Chapter 1798 – The Kindness Of Providing Guidance

Violet divine radiance seethed while carrying the supreme might of an Imperial Monarch and collided forcefully with the claw that blotted out the sky, causing a deafening explosion to resound and divine light to shoot into the surroundings.

Such a collision could be said to be world shaking, and it caused Chen Xi to be practically unable to resist it at all, let alone move.

It couldn’t be helped. Regardless of whether it was the figure formed from the Ancestral Dragon Daolord’s quintessence energy or the Ninth Star Imperial Monarch Dong Bowen who made a move at this moment, both of them were too strong, and Chen Xi who was merely an intermediate-stage Universe Enlightened Ancestral God was bound to be unable to compare to them.

“Hmph!” The 30km tall figure seemed to have experienced pain, and it let out a cold and furious grunt that rumbled through the heavens and the earth like thunder.

Dong Bowen seized this opportunity to grab Chen Xi and bring Chen Xi back to the peak of the first mountain.

“Alright, it’s safe now. Even though that fellow is formidable, it won’t take the initiative to attack so long as one doesn’t step foot into the area of the second restriction.” Dong Bowen seemed to heave a sigh of relief in his heart.

“What are your intentions?” Even though Chen Xi was surprised and bewildered, his expression was still calm. He was unable to figure out why Dong Bowen had lent him a hand.

Was it for the Overarching Heaven Net?

Or was it for the Dragon Origin Pearl?

“Don’t worry. If it was anyone else, then I would have seized those Natural Spirit Treasures a long time ago, but I won’t use force against you.” Dong Bowen gazed at Chen Xi as he spoke, and a wisp of a smile actually suffused his cold and indifferent face. He sighed with emotion and said, “Actually, I should have guessed that only an existence like Oracle Mountain would be capable of fostering an extraordinary figure like you.”

Chen Xi wasn’t surprised that Dong Bowen had recognized his origins, and he was just unable to figure out Dong Bowen’s attitude towards him.

Suddenly, Dong Bowen asked. “Are you… the Grand Lord, Wu Xuechan’s, disciple?”

Chen Xi shook his head, this caused Dong Bowen to be unable to help but be stunned. But what Chen Xi said next caused Dong Bowen to suddenly open his eyes wide.

“Wu Xuechan is my Eldest Senior Brother.” Chen Xi’s voice was extremely flat and calm.

“Eldest Senior Brother….” Dong Bowen repeated these words once more, and then his expression suddenly became strange. He seemed to feeling surprise and disbelief, but in the end, all of it transformed into a complicated expression. “I never expected that you’re actually a personal disciple of Oracle Mountain’s Master….”

When he spoke up to here, he took a deep breath and calmed his emotions. His handsome face carried a wisp of an amiable smile as he said, “There’s no need to be nervous. Since you’re the Grand Lord’s junior brother, then we’re not outsiders.”

This caused Chen Xi to be stunned, and he said with surprise, “What do you mean by that?”

Dong Bowen said, “All those years ago, I originally intended to join Oracle Mountain, yet I was unable to attain my wish, and I always felt that it was regrettable. However, even though I was unable to become a disciple of Oracle Mountain, I obtained a great deal of guidance from the Grand Lord, and it was all thanks to the Grand Lord’s guidance that I was able to step into the Imperial Monarch Realm and cultivate all the way to my current attainments.”

He paused for a moment and continued. “So, even though the Grand Lord and I aren’t master and disciple in name, we have the relationship of master and disciple. Since you’re the Grand Lord’s junior brother, then we’re naturally not outsiders.”

When he heard all of this, Chen Xi couldn’t help but be slightly surprised. Never had he imagined that this Ninth Star Imperial Monarch standing before him would have actually received his Eldest Senior Brother, Wu Xuechan’s, guidance all those years ago.

“So that’s how it is.” After a long time, Chen Xi couldn’t help but sigh with emotion.

“Even though the Grand Lord has always refused to take me as his disciple, he’s already no different than my master in my heart. So, according to this sort of seniority, I should call you Little Martial Uncle.” Dong Bowen smiled lightheartedly.

