Chapter 1795 – Diverting Trouble

Let’s turn back time and return to when Chen Xi’s group still hadn’t entered Dragon Ridge.

On the bone path, when they saw Chen Xi’s group surpass them and enter the area where the fortune left behind by the Ancestral Dragon Daolord resided, the expressions of Imperial Monarch Tai Jing and the others turned completely livid.

They were burning with anxiety in their hearts, and they were unable to allow that supreme fortune to be seized just like that by that little fellow who they were hunting.

“Stand on guard for me!” Imperial Monarch Tai Jing took a deep breath and forcefully restrained the killing intent in his heart. At this moment, he didn’t dare hold back at all and executed a secret technique.


A myriad of strands of divine radiance arose from his body. They were dazzling and resplendent, and they formed the grand scenes of the changes in the universe, the passage of time, the circulation of the Grand Dao, the gods chanting scriptures, and so on and so forth. Moreover, all of these serves surged endlessly in the heavens and the earth.

In an instant, Imperial Monarch Tai Jing’s imposing aura rose swiftly. He was like a god that ruled over all living beings, and he possessed an imposing aura of control and supremacy over the world.

Moreover, along with the execution of this technique, Imperial Monarch Tai Jing’s imposing aura grew more and more stronger, and this strengthening showed no signs of stopping!


During this process, strands pressure that were like violent tidal waves assaulted them incessantly on the bone path. However, all the pressure was resisted by the four Universe Enlightened Ancestral Gods that were already ready for battle, and they won Imperial Monarch Tai Jing even more time to execute his secret technique.

However, they were merely Universe Enlightened Ancestral Gods in the end. Even Imperial Monarch Tai Jing was trapped here and unable to move forward at all, let alone them.


After merely a short moment of time, one of the Universe Enlightened Ancestral Gods coughed up blood while his figure staggered back, and he was almost annihilated on the path.

After 10 more minutes passed, the other three Universe Enlightened Ancestral Gods were unable to persist successively, and all of them coughed up blood while their countenances turned ghastly pale. They were like straw that were struggling beneath a violent gale, and they were in a precarious situation.

When they were just about to suffer calamity and perish, Imperial Monarch Tai Jing who’d remained still all this time had suddenly opened his eyes at this critical moment.


A strand of extremely terrifying pressure rumbled out from Imperial Monarch Tai Jing’s body. It was an autumn gale sweeping through leaves as it instantly crushed all the pressure that surged over into powder. It could be said to have encountered no resistance and was all powerful!

He succeeded! All four of the Universe Enlightened Ancestral Gods were excited, and the feeling of escaping death simply felt indescribable to them.

“Let’s go! We must kill that kid! We absolutely can’t allow that kid to obtain the fortune left behind by the Ancestral Dragon Daolord!” At this moment, Imperial Monarch Tai Jing revealed a powerful imposing aura. His entire body was suffused with a form of indescribably violent aura, and it was more than two times stronger than before.

As he spoke, he suddenly took a step forward. Everywhere he passed, the pressure that surged over incessantly was actually like pierce of paper that were destroyed an dispersed successively. They weren’t able to resist his might at all.

“Amazing, 15th Elder!”

“If I’m not wrong, then the secret technique that 15th Elder executed is probably one of the eight Ultimate Techniques of the Shaohao Clan, the Blood Transformation Daofuse Technique, right?”

“The Blood Transformation Daofuse Technique? My god! No wonder it’s so formidable, so it was this technique. According to rumor, it’s a secret technique that isn’t inferior to the Yazi Clan’s Godslaughter Burst Technique!”

The four Universe Enlightened Ancestral Gods that followed by Imperial Monarch Tai Jing’s side exclaimed endlessly with admiration, and they were extremely surprised by the ability that Imperial Monarch Tai Jing displayed.

Imperial Monarch Tai Jing’s expression was cold, yet he was extremely complacent in his heart, and he really enjoyed this sort of feeling of being praised and respected.

“Let’s go kill that kid first. It wouldn’t be too late to celebrate after we seize the fortune left behind by the Ancestral Dragon Daolord.” Imperial Monarch Tai Jin spoke indifferently before he suddenly shook his arms and closed them together as if he was embracing both the Yin and Yang in the world.


