Chapter 1793 – Encountering Each Other

Chen Xi couldn’t help but be slightly surprised when he saw that the Dragon Origin Pearl actually possessed such a terrifying might, but he quickly came to an understanding.

The Dragon Origin Pearl innately counteracted the pressure that suffused the bone path, and that was why it was capable of displaying such formidable might.

However, at the same time, Chen Xi clearly noticed that almost 20% of the Divine Energy within his body had been exhausted in this short period of a few breaths of time, and this consumption far exceeded the consumption of his Divine Energy in the past.

“Chen Xi, even though the combination of the Dragon Origin Pearl and Dragon Command Technique can produce miraculous effects, its exhaustion of Divine Energy is extremely great. You have to balance your usage well and ask the monkey to withstand the pressure for you if you’re unable to endure the consumption.” Senior White quickly reminded Chen Xi via voice transmission.

According to Senior White, no matter if it was the Dragon Command Technique or the Dragon Origin Pearl, both of them were only suitable for members of the Dragon Race.

The Dragon Race.

Every single one of them was enormous like a winding mountain, so with their huge size, the Divine Energy they possessed was naturally extremely vast and far exceeded the amount of Divine Energy possessed by humans.

So, when their cultivation technique and treasure was utilized by Chen Xi now, the consumption of his Divine Energy was obvious.

“There’s no need for that.” Chen Xi smiled. As he spoke, he controlled the Dragon Origin Pearl and strode forward once more.


During the next period of time, the pressure grew even more terrifying, and it was on par with the might of a true Imperial Monarch. It crushed space and emanated thunderous rumbling that seemed extremely shocking.

The Dragon Origin Pearl glowed like a brilliant sun, and it emanated an obscure, ancient, and vast aura of a Dragon that easily dissolved and disintegrated the pressure.

Everything seemed to be extremely easy.

However, Senior White was surprised and bewildered by this scene. Because Chen Xi actually showed no sign of exhaustion all along the way. The Divine Energy in Chen Xi’s body seemed to be endless, and it seemed to be extremely durable. This was extraordinarily unusual to Senior White.

Looks like this kid definitely possesses a precious treasure that’s capable of ceaselessly replenishing his Divine Energy. In the entire world, such miraculous ability seemed to be only possessed by…. In the end, Senior White finally faintly guessed the answer, and his eyes instantly lit up. The Divine Dark Parasol Tree!

What a surprise! No wonder I felt it was slightly unusual when I entered into closed door cultivation in the universe within that kid’s body. So, it turns out that he possesses such a precious treasure that was born from within the Chaos. Senior White exclaimed with surprise. He’d originally thought that he’d seen through everything about Chen Xi, yet now it would seem like it was clearly not the case.

“Chen Xi?” Suddenly, a cold and indifferent voice sounded out from afar.

At practically the exact same time, Chen Xi suddenly stopped moving, and his eyes were suffused with a piercingly cold glow as he glanced towards the distance.

There was a group of figures standing around 30k ahead. Surprisingly, it was Imperial Monarch Tai Jing’s group.

However, at this moment, all of them had withdrawn their divine artifacts and were resisting the terrifying pressure with all their might. It seemed to be extremely strenuous for them, and they’d obviously been trapped here for a long time and were unable to move forward.

When he noticed the arrival of Chen Xi’s group, Imperial Monarch Tai Jing’s face instantly revealed a wisp of surprise, and then this surprise was replaced by gloominess.

“It really is that kid!”

“He actually came to us after we’ve been searching for him for so long!”

The other Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm experts noticed Chen Xi’s group as well, and all of them were excited. Moreover, they revealed cold smiled while their eyes were filled with killing intent.

Chen Xi didn’t reveal any panic when encountering his enemies here, and his eyes flowed with cold light while he seemed to be in deep thought instead.

In the end, he shook his head and continued forward. He merely moved aside to avoid colliding with them and actually disregarded their entire group.

“Hmph! I’ll seize this opportunity to kill that kid!” A Universe Enlightened Ancestral God on Imperial Monarch Tai Jing’s side was unable to restrain himself and spoke in a ghastly tone.

“Idiot!” Unexpectedly, Imperial Monarch Tai Jing’s face sank, and he cursed. “Feel free to go ahead if you want to die!”

That person was stunned, and then his expression changed indeterminately.

“15th Elder is right. Don’t be rash. We’re currently trapped here, and we’re unable to move forward or retreat. Under such circumstances, how would we kill this kid?” One of them sighed with emotion.

They’d already been trapped here for a long time, and even with Imperial Monarch Tai Jing’s might, he was merely able to prevent them from being oppressed and blasted back.

“It isn’t just that. Have all of you noticed? That kid is clearly just at the intermediate-stage of the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm, yet he caught up with us. This is extremely unusual.” One of them revealed a solemn expression, and he glanced at Chen Xi’s group with an indeterminate expression.

As soon as these words were spoken, the others were shocked as well, and they finally realized that Chen Xi’s group was unusual.

“How… exactly did they accomplish it?” One of them couldn’t help but ask.

“The Jin Clan’s Dragon Origin Pearl!” Imperial Monarch Tai Jing who hadn’t spoken until now had slightly spat out a few words, and his expression was extremely livid. “However, I never expected that this kid actually cultivated in a secret technique of the Dragon Race, and he’d actually able to completely bring forth the might of that treasure.”

At this moment, all the others came to an understanding, and their expressions turned extremely unsightly.

On the other hand, when they noticed that the figures of Chen Xi’s group were gradually catching up to them and faintly showed signs of surpassing them, all of their expressions turned gloomy to the extreme.

