Chapter 1796 – Success


Even if they’d dodged repeatedly, one of the Universe Enlightened Ancestral Gods was still struck by the Dragon Flame Tribulation Lightning, and he was blasted to death on the spot. Moreover, his entire body and soul were instantly transformed into powder that vanished into nothingness.

This scene shocked Imperial Monarch Tai Jing and the others to the point their hearts shook, and their expressions changed indeterminately. Moreover, they grew even more furious, and they were angered to the point of being on the verge of spitting blood.

It was merely a young man at the intermediate-stage of the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm, yet he’d relied on the Dragon Flame Tribulation Lightning to successively annihilate two Universe Enlightened Ancestral Gods from their side. How could they accept this?

“Bastard!!” Imperial Monarch Tai Jing was even more infuriated, and he roared loudly.

However, before he could even make a move, he heard rumbling resound as another string of tribulation lightning struck down, and it caused his voice to stop abruptly while he couldn’t help but dodge in a sorry state.

If the cultivators of the outside world saw his furious and aggrieved appearance, they would definitely laugh their heads off.

On the other hand, the last two remaining Universe Enlightened Ancestral Gods by Imperial Monarch Tai Jing’s side weren’t so lucky, and they were successively slaughtered in the following period of time!

This was why the Dragon Flame Tribulation Lightning was terrifying. It was from the first restriction of Dragon Ridge, and it was set up by the Ancestral Dragon Daolord all those years ago. It contained his strength, and it was utterly extraordinary.

“Dammit!!” Imperial Monarch Tai Jing was in a thundering rage, and his eyes almost split apart from it.

As an elder of the Shaohao Clan that possessed monstrous authority and as an Imperial Monarch that possessed unparalleled divine might, when had he ever suffered such a setback and humiliation since he started cultivating until now?

He was merely pursuing a nobody, yet it caused all the Universe Enlightened Ancestral Gods he brought along with him to be annihilated. If news of this were to spread, then how would the entire world look upon him, Imperial Monarch Tai Jing?

Moreover, how would he give an explanation to the clan?

Imperial Monarch Tai Jing was utterly furious, and it was even to the extent that he was on the verge of going berserk. His face had warped and turned savage, and he was like a furious primeval ferocious beast that emanated an extremely terrifying imposing aura.


Divine flames erupted explosively from his entire body, causing him to seem like a peerless god of devils that had descended to the world, and he roared loudly as he charged towards the distance.

Even though he’d lost all of his subordinates, being alone had allowed him to be ridden of all restraints, and he didn’t have to distract himself to protect the others any longer.

Under such circumstances, it actually allowed him to resist the bolts of tribulation lightning that struck down towards him, and he started to approach the depths of Dragon Ridge.

However, compared to Chen Xi’s group, Imperial Monarch Tai Jing’s speed was clearly much slower.

The reason was that Chen Xi had utilized the Dragon Origin Pearl to divert all the tribulation lightning to Imperial Monarch Tai Jing.

On the other hand, Imperial Monarch Tai Jing could only rely on his own strength to resist it directly. Under such circumstances, it was utterly impossible for him to immediately catch up to Chen Xi.

However, Imperial Monarch Tai Jing couldn’t be bothered about all of this. He only had a single thought in his heart, and it was to charge out of this area and kill Chen Xi no matter what!

“The Shaohao Clan? I never expected that they would actually be reduced to such a state by a young man from the Jin Clan. They’ve really lost all face.” On the peak of a mountain in the distance, Dong Bowen who wore violet clothes had already discerned the identities of Imperial Monarch Tai Jing and the others, and he couldn’t help but shake his head when he saw those Universe Enlightened Ancestral Gods being struck to death by the tribulation lightning.

But right after that, Dong Bowen’s eyes were suffused with an unusual glow. “Wait! The Jin Clan is just like the Shaohao Clan, and both of them had close relationships with the Sovereign Sect. These two sects shouldn’t be in such confrontation.”