This action of his completely obliterated the last strand of pressure that stood before him.

“Of course.”

“15th Elder is absolutely right.” The Universe Enlightened Ancestral Gods nodded successively.

“If nothing unexpected occurs, then Dragon Ridge lays at the other side of this path, and that kid is definitely trapped there now!” A wisp of dense killing intent arose in Imperial Monarch Tai Jing’s eyes, and he didn’t stop at all before taking a stride through the end of the path.

The other Universe Enlightened Ancestral Gods hurriedly followed him when they saw this, and they rubbed their palms together while truly wishing for nothing more than to skin Chen Xi alive before burning his bones and scattering his ashes.

“That damnable little bastard! Let me see if he’s able to escape this time.”

“Haha! We must not be in a hurry to kill him this time. A little bastard like him has to be tortured to the point that living is worse than death, only then would it be satisfying.”

“Exactly. When the time comes, I’ll torture him nicely!”

As they discussed, all of them followed behind Imperial Monarch Tai Jing and arrived at Dragon Ridge.

After that, all of them hadn’t even had the time to see the appearance of Dragon Ridge clearly when a world shocking bolt of lightning blasted down towards them!

At this instant, it seemed as if time had frozen. Imperial Monarch Tai Jing’s eyes narrowed while he instinctively dodged to the side with full force.

On the other hand, the expressions of the four Universe Enlightened Ancestral Gods by his side turned grim instead, and they were shocked to the point their souls almost left their bodies. They similarly intended to dodge instinctively, but they were slightly slower than Imperial Monarch Tai Jing.


The bolt of tribulation lightning struck down and struck right onto one of the Universe Enlightened Ancestral Gods. That Universe Enlightened Ancestral God merely had the time to let out a shrill cry before his entire body was blasted into ash, and his soul was obliterated on the spot.

Imperial Monarch Tai Jing’s heart constricted when he witnessed this scene, and his eyes narrowed. His gaze shot out like a bolt of lightning, and he instantly noticed that Chen Xi’s group was surprisingly standing in the area around 3km away.

On the other hand, the other three Universe Enlightened Ancestral Gods were shocked by this scene to the point their entire bodies trembled, and they were filled with rage. Earlier, they were excitedly discussing how they would deal with Chen Xi, but in the blink of an eye, one of their companions had completely vanished from the world. How could they be able to accept such a huge difference in the situation?

“It really is that kid!” Imperial Monarch Tai Jing spat out a few words from between his lips, and it sounded like it was squeezed out from the cracks between his teeth and carried boundless killing intent.


“It was definitely that little bastard who launched a surprise attack against us!”

The three remaining Universe Enlightened Ancestral Gods were surprised, and they recovered from their shocked states. When they saw Chen Xi and the others who stood in the distance, both past and current enmity surged into their hearts, causing their expressions to become livid and ghastly to the extreme.

Meanwhile, Chen Xi and the others had finally recognized Imperial Monarch Tai Jing’s group, and they couldn’t help but feel slightly surprised because they’d never expected that Imperial Monarch Tai Jing’s group would catch up so quickly.

However, they couldn’t help but laugh right after that. They arrived quickly but arrived at the right time.

Because a bolt of Dragon Flame Tribulation Lightning that was diverted away had actually annihilated a Universe Enlightened Ancestral God from their side by coincidence.

“Damnable bastards! You actually dare to laugh!” One of the Universe Enlightened Ancestral Gods was infuriated, and he intended to charge forward and annihilate Chen Xi.


However, right at this moment, a strand of lightning suddenly struck down from the sky that was enveloped by mist. It terrified that Universe Enlightened Ancestral God to the point his entire body stiffened, and he instinctively dodged to the side.

But when he noticed that strand of tribulation lightning was attacking Chen Xi’s group, he couldn’t help but feel a wave of rage and embarrassment, and he felt like his action of dodging just now was too humiliating.

However, in merely an instant, he started taking pleasure in Chen Xi’s group’s misfortune. How could this bolt of tribulation lightning be unable to strike that damnable little bastard to death?


But to his astonishment, after that bolt of tribulation lightning descended, it was drawn over by the vortex that the Dragon Origin Pearl had formed in midair, and it revolved uncontrollably with the vortex and was completely diverted from its actual trajectory of attack.

