Chapter 1802 – The Path Of Defying The Heavens

The discussion of the Dao began.

Circle after circle of ripples of silver divine radiance arose from the surface of the bronze coffin, and it simultaneously enveloped Dong Bowen and the figure formed from the Ancestral Dragon Daolord’s Will Brand.

With the ability possessed by Chen Xi and the others, they were utterly unable to hear the discussion of the Dao between the two of them, and they could only watch from afar.

“Dammit! That fellow was actually able to seize the first opportunity!” Little Bao was indignant.

“What should we do. If that Dong Bowen really succeeds, then wouldn’t we have come here for nothing?” Ye Yan was slightly anxious.

Chen Xi couldn’t help but frown when he heard all of this, and he pondered deeply without end.

“There’s no need to worry. This is fate. We just have to work hard to strive for it, and if we’re unable to attain our wishes in the end, then we don’t have the fate to obtain this fortune.” At this moment, Senior White seemed to have stopped obsessing about the matter, but Chen Xi acutely noticed that while Senior White seemed to be relaxed, Senior White was actually worried as well.

This was normal. After all, this fortuitous encounter was related to Senior White’s ability to advance. Even if he’d lived for countless years, he was no different than everyone else when it came to such an opportunity.

“If we have no other choice, then we’ll make a move and forcefully stop this discussion of the Dao!” A wisp of a ruthless expression arose in Chen Xi’s eyes. Dong Bowen’s attitude just now had allowed Chen Xi to clearly determine that Dong Bowen was even willing to go against Chen Xi just for this fortuitous encounter. Under such circumstances, there was no need to consider Dong Bowen’s feelings! 

“That’s inadvisable. Doing that would probably arouse a reaction from the Will Brand of the Ancestral Dragon Daolord.” Senior White shook his head and flatly refused Chen Xi’s idea.

“That Dong Bowen is simply ungrateful and greedy. The Grand Lord shouldn’t have provided him guidance all those years ago!” Ye Yan was extremely furious. “Could it be that he has forgotten that the reason he was able to arrive here was the Dragon Origin Pearl and Overarching Heaven Net in Chen Xi’s possession?”

Chen Xi shook his head and said, “You can’t speak like that. We wouldn’t have been able to pass through the second restriction without his help as well.”

Chen Xi wasn’t affected by this incident at all, and he didn’t seem to possess any rage or resentment.

Just as he’d said earlier, Dong Bowen had no intention of seizing the entire fortuitous encounter for himself nor did he have the thought to harm them before they’d arrived here.

Otherwise, with Dong Bowen’s ability, he could have killed them in advance while they were traversing the second restriction and seize both the Overarching Heaven Net and Dragon Origin Pearl, and it would have allowed him to arrive here by himself. There was no reason for him to wait until now.

“Exactly. Compared to those fellows with evil and ruthless intents, this Dong Bowen can already be considered as an upright person. However, it’s unfortunate that he was unable to resist the temptation of this fortuitous encounter in the end, and he aroused malicious intent towards all of us.” Senior White sighed with a slightly complicated expression. It was just as the wise men of the ancient times said, birds die in pursuit of food just like humans die in the pursuit of wealth.

“Then what should we do now?” Ye Yan couldn’t help but ask this question.

“Wait.” Chen Xi answered without the slightest hesitation. “So long as the discussion hasn’t come to an end, then it represents that we still have a chance.”

“But what if that Dong Bowen succeeds?” Ye Yan was worried.

“Then it proves that we’re not destined to obtain this fortune, and we should just leave.” Chen Xi remained silent for a moment before he spoke.

After an unknown period of time, Chen Xi suddenly noticed that the obscure fluctuation that effused out from the bronze coffin had suddenly started to surge violently, and then the figure of Dong Bowen who was originally sitting cross-legged there suddenly trembled while his indifferent and composed expression became agitated.

Has something happened? Chen Xi’s heart shook.

“Impossible! It’s absolutely impossible!” Before Chen Xi could recover from his surprise, Dong Bowen’s loud roar suddenly resounded through this expanse of the heavens and the earth, and his voice was filled with extreme panic and anger. He seemed to have encountered something terrifying.