“Could it be that young man isn’t a descendant of the Jin Clan? So, in this way, the Dragon Origin Pearl he possesses is probably not something he should possess….”

Earlier, Dong Bowen had instinctively taken Chen Xi to be a member of the Jin Clan because of the Dragon Origin Pearl, but he suddenly realized now that his judgment from before was mistaken.

“What a strange little fellow. He’s at the intermediate-stage of the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm, yet he passed through numerous barriers to step foot onto Dragon Ridge. Moreover, there’s a Gold-eyed Rhesus Monkey and strange bird of mysterious origins by his side. Now, he has even taken control of the Jin Clan’s Natural Spirit Treasure, the Dragon Origin Pearl. All of this makes him seem extremely mysterious.”

Dong Bowen had a deeper feeling of how extraordinary Chen Xi was the more he thought about it, and he couldn’t help but look once more at Chen Xi.

He noticed Chen Xi moving step by step with a composed disposition towards the depths of the first restriction, and Chen Xi was already on the verge of approaching him.

Moreover, because of his possession of the Dragon Origin Pearl, the Dragon Flame Tribulation Lightning that struck down incessantly were unable to harm Chen Xi at all.

“No wonder that strange bird dared to speak so arrogantly. They really might be able to arrive before the second restriction by relying on that treasure.”

Earlier, Senior White had constantly engaged in a verbal argument with Dong Bowen, and it caused the latter to faintly feel a trace of displeasure in his heart. However, when he witnessed this scene, Dong Bowen couldn’t help but be slightly moved, and he withdrew the trace of contempt he had in his heart.

“Hmph! What are you looking at? Are you regretting that you spoke too confidently?” Senior White noticed Dong Bowen’s gaze as soon as he raised his head, and he couldn’t help but raise his chest proudly and grunt coldly.

“Haha! I really didn’t expect that you’d actually possess the Dragon Origin Pearl. But don’t be so sure of yourselves. Even though you’ve surmounted the first restriction, the second restriction….” Dong Bowen’s voice was casual, and as he finished speaking, he grinned as he withdrew his gaze and didn’t say anything else.

Obviously, he didn’t think that Chen Xi’s group would be able to traverse the second restriction.

“Heh! I’ll say the same thing I said just now. If you’re unable to accomplish it, it doesn’t mean that we’re unable to as well. Just wait and see!” Senior White laughed coldly.

During this entire process, Chen Xi didn’t say a single word because his entire attention was placed on dealing with and controlling the Dragon Flame Tribulation Lightning.

When he watched the Universe Enlightened Ancestral Gods by Imperial Monarch Tai Jing’s side being annihilated successively, he couldn’t help but feel extremely happy.

He was originally heading back to Oracle Mountain, yet he was obstructed by these fellows on the way, and they seemed as if they wanted to annihilate him. This caused Chen Xi to be unable to avoid feeling infuriated.

Because of this, Chen Xi had even been forced to flee into Specter Galaxy and flee without end. At this point in time, the situation had finally started to turn around, and it had become advantageous to him, so he naturally couldn’t help but feel extremely delighted.

However, Chen Xi didn’t dare be careless. Because even until this very moment, Imperial Monarch Tai Jing was still completely unharmed and was gradually approaching him!

Chen Xi had fought Imperial Monarch Nandu earlier, and he was extremely clearly aware how difficult and dangerous it was to kill an Imperial Monarch.

Moreover, according to his judgment, Imperial Monarch Tai Jing’s strength was much stronger than Imperial Monarch Nandu, so he naturally didn’t dare be careless.

Under such circumstances, the only thing he could do was make the best use of his time to surmount this area that was covered by Dragon Flame Tribulation Lightning and ceaselessly pull apart the distance between Imperial Monarch Tai Jing and himself, so as to avoid a head-on collision with Imperial Monarch Tai Jing.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Along with the passage of time, numerous brilliant bolts of tribulation lightning struck down incessantly. They rumbled and surged through the surroundings, and they were filled with an aura of obliteration.

