Chapter 1794 – Dong Bowen

Someone is actually here? Chen Xi was shocked in his heart, and he swiftly became alert and vigilant. Only now did he notice that the figure of a violet clothed youth was sitting cross-legged on one of the divine mountains in the distance that were enveloped by mist.

When Chen Xi looked closely, Chen Xi noticed the violet clothed youth wore a violet colored and lofty jade crown. He had a handsome expression, and a gaze that was cold, indifferent, and fierce to the extreme. He seemed to possess a youthful appearance, but Chen Xi faintly sensed that the violet clothed young man had probably lived for an extremely long time.

“Vital energy that forms a world, nine stars that form a universe. This fellow is actually a Ninth Star Imperial Monarch!” Senior White noticed the violet clothed young man at the same time, and he was immediately shocked and swiftly notified Chen Xi in a slightly solemn voice.

A Ninth Star Imperial Monarch! Chen Xi’s heart shook fiercely. Who could have imagined that the violet clothed young man would actually be an existence that was at the strongest level of the Imperial Monarch Realm?

However, it felt normal when he thought about it. Because it was naturally impossible for ordinary figures to surmount the dangers all along the way to arrive here.

After all, even Imperial Monarch Tai Jing was still trapped on the bone path right now. Even though they were both Imperial Monarchs, the violet clothed young man was clearly much stronger than Imperial Monarch Tai Jing.

But why was a Ninth Star Imperial Monarch like this staying on Dragon Ridge and not going to search for the supreme fortune left behind by the Ancestral Dragon Daolord?

Obviously, there was definitely something strange about it!

“Eh!” Suddenly, the violet clothed young man on the distant divine mountain seemed to have noticed something, and he gazed at Chen Xi while seeming to be lost in thought. “A little kid at the intermediate-stage of the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm like you was actually able to charge out of the Jaderain Dao Domain, break through the Mirage Dragon’s World, and surmount the Tomb of Dragons to ascend Dragonbone Ascension and arrive here in the end. This is slightly unusual. Which great power are you from? Who’s your master?”

“My Master’s name isn’t something you have the right to know.” Chen Xi answered calmly while he’d roughly determined in his heart that this Ninth Star Imperial Monarch was probably trapped here. Otherwise, the violet clothed young man would have gone to search for the fortune left behind by the Ancestral Dragon Daolord since a long time ago. How could he possible have the time to talk nonsense with Chen Xi?

“Haha! Kid, you’re too vigilant. Since I, Dong Bowen, started cultivating until now, I’ve always solemnly obeyed the rules between sects. So, how could I possibly harm a kid like you?” The violet clothed young man roared lightheartedly with laughter, yet his gaze was carefully observing Chen Xi’s expression.

Unfortunately, Chen Xi’s display was too calm, and it caused Dong Bowen to be utterly unable to determine anything useful from it.

Dong Bowen? This name wasn’t familiar to Chen Xi, but he would absolutely not lower his guard because of something Dong Bowen had said.

At the same time, Chen Xi instructed Little Bao to be vigilant, and then he sent a voice transmission to Senior White. “Have you thought of a way to pass through Dragon Ridge?”

“It isn’t difficult to deal with the Dragon Flame Tribulation Lightning, and you just have to utilize the Dragon Origin Pearl in your hand as the catalyst and execute a secret technique to completely resolve the threat they pose.” Senior White said via voice transmission, “What I’m truly worried about is that there isn’t just a single barrier on Dragon Ridge.”

“Oh?” Chen Xi’s eyes narrowed.

“Nevermind, I advise you to leave as soon as possible. Even I’ve been trapped here for 8,000 years and was unable to obtain that fortune. The strength all of you possess is far insufficient.” Dong Bowen shook his head and spoke. His expression seemed to be cold, fierce, and indifferent, but his voice didn’t reveal any disdain or hostility. It was like he was describing an extremely ordinary matter.

However, when Senior White heard these words, he was unable to endure it and couldn’t help but grunt coldly. “Just because you are trapped here doesn’t mean that we’ll be as well. Sometimes, strength isn’t sufficient to decide everything.”

