that covered this expanse of the starry sky was extremely pure and dignified. Moreover, it seemed material and suffused every inch of space here.

This also caused the aura of the Heaven Dao that filled this expanse of the heavens and the earth to seem extraordinarily abundant and thick. When once cultivated here, one didn’t even have to rely on divine crystals in order to absorb the purest Divine Energy!

No wonder everyone takes the Imperial Region to be a paradise of cultivation. Merely the Divine Energy that fills the heavens and the earth isn’t something that the other regions can compare to…. Chen Xi sighed with emotion in his heart. He’d travelled to numerous places throughout the recent years, but when he compared them to the Imperial Region that stood before him, the gap between them was instantly obvious.

On the way, Chen Xi summoned Ye Yan from the universe within his body.

Ye Yan was from the Eternal Ye Clan, and she was even an elder of the Sovereign Sect in the past. So, she was rather familiar with the situation within the Imperial Region.

Thus, if she led the way, then it would be much better than leaving Chen Xi to search for the way himself.

“The Infinite Universe? That’s slightly far away.” When she heard that their destination was the Infinite Universe, her beautiful brows couldn’t help but raise. “Even if we travel continuously, it would at least take over a month to arrive at the Infinite Universe.”

“Over a month?” Chen Xi thought for a moment and said, “It’s fine so long as no mishaps occur on the way.”

Ye Yan nodded, and then she seemed to have thought of something and sighed. “Unfortunately, I’m unable to return to the clan now. Otherwise, we could rely on the Teleportation Formation in the clan to arrive at the Infinite Universe within a day of time.”

“A teleportation formation?” Chen Xi seemed to be lost in thought as he said, “Is such a formation very rare?”

“It is indeed. Such a formation is connected to the entire Imperial Region’s 8,000 universes. According to my knowledge, only those extremely ancient top-rate powers possess such teleportation formations.” Ye Yan explained. As she spoke, she’d entirely not noticed that Chen Xi’s expression had suddenly changed slightly, and his gaze shot swiftly towards the starry sky that was extremely far away.

“What’s that….” Chen Xi’s voice carried a solemn tone. In his field of vision, the outline of a divine mountain had appeared, and it resided in the depths of the starry sky while seeming to be far beyond reach. Moreover, it emanated a supremely dignified aura that caused a wisp of terror and reverence to arise involuntarily in the hearts of others from just taking a glance at it from afar.

Ye Yan was stunned, and then she looked over. After that, a trace of a rare expression of reverence appeared on her extremely charming and fair face.

“That’s Godrank Mountain, and it has existed since the time when the Ancient God Domain was born. The God Attainment Altar stands towering on it. According to legend, the Godrank Chart is hidden there, and its might is fused with the supreme Heaven Dao and covers the entire Ancient God Domain.” Ye Yan’s voice carried a trace of an unusual tone of piety. “Since the ancient times, it has always been a forbidden area that represents the supreme dignity of the Heaven Dao. Only Daolords are able to step foot on it and comprehend the true secrets of god attainment. As for ordinary people, it’s utterly impossible for them to approach it at all….”

The Godrank Mountain!

The place where the Godrank Chart is hidden!

Chen Xi’s heart shook fiercely, and a trace of ripples suddenly arose in his originally clam and composed emotions.

Earlier, he’d noticed a trace of fluctuation had arisen from the River Diagram fragments that had been constantly in a state of silence within his sea of consciousness, and it seemed to be feeling detest and resisting some sort of force. Now, he finally understood that all of this was actually because that divine mountain which stood towering extremely far away in the starry sky represented the supreme dignity of the Heaven Dao!

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