Chapter 1799 – Refining and Absorbing The Quintessence Energy

Along with the passage of time, the aura of the 30km tall figure weakened gradually.


After a short moment, Dong Bowen exerted strength with his palm and condensed a myriad of strands of divine radiance before he crushed the figure in one go, causing it to rumble as it shattered into numerous balls of light.

The balls of light were extremely blazing, and they emanated the powerful quintessence energy of a Daolord. They were like a group of suns that were in disorder and were on the verge of dispersing in the heavens and the earth.

In the years of the past, Dong Bowen had defeated his opponent on more than one occasion, and he was clearly aware that the 30km tall figure hadn’t been crushed. Moreover, it wouldn’t be long before the quintessence energy that had transformed into balls of light would fuse together once more and revive the 30km tall figure!

He was unable to stop it because the quintessence energy was utterly impossible to destroy.

It was precisely because of this that he’d been trapped here for 8,000 years and was unable to surmount this place until now.

But it was very obvious that the situation this time wasn’t the same as it was in the past because the Overarching Heaven Net that could even capture the Karmic Luck of the Heaven Dao was present here!


At practically the exact same instant that the 30km tall figure crumbled into numerous balls of light, the Overarching Heaven Net transformed into chilly starlight that completely restrained all the balls of light, causing them to be unable to escape.

“Quickly! This is the quintessence energy left behind by a Daolord, and it’s the purest form of Ancestral Dragon Energy in the world! If we’re able to refine and absorb it, then it’ll be extremely beneficial to our cultivation!” Senior White’s breathing became rapid, and he let out a shrill and loud cry.

As he spoke, he flapped his wings and charged over, and then he grabbed a ball of light with his claws and shoved it in his mouth.

Chen Xi didn’t hold back at all when he saw this, and he immediately flashed over and started to divide up the spoils.

The energy within the balls of light was extremely powerful and pure. If it wasn’t restrained by the Overarching Heaven Net, then it wouldn’t be long before they would condense once more into form and transform into the 30km tall ‘Dragon Quintessence Soul’.

But now, these balls of light were bound to be unable to fuse together. They were restrained by the Overarching Heaven Net and confined separately. So, they were like numerous fruits that hung on the branches of a tree, and the only fate that awaited them was being seized one by once.

“These are yours.” Chen Xi controlled the Overarching Heaven Net to divide a third of all the ball of light to Dong Bowen.

“Then I’ll be helping myself.” Dong Bowen smiled lightheartedly, and then he stretched out his hand and grabbed the balls of light over to himself. After that, he opened his mouth and swallowed them before he sat down cross-legged and started to meditate while refining and absorbing the balls of light.

This was the quintessence energy left behind by a Daolord after death, and it was similarly extremely beneficial even to a Ninth Star Imperial Monarch like him.

Chen Xi didn’t delay when he saw this, and he summoned Ye Yan and Little Bao out before he started to divide up the remaining balls of light amongst the four of them.

Little Bao said with surprise, “What’s this?”

Senior White refined and absorbed the balls of light with excitement while he said swiftly, “The quintessence energy of the Ancestral Dragon Daolord.”

Little Bao was surprised. “My god! Is it true?”

Senior White glared angrily at Little Bao. “What’s with all the crap!? Quickly make the best use of your time to refine and absorb them!”

“Oh.” Little Bao immediately shut his mouth and started to happily refine and absorb those balls of light.

As for Ye Yan, she’d been constantly residing in the universe within Chen Xi’s body since they entered Specter Galaxy, so she wasn’t aware of what had happened throughout this period of time. However, she didn’t ask about it. When she heard Chen Xi’s explanation, she immediately seized this opportunity and took a ball of light before starting to refine and absorb it.

Even though the 30km tall figure was extremely tall and mighty, it merely left behind a little over 10 balls of light after it crumbled.

After he gave some to Dong Bowen, Senior White, Little Bao, and Ye Yan, Chen Xi merely had two left for himself.