“Dammit! Isn’t this little bastard’s luck a bit too good? No matter if it was the Jaderain Dao Domain or the Mirage Dragon’s World, they were actually unable to kill that kid. Now, he’s merely relying on a single pearl to surpass us. This is too infuriating!”

“What should we do? The tomb of the Ancestral Dragon Daolord lays right after this path. If that kid arrived before us, then this fortuitous encounter will probably….” One of them had an unsightly expression.

“There no need to be anxious. In terms of danger, the Ancestral Dragon Daolord’s tomb would absolutely be even more terrifying than this place. It wouldn’t be so easy for this kid to obtain that fortuitous encounter.” Imperial Monarch Tai Jing took a deep breath and averted his gaze from Chen Xi’s group, and then he said in a low voice, “I’ll utilize a secret technique later and break through this predicament in one go. All of you protect me until then.”


The Dragon Origin Pearl fluctuated endlessly and emanated circle after circle of ripples of Dragon Aura, and it completely dispersed the pressure that surged over from ahead.

At this point in time, even Chen Xi couldn’t help but feel pressured. Because as he moved forward even deeper, the speed of exhaustion of his Divine Energy was ceaselessly increasing. Even if he utilized the Divine Dark Parasol Tree at full strength, he was merely barely able to maintain this sort of speed of advancement.

“The current pressure is probably comparable to an Eighth Star Imperial Monarch!” Senior White’s expression turned solemn as he spoke quickly via voice transmission. “If your ancestor, I, am not wrong, then you just have to persist for a short period of time before you’ll be able to completely traverse this bone path.”

Chen Xi nodded.

His expression gradually turned solemn while his advanced started slowing down as well. Moreover, his aura started becoming muddy.

After another long period of time, Chen Xi even had no choice but to stop, and he resisted the pressure that surged over ceaselessly while pouring all sorts of peerlessly rare divine herbs into his mouth in order to replenish his Divine Energy.

Later on, Chen Xi had to stop for almost 10 minutes after every single step he took forward, and this obviously showed how terrifying the exhaustion of his Divine Energy was.


After Chen Xi took another step forward, his entire body was suddenly relieved because they’d charged out from that area which was covered by the pressure.

“Huff! Huff! We’ve finally passed through that damnable place!” Chen Xi gasped for breath while he roared endlessly with laughter, and he actually seemed happy as if he’d gained new life.

Without the presence of that pressure, for the first time ever, Chen Xi felt that walking normally was an extremely rare joy.

Senior White and Little Bao were extremely delighted as well. Even though the journey here wasn’t dangerous enough to threaten their lives, it was truly too arduous. As they watched Chen Xi break through all obstacles and move forward, both of them had been constantly worried and anxious for him.

Now, when they’d finally passed through the bone path, it truly allowed them to heave long sighs of relief.

After passing through the bone path, it was a starry sky suffused with mist that appeared before their eyes. Moreover, the outline of numerous divine mountains could be faintly noticed within the mist!

Those divine mountains towered into the sky, and they were countless times large than stars. Moreover, they were completely enveloped by grey and hazy mist, causing them to seem lofty and mysterious.

“Dragon Ridge!” Senior White’s eyes lit up, and he was unable to restrain his delight. “That Mirage Dragon said that the Ancestral Dragon Daolord’s corpse is buried in this expanse of mountains that floats in the starry sky!”

“Oh.” Chen Xi’s spirits couldn’t help but be refreshed.


Chen Xi had just taken a stride forward when a bolt of lightning suddenly struck down.

“Fuck off!” Chen Xi hadn’t even made a move before Little Bao swept his iron rod horizontally, and it directly destroyed that bolt of lightning.

However, to Chen Xi’s surprise, even though Little Bao had destroyed this attack, Little Bao’s body moved backward uncontrollably as well. Moreover, Little Bao coughed up a mouthful of blood. He’d actually been injured from this collision.

“Dragon Flame Tribulation Lightning!” Senior White had a solemn expression. “Don’t move forward for now! Once you’re struck by this thing, it’s really easy to be obliterated. It’s a unique energy that only the Ancestral Dragon Race that was born from within the chaos possessed.”

Chen Xi’s eyes narrowed, and he said with a solemn voice. “Doesn’t this mean that Dragon Ridge is even more dangerous than the bone path?”

“It’s much more dangerous indeed. But so long as we possess the method to deal with it, then it isn’t difficult, and we’d only have to take a certain amount of risk.” Senior White pondered deeply and seemed to be deducing something.

Chen Xi didn’t disturb Senior White when he noticed this, and he started sizing up everything that lay in the distance.

It’s merely a tomb. Even if the Ancestral Dragon Daolord was respected as a peerless Daolord, but his tomb is actually filled with so many restrictions, dangers, and barriers. Isn’t this a little too unusual?

Why did that Ancestral Dragon Daolord do that?

Could it be that all of this was done merely for the sake of protecting his corpse from being violated?

It’s definitely not so simple!

Chen Xi faintly had a feeling that there was probably some other secret hidden within the Ancestral Dragon Daolord’s tomb.

“How many years has it been? Yet no one has been able to step foot onto Dragon Ridge. I originally thought that it would be a peerless expert that arrived, but who would have expected that it would actually be a little child. How truly disappointing. I advise all of you to leave as soon as possible. Don’t give your lives away for a fortuitous encounter that may not even exist!” Suddenly, a sharp and hoarse voice suddenly sounded out from the grey and hazy mist in the distance.

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