Chapter 1792 – Dragon Command Technique

Chen Xi didn’t hesitate to immediately stand up and bring Little Bao and Senior White with him as he teleported through space.


A spatial ripple swept out, and it surged through the death silent and chilly Tomb of Dragons.

As he moved through the extremely enormous skeletons of dragons, Chen Xi’s group was like a group of insects and seemed to be very tiny.

It was truly impossible to imagine exactly what thoughts all these dragons that resided in Specter Galaxy had when they allowed themselves to be buried alongside the Ancestral Dragon Daolord.

These dragon skeletons are extremely rare and precious treasures, and if it was in the outside world, those cultivators would definitely fight to the death for them…. Chen Xi sighed with emotion in his heart. If he wasn’t aware that touching these skeletons arbitrarily would cause an unimaginable calamity to descend, he would have been unable to restrain himself from plundering them a long time ago.

“Head that way.” Senior White guided. Because Senior White had utilized the Dragon Tongue to converse with the will brand left behind by that Mirage Dragon, so he possessed complete knowledge about everything here.

However, Chen Xi noticed that the path Senior White was guiding him on was actually the same path that Imperial Monarch Tai Jing’s group had taken.

This meant that Imperial Monarch Tai Jing’s group might really be able to locate the fortune left behind by the Ancestral Dragon Daolord!

When he thought up to here, Chen Xi’s heart couldn’t help but tremble, and he became vigilant.

Roar! Roar! Roar!

Ten minutes later, a wave of obscure and heavy roars that were filled with boundless killing intent faintly resounded from afar.

Chen Xi’s eyes instantly narrowed.

After heading forward a little longer, they left the area that was the Tomb of Dragons, and a deathly silent expanse of space appeared before their fields of vision.

There were no stars, no light, and no sound. It was like an expanse of space that was completely devoid of vitality, and only a path created by a snow white skeleton existed. It was established in space and extended off in the distance, and it seemed to have no end.

The obscure and incomprehensible roar that were filled with killing intent had surged out from that skeleton.

This scene was extremely horrifying. In a deathly silent and dark expanse of space, a seemingly boundless bone path had been established there. Along with the monstrous and obscure roars that surged throughout the surroundings, it seemed like a world shocking battle had once occurred in the boundless years of the past, and even the killing intent from that battle hadn’t dispersed until now.

“This is the battle roar of the Dragon Race, and it can be simply understood as the word ‘kill’!” Senior White’s expression became solemn as he spoke swiftly. “Chen Xi, do you still remember the scene on Master Xuan’s Divine Mountain all those years ago?”

Chen Xi nodded. Even until now, he still remembered that countless Battle Souls had been suppressed on that mountain. All of them were formidable gods that the Master of the Manku Period, Xuan, had captured, and he’d confined them on that mountain.

“If I’m not wrong, then this bone path is probably similar to Master Xuan’s Divine Mountain, and you’ll definitely encounter a boundless repulsive and suppressive force once you step foot onto it. Moreover, this force will probably grow more and more terrifying the further you go.” Senior White explained in a low voice, and then he instructed. “You have to be careful.”

“Since we’ve come, then we should naturally do our best.” Chen Xi smiled while a wisp of a firm expression suffused his eyes.

As he spoke, he’d arrived before the bone path in that deathly silent expanse of space.

“Little Bao, prepare yourself.” Chen Xi glanced at Little Bao, and the latter grinned and indicated that he understood.

“Let’s go!” Chen Xi’s figure flashed, and then he stepped foot on the bone path.

Suddenly, a strand of powerful killing intent pressed down upon him like a mountain, and the roar in the Dragon Tongue that was filled with the intent to kill resounded by his ears.

Chen Xi puckered his lips while his mind was firm like a rock and completely tranquil, and he circulated his cultivation before flashing forward.

The pressure he experienced grew stronger at a rapid pace.

When he’s just stepped foot onto the path, the pressure was equivalent to the full forced strike of a Domain Enlightened Spirit God, but as he went further ahead, this force rose steadily.

It wasn’t long before the pressure had actually arrived at a might that only a Universe Enlightened Ancestral God could attain!


The invisible pressure and repulsive force was like a torrent as it collided with Chen Xi’s figure, and it caused waves of rumbling to resound.

It was like numerous Universe Enlightened Ancestral Gods were attacking with the intention of crushing Chen Xi on the spot.

Ordinary Universe Enlightened Ancestral Gods would probably be unable to endure all of this…. Chen Xi flicked his sleeve and rumbling resounded as he directly crushed the invisible pressure that smashed down from ahead.

Fortunately, it isn’t so dangerous for now. Chen Xi continued forward as he flicked his sleeve to crush the invisible pressure.

The invisible pressure was clearly created by some sort of ancient restriction of the Dragon Race. It pressed down ceaselessly like tidewater, and it grew stronger and stronger the further he went.


After traveling for another short moment, Chen Xi’s brows immediately raised, and he withdrew the Banished and slashed down with it. The Banisher left behind a sharp mark in space as it blasted apart the pressure that assaulted him.

After he arrived here, the pressure was already comparable to the might of a peak Universe Enlightened Ancestral God, and it caused Chen Xi to not dare deal with it barehanded any longer.

After moving forward again for some time.

“Chen Xi, rest for a while and let me take over!”

Little Bao had a deep-rooted passion for battle. So, after watching Chen Xi move forward without difficulty all along the way, he’d been itching to have a go since a long time ago. At this moment, he couldn’t restrain himself any longer and had made a move, and he raised his iron rod and smashed it down.


The pressure exploded into pieces and emanated deafening rumbling.

Little Bao’s eyes glowed, and he cried out loudly. “Awesome! Awesome!”