As a Ninth Star Imperial Monarch, he’d actually spoken such words and actually didn’t hesitate to assume the position of a junior. If the cultivators of the outside world found out about this, their jaws would definitely drop to the ground from shock.

If this seniority was confirmed, then it would truly be astounding. Who would dare imagine a Ninth Star Imperial Monarch addressing a young man at the intermediate-stage of the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm as Little Martial Uncle?

However, Chen Xi didn’t think in this way. He was very clearly aware that Dong Bowen had said this entirely because of his Eldest Senior Brother, Wu Xuechan, and it wasn’t because Chen Xi deserved to be given such face.

“I dare not accept that. Please just call me Chen Xi.” Chen Xi cupped his hands as he spoke.

“Alright.” Dong Bowen smiled and nodded.

“Alright, can both of you stop talking nonsense? Since we’re on the same side, then let’s pass through this second restriction together so as to avoid any changes in the situation arising from undue delay.” Senior White who’d remained silent until now couldn’t restrain himself from speaking.

Chen Xi couldn’t help but glance at Dong Bowen when he heard this.

Dong Bowen smiled and said, “You’re right. Since we’re on the same side, then I’ll naturally help you pass through this place. Perhaps I wouldn’t dare boast like this in the past, but with the Dragon Origin Pearl and Overarching Heaven Net, I have a certain level of confidence to be able to accomplish that.”

Senior White seemed to be slightly anxious, and he said vigilantly, “Fellow Daoist, we didn’t ask for your help. So, if we pass through the second restriction and find the fortune left behind by the Ancestral Dragon Daolord, then you can’t fight for it with us.”

Chen Xi couldn’t help but glare at Senior White when he heard this, yet the latter paid no attention to Chen Xi and just stared fixedly at Dong Bowen.

Dong Bowen went silent for a moment when he heard this, and then he said readily, “Alright, I guarantee that I won’t do that.”

His voice was flat, yet it carried a resolute tone.

He’d already waited here for 8,000 years, and he’d constantly exercised forbearance and hadn’t left until now. All of it was done for the sake of obtaining that fortune and allowing himself to obtain a shred of a chance to advance into the Daolord Realm.

However, merely because Chen Xi was Wu Xuechan’s junior brother, he’d resolutely given up this fortune, and Chen Xi couldn’t help but be slightly surprised by this.

“Since you’re taking action with us, then you’ll naturally have a share of this fortune.” Chen Xi took a deep breath and spoke slowly.

Senior White was stunned. He glanced at Chen Xi yet noticed that the latter had already made up his mind, so Senior White didn’t say anything in the end.

“This….” At this moment, Dong Bowen was slightly surprised by Chen Xi’s decision.

Dong Bowen was just about to say something when Chen Xi interrupted him and smiled. “It’s decided. If you don’t agree, then we won’t allow you to help us.”

Dong Bowen restrained his smile and glanced deeply at Chen Xi before he suddenly said with a smile, “As expected, even single disciple of Oracle Mountain is extraordinary. I agree!”

“Then let’s act quickly. It won’t be long before that old fellow catches up.” Senior White spoke in a slightly anxious tone. As he spoke, he glanced back towards the area covered by the first restriction. Imperial Monarch Tai Jing was on the verge of approaching them.

“Why don’t I make a move and deal with that fellow first?” Dong Bowen seemed to have thought of something, and he glanced at Imperial Monarch Tai Jing who was approaching from afar.

This suggestion instantly caused both Senior White and Chen Xi to be extremely tempted. If this Ninth Star Imperial Monarch, Dong Bowen, made a move and dealt with this huge trouble of theirs which was Imperial Monarch Tai Jing, then it couldn’t be any better.

When he noticed this, Dong Bowen immediately understood tacitly, and he said with a smile, “Leave it to me.”

However, to Chen Xi and Senior White’s surprise, Imperial Monarch Tai Jing seemed to have noticed something before Dong Bowen made a move, and his approaching figure suddenly turned around before he went back the way he came. He actually seemed as if he intended to withdraw and leave.

