Chapter 1804 – Attacked On The Way

Amidst roaring laughter, the Ancestral Dragon Daolord perished with relief, and he vanished from the heavens and the earth.

On the other hand, the bronze coffin that laid across the starry sky had transformed into a tiny thing that seemed like a jade slip, and it had fallen into Chen Xi’s hands.

Even though it couldn’t compare to the Dragon Soul, Dragon Heart, Dragon Blood, and Dragon Quintessence that were extremely beneficial to one’s cultivation, it recorded the experiences that the Ancestral Dragon Daolord had left behind after suffering failure!

Comparatively speaking, this was perhaps even more precious, and it could be said to be difficult to find in the entire world.

On the day that Chen Xi attained the Daolord Realm, then perhaps he would be able to rely on this to obtain the experience that he required and step foot into a heaven defying path of his own, and he wouldn’t take the same path of failure that the Ancestral Dragon Daolord had taken.

“You succeeded?” When they saw Chen Xi return, Senior White, Little Bao, and Ye Yan couldn’t help but ask this question. Because everything that occurred just now had caused them to feel extremely shocked.

Chen Xi nodded and didn’t provide any further explanation.


Before they could even continue their discussion, this vast expanse of the starry sky suddenly started fluctuating violently, and then it rumbled and faintly showed signs of collapsing.

“Shit! After it lost the energy of the Ancestral Dragon Daolord’s Will Brand, this area is going to be completely destroyed! Leave! Quickly!” Senior White was alarmed, and he spoke in a serious tone.


Right when Senior White’s voice was still resounding in the air, they could clearly notice that the starry sky in the distance was being blasted apart and destroyed like paper, and it transformed into a violent spatial blackhole that ceaselessly crept towards the surroundings.

Such a scene was simply like the scene of the end of the world.

All of this had occurred too quickly. It caused Chen Xi and the others to swiftly become vigilant, and they instinctively intended to fly towards the path they came here on.

“I have a flying shuttle here, and I can bring all of you safely out from here.” Suddenly, Dong Bowen who was seated cross-legged in meditation had stood up, and he spoke to Chen Xi with a warm and calm expression.

“It’s fine.” Chen Xi didn’t even give it a thought before refusing directly. Because he didn’t want to have any further relationship with Dong Bowen.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

As he spoke, Chen Xi’s figure flashed. He’d already taken the lead to bring Senior White and the others out of here swiftly, and they quickly vanished out of sight.

“What a stubborn young man….” Dong Bowen had a complicated expression as he watched Chen Xi and the others leave. He was clearly aware that because of the mistake he’d made earlier, he’d utterly disappointed Chen Xi and the others, and it was impossible to repair the relationship between them.

“No matter what, I have to make up for it in the end.” He took a deep breath, and then he stopped hesitating. His figure flashed and left swiftly.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Wave after wave of terrifying explosions resounded through the heavens and the earth, and it was like doomsday had arrived. The heavens and the earth were collapsing while all things were falling into oblivion.

The numerous divine mountains that had been standing towering here for countless years had collapsed and were obliterated just like that.

The bone path collapsed inch by inch as well.

Amidst this terrifying scene of great collapse and destruction, Chen Xi and the others flew swiftly at full speed, and they didn’t hesitate at all.

Fortunately, perhaps it was because the Ancestral Dragon Daolord’s Will brand had been obliterated, but they didn’t encounter any obstruction all along the way.

All along the way, the dense expanse of dragon skeletons that covered the Tomb of Dragons had collapsed into powder a long time ago, and they’d vanished in the heavens and the earth.

The Mirage Dragon’s World didn’t exist any longer, and it had transformed into a deathly silent and empty place.

When Chen Xi and the others returned through the path they arrived, they weren’t even able to find a trace of the existence of the Jaderain Dao Domain.

Everything seemed to have vanished along with the Ancestral Dragon Daolord’s Will Brand….

Chen Xi and the others couldn’t be bothered to sigh with emotion, nor did they have the time for that. Because this entire world was in the midst of continuous destruction, and if they were swept into this destruction, then the consequences would be unimaginable.

However, Chen Xi and the others had still underestimated how terrifying this destruction was.

When they left successfully and returned along the path they came here on, they noticed that the stars, meteors, light, and everything they’d seen on the way was collapsing and being destroyed!

Such a scene was simply capable of shocking the world and causing anyone’s heart to go cold.

Just think about it, it was a galaxy. It was extremely vast and covered a boundless area of the starry sky, yet now, it was actually in the process of destruction!

As they flew, it was like they were watching a large world collapsing and being completely obliterated behind them, and it was extremely shocking.

Everything was collapsing.

Stars were falling.

Space was being obliterated.

The heavens and the earth were transforming into nothingness!

The destruction that erupted at the depths of Specter Galaxy was spreading at an inconceivable speed.

Everywhere it passed, only deathly silence and the void remained!

At the border of Specter Galaxy.

The five Divine Spirit Generals of the Sovereign Sect had been waiting here for a long time.

They were waiting for a piece of news, and they would naturally be happy to see Imperial Monarch Tai Jing’s group annihilate Chen Xi.

On the other hand, if Imperial Monarch Tai Jing’s group had failed, then they would naturally strike a lethal blow against Chen Xi!

Unfortunately, it was just a few days ago when they confirmed that Imperial Monarch Tai Jing’s group had failed, and besides Imperial Monarch Tai Jing himself, all the other Universe Enlightened Ancestral God s had been completely annihilated.

Such an outcome seemed to be extremely shocking. At the very least, the five Divine Spirit Generals of the Sovereign Sect had never expected such an outcome.