Dong Bowen was stunned, and his gaze shot over like cold bolts of lightning. He sized Senior White up for a long time, and then he couldn’t help but reveal a wisp of wonder in the end and frown as he said, “What’s your background, bird? You’re only at the Domain Enlightened Spirit God Realm, yet you speak so haughtily. You truly don’t know your place.”

Before Senior White could speak, he continued. “I’m not afraid to tell you that there are a total of two restrictions in Dragon Ridge. The first is the Dragon Flame Tribulation Lightning, and it’s almost impossible to take a step forward without the ability of a Sixth Star Imperial Monarch.”

“The second restriction is beneath me. There are a total of 18 divine mountains here, and they were formed from the quintessence energy of the Ancestral Dragon Daolord after he fell. It’s so dangerous that it’s utterly not something all of you can resist. According to my inference, it’s probably only existence at the Half-step Daolord Realm that might possess a slim chance of passing through this place.”

His words just happened to confirm Senior White’s doubts from before, and it caused Chen Xi’s heart to sink involuntarily. Only a Half-step Daolord has a slim chance of success?

That Dong Bowen would definitely not lie. Otherwise, why would he be trapped at the second restriction with his cultivation at the Ninth Star Imperial Monarch Realm?

“Haha.” At this moment, Senior White laughter with ridicule for no rhyme or reason. He seemed to be disdainful yet also seemed to be ridiculing Dong Bowen for exaggerating.

“Then why haven’t you left?” When he noticed this, Chen Xi hurriedly changed the topic in order to prevent Senior White’s actions from infuriating Dong Bowen.

“I’m unwilling to give up.” Dong Bowen spoke indifferently. “I’ve already attained the Ninth Star Imperial Monarch Realm, and I don’t know how long I’d have to wait in order to step into the Daolord Realm. Since it’s like that, if I cultivate here, then perhaps I might encounter a favorable turn in the situation one day and obtain that fortune. Perhaps I would even be able to rely on it to charge into the Daolord Realm.”

Chen Xi frowned when he heard this, and then he immediately fell silent.

“Unfortunately, I’m afraid you won’t have another chance in your entire lifetime.” Senior White chuckled coldly. He was similarly determined to obtain this fortune, so Dong Bowen’s words had faintly aroused a trace of a competitive feeling in him.

“Oh?” Dong Bowen’s eyes that were fierce like lightning instantly narrowed, and he stared at Senior White for a long time before he suddenly started smiling. However, his smile was filled with coldness. “Alright! Allow me to see how a Domain Enlightened Spirit God like you dared to boast shamelessly like this!”

As soon as he finished speaking, he closed his eyes and started meditating once more. He paid no further attention to Chen Xi’s group.

On the other hand, when he witnessed this scene, Chen Xi couldn’t help but be struck with a flash of understanding, and he glanced at Senior White while seeming to be lost in thought. “You’ve found a way to deal with it?”

Senior White revealed a mysterious smile. “You’ll understand when the time comes.”

After that, Senior White didn’t delay and utilized his will to transfer the brand of a secret technique to Chen Xi.

After that, he said in a low voice, “After this secret technique is executed, it’ll definitely damage the Dragon Origin Pearl. But don’t worry, so long as we’re able to pass through the first restriction, then your ancestor, I, guarantees that the might of this Natural Spirit Treasure won’t just recover, it’ll even become much stronger!”

“So long as we’re able to pass through the first restriction, then it would be worth it even if the Dragon Origin Pearl is destroyed.” Chen Xi smiled and was indifferent towards this.

After the time for an incense stick to burn, Chen Xi had fully comprehended the secret technique he received from Senior White, and a wisp of surprise couldn’t help but suffuse his eyes. This secret technique couldn’t be said to be extremely profound, but it was extremely inconceivable.

Chen Xi didn’t give it any more thought before he led Senior White and Little Bao along as he started moving forward.


As soon as he made a move, a wave of violent fluctuation suddenly arose in this expanse of the heavens and the earth, and then numerous brilliant bolts of lightning struck down.