Obviously, Imperial Monarch Tai Jing had recognized Dong Bowen, and when he saw Dong Bowen with Chen Xi, he instantly realized that the situation was bad and decisive chose to retreat.

“That old bastard really acted quickly.” Senior White sneered and ridiculed.

“Forget it. Don’t pay any attention to him. Let’s begin.” Chen Xi frowned. In the end, he decided to pay no further attention to Imperial Monarch Tai Jing for now.

“We can only do that.” Dong Bowen sighed.

He was confident in his ability to kill Imperial Monarch Tai Jing, but it was absolutely not under such circumstances. After all, his opponent was an Imperial Monarch and was within the area covered by Dragon Flame Tribulation Lightning. So, now that Imperial Monarch Tai Jing had chosen to retreat, he only had a slim chance of being able to annihilate Imperial Monarch Tai Jing.

“Imperial Monarch Zi Wei, Dong Bowen! How could it him? Didn’t he go into closed door cultivation 8,000 years ago? Why would he be here?”

“What sort of relationship does he have with that kid?”

After hastily retreating from the first restriction, Imperial Monarch Tai Jing’s expression turned livid and gloomy. He’d utterly never imagined that there would be so many twists and turns while merely pursuing a young man at the intermediate-stage of the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm.

“Dammit! How truly damnable!” Imperial Monarch Tai Jing gnashed his teeth with hatred to the point they almost shattered, and his expression changed indeterminately. He felt that this operation had been too full of setbacks and unfortunate all along the way.

“This won’t do! I can’t let that kid go just like that! Even though Dong Bowen is formidable, I don’t believe that they won’t split up!” After struggling inwardly for a long time, Imperial Monarch Tai Jing gritted his teeth in the end, and then he turned around and returned along the path he’d arrived here from. He intended to tell everything that occurred here to the clan before making a decision on what to do next.

As far as Imperial Monarch Tai Jing was concerned, so long as Chen Xi didn’t leave Specter Galaxy, then his Shaohao Clan still had a chance to annihilate Chen Xi!

The thing that truly troubled Imperial Monarch Tai Jing was Dong Bowen instead. If it wasn’t for Dong Bowen, how could he have returned in such an embarrassing state?

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Dong Bowen’s figure was like a strand of seething violet divine radiance beneath the sky, and he fought the 30km figure that was formed by the quintessence energy of the Ancestral Dragon Daolord.

For a time, this expanse of the heavens and the earth was in disorder. Space collapsed, all things were destroyed, and it was an extremely shocking scene.

If one looked carefully, even though the 30km tall figure’s combat strength was still extremely terrifying, its body was restrained by the Overarching Heaven Net, causing it to be like a punching bag that was repeatedly blasted back by Dong Bowen.

On the other hand, Chen Xi who stood in the distance seized this opportunity to withdraw the Dragon Origin Pearl and hurl it over forcefully.


In an instant, the Dragon Origin Pearl charged into the 30km tall figure and vanished in the blink of an eye.

Compared to before, the situation had clearly become advantageous to them with a Ninth Star Imperial Monarch like Dong Bowen joining forces with them.

Chen Xi couldn’t help but heave a long sigh of relief because of this.

He’d already completed what he had to do, and now it all depended on how long that 30km tall figure could persist for.

At this moment, Chen Xi was able to clearly sense that the Dragon Origin Pearl was ceaselessly absorbing the energy within that giant figure, and the 30km tall figure actually didn’t notice it at all.

If this continued, then even if Dong Bowen was unable to obliterate the figure, just relying on the Dragon Origin Pearl alone would be sufficient to destroy it!

This was a technique that Senior White had taught him. Even though the Dragon Origin Pearl had been damaged earlier, it was a treasure that came from the same source as the Ancestral Dragon Daolord’s quintessence energy. So, it was able to display inconceivable effects when dealing with the 30km tall figure.

If it was able to absorb all the quintessence energy contained within the 30km tall figure, then the Dragon Origin Pearl wouldn’t just be repaired, its might would become even stronger than before!

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