When looked at from afar, it was like Chen Xi had utilized the Dragon Origin Pearl to control the tribulation lightning.

At this moment, even the pupils of Imperial Monarch Tai Jing and the others couldn’t help but constrict while their hearts twitched fiercely. They almost didn’t dare believe their eyes.

That’s Dragon Flame Tribulation Lightning!

How could it possibly be controlled?


Before they could recover from their shock, that bolt of tribulation lightning was suddenly tossed out by the vortex, and it struck down fiercely towards them at an even swifter speed.

In an instant, Imperial Monarch Tai Jing was shocked by this scene to the point his expression changed once more, and he hurriedly dodged while seeming to be in an extremely embarrassing state.

But even then, a Universe Enlightened Ancestral God was still grazed by this bolt of tribulation lightning, and his left arm was blasted into powder and transformed into ash that dispersed into the surroundings.

“AHH!!!” That person couldn’t help but let out a shrill cry from the extreme pain.

This caused Imperial Monarch Tai Jing and the others to be both shocked and furious. They finally understood that the bolt of tribulation lightning from before which had annihilated their companion had clearly come from Chen Xi!


All of this had occurred because of Chen Xi indeed. However, the first bolt of lightning wasn’t something he’d targeted at them, and it was merely a coincidence.

However, it was precisely this coincidence that caused a flash of inspiration to suddenly arise in his heart, and he aroused the thought to control the tribulation lightning. Thus, the matter of this second bolt of tribulation lightning had arisen.

Through this test, Chen Xi finally noticed that if he utilized the secret technique Senior White passed down to him and supplemented it with the Dragon Origin Pearl in his hand, then he was entirely able to control the tribulation lightning’s diverted direction and path. Even though he wasn’t controlling it directly, its might was definitely formidable beyond imagination.

“Attack together and kill that kid!”

“Right, we can’t allow this to continue. Otherwise, we’re bound to suffer even heavier losses.”

Imperial Monarch Tai Jing and the others immediately decided and reacted. They intended to annihilate Chen Xi because only in that way would they be able to resolve the precarious situation they were in.

Unfortunately, Chen Xi wouldn’t give them this opportunity.

At the instant Imperial Monarch Tai Jing and the others made a move, Chen Xi made his move as well. However, his move was to take a stride towards the area covered in Dragon Flame Tribulation Lightning.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

It was just as the Ninth Star Imperial Monarch Dong Bowen had said. When he entered into the area that was covered by the Dragon Flame Tribulation Lightning, the tribulation lightning suddenly became violent and dense. Moreover, numerous strands of bright silver rays of light struck down.

With the experience he obtained from the last two bolts of tribulation lightning, Chen Xi seemed to be extremely composed this time. He controlled the Dragon Origin Pearl and executed the secret technique to form a spatial vortex that floated in midair and revolved madly without end.

On the other hand, as soon as those bolts of tribulation lighting that possessed shocking might descended, all of them were drawn over by the vortex without exception. They were diverted from their original trajectory, and then they were forcefully tossed out according to Chen Xi’s will, causing them to strike down towards Imperial Monarch Tai Jing.


“Dodge! Quickly!”


The expressions of Imperial Monarch Tai Jing and the others sank when they saw this, and they were shocked, furious, and aggrieved in their hearts. How could they have imagined that dignified great figures belonging to the Shaohao Clan like them who even had an Imperial Monarch residing amongst them would actually fall into a state of being completely controlled by a young man at the intermediate-stage of the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm?

However, no matter how furious and aggrieved they were in their hearts, they didn’t dare slack off at all under such circumstances, and they instinctively dodged and resisted while not daring to go head-on against the Dragon Flame Tribulation Lightning.

Rumble! Rumble!

For a time, this area was filled with the rumbling of tribulation lightning. It was like numerous meteors were descending from outer space, and they smashed down to the point space exploded into pieces, the ground cracked apart, and the entire heavens and the earth showed signs of collapse and falling into chaos.

On the other hand, Imperial Monarch Tai Jing’s group was like a group of clowns that were forced to dodge successively, and they were in an extremely embarrassing state.

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