Chen Xi’s group was moving forward.

Dong Bowen had already closed his eyes and entered into a meditative state on the distant mountain, and he paid no further attention to all of this.

At this moment, even Imperial Monarch Tai Jing had recovered his calm. His expression was icy cold and murderous while he moved forward against the bolts of tribulation lightning that struck down towards him, and his entire body was coiled with killing intent and flowed with divine radiance, causing him to seem extremely terrifying.

After the time for an incense stick to burn, rumbling resounded while Chen Xi felt his entire body relax. He’d left the area covered by the first restriction, and he immediately heaved a sigh of relief.

We finally made it out of the area covered by the first restriction!

It really is as Senior White said, the Dragon Origin Pearl has already suffered a great deal of damage…. As he gazed at the treasure in his palm, he noticed it was completely dim while its aura wasn’t as bright and perfect as it was earlier. It was like a brilliant pearl that had been mottled by some dust and dirt.

This was a Natural Spirit Treasure, yet it was damaged to such an extent, so its might would definitely weaken greatly. If any other cultivator witnessed this, that person’s heart would definitely bleed because of it.

However, Chen Xi was extremely satisfied because it was absolutely worth it since he was able to safely traverse the first restriction with the help of this treasure.

Chen Xi turned around and glanced into the distance. He noticed Imperial Monarch Tai Jing’s figure approaching from extremely far away. Even though Imperial Monarch Tai Jing was slow, it wouldn’t be long before Imperial Monarch Tai Jing would traverse the first restriction as well.

This caused Chen Xi to be unable to help but frown, and he swiftly said via voice transmission, “Senior White, how should we deal with the second restriction?”

According to Dong Bowen, the second restriction was the 18 divine mountains before their eyes, and these divine mountains were formed by the quintessence energy of the Ancestral Dragon Daolord when he perished. It was so dangerous that only existences at the Half-step Daolord Realm had a chance of passing through it.

It was precisely because of this that even though Dong Bowen was a Ninth Star Imperial Monarch, he’d still been trapped here for 8,000 years and was unable to take a single step forward.

This clearly showed how terrifying the second restriction was.

“This method of mine is slightly risky, but we can give it a try.” Senior White went silent for a moment before he revealed a rare solemn expression. “The quintessence energy of a Daolord is too strong. Even if it’s the energy left behind after the Daolord suffered tribulation and perished, it’s still sufficient to annihilate all existences below the Daolord Realm.”

Chen Xi’s heart shook, and then he asked. “Exactly what method is it?”

Senior White smiled when he heard this, and he said, “Remember what your ancestor, I, said earlier. If this method works, then it wouldn’t just allow you to pass smoothly through the second restriction, you’ll even be able to completely repair the Dragon Origin Pearl and allow its might to grow even stronger!”

Chen Xi couldn’t help but frown, and he said angrily, “I asked you what the method is!”

Senior White didn’t conceal it any longer, and he swiftly said to Chen Xi via voice transmission, “After being left behind until now, the quintessence energy of a Daolord is shapeless and immaterial, yet it’s filled with extraordinary killing intent. It’s practically impossible to take precautions against it and resist it. But don’t forget that the Overarching Heaven Net in your possession is capable of capturing any ethereal, unreal, and imperceptible force in the world….”

Before Senior White could finish speaking, he was interrupted by Chen Xi. “The Overarching Heaven Net is extraordinary indeed. But if it’s utilized with my strength, then it’ll probably be unable to accomplish that at all.”

Senior White said indifferently, “How would you know the outcome without giving it a try? This is the risk that I spoke of. However, fortune is sought from amidst danger. How could there be a completely perfect and safe method in this world?”

Chen Xi instantly became hesitant. Should I… try it or not?

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