Moreover, his expression was changing violently and incessantly at this moment, and he was breathing rapidly and seemed to be on the verge of going mad. He didn’t possess the bearing and style of a Ninth Star Imperial Monarch any longer! 

“If one doesn’t know when to stop, then everything will be for nothing!” The Ancestral Dragon Daolord’s heavy and powerful voice resounded through the surroundings.

In an instant, Dong Bowen seemed as if he’d been struck by lightning. His voice stopped abruptly while his figure froze on the spot, and he had a dumbstruck expression.

This seemed extremely unbelievable. A Ninth Star Imperial Monarch’s mental state had been tempered to an extremely firm state since a long time ago, yet now, he was actually unable to control himself.

“Haha! That fellow seems to have failed, and he probably didn’t even obtain that Dragon Soul.” Little Bao took pleasure in Dong Bowen’s misfortune.

“This discussion of the Dao is so formidable, and even a Ninth Star Imperial Monarch seemed to be unable to resist it. If it’s us who are in his place….” Ye Yan was slightly worried.

There’s no need to be worried. It’s just a discussion of the Dao and not a battle. Even if that Dong Bowen is unable to succeed, it doesn’t mean that your ancestor, I, will be unable to succeed as well!” Senior White was extremely excited instead, and he was filled with confidence. He was said to be the Master of all that possessed extensive knowledge, so he was naturally not afraid of discussing the Dao with anymore.

Chen Xi couldn’t help but heave a sigh of relief when he witnessed all of this.

“I was wrong, I was really wrong….” Dong Bowen’s sigh suddenly resounded from afar, and it actually carried a wisp of relief. He seemed to have severed a knot in his heart, and his expression had become calm once more.


To the surprise of Chen Xi and the others, Dong Bowen actually tore off his left arm in the next moment, causing fresh blood to drop down.

However, he seemed to feel no pain at all, and he said calmly, “Evil intentions cause distracting thoughts to surge into appearance. My greed casted a shadow over my heart. After experiencing this tempering, I swear on this arm of mine that if I commit this crime again in the future, then I’ll receive a punishment of death from the Heaven Dao!”

Every single word he spoke was resolute and revealed a strand of a solemn and sincere force, and it rumbled through the heavens and the earth like the tune of the Grand Dao.

“Fellow Daoists, I’d aroused malicious intent earlier and wasn’t able to immediately sever the inner demons I experienced. This arm is the price I pay for that.” As he spoke, Dong Bowen stood up and gazed at Chen Xi’s group from afar while revealing a wisp of guilt on his face. He’d actually atoned and repented his crimes from before! 

The hearts of Chen Xi and the others shook, and they were extremely moved by this.

“If the Dao Heart is covered in dust, then just wipe it away! If you didn’t do this, then you would be bound to be unable to obtain this Dragon Soul. Take it!” The Ancestral Dragon Daolord’s Will Brand spoke, and then he flicked his sleeve, causing a bright golden image of a dragon to swiftly soar into the sky before it instantly surged into Dong Bowen’s body!

Obviously, it was the string of Dragon Soul that the Ancestral Dragon Daolord had left behind!

This didn’t just surprise Chen Xi and the others, even Dong Bowen had never expected this. After being momentarily stunned, he suddenly revealed a wisp of a complicated expression and cupped his hands. “Thank you.”

As soon as he finished speaking, his figure flashed and left the bronze coffin. After that, he sat cross-legged in space and started to meditate with his eyes closed, and he paid no further attention to everything else.

“Hmph! I never expected that this fellow would benefit from misfortune.” Senior White grunted coldly.

“Perhaps such an outcome is a form of experience and tempering to him.” Chen Xi seemed to be lost in thought.

“So, in this way, you intend to forgive him?” Little Bao was still indignant as he spoke.