As he spoke, he raised the iron rod and rampaged all the way forward in an extremely ferocious violent manner. Senior White couldn’t help but roll his eyes and mutter when he witnessed this scene. “The monkeys in this world really are the same. They are thirsty for battle, wild, and seemingly mad.”

With Little Bao’s assistance, Chen Xi was instantly at ease, and he seized this opportunity to be finally able to divert his attention and size up the surroundings.

As they moved further ahead, this expanse of space grew even more deathly silent and dark. It seemed like it was enveloped by an eternal veil of light or was like a dark abyss.

On the other hand, the bone path beneath his feet still seemed to be so long, and it seemed as if it was endless….

This caused Chen Xi to be unable to help but ask. “Senior White, you said that the Ancestral Dragon Daolord’s tomb might lie at the end of this path?”

“It most probably is.” Senior White nodded. “But you have to be careful. That Imperial Monarch Tai Jing’s group might be ahead.”

“If worse comes to worse, I’ll make another Natural Spirit Treasure explode, or utilizing the Godslaughter Burst again would work as well.” Chen Xi smiled while his eyes were filled with an expanse of piercing coldness instead. Obviously, he wasn’t joking.

Since he’d confirmed that Imperial Monarch Tai Jing’s group was from the Shaohao Clan, he knew that they’d definitely come to kill him.

Under such circumstances, even if he didn’t kill them, they would still use every means possible to kill him.

When he spoke up to here, Chen Xi suddenly noticed to his surprise that the bone path beneath his feet had suddenly broadened, and it was spreading towards the side like a fan.

However, the pressure had suddenly increased as well. If the pressure from before could be described as a torrent, then the current pressure was like a floor or a powerful army.

“Good! Good! Good!” Little Bao on the other hand was growing more and more excited as he fought. His figure suddenly transformed into the state of being 300m tall and possessed three heads and six arms. He held the iron rod in hand as he waved it in a violent and ferocious manner, causing him to seem like a god of war that revealed a bearing of supremacy.

Chen Xi couldn’t help but be lost in thought when he saw this.

“This Gold-eyed Rhesus Monkey is a Sprite of the heavens and the earth. Its natural talent is extraordinary, and it’s born with a thirst for battle. That Temple Master of Arambha Temple didn’t restrain his nature because of that, and the technique she passed down to him is one of the best combat techniques in the world. In this way, even though this little monkey’s temperament would be unstable, violent, and ferocious, he would be able to improve himself through battle. It can be considered to be a cultivation technique that attains the Dao through battle.” Senior White explained from the side, and then he chuckled and said, “That Temple Master was even willing to part with him and leave him by your side. With him by your side, it would undoubtedly be like having a supreme partner in battle.”

“Little Bao has his own path to take. I won’t take him to be a lackey or subordinate.” Chen Xi shook his head.


Right at this moment, Little Bao’s 300m tall figure suddenly staggered back by a few steps, and he was actually shaken by the pressure to the point of falling into a slightly embarrassing state.


Right at this instant, the remaining pressure passed by Little Bao and smashed down towards Chen Xi, and it rumbled and caused Chen Xi’s vital blood to roil.

“Chen Xi, watch out! The pressure is barely comparable to an Imperial Monarch now!” Little Bao roared loudly and was about to charge forward. Not only was he not fearful at all, he’d become even more excited and ferocious.

It was just as Senior White had said, Little Bao was that sort of existence that was born for battle.

“If this continues, then this little monkey won’t be able to persist for long. Quickly take our that Dragon Origin Pearl of yours!” Senior White instructed swiftly. He seemed to have expected this scene, so he seemed to be very calm and composed at this moment.

The Dragon Origin Pearl!

It was a Natural Spirit Treasure that Chen Xi had seized from Jin Qingyang from the Imperial Region’s Jin Clan, and he’d merely utilized it once when he dealt with Imperial Monarch Nandu on that day.

At this moment, when he heard Senior White, Chen Xi instantly came to an understanding. Merely hearing its name alone allowed one to realize that this Natural Spirit Treasure was closely related to the Dragon Race.

With a command in his heart, Chen Xi had withdrawn the Dragon Origin Pearl.

“I’ll pass down a cultivation technique of the Dragon Race to you. After that, you’ll be able to bring forth unbelievably miraculous effects when utilizing this treasure.” As Senior White spoke, he transmitted a strand of obscure information into Chen Xi’s sea of consciousness.

The Dragon Command Technique!

It was an extremely domineering name, yet it was actually a technique that was passed down in the Dragon Race, and it was utilized to temper one’s own Dragon Aura. It was a force that could deter the soul and crush the world.

With Chen Xi’s comprehension ability, it practically took a mere moment before he’d completely comprehended the profundities of this technique.


Meanwhile, Little Bao was blasted back once more, and he seemed to be grimacing in pain. But in merely an instant, he roared and intended to charge forward to continue the battle.

“Little Bao, come back here!” Chen Xi stopped Little Bao. As he spoke, he took a deep breath and circulated the Dragon Command Technique, causing his entire body to suddenly emanate a strand of extremely faint Dragon Aura.

This strand of aura surged into the Dragon Origin Pearl in his palm. In an instant, the fist sized pearl suddenly emanated a myriad of strands of brilliant divine radiance, and then a resounding dragon howl shot into the sky.


A strand of obscure, ancient, and desolate Dragon Energy that seemed chaotic was visible to the naked eye as it surged out like tidewater and swept out from the Dragon Origin Pearl.


This Dragon Energy that swept out from the Dragon Origin Pearl collided with the pressure. At this moment, the latter that was originally comparable to the attack of an Imperial Monarch was easily shattered like glass, and it rumbled as it collapsed. It was completely crushed and suppressed!

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