However, Chen Xi was already very satisfied. It was Dong Bowen that contributed the most this time, so dividing a third to him was a matter of course.

Chen Xi didn’t delay as well, and he swallowed the two balls of light and started to refine and absorb it with all his strength.


The energy within the balls of light was extremely powerful and vast. They were filled with extremely pure quintessence energy of a Daolord. So, as soon as they entered Chen Xi’s body, they transformed into a monstrous torrent that rumbled and surged.

All those years ago in the Last Days Domain, Chen Xi had once obtained the energy left behind by the Roc Daolord while he was at the residence of the Primeval Micro Race.

Now, when he started to refine and absorb the quintessence energy the Ancestral Dragon Daolord had left behind, he could be said to handle it with ease and skill, and he didn’t encounter any problems.

For a time, regardless of whether it was Chen Xi, Senior White, or the others, all of them were immersed in their cultivation, and they utilized their full strengths to refine and absorb the quintessence energy of the Ancestral Dragon Daolord. So, the atmosphere here seemed very quiet.

Six hours later, Dong Bowen was the first to awaken from his meditation. He was a Ninth Star Imperial Monarch, so even though he obtained a great deal of benefits from refining and absorbing the quintessence energy of the Ancestral Dragon Daolord, he couldn’t be said to have obtained an obvious improvement.

However, he was already very satisfied. An existence like him had already stepped foot into the peak ranks of the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm since a long time ago and taking another step in his path towards the Dao was simply even more difficult that ascending the heavens. So, it was utterly impossible to accomplish this by merely relying on the amount of time he cultivated.

In other words, if Dong Bowen wanted to improve incessantly in his path of cultivation, then it didn’t rely merely on his own hard work, and it relied on fortune, opportune moments, and chance!

For example, obtaining the quintessence energy of the Ancestral Dragon Daolord just now was a form of fortune. Even though it was extremely tiny, it could still be considered as a form of strengthening in the end.

I never expected that it would actually be all thanks to the assistance of the Grand Lord’s Junior Brother that I would be able to break through this predicament and take another step forward. Dong Bowen couldn’t help but sigh with emotion as he gazed at Chen Xi who was meditating at the side.

He’d been trapped here for 8,000 years and had been completely helpless and never been able to take another step forward. However, Chen Xi’s appearance allowed a turn to appear in the situation he was in. So, how could he not sigh with emotion in his heart because of this?

Another day passed.

Senior White was actually the second to awaken from his cultivation, and he muttered in a slightly regretful tone. “What a pity. It still wasn’t enough energy….”

Dong Bowen couldn’t help but be slightly surprised by this, and he was even more unable to see through this strange bird. Because it was clearly only at the Domain Enlightened Spirit God Realm, yet its body was like a bottomless pit, and it actually didn’t advance in its cultivation after refining and absorbing the quintessence energy of the Ancestral Dragon Daolord!

Isn’t this a little too strange….

After all, if it was any other ordinary Domain Enlightened Spirit God that refined and absorbed such energy, that Domain Enlightened Spirit God would have broken through a long time ago!

“Exactly which… clan are you from?” Dong Bowen couldn’t refrain from asking this question.

“I advise you not to ask about the origins of your ancestor, I.” Senior White shot a sideways glance at Dong Bowen, and then spoke in an extremely proud manner.

Dong Bowen couldn’t help but chuckle, yet he was clearly aware in his heart that the strange bird’s origins were probably really as extraordinary as the strange bird had said.


It wasn’t long before a world shocking bang resounded, and the Little Bao awoke from his meditation. His eyes flowed with brilliant and resplendent golden radiance while his entire imposing aura had actually attained an obvious improvement when compared to the past.

Little Bao had clearly obtained a great deal of benefit from the quintessence energy.

“Alas, it’s really as Master said. A mere increase in energy is utterly unable to allow me to advance into the Imperial Monarch Realm….” Little Bao pulled a long face.