“He has let it go already, so can’t we?” Chen Xi sighed. “It’s enough that we keep our distance from him. There’s no need to mention the enmity of the past.” Chen Xi was very clearly aware that even if Dong Bowen didn’t apologize and atone for his wrongs, they would still be unable to do anything to Dong Bowen. So, the current outcome had undoubtedly put an end to the enmity between them.

“Nevermind, all of you continue chatting first. Your ancestor, I, am going to discuss the Dao with that fellow!” Senior White soared into the sky, and he charged towards the bronze coffin with slight impatience.

“Encountering the envy of the heavens to the point it sends down tribulations for defying it. I never expected that an omniscient being like you really existed in the world. If you’re able to pass my test, then the Dragon Heart will naturally be yours.” The Ancestral Dragon Daolord seemed to have discerned Senior White’s origins with a single glance, and his tone carried a trace of surprise.

“Then let’s begin!” Senior White was completely blunt and spoke casually.

“As you wish.” The Ancestral Dragon Daolord flicked his sleeve. A strand of obscure fluctuation enveloped the bronze coffin once more, and it completely concealed both his figure and Senior White’s figure.

When they saw this, Chen Xi and the others immediately stopped talking, and they looked over in unison.

Two hours later, Senior White’s sharp cry suddenly resounded from the bronze coffin in the distance. “How absurd! The Daolord Realm is a realm without rules. It’s on par with the heavens and is unafraid of all techniques. The Ultimate Foundation is established, and the myriad of Daos are fused into the body, allowing a Daolord to remain eternal through the ages. The cause of your death is none other than because you encountered an unfathomable tribulation!”

“An unfathomable tribulation is a Heavenly Tribulation. The Heaven Dao is unfathomable, and it’s unable to tolerate others being on par with it. You’re unable to understand this principle.” The Ancestral Dragon Daolord answered calmly.

“What a joke! I know everything from the ancient times, and I’ve seen all the techniques of the world. How could there possibly be anything in this world that I don’t understand?” Senior White seemed to be slightly agitated.

“Because even though you know all techniques, you’re not a Daolord, nor have you encountered such a tribulation. So, what you know is none other than empty talk.” The Ancestral Dragon Daolord spoke word by word, and it carried a force that struck directly at the heart.

Just this short sentence instantly caused Senior White’s body to freeze, and he was stunned on the spot.

Chen Xi and the others were shocked by this. Never had they imagined that Senior White didn’t discuss the Dao with the Ancestral Dragon Daolord, and he’d been discussing some practically obscure and unfathomable secrets of the Heaven Dao!

“Indeed, I’m not a Daolord, nor have I encountered such a tribulation. But I’ll understand all of this one day.” After a long time, Senior White spoke in a hoarse voice, and his voice carried a trace of resolution.

“The path of defying the heavens… isn’t easy.” The Ancestral Dragon Daolord spoke these words before he waved his hand and said, “I’ve already given you what you wanted. Go on.”

“Thank you.” At this moment, Senior White revealed a rare moment of being polite. As soon as he finished speaking, he flapped his wings and flew away from the bronze coffin.

Chen Xi hurriedly asked. “How was it.”

“It was alright. I succeeded in the end.” Senior White didn’t reveal much happiness and just answered vaguely. After that, he changed the topic. “Chen Xi, all of you quickly make a move as well. Don’t miss this opportunity and fortune.” 

Chen Xi didn’t ask anymore when he heard this. He nodded before he instructed Little Bao and Ye Yan to successively discuss the Dao with the Ancestral Dragon Daolord.

“Why aren’t you going?” Senior White glanced at Chen Xi with surprise.

“I want to wait a while longer.” Chen Xi spoke casually, yet he shot his gaze at the bronze coffin, and it was calm to the point even Senior White didn’t know what he was thinking.

Senior White couldn’t help but ask. “Are you worried that you’ll fail?”

Chen Xi shook his head. “Discussing the Dao isn’t important to me, and it isn’t important even if I miss the opportunity to obtain the fortune here.” 

He paused for a moment, took a deep breath, and said, “All I want to know now is how exactly did an existence like the Ancestral Dragon Daolord perish all those years ago!” 

Senior White was instantly stunned.

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