Chapter 1797 – Gigantic Figure

Hesitation represented some sort of worry.

It was absolutely not taking a risk to pass through the second restriction by utilizing the Overarching Heaven Net that worried Chen Xi, and the crux was that a Ninth Star Imperial Monarch resided on the peak of a distant mountain!

Even though Dong Bowen hadn’t revealed any hostile intentions, Chen Xi didn’t dare be careless at all.

Not to mention that there was another Imperial Monarch approaching incessantly, and it caused Chen Xi to have no choice but be even more vigilant.

“You’re worried about that Ninth Star Imperial Monarch?” Senior White seemed to have seen through Chen Xi’s thoughts, and he couldn’t help but speak via voice transmission. “Don’t worry, that fellow is trapped there, and it’s extremely difficult for him to make a single movement. If he wants to seize the opportunity to make a move against us, then he first has to resist the quintessence energy of the Ancestral Dragon Daolord that fills that area.”

Senior White paused for a moment and continued. “So long as we take him by surprise and enter the second restriction in advance, then he’s bound to be unable to do anything to us.”

Chen Xi frowned and said, “How do we take him by surprise?”

Senior White couldn’t help but smile complacently. “Could it be that you still haven’t noticed? That fellow obviously thinks that we’re unable to pass through the second restriction. Under such circumstances, he wouldn’t make a move against a junior with his status as an Imperial Monarch. On the contrary, he’ll even watch coldly from the sidelines and see exactly what methods we’ll use to try and pass through the second restriction. This is exactly our opportunity.”

Chen Xi pondered deeply for a moment, and he nodded in agreement in the end.

In next to no time, Chen Xi’s group had arrived at the peak of the first divine mountain.

“Hah! All of you really intend to traverse the second restriction?” Dong Bowen opened his eyes, and he glanced at Chen Xi’s group who were 3km away from him and couldn’t help but laugh lightheartedly.

“What? Are you worried that we’ll really pass through it and cause a Ninth Star Imperial Monarch like you to seem extremely useless?” Senior White ridiculed and wasn’t afraid of Dong Bowen at all.

“You really have a foul mouth, bird. Nevermind, I won’t make a fuss about it with you. Since you intend to court death, then feel free to do so.” Dong Bowen seemed to be extremely poised, and he merely shook his head, smiled, and couldn’t be bothered to make a fuss about it with Senior White.

Senior White laughed complacently instead. He desired this exact effect. Because if Dong Bowen disregarded everything to obstruct them, then the consequences would be unimaginable.

However, from the beginning until the end, Chen Xi hadn’t paid any attention to what was happening here, and he’d been carefully sizing up everything in the distance since he arrived at the peak of the mountain.

This mountain beneath their feet towered into the clouds, and it was the first mountain within the first restriction. When one looked into the distance from here, there were another 17 divine mountains respectively standing towering in the distance.

Every single divine mountain was ancient and mighty. They were suffused with a horrifying aura that was obscure and mysterious, and they seemed like boundless abysses that could swallow all outsiders.

This was the second restriction of Dragon Ridge, and it was the final barrier to the Ancestral Dragon Daolord’s tomb. Since the ancient times until now, countless world shocking figures had stopped and perished here!

“Are you ready?” Senior White’s voice sounded out by his ears.

Chen Xi nodded, and then he took a deep breath and hide Little Bao away according to Senior White’s instructions. They did this in order to prevent Little Bao from suffering any mishaps while Chen Xi passed through the second restriction.

After he did all of this, Chen Xi’s eyes were filled with a firm expression as he said, “Let’s begin.”

As he spoke, he strode forward and strode through the sky.


Right at the moment he took a step off the first divine mountain, an ancient, mysterious, and vast fluctuation suddenly swept through this expanse of the heavens and the earth. It caused the heavens and the earth to dim down while all things suddenly warped at this moment.

The sky became pitch black and seemed to have fallen into eternal darkness!

Such a scene simply seemed like the end of the world had arrived, and it intended to annihilate everything. It was extremely shocking.


Suddenly, a strand of world shocking rumbling resounded. Chen Xi felt something flash before his eyes, and then a figure actually floated up into appearance in the distant space.

That figure was an entire 30km tall. Its head seemed to hold the sky up while its feet reached the ground, and it stood towering in the heavens and the earth as if it had been standing there for a myriad of years and remained immovable for eternity.

At practically the exact same moment, a strand of an ancient aura suddenly swept out from this 30km tall figure. In the next instant, numerous strands of brilliant and dazzling golden light surged into appearance, and it flowed through every single inch of the figure’s skin.


This figure’s imposing aura was too astonishing and boundless. While merely standing there, its vital energy rumbled like the Grand Dao, and it caused the sound of chanting to resound and ripple out.

At this instant, this expanse of the heavens and the earth seemed as if it was filled by that mighty figure. The might figure was covered in golden light, and it possessed boundless might. It was like an innate god that had awakened from death, and it caused others to unconsciously have the feeling of being tiny before it.

“That’s….” Chen Xi was extremely shocked in his heart, and he gasped. Even if he was clearly aware that the second restriction was extremely terrifying, he still couldn’t help but shudder with fear when he saw the 30km tall ancient figure, and he sensed a form of lethal danger.

“There’s no need to be afraid. This is formed from the quintessence energy left behind by the Ancestral Dragon Daolord. Even though it’s terrifying, it doesn’t possess any intelligence. You just have to do as I instructed.” Senior White had an unusually solemn expression as he swiftly reminded Chen Xi.

Chen Xi nodded, and he was just about to do something when he heard Dong Bowen suddenly speak. “That fellow is the Dragon Quintessence Soul that the Ancestral Dragon Daolord left behind before his death. I’ve fought it for 8,000 years and executed all sorts of abilities, yet I’ve never been able to subdue it. Do all of you… really intend to court death?”