The lightning actually emanated a wave of furious dragon roars that carried terrifying killing intent. As they descended, they seemed like wave after wave of silver rivers raining down from the sky, and it was an extremely astonishing sight.

This was Dragon Flame Tribulation Lightning, a form of ‘divine punishment’ that came from the Dragon Race, and its might was extremely shocking. Just as Dong Bowen had said, it would at least require a strength at the Sixth Star Imperial Monarch Realm to pass through this restriction.

Chen Xi’s expression couldn’t help but turn solemn.


The Dragon Origin Pearl floated up into midair before the tribulation lightning could descend, and then it suddenly started revolving madly. Divine radiance shot out chaotically from it, and it even shattered space into pieces as it transformed into a shocking revolving black hole.

The strength of its revolutions was truly too powerful. It was like a gale that possessed the might to obliterate the world, and it intended to tear this expanse of the heavens and the earth into pieces.


The first bolt of Dragon Flame Tribulation Lightning struck down with unparalleled divine might.

If it was at any other ordinary moment, no matter how confident Chen Xi was, it would definitely be shocked to the point of fleeing when encountering such an attack. He wouldn’t dare to go head-on against it at all.

It was even to the extent that with Little Bao’s ferocious disposition, he couldn’t help but feel a wave of terror and horror.

“Aren’t they just courting death?” When he heard the resounding rumbling of the tribulation lightning, Dong Bowen who sat cross-legged on the distant mountain had opened his eyes while he sighed in his heart.


However, in the next instant, a wave of violent and sharp sounds of collision resounded, and it reverberated ceaselessly through the heavens and the earth, causing even Dong Bowen’s eardrums to be uncomfortable.

He frowned and couldn’t help but open his eyes, turn around, and look over. When he saw the scene in the distance clearly, his expression couldn’t help but freeze slightly.

In a distant expanse of space, a pearl that was brilliant like the sun revolved madly while warping the space around it to the point of shattering into a black hole, whereas, the bolt of Dragon Flame Tribulation Lightning that struck down seemed like a silver snake that had fallen into a vortex. It collided and clashed frequently, yet it was unable to change the direction of its attack, and it was like it was being carried along by the tide and was made to revolve along with the vortex….

The Dragon Origin Pearl!

Could it be that this kid is a descendant of the Jin Clan? But when did such an extraordinary and heaven defying disciple appear in the Jin Clan?

Right when Dong Bowen was surprised and bewildered, an enormous bang resounded. The bolt of Dragon Flame Tribulation Lightning was actually forcefully tossed out from the vortex, and it descended towards the distance!

This was a bolt of tribulation lightning that possessed unfathomable might. At this moment, it was actually tossed out like an iron spear. Such a scene caused Dong Bowen to be astounded. What technique is that? How could it be so inconceivable?

When they witnessed this scene, Chen Xi, Senior White, and Little Bao heaved sighs of relief in their hearts. It succeeded!

The secret technique Senior White passed down to Chen Xi was a method that utilized the Dragon Origin Pearl’s might as a catalyst to divert the tribulation lightning, and it forcefully diverged the Dragon Flame Tribulation Lightning’s attack from its original course.

In this way, it would allow Chen Xi and the others to avoid the dangers of going head-on with the Dragon Flame Tribulation Lightning, and it could be said to be inconceivable.

“AHH!!!” However, no matter if it was Dong Bowen or Chen Xi’s group, never had any of them imagined that when that bolt of Dragon Flame Tribulation Lightning was tossed out and hadn’t struck down to the ground, a group of figures had appeared. Moreover, the position they appeared at just happened to be beneath that bolt of Dragon Flame Tribulation Lightning….

On the other hand, that shrill cry which was filled with extreme terror had come exactly from someone amongst that group of figures.

This scene had occurred too suddenly, and it was too bizarre. It was simply like they’d made an appearance to allow themselves to be struck by lightning, and it was filled with coincidence.

Not to mention Dong Bowen and Chen Xi’s group, even that group of figures had probably never imagined that such a scene would occur.

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