He was a Gold-eyed Rhesus Monkey, so his path of cultivation placed emphasis on the tempering of his mental state. If his mental state was unable to obtain a transformation, then it would be extremely difficult for him to advance in cultivation.

“Hmph! Be content with what you have. Have you seen any cultivators at the perfection-stage of the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm capable of ceaselessly improving his strength like you can?” Senior White chuckled and said, “Possessing such heaven defying natural talents causes your path of advancement to be bound to be extremely difficult. Of course, you can’t compare to me path of advancement….”

As he finished speaking, Senior White was both complacent and sighing, and he seemed extremely conflicted.

Dong Bowen deeply agreed with Senior White’s evaluation of Little Bao. The natural talent of a Gold-eyed Rhesus Monkey was extremely heaven defying indeed. They possessed shocking combat strength and were peerlessly ferocious. Their only flaw was possessed a wild and cruel, and extremely irritable mental state, and it greatly affected their paths of cultivation.

But even then, Dong Bowen was very clearly aware that so long as this monkey continued on his path of cultivation, then his future would be limitless.

How interesting. A strange bird of mysterious origin and a Gold-eyed Rhesus Monkey that possesses heaven defying natural talent. Where exactly did this Chen Xi find such help? Dong Bowen couldn’t help but be lost in thought.

After a few hours, Chen Xi awoke from his meditation as well, and his aura had clearly become much stronger than before.

The facts were indeed so. After he refined and absorbed the Ancestral Dragon Daolord’s quintessence energy, his cultivation had finally attained perfection in the intermediate-stage of the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm, and he’d started to approach the advanced-stage of the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm. Moreover, his foundation had been tempered and consolidated a step further, and it was extremely thick and solid.

“I never expected that I would be able to obtain such fortune before we even arrived at the Ancestral Dragon Daolord’s tomb. It can really be considered as an unexpected gain.” A wisp of a smile couldn’t help but suffuse the corners of Chen Xi’s mouth when he sensed the changes in his aura.

“There are another 17 divine mountains in the second restriction, and it means that another 17 barriers lay before us on our path. However, so long as we cooperate well, then not only would we be able to pass through smoothly, we would even be able to obtain some quintessence energy of the Ancestral Dragon Daolord just like we did earlier!” Senior White yellow in a slightly excited tone, and he seemed to be eager and prepared to go all out.

“Awesome!” Little Bao was extremely happy as well.

Dong Bowen couldn’t help but smile, and he seemed to have been affected by them, casing him to be suddenly filled with anticipation towards the 17 divine mountains that they had to traverse next.

“Let’s talk about it after Ye Yan wakes up.” Chen Xi seemed to be very calm, and he gazed at Ye Yan who was seated cross-legged as she cultivated at the side.


Right at this moment, Ye Yan’s peerlessly gorgeous face turned pale, and then a mouthful of blood sprayed out from her mouth!

This caused Chen Xi to be instantly shocked. What happened?

“Ha!” Dong Bowen seemed to have realized something, and he suddenly shouted, causing his voice to resound by Ye Yan’s ears. Ye Yan’s entire body trembled, and then she seemed as if she’d awakened from a dream.

However, at this moment, she seemed to carry a lingering fear in her heart, and she seemed to have experienced something extremely terrifying just now.

“It isn’t good to charge through to the next realm of cultivation by force. The Imperial Monarch Realm isn’t as simple as you think. If the right moment hasn’t come, then forcefully charging into it will only cause you to encounter qi deviation. It’s extremely dangerous.” Dong Bowen exposed what Ye Yan had done just now, and it immediately allowed Chen Xi to understand that Ye Yan had actually tried to rely on this opportunity to charge into the Imperial Monarch Realm!

Ye Yan nodded, and then she said bitterly, “Thank you for saving me, Senior. I was too impatient indeed.”

“It’s fine so long as you’re alright. You’ll have an ample amount of opportunities in the future.” Chen Xi consoled from the side.

“Alright, since she’s fine, then lets quickly make a move.” Senior White spoke impatiently.

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