Chen Xi paused for a moment, but he disregarded Dong Bowen’s words in the end.


Chen Xi withdrew the Dragon Origin Pearl, and it revolved in midair while emanating strands of ancient fluctuations of Dragon Energy.

After that, he strode forward.

“What a stubborn little fellow. Since you intend to stubbornly seek death, then don’t say that I didn’t warn you….” Dong Bowen couldn’t help but shake his head. He originally intended to close his eyes and meditate, yet he was unable to restrain himself in the end and shot his gaze over.

He was curious as well. Exactly where did a young man at the intermediate-stage of the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm get such confidence to actually dare to try and traverse a restriction that even Half-step Daolords would find difficult to deal with.


Right at the moment Chen Xi took a stride forward, the mighty figure suddenly turned its head, and its eyes that were like scorching suns shot down. Its gaze actually seemed material, and it pierced through space and instantly locked onto Chen Xi.

In an instant, Chen Xi felt his soul shudder while terror crept throughout his body. The hairs on his entire body stood on end while his figure stiffened on the spot.


The Dragon Origin Pearl glowed in midair while emanating ancient Dragon Energy. The Dragon Energy enveloped Chen Xi and actually gradually expelled and dispersed the deterrence that he suffered.

“Hmm?” A muddy and obscure voice rumbled like muffled thunder from within the 30km tall figure, and it seemed to be slightly bewildered.

“It really is as I expected. This fellow is formed from the Ancestral Dragon Daolord’s quintessence energy, and it’s of the same origin as the energy within the Dragon Origin Pearl. Under such circumstances, it won’t make a move against you in a short period of time.” Senior White suddenly became excited, and he said swiftly via voice transmission, “Quickly! Quickly! Quickly! Withdraw the Overarching Heaven Net and restrain this fellow in one go!”

“But in that way, would it be infuriated and attack?” Chen Xi frowned.

“Even if you don’t make a move against it, do you think it’ll just watch as you pass through this area?” Senior White spoke angrily.

Chen Xi’s eyes narrowed. In the end, he gritted his teeth and suddenly raised his hand before making a tossing motion. A ball of light that was chilly like starlight swept out, and it suddenly transformed into a large net in midair. Moreover, this net actually easily restrained the 30km tall figure.

“Eh!” At practically the exact same moment, Dong Bowen’s surprised exclaim sounded out from behind. “The Overarching Heaven Net! So, you’re a disciple of Oracle Mountain?!”

Shit! Senior White exclaimed in his heart, and then he shouted explosively. “Chen Xi, what’re you standing there for? Quickly take action!”

There was utterly no need for Senior White to remind him. Chen Xi had realized the situation was pressing a long time ago, and he immediately circulated his entire cultivation, causing a myriad of strands of divine radiance to sweep out. After that, he suddenly let out a long howl as he forcefully hurled the Dragon Origin Pearl out.

Its target was precisely the 30km tall figure that was restrained by the Overarching Heaven Net!

However, even though he was quick, the figure formed from the Ancestral Dragon Daolord’s quintessence energy was even swifter. When it was restrained by the Overarching Heaven Net, it let out a deep and cold grunt, and then lightly raised its hand before causing rumbling to resound as it grasped and raised the large net that covered its body!

Shockingly, its hand was densely covered in blue scales, and it was a sharp dragon claw that was filled with numerous mysterious and noble markings!

The might revealed by this dragon claw was terrifying. The Overarching Heaven Net was simply like catkin that couldn’t provide any resistance at all, and it was easily lifted before being forcefully pulled down. Moreover, it seemed as if it intended to crush the Overarching Heaven Net into pieces.

“Shit!” Chen Xi and Senior White’s expressions changed simultaneously.

In their plan, Chen Xi was to first restrain the mighty figure with the Overarching Heaven Net, and then utilized the Dragon Origin Pearl to absorb the energy within that mighty figure.

After all, the Dragon Origin Pearl and the Ancestral Dragon Daolord’s quintessence energy were both Innate Energy of the Dragon Race, and they came from the same sources. So long as the Dragon Origin pearl entered that 30km tall body, then it would absolutely not cause the mighty figure to resist.

In this way, Chen Xi could control the Dragon Origin Pearl to absorb its strength and accomplish his goal of annihilating the mighty figure.

However, both Chen Xi and Senior White had never expected that the 30km tall figure’s strength would actually be so terrifying. Even a peerless divine treasure like the Overarching Heaven Net was so weak before its attack, and it instantly took them by surprise.

The most terrible thing was that even though the 30km tall figure hadn’t destroyed the Overarching Heaven Net, it had suddenly stretched out its claw and clawed down towards Chen Xi and Senior White.


That dragon claw was covered in blue scales and obscure and noble dragon markings. It was like a screen that blotted out the sky as it crushed down. The sky seemed as if it was on the verge of collapse beneath it, and it caused others to be utterly unable to dodge it or flee from it!

“Flee!” Senior White let out a sharp cry.

He was clearly aware that he’d underestimated the quintessence energy of a Daolord, and that was the reason why they’d fallen into such a disadvantageous situation.

“Dammit!” At practically the exact same moment, Chen Xi’s face sank, and he turned around with the intention of dodged. He’d utterly never imagined that they would fall into such an extremely dangerous situation as soon as they took action, and it was even to the extent that he might lose the Overarching Heaven Net!


However, right at the instant when Chen Xi intended to flash swiftly back to the first mountain, an expanse of blazing and rippling violet divine radiance suddenly swept out, and it collided head-on with the claw before it could descend onto Chen Xi and Senior White.

It was actually the Ninth Star Imperial Monarch, Dong Bowen, who’d launched the attack!

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