Especially when they noticed Imperial Monarch Tai Jing leaving in a hurry while carrying a livid expression, they even sensed that something was slightly bad.

What exactly occurred in the depths of Specter Galaxy? 

It was merely a young man at the intermediate-stage of the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm which they intended to deal with. How could a figure like Imperial Monarch Tai Jing have suffered heavy casualties and even return in defeat?

The five Divine Spirit Generals were unable to figure out the answer, nor were they able to deduce it. However, a change had occurred in their mental states, and they’d become even more cautious and didn’t dare be careless at all.

Moreover, on this day, when that destructive energy started to erupt from the depths of Specter Galaxy and ceaselessly spread out, it had completely alarmed these five Divine Spirit Generals from the Sovereign Sect.

“This is sign of obliteration, and it won’t be long before the entire Specter Galaxy would be wiped off from the world!”

“Dammit! What exactly happened?” 

“The important matter at hand is to confirm if that kid has already perished within Specter Galaxy.”

“But how would we do that? If we still don’t leave, then this calamity will probably affect us as well!”

The five Divine Spirit Generals had unsightly expressions as they discussed animatedly.

The main reason they’d set out this time was because the Sovereign Sect was absolutely unable to tolerate Ye Yan’s betrayal.

However, later on, they noticed that Ye Yan’s betrayal was actually related to Chen Xi, so they set their sights onto Chen Xi instead. They felt that so long as they captured Chen Xi, then it would be enough to find Ye Yan’s whereabouts.

It was even to the extent that they intended to reclaim the Copper Coin of Treasurefall and seize the River Diagram fragments.

But never had they imagined that this pursuit would actually exhaust such a long period of time, nor had they expected that the situation would actually develop to such an extent!

Especially when they confirmed that the Specter Galaxy would be completely obliterated soon. This outcome instantly took them by surprise.

What should we do?

At this moment, they couldn’t help but hesitate.

“Hmm? Look! Quickly! It’s that kid!” Suddenly, the eyes of Fire Spirit who possessed a seductive and enchanting figure lit up, and she spoke with pleasant surprise.

They looked over along her gaze, and they saw a group of people were teleporting over at full speed from extremely far away in the starry sky. The person in the lead wore green clothes and had a handsome appearance. It was exactly Chen Xi.

“He actually returned alive….”

“Haha! He’s going to die in a moment.” 

“Prepare yourselves. We’ll attack at full force and kill that kid later. We absolutely can’t allow him to escape!”

The other divine generals spoke murderously, and their eyes were filled with a cold and murderous expression.

At this instant, Chen Xi and the others had similarly noticed the existence of the five Divine Spirit Generals, and they couldn’t help but be slightly surprised.

Because in Chen Xi’s deductions, he’d roughly guessed that Imperial Monarch Tai Jing would definitely not be willing to just leave, but never had he imagined that while they didn’t encounter Imperial Monarch Tai Jing as soon as they returned, they encountered another group of people instead. 

Moreover, it clearly seemed like that they’d been waiting here for a long time.

“The five Divine Spirit Generals of the Sovereign Sect! Why are they the ones that came?” Ye Yan’s face sank abruptly, and she revealed a rare wisp of a solemn expression. At this instant, she’d realized that the Sovereign Sect had already reacted to her betrayal!

The five Divine Spirit Generals had clearly come for the sake of killing a ‘traitor’ like her!

“They’re spirits that were born from the quintessence of the five elements, and then they were brought back to the Sovereign Sect by the Sovereign Sect’s Master and were personally guided in their cultivation by the Sovereign Sect’s Master. Even though all of them are only at the First Star of the Imperial Monarch Realm, if the five of them joined forces, then their combat strength would be sufficient to crush most Imperial Monarchs!” Ye Yan spoke swiftly via voice transmission and told Chen Xi and the others everything about these five Divine Spirit Generals.

“Five First Star Imperial Monarchs? That’s slightly troublesome.” Senior White’s voice was slightly heavy. He was very clearly aware that even though all of these five Divine Spirit Generals seemed to merely possess a cultivation at the First Star of the Imperial Monarch Realm, they belonged to the five elements, and their energy could be fused with each other. Once their strengths were combined, then it would be sufficient for them to erupt with unimaginable might.

“Looks like we have to deal with them first if we want to leave. Since it’s like that, then prepare for battle!” Chen Xi’s eyes were piercingly cold and deep like an abyss.

Presently, his cultivation had already broken through to the advanced-stage of the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm. If he executed the Godslaughter Burst Technique and detonated Natural Spirit Treasures with the Terminus Dao Insight, then he had no reason to be afraid of them.

However, the price he paid would be slightly heavy.

“How detestable! We’ve been pursued by them all along the way. We must kill to our heart’s content this time!” Little Bao gritted his teeth, and his entire body emanated a monstrously violent combat aura.


However, to the surprise of Chen Xi and the others, they didn’t even have the chance to make a move when an expanse of brilliant and dazzling violet radiance suddenly descended from the distant sky. It surged and seethed as it smashed down forcefully at the five Divine Spirit Generals!

This scene occurred in an extremely sudden manner. It hadn’t just surprised Chen Xi, even those five Divine Spirit Generals of the Sovereign Sect had never expected that such an unexpected event would actually occur, and their expressions instantly changed.


“Dodge! Quickly!”

“This aura is too terrifying! It’s actually a Ninth Star Imperial Monarch that launched this attack!”

“Dammit! Why is this happened?”

Their eyes almost split apart from rage as they roared furiously in grim voices. They emanated all sorts of blazing divine radiance and practically utilized their entire cultivation as they dodged madly towards the side.

On the other hand, at this instant, Chen Xi and the others finally saw it clearly. The person that launched this attack was actually Dong